NOFX - One Way Ticket To Fuckneckville Lyrics

no sleep 'til Fuckneckville, it's kind of funny you may not realize it until
phone call stop, can't get laid, you find out where the parties were some time the next day

one way ticket to seclusion, now your losin'
one way ticket to alienation, you're an inside joke

is everybody supposed to be impressed with your ability to make us feel less significant than you
we're all chippin' in the purchase you a one way first class ticket outta town

millions sold, a mega star, there's a million assholes with ten million guitars
enjoy it now, soon it ends, suddenly you find yourself without any friends

one way ticket to isolation, you can hang with you
you've been given a citation for excessive social faux pas and obnoxiousness

go ahead keep telling us your fifteen-minute stories about what you had for breakfast then for lunch
we're all chippin' for one big humble pie, we're gonna smash it in your face
go ahead tell us about your last great sold out concert and how your new record's gonna top the charts
we don't care 'bout your expenses, we just wanna have a laugh at your expense

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NOFX One Way Ticket To Fuckneckville Comments
  1. Renato Martins Boschetti

    Man! That is awesome

  2. Maxie Pattie

    my moms favorite !

  3. bribri1135

    Wow. That was awesome!!!

  4. Dave six

    The best punk rock band ever!!!!NoFx 4 life 😎🤘🏻

  5. oioiman84

    It is the Trump voters theme song!

    PunkGamer Blake

    oioiman84 This is one of the dumbest comments I think I have seen in a fat minute.

  6. Nadav Drewe

    HATE THE KEYBOARD, they've ruined it, give me the other, better version!!!!!!!!!

  7. Pgizzle818

    This is my favorite NOFX song right now and ive been a fan since early 90s

  8. The Answer

    One way to boneville

  9. Rombus EvilBones

    One way ticket to la re concha de tu madre

  10. nouseforafap

    love the intro

  11. Emiliano Dean

    This is from Pump up the Valuum

    Mackey Whaleboy

    +Emiliano Dean (L'haflack) dude, check out the War On Errorism Wiki..

    Mackey Whaleboy

    +Emiliano Dean (L'haflack) Also 45/46 was released in 2002 and War was released in 2003 so how could they B side Pimps and Hookers before they even recorded it

    Emiliano Dean

    @The Bags I know. Many songs of War on Errorism were Written or Recorded long before the album was released. Pimps and Hookers just happened to be released one year before and the band sees the track as a b-side of their 2003 release and not of Pump up the Valuum like someone else was saying.
    Also, the Band said that 'the Plan' was Written for Punk in Drublic, even though they released the track much later

    Luke Griffis

    it was originally written in 2000. but not recorded until errorism sessions. pimps and hookers was recorded during the rancid split sessions.


    This is from Liberal Animation

  12. Appeal_to_Authority

    too bad it didn't make it onto war on errorism


    They were saving it for punk-o-rama!

  13. TJ Barke

    I wonder who it's about...

    Marcelo Sampaio

    No way, they are friends. I follow them on instagram.

    Hayden Bosler

    but in 2002?

    K TH

    Anarchy Pony ... Rock Stars in general. I think Fat Mike would say it is about him, or how he feels.

    Jay Gee

    "millions sold"... Not about Mike.

    Jay Gee

    "Top the charts"...also def not about Mike.

  14. punkratsxxx

    amazing song !!