NOFX - Insulted By Germans (Again) Lyrics

Germans love to insult me
The country condescends
we call it arrogance they call it making friends

Scottish don't speak a language
The British love to gob
Japanese like to chase me down the streets of Nagoya

Canadians talk shit about me
Swede bands copy our sound
Everything in Italy is stuck or broken down

Brazilian cops extort us
Russian officers deport us
Icelanders feed us horse and whale
Mexico gave the shits to us
the French like Jerry Lewis

The Greek beat up the opening punk band
The Dutch are fucking tall
but Americans win the prize of stupidest of them all

Germans love to insult me
The country condescends
we call it arrogance they call it making friends

So let's all move to Australia,
Sydney city of queers
All we need to bring is American drugs and German beers

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NOFX Insulted By Germans (Again) Comments
  1. LikeLinus17

    What the hell is this? The 7" of the Month Club version is so much better than this. The dorky douchey German male fan is way funnier and realistic than this generic translator job woman.

  2. Carla Hellcat Hellcat

    Mexico give the shit to us.... You're welcome

  3. viennaNOFXER

    ...Everything In Italy Is Stuck Or Broken Down... RIP Genua

  4. Karla Hellcat

    Mexico give the shit to us !! Forever !! Viva Mexico cabrones !!

  5. Turkish Breakfast

    This song reminds me of ooh ah just a little bit by gina g.

  6. Pat Coxx

    I was just listening to Santanas 'Caminando' and at 01:30 I just thought 'I f-ing know that lick!'Mike's ghostwriting Santana...

  7. Rome Kostis

    I would never talk shit aboot NOFX

  8. dudekoekje

    Wow you guys sound totally like that band blink 182 witch I used to listen back in high school :).

    Slippy Jones


  9. BadHatHarry

    Like/Dislike: 70/0. Hell yeah!

  10. Zach


  11. PerplexO

    " Brazilian cops extort us " , EVERY DAY MY FRIEND !!!

  12. Brian M

    Huh, the German voice is different from the version I heard. I wonder why.


    +Brian M because they re-recorded this song, well entire album

  13. Danington138

    What are the german words she says during the spoken part?


    +Danington138 "Sorry, hey... totally awesome, really good... watching you guys is embarrassing, you have to to feel embarrassed for somebody else"

    Stefan Ritter von Borkenstein

    Entschuldigung = Excuse me

  14. edward lubin

    So this is a shout out to all you're german fans? Troublesome.

  15. Fini Meier

    Was sollte nur diese deutsche Frau da? 😂

  16. Lazar Zivkovic


  17. JP3

    Fick dich NöEFEKS <3