NOFX - August 8th Lyrics

Birds sing there's not a cloud in the sky, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day,
I see a bunch of hippies crying, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day,
Like waking up from a real bad dream, suddenly everything is ok.
The storm has passed and the sun is shining, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day.

What's going on, what's going on, is something bumming your scene?
There's something wrong, there's something wrong, I'm not trying to be mean.

The air is sweet the summer flowers blooming nowhere in sight is there anything grey,
Feelings of joy are filling the street, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day.
Like waking up from a fucked up dream, suddenly everything's looking good.
There's been no permanent damage done, yeah August 8th came right when it should.

What's going on, what's going on, is something bumming your scene?
There's something wrong, there's something wrong, I'm not trying to be mean.

Poor Jeff,
Poor little Timmy Turtle,
Staying home on such a beautiful day.

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NOFX August 8th Comments
  1. Jose Deville

    My bday is actually Augusto 8

  2. Jerrod Loveland

    This song is about the death of Jerry Garcia.

  3. KaspyTheGamer

    Glad I Was Born On August 8

  4. Alan Sutton

    aha jerrys gone man....

  5. Mr Pote

    2020 what`s going on!?

  6. John Brown

    I hope there's some electronic artist somewhere writing a song mocking middle-aged punks over Kim Shattuck's death.

  7. owenlassley

    Dislike this comment

  8. John Reusch

    About 16-17 years ago these guys headlined at Warped Tour. After a day of 20+ bands....EVERYONE was watching NOFX. And they were awesome.

  9. John Brown

    I wonder if there's a young EDM artist penning a song mocking all the old punks for mourning Kim Shattuck.

  10. Joseph Boggs

    Fat mike is an embarrassment. He wishes he was 1/10,000th as relevant as Jerry Garcia . But I digress, even in he punk community , he’s a joke . He’s just a rich old man playing punk dress up . A total farce

  11. J A

    Fucking hate myself.

  12. Afghan Whigs

    I'm late but happy august 8th lmao

  13. Frank Pace

    What the heck!? Why did I just find out about this cool song? This is my birthday

    Bryan Kranz

    My wife's too👍

  14. spikejones12345

    Jerry died on August 9th. They could of at least gotten the date right. Idiots.

    Afghan Whigs

    I believe he didn't know till after it was released.

    Joseph Boggs

    I was just talking about this . I know it was pre internet in households but yea, fucking morons. So “edgy “ . And yes it IS about Jerry Garcia

  15. Kyle Ocean

    Happy August 8th!!

  16. MusicMotoVlogger

    Hello again my friends! See you next August 8th

  17. Chad N

    Walking home from the bus stop after school in 11th grade with this on repeat on my Discman... that was 25 years ago.. Where has the time gone? Enjoy it now guys, it goes by too fast. -8/8/19

  18. Eddie Glavin

    Today's August 8th 2019...Fat Mike has blue hair and wears womens dresses

  19. craig k

    Happy August 8 th

  20. Arthur Oliveira

    Happy august 8th!

  21. Rockos Basilisk

    Welcome back annual listeners! Have a great August 8th


    it's a beautiful day

  22. Sebastian_Gorka_fucks_kids

    Happy august the 8th

  23. Ryan

    It's August 8th 2019 today. Here i am as per tradition

  24. George Clark

    I wish I was that sheep.

  25. Matthew Bucher

    Happy August 8th

  26. Gordonhead Fred

    I’m quitting dope today!

  27. Hugh Jassole

    Here we are again. Pound sand hippies!

  28. James

    The yearly tradition continues...

  29. Chicco Divers

    Happy NOFX day

  30. ashley da girl

    yayy it’s August 8th!!

  31. Andrew Leach

    Its august 8th today!!!!

  32. Gau Bu

    Cry hippies cry

  33. chaiqui

    Today is august 8th y aguante NOFX

  34. VV rivas

    August 8th 2019 is a beautiful day 🤘

    Thomas Walsh

    Every year 🤘 fuckin love it

    your face

    Fuck yeah!

    Son of Beve

    Best day of the year


    Still an hour left. I didn't miss it this year.
    It was a beautiful day. Thunderstorm last hour. Awesome.

    Madcap Glass

    Funny that he died on the 9th though, lol

  35. Tomaž Pirš

    Its august 8 and i am seeing NOFX first time live

  36. Kevin Velez

    Happy August 8th :)

  37. Joshua Woy

    Happy 8th

  38. Earl Yarnall

    August 8th! Word.

  39. R S

    It's August 8th and guess what? It's a beautiful day!

  40. eatleadyo

    I listen this every Aug 8... My bday

  41. Landon Anders

    August 8th is a beautiful day!!

  42. Martin Adams

    Happy August 8th!

  43. Austin Jewer

    Happy August 8th

  44. gabriele mazzi

    Happy August 8th to everyone!

  45. Matty Sheets

    Happy birthday to me

  46. Chris Johnson

    Happy August 8th, friends. ♡

  47. Jordan Gibbs

    Today’s the day!!

  48. Steven Marsh

    You assholes been sleepin. Wake up ya fucks, It's August 8th!!


    we were having a fucked up dream

  49. Jon Dillehay

    Happy august 8th

  50. ryanguerry

    Happy national hippies crying day!!

  51. mattesimio

    Thumb up if you are listening to this song today august 8th 2019!

    your face

    I love this whole album.

    P.J. Henderson

    mattesimio day late but oh well

  52. S. Schneegs

    Here we go again 😊

  53. punkrockguy1978

    This perfect always love this song and this day here fits perfect

  54. warptman

    Happy 8th!

  55. Sam P

    Happy August 8th from 2019

  56. macuss87

    August 8th 2019

  57. GiraffeRawr

    Happy today!

  58. MasterPrune

    Happy August 8th :)

  59. 8thofthe8th

    Tune. Rest in piece my best friend.

  60. MuscleHack

    Listen to this every August 8th. 23 fucking years later! 😂 🤣

  61. Kai Henderson

    Happy 2019!

  62. Brian Davis

    "nowhere in site is there anything gray...."
    Just a touch...

  63. rigoleum

    *its August 8th today fuckers! STILLL blasting NOFX religiously*

  64. Paolo Vallarino

    Birds sing there's not a cloud in the sky, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day

  65. JK GC

    here for 2019 awh yuh traditions

    also fun fact, my lesbian moms's yeah L&L2

  66. TheGreatIndoors1979

    *_Frank Figliuzzi wants to know your location_*

  67. Simone B.

    Anybody here today?

  68. Kirsty T

    happy august 8th everyone <3

  69. Alonso Sanmillan

    Haopy birthday to me!!!

  70. Leonardo Catanzaro

    Its birthday day and beautyful Song🤟

  71. anarcho-autism

    CNN tells me this date is a racist Nazi dog whistle

    JK GC

    well, it's also my lesbian moms's anniversary date so suck it, nazi punks fuck off lmao

  72. Bullus Modding

    Happy Birthday to all my fellow August 8th peeps who stop by to hear this song today (or tomorrow I guess for rest of the world )

  73. Scrambles the Death Dealer

    This song had a lot of good memories attached to it for me, until I got locked up for almost 2 months in county on an August 8th...

    Still love the song though 🤣.

  74. Brody Brown

    Agust 8th is my birthday.. Fuck yeah

  75. chilly rooster

    Jerry Garcia died eve

  76. Ricky Thurman

    Jack off Baby's For Satan!

  77. Juan Jose Lopez

    Great album, better song ! Punk rock not dead

  78. Andrew Motta

    John McCain died I think we should change the lyrics to August 25 is a beautiful day

    Scrambles the Death Dealer

    Dude, I grew up listening to a lot of punk rock and other shit. I understand that it's rebellious music with a lot of social and political views and ideals, and that it's meant to insite change (like a lot of music). I'm all for a lot of changes. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought that (most) punk music was meant to spread peace, love, unity and respect (yeah, I love electronic music as well... all the ravers know what I'm hinting at 😉), not hate. Yeah, there are a million different offshoots of punk, so views and values vary across them (the song Nazi Punks Fuck Off probably wouldn't exist if not for there being Nazi punks). I guess I got a different message than you did, but I respect your right to your own opinion.

    Y'all can say what you want about me, I'm a grown man, I can handle criticism. I welcome differing opinions and discussing them civilly (as time permits).

    Regardless of all of that, peace everyone!!!

  79. Marius ChristianDwaZero

    August 8th and forever...

  80. Blake Whittington

    If you write a tune about something check the date first

  81. Corey Wayne

    Hippy girls are the hottest though...

  82. Atom Manhattan

    Happy August eighth everyone!

  83. Vinnie

    I was almost too late for this years August 8th (11::48 PM)

  84. RabidHummingbird

    Today every year

  85. MusicMotoVlogger

    HAPPY AUGUST 8TH!! I message my brother every year on this day.

  86. Bump007

    Happy 8th everyone..

  87. Tin Man

    August 8th 2018, still listen to this.

  88. Alan Sutton

    nine years ago on the 7th of august a friend overdosed on a concoction. Kid Keith was something else though, he said "I plan on living forever, but will leave that up to science for now". Life moves on, what can ya do.

    Alan Sutton

    This guy.

  89. Matthew Reed

    Wheres my August 8th 2018 crew! Its a beautiful day :)

  90. Nathan Stone

    Poor Jeff. Poor little Timmy Turtle.

  91. Son of Beve

    Happy August 8th, 2018!

  92. Kyle Pellerin

    Must listen today

  93. bowser1067

    Happy August 8

  94. Stacey Smith

    Never Forget!

  95. Kyle Gunther

    Happy Aug 8th!

  96. Kelvin665

    08/08/18 :)