NOFX - Fan Mail Lyrics

Dear Sirs,
To whom is may concern
theres facts I'd like to learn
so many things I wanna know
especially trivial info paraphernalia
badges and regalia please send me everything

Cause I
am interested in you
and everything you do
I find myself at all your shows
could you tell me were you buy your clothes
could you sign my little sisters face
put your signature any place and please send me a bio

Cause we've got fan mail
we really really read it
Fan Mail
we really really read it

I sent you my letter now I want a reply
you don't know any better than you won't take your time
with my Fan Mail

So I would like to know just if and when
you'll be in town again
so that I could meet with you
and brag at my friends at school
have you been all around the world
have you seen every kinda of girl
or are you from the other side

Cause you
you can't believe everything that you read
with the hypocrisy and the greed
the papers all the things that they say
they don't tell me anything anyway
that's why I've gotta get it straight from you
without an obligation

My Fan Mail (oohs and ahhs)

What's this I find to my surprise
those fans that I idolized
no longer seem to exist
now tell me what can be the cause of this
perhaps it could be their egos
I tell you heaven only knows
I didn't even get a newsletter

Fan Mail send it out to me
Fan Mail Special delivery

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NOFX Fan Mail Comments
  1. Vincent 79

    Dreadful cover of a great song.

  2. AnimalMetalHeadUK

    This is originally from the February 12" of the month.

  3. AnimalMetalHeadUK

    Dickies original is ok but this version is fucking awesome, sick fast guitar on the bridge part is rockin.

  4. Bulletdrive

    dat intro <3

  5. Ivan Garaj

    really good cover. its a cover, people, it SHOULDNT sound the same as the original song, thats the point.

  6. mitchell smith

    Sorry but being an avid Dickies fan since 1979 i cannot give this cover more than a C+. Extra credit for covering the Dickies but this version has no backbone. No soul. Weak.


    totally agree..but i do like the nod to 7 seconds on the "oh oh oh" verse from their Nena cover of 99 red balloons 1:57 to 2:04 ha brilliant

  7. Gaz Man

    Great dickies song

  8. edward lubin

    Thats an awesome Dickies song. Where's the acknowledgement. You guys are hopeless. You wrote it eh? Wankers.

    Gaz Man

    Spot on bro

    edward lubin

    Thanx to you. This is not above outrage.

  9. Snake8418

    So fuckin' good.

  10. Zach

    Thankyou for re-recording this! fuck yea

  11. Mike Wilson

    We hate wows?


    +Mike Wilson It's not their song

  12. Mike Wilson

    Is it that bad? Lmao.

  13. op2100

    Such a good song. But I am too lazy to send you a letter to show you how much i love what you sing