NOFX - Creeping Out Sara Lyrics

I was backstage at a festival in Germany
talking to a cute fair skinned brunette
I asked her if she wanted to have a beer and if she liked our set
I noticed that her hair was longer in the back
I figure that’s cuz she’s Canadian
That’s why I was surprised when she told me she was fully lesbian

That's when I realized it was Sara, or maybe it was Tegan
I'm pretty sure that it was Sara
Cause Johnny Sampson said she was the cooler one

I told her I was a big fan of her band
She asked me if I had a favorite song
I admitted that I'd never actually heard them, but I like k.d. lang

I told her this Jew knows about the Juno’s
And how they got robbed three times in a row
And then I asked her if she knew of anyone who was selling pills or blow

That's when I creeped out Sara or maybe I just pissed her off
When I asked her if her sister and her had ever had a threesome?
Where they both ganged up one girl, a forgy or a fivesome?
Do they think strap-ons are groovy, and had they ever seen the movie
Bound and did they like Jennifer Tilly, did they like Jennifer Tilly?

Sara said she preferred Gina Gershon, Angelina Jolie
In the Gia movie that was on HBO
And “If These Walls Could Talk” made Tegan cry a lot
After that I forgot what she said
That's the problem with Diazepam, so many things I don't remember
But I've got a sinking feeling, it's not that I'm a clairvoyant

But I think that I creeped out Sara, I was creeping out on Sara
I hope it wasn't Tegan, cuz Matt Skiba said she is the cooler one

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NOFX Creeping Out Sara Comments
  1. Ben Lee

    tegan and sara fucking suck

  2. SirRevolver

    I can't believe this is real AND popular... I LOVE IT

  3. Minefreak ._.

    As a T&S fan, I don’t necessarily like the message whatsoever, but I understand it’s joke. It’s a good song though.

  4. Nassima Amir

    LOOOOOOOL XD Never knew about that song... This is ridiculous xD

  5. Mario Lee


  6. Mario Lee

    mike you are the oi one

  7. Sst


  8. Erin Weatherly

    Diazepam!!! That’s the shit you take in metal gear

  9. theadventurevlog

    Teagan and sarah suck ass! or pussy? Whatever, they are garbage!

  10. the tim of clubs geaughan

    that song is me with every girl I've ever known.

  11. Tom Sklanka


  12. N O

    Lesbians are disgusting

  13. you knowww

    The fact nofx made a song about tegan and sara warms my gay heart 😍


    stop. nunyaz.thx.

  15. James Seppala

    awesome lol

  16. Ryan

    Maybe I'm biased being from Toronto, but this song is actually amazing on so many levels, even by NOFX's usual standards.

    Sam Tyrant

    The unsung genius's of music.

    Sam Tyrant

    Hay you weird ass creatures all of u.

  17. AngrierGorilla

    For the record, Tegan and Sara didn't get the meaning of this song.

  18. Ross Anziano

    Fellas, I like your terrible jokes. Sorry about punk rock turning mega pussy.

  19. Pampel Muse

    Interesting to listen to Sara's statement about this song, they really seem to have got the right meaning of it:


    I guess you're ironic right? because she got it all wrong

  20. Ryan

  21. Cherub

    loved this!

  22. black belt ninjago that does karate stuff real good

    This is like the clumsy guys theme song. For all of us getting more restraining orders than digits......A PROST!!!

  23. paul alcohol

    I forgot about this song... And now I'm dying of laughter because fuck, I love NoFX

  24. Rorry Templeton

    funniest fucking song in the world

  25. Shawn McGinnis

    That is definitely one for the story books

  26. Michael geisel


  27. Phil M

    I love Donald trump👍😃

  28. Phil M

    If you get a chance to crush up and snort your x girl friend ‘s focolin it’s like snorting top shelf cocaine

  29. Phil M

    I also enjoy methacatbamol but I can’t spell that either

  30. Phil M

    I absolutely love diasapam but I’m too drunk to spell it

  31. PeKツッ

    Holy shit this is hilarious.
    Mike has always freaked people out

  32. frank rizzo

    Such a beautiful song

  33. Occams OX

    And that kids is how you write a popular punk rock song. Diazepam + Laziness ~ something.

  34. Len Fearnside

    Amazing. Just amazing. I'm going to use this video to try and convince my wife to attend a NOFX concert during our vacation this summer. Thank poster!

  35. dig4mm4

    Nice edit :-)

  36. Jonas Zollinger

    0:01 I didn’t know big hoss had a band

  37. John Me

    holy old.but still like good music.

  38. Zach B

    I think when everyone you meet tells you they like your band and think you're hilarious you eventually lose your filter, for better or worse.

  39. Wowster

    a fucking black out song

  40. Stephen Straughan

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Tegan and Sara weren't really lesbians. I could see the whole "twins who are both lesbians" thing being a gimmick.


    Tatu were fake lesbians

    mike colletta

    LOL. TATU!!! "All the things she said all the things she said!" Funny part about you mentioning them, my homie who has gotta be NOFX's biggest fan fucking loved TATU!

    Kelly Hord

    For 16 years including one marriage? Sure, why not.

  41. Eddie Aguilar

    Lol i didn't know nofx had a song about those two bitches? Lmfao

  42. xxLanggarLarixx 87

    Sara said she ....................................


    What a pretentious bitch.

  44. djdom43

    ffs just spilt my last joint all into my keyboard

  45. M T

    Is that against me at the very very beginning of the video on stage ?

    Destroyer of Nations

    M T yes

  46. Martin Spud

    This song sounds like a Cars song. I'm dating myself. I dun give a fuck.

  47. steve schlack

    Kudos and three cheers for thee only Mike I like

  48. deadmau573

    Coaster such an underrated album, one of the best for me...

  49. M8WhoSk8s

    lol my girlfriends name is sara and i showed this to her and she was like wtf lol

  50. Josh Collado

    This song was truly irresponsible and reprehensible. But damn i can't deny i can listen to it with a serious face. The all bloody thing is hilarious.

  51. Stoney McNoob

    This one smells like childhood.... *sighs contentedly and gets the X-tra onions n chili on me dawg... Buuuurp, diazapan.

  52. Jason Strickland

    I actually thought this was the real video for this song, good work man

  53. Danny The Dane

    Store patter betyder nofx !

  54. Sid Criminal

    Love he mst3k reference!

  55. Scruffy P

    I wonder what they thought of this song?

  56. Derek Moore

    I know Katy Lane too


    K.D. Lang

  57. KingAlobar21

    ha ha awesome edit!

  58. Hauskins

    i still have my NOFX saved my sex life pull over hoodie from 1998

  59. Simon Hoey

    Absolutely terrible. I can't believe people find this amusing.


    What other kinds of dogs are there?

    Jason W.

    lol. NOFX isn't for the meek. Go back to your vanilla songs about politics, cats, love and sunsets.


    yeah sense of humour is a scary thing...

    Captain Rupertikjakmos

    Grow the fuck up you offended pussy

  60. D1v1n3x0n3 Ps4

    you video should be the official... deadass serious.


    Yea this is as good as any video I've seen for NOFX great job !!

  61. Anthony Leibert

    Hahahaha, so stupid i love it

  62. Lauren Rose

    myystery science theater!!

    Lauren Rose

    ... from laurens boyfriend

  63. Chris Whitehouse

    What movie is this in MST3K? Please!

    SJ Belew

    Timothy Page I don't think that's what he was asking for. He was asking for the specific movie.

  64. Dick Splash

    I love this track and so do my neighbours. They even threw a brick through my window to hear it better.

    Jason Scheißegal

    Dick Splash yeah.its cool.all my neighbors listen to punk rock also...whether they like it or not lol

    Oliver Aeternus

    Hah. Good work Mr Splash

    Denis Goguen

    I heard that comment of a metal comment before

    Jessica J OHare

    Dennis i bet you tell good storys about bridges as well you fuckin sadsack

    Andrew Behrensprung

    HAHAHAHAH. Priceless!!!!

  65. ja crispy

    holy fuck. i been listenin to this song for years and didnt know these were real people.


    you never heard of Tegan and Sara? lol , now you know.


    I had heard of them but didn't make the connection cause I've never actually listened to them.

    Terry Hintz

    fat might, nice.


    your lucky that's because sadly, your not Canadian

    Roid Rage

    That's The Problem With Diazepam.

  66. tiffany amato

    I love t&s but omg this is hilarious

  67. Cadellin Silverbrow

    haha really cool! well done

  68. MrZeoch

    great song^^

  69. Pablo R

    la wea sexy

  70. Taylor S

    I hate the context of the song and it really offended Tegan and sara, but he has a great voice, don't like the song

    Julia, I guess

    jfc could y'all calm down? also, even though tegan and sara didnt like the song, they understood it was a joke

  71. Lizard Punk

    whos tegan and sarah?


    lesbian twins

    EzandRach .Campos

    Lizard Punk some lesbian twin Canadian band . Not missing much


    theyre very cute and melodic. they used to be punks but they never recorded anything punk.

    Austral Opithecus

    Yo wrong website... You're supposed to type that question into Google. You ain't gonna get a serious answer here mate.

    Jo O

    Lizard Punk i don't know either.or care

  72. Cal Martins

    that's the problem with diazepam

    Rob Morritt

    I was told I came home, made a sandwich, pissed my pants and fell down to sleep....don't mix diazepam and booze kids :)

    Mr Tiddles

    and Kolonopin for that matter...

    Shaggy Rogers

    I don't think it's a problem :P


    Ffs I know right? So many times I woke up next to cows and not realizing how the fuck I got there.
    “Dude, don’t you remember what you did last night?” Was the line I dreaded hearing lol.

    A V

    @Dick Jarrett flubromazolam is groovy shit

  73. john Janssens

    this is stuff id say lolol

  74. Emma Howes

    This is hilarious.... And I love Tegan and Sara but I don't think I would have those convos when I had just met them..... I'd be fan girling too much

  75. TheRegius13

    Fucking hilarious!!

  76. ForeverPhipruma

    So fucking hilarious!

  77. mrmynx

    LOL...I told her I was just a lesbian trapped in a mans body, but she still didn't wanna go out with me..:(


    it happens

    Jo O

    mrmynx that's not pc of her


    @Jo O oh my god I'm dead

  78. JonnyUnderrated

    So...did they have pills or blow>?  so many unanswered questions. Im suree mike found it anyways but still...

    jw org

    Hahaha yeah. Fat mike have me listening for hours, to see if i can figure out if he got it his way..

    This man is the man of my dream, and only in to girls. <3

    Love You Fat Mike!!

    Kristopher Pierce

    JonnyUnderrated Fucking great lol

    Dale Gribble


  79. Scorch428

    I hope it wasn't Tegan, cus Skiba said she was the cooler one :P

    Riley Noland

    Scorch428 love the supra mk4 profile pic

  80. BeowWulf

    This song totally "gets me". Y'know?

  81. nick b

    for somebody that turns away groupies and are completely loyal to there wife you sure write a lot of songs about doing chicks

    nick b

    Ok cheers for the 411 on that

    S. V.

    nick b it looks like you responded to a moment of clarity here... so I dont have to respond to your original question I hope?

    Austral Opithecus

    Wait I thought they were lesbians... And I know it's against the law to write an untruthful song and sing it, but in what song do they ever get laid in?... I mean with all them hanky panky songs I should've remember at least one...

  82. misfit

    Great song. I remember when it came out I damaged my back and so I was on diazepam so this song was doubly hilarious.  "Bound and did they like Jennifer Tilly." Great line about a great film.  I saw NOFX in Oxford and they were brilliant.  No idea how Smelly still manages to play at those speeds, a truly fantastic drummer and they also brought out Frank Turner to play with them.  Fantastic.  Also along with Aaron from Reel Big Fish Mike is one of the funniest musicians. 

  83. torsung81

    These sister just performed on the Oscars and I had to come right here..

  84. Anthony Haller

     @Isabella Gildersleeve Connelly and Kassi Scene: I think it's disgusting that you two can't realize that this is meant as a joke. Fat Mike isn't homophobic if was would he have played in Utah with a rainbow flag on his amp?   

  85. Luke The Drifter

    i really think mike could do better than Sara

  86. L.M. Quackenbush

    omg. love. hahaha

  87. cameron demarco


  88. jeff st.amand

    mike would look good with a canadian lesbian mullet

    R A T C H E T

    And in a skirt, ooop wait a minute.

  89. o--Kane101--o

    Ah man, anyone have any glue? I just laughed my ass off.

  90. Harpo Django Rose

    Too fucking awesome.

  91. ' fizicks

    Fuck I love this song. "That's the problem with diazepam, so many things I don't remember" lmao. Soooooooooo true plus the whole track is funny as hell. Coaster is such a good album.

    Trialia Xua

    Ha, I only *wish* diazepam had that sort of effect on me. Makes me manic...

    Marc Chambers

    Trialia Xua that sucks....there's a fine line of feel good, feel great, feel nothing for me

    Ryan Mason

    They called the vinyl "Frisbee". Amazing.

  92. Roar Granevang

    This video is still excellent.

  93. Derrick Ayres

    best song in the history of ever! 

  94. Noh Yu

    1:45 mst3k? what movie?

    Chick Sage


  95. fdjcengine2

    I almost thumbed down to make it 69 but just couldn't do it.

  96. 420TDC

    That's the problem with diazepam