NOFX - Drop The World Lyrics

He won the race the judges concluded
He was the better man, he'd come from victory
A hesitation a one time show or place
His self would not allow he had to be the best

He had denied his urges cause they would of
Drained his strength that battle had been one
With side effects a few
He may have dropped the world
He could not have let us down
Dana I hope she's in a better place

She aced the test a grade above the rest
She felt the curve
A 93% was not enough to feed her fix
She needs that perfect score
The endorphin rush she loved
It would opiate her
She had denied all allegations of her loneliness
That battle had been won with scars still under wraps
She may have dropped the world
She would not let us down
Endorphin rush she loved
She may have dropped the world

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NOFX Drop The World Comments
  1. _AK Deezy

    Last song on the disc....I remember partying hard and tryn to pass out so many times, and this song would be playing...I remember being bummed out cuz the next disc would start playing, and after that played....anything else would just sound moist and I'd stagger to stereo tryn not to puke....and replay while disk...."rinse and repeat" till unconscious....fukn song hits me right in the feels.

  2. jude rodriguez


  3. TheLondonbum69

    The best band ever period

  4. Chuck Dumpster

    Its fuckin insane thst smellzz used a single bass pedal on this

  5. PG Rangel

    Wow!! I heard this song for the first time at 1999 and I still love it! It brings to me a lot of good memories. Thanks for uploading, and thanks to NOFX "for all the shoes".

  6. Diark Lusts

    i keep forgetting who lil wayne is , all the rappers look the same and sound the same

  7. Diark Lusts

    dying degree

    Dead MooseMeat

    Falling Love =-p

  8. Leandro Valzura

    I can not find an album of this band that I do not like .. They're all good

    Maxie Pattie

    spelled track wrong

  9. D0PEF1END

    David tennant? What are you doing to that sheep!? Get back in your little blue box you weirdo!

  10. glen campbell

    you guys are the new "Boston"

  11. AK_ Deezy

    f-ck the cd'$ ov3r puke, stand up, hit play, puke, fuck, puke, fight,piss, puke, reapeat. youth.

  12. IcyScythe

    back up vocals remind me a lot of MBV - Loveless

  13. IcyScythe

    so much chills...


    +IcyScythe yeah man, i get you.

  14. Chazz Slayer

    ahhh ahhh ahhh

  15. shane problem

    silk stone neddz to stop chatting and go kill himself

  16. silk stone

    This song saved my life (and that of some poor girl on a first date with me) on my 21st birthday. I had borrowed my Mom's Maserati and I had to have it home by dawn. Problem was, I was in the city (45 miles from home) and I had just eaten 1/3 ounce of mushrooms at 3am. Poor girl had never even smoked pot and she didn't know how to drive. It was raining and the only way to get home was the interstate. All I could see was a blur of rainbows and I thought I was fucked for sure. But Heavy Petting Zoo was in the CD player and when this song came on, it cleared my vision, it gave me focus, it made me invincible. So I turned it all the way up, hit the 'repeat' button and punched the gas. Poor girl had never heard punk rock in her life. When we got home I had to piss like a race horse, so I went straight to the bathroom. When I came out, the sun was coming up and my mom was sitting on the couch holding this girl she had never met while she balled on her shoulder. "What did you do?!" she asked me. I said, "Nothing, Mom. The car's fine." When she started the car to go to work, I heard Fat Mike screaming through the wall for a split second before she turned it off and yelled, "Jesus Christ!". Thanks, NOFX!... and you too, Jesus ;)


    i gotta be poor to enjoy fast melodic guitars? SMH


    interesting story, sometimes some songs, some details of them help us to focus, give motivations... happened me lots of times. Fascinating stuff.

    Kevin Believes in the sky

    Man I don’t even care if this actually happened or not. I appreciate it. Hahah. Fuckn punk will never die. 🤘🏻


    you know this song is about a drunk driver killing Mike's friend Dana, right? Kind of ironic considering your story


    as I always said,nofx stands for no effects,in your cause the noeffects fixed some other effects and that's wonderful :D

  17. Ernest Tapia

    The 2 dislikes can suck fat mikes dick!!!

  18. DAREK75

    well i hope she`s in a better place. ...aaah...

  19. haskel fortwintea

    nice but some lyrics are OFF..

  20. Belateddr steve

    dude fuck rap.... NOFX for eva...

  21. ho s

    sexy from NINJYA

  22. Ramon Jesse Figueroa

    fuck lil wayne ill knock him out

  23. 1001orpheus

    Clever song. Matches the lyrics.

  24. Mgrow

    Wow, this conversation is still going on after a year?

    Daniel French

    Mgrow 5 years actually.

    Mike Doherty

    How about 2020?

  25. Gabrie1GT2

    seriously one of my favorite songs!

  26. Kala Lama

    wow, listening to this song brings back memories!

  27. muler321

    @crazyboy738 LOL! That's a funny one, "no where near 'betta' than lil waynes drop the world." Man, you can't compare rap to music, they're two completely different things. Nofx is a punk band; they play good music that makes people mosh and feel good. Lil Wayne is a rapper, he talks while a synthesized beat plays in the background and people 'grind' on eachother; it makes me laugh just thinking about it. If you like him better, that's fine, but you shouldn't come here and put other stuff down.

  28. KRASS TV

    its the guy molesting the sheep

    Ramon Jesse Figueroa

    what u think

  29. Trey Morgan

    There's something about that picture that just isn't right.

  30. Eric .M

    sitting in my car for hours on road trips with my headphones on, going on/coming home from summer vacations, blasting this song.... yeah good times

  31. Dan Sand

    There is no Disslikes on this song WIN!

  32. Roberto Arias

    not speak much inglish bro =)

  33. Plamatonto

    @raversero hahaha nice, greetins from a neighbour island Aruba, how's the psychedelic/punk scene down there?

  34. Corvidae51


    VERY under-rated album!

  35. Roberto Arias

    in venezuela listen NOFX <3

  36. skitzey

    @ dairlea666 ... im 20, working in an office found nofx when i was 11 or 12 or something and i dont listen 2 bull shit keisha and rhianna and even if i did i wouldnt post that i did in a nofx vid. stilll listen 2 nofx every day of my life pretty much and have done since i found em, sack the cheeesy shitty chart music on pish lables and crack out ure punk roots and remain true to them mother fucker. peace from Glasgow fuckin city

    Diark Lusts

    skitzey still rocking to nofx pal?

  37. skitzey

    lol cool, random but cool. food, sex and female sheep then eh ? haha peas

  38. skitzey

    whats an ewe ?

  39. skitzey

    and if it is do you think any 1 will care or listen 2 it lol

  40. Nap

    @DaveTheFuckingBrave Yeah, nothing in common. I was hoping they would though since it WAS suppose to be a rock album..

  41. Dan Gerouus

    i dont think the songs have anything in common exept for the title do they?

  42. Nap

    This might be sampled on Lil Wayne's new album by Eminem for the song "Drop The World"

  43. skitzey

    heavy petting zoo is the cd version , eating lamb is the vinyl cover. peace

    Skurvy Rat Bones

    The 12" is also called heavy petting zoo i have it

  44. spunon

    same here, instant flashback

  45. Lankey Bastard

    wrong album cover idiot...thats heavy pettng zoo

  46. Emanuell Oliveira

    fucking amazing!

  47. Dygez

    that's the most melancholic song by NOFX... and i love it!

  48. Brian Wynne

    OI OI OI


    yeah same,
    most people hate it,
    they are dumb

  50. Steve Hildebrand

    wow!, tis been so long since i've heard this!, truly amazing. one of the greatest punk bands of all time!!!!! XD