NOFX - Getting High On The Down Low Lyrics

I'm on the wagon now but she doesn't know
I'm getting high on the down low
Cause when I got the music I got no place to go
Unless I got a bottle in me

I'm in the Cadillac, they're starting to stare
Who's the guy with the blood in his hair
The last thing I remember I was going somewhere
And then the stop sign got in the way


I'm laying low in a hospital bed
I gotta a dent and a crack in the head
That's okay cause I got no idea what I just said
Gotta love the hospital meds

I'm getting high on the D.L.
I'm getting high on the D.L.

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NOFX Getting High On The Down Low Comments
  1. RayBbaby

    Wow, certainly a lot of music majors hangin' around a NOFX song. Dafuq?

  2. Mike Mattozzi

    Punk Girl! I want ,to get drunk with you! All of the daytime, and all through the nigh!!!!

  3. UrBoiDeath_666

    Smoking some H, I quit bangin ;)

    Johnredcorn 1

    UrBoiDeath_666 I never got into smoking it always thought that was really weird I snorted it for years and banged it for a year and got on suboxone

  4. Black Jack

    I lyke NOFX

  5. decapitate state

    Pachelbells canon progression

  6. decapitate state

    Getting high on the dl gets real hard when u got no veins left and gotta go in your neck or groin to hit. Even those gimme a hard time. 21 yrs of iv use. I never expected to live this long, 17 When I started just turned 38 haven't put a solid yr clean in that time. Fuck.

    bird man

    dude go get some fucking help. drugs can be fun and all, but junkies are fucking losers.

    Morris Fletcher

    I bet keepin' it on the DL is a real bitch when your parents' housekeeper finds one of your rigs, yeah?  You're a smart dude; it sounds like it's time to quit and it sounds like you know it.

    Nose Bleed Productions.

    You still alive bro?

    AG AG

    @Nose Bleed Productions. he ded

  7. Joshn569

    thumbs up if you have gotten high on the d/l.... like taking an extra long shit so you can sniff up some goodness while ur old lady is being a bitch in the other room aha

    monkey balls

    bruh!!! gamer!!! >:OO (:<

  8. Michael Scott

    For anyone who says that the chords reminds them of another song, that's a popular chord progression, the most popular. It's called Pachelbel's Canon

  9. Willyvenawi

    You're right, same Chord progression

  10. Timur Soganci

    it resembles to that song but its different. listen to the sex pistols-submission. thats the song that has the same riff with the song you wrote.

  11. sarah donaldson

    I'm getting high on the EL 2 the DL, that's Even Lower than the Down Low!

  12. Belateddr steve

    NOFX + drugs = a fucking good time


    True that shit

    Johnredcorn 1

    Yea till ur like me and can barley make it to the show cause your so dam hung over cause you pregamed too hard the night before the concert lol

  13. amulshah77

    Kind of like Here We Go Again, yeah.

  14. Willyvenawi

    The Kinks - All Day and All of the night.

  15. juliodancer87

    if u dont own the rights colevid then why put it out? thanx.

  16. chillz1100

    @Robair9911 I'm diving in a pooool of puke, I'm fly fishing in a stream of puss.

  17. robair9911

    @TheBlackPearl777 rinstant crassic lmao

  18. Delaney Childs

    The Last thing I remember I was going somewhere, and then the stop sign got in the way