Noel Gallagher - Ballad Of The Mighty I Lyrics

I followed you down to the end of the world
To wait outside your window
In the heat of the rain I will call your name
But you just passed me by
If you put me up like a fly on the wall
Then you'll be to blame when the heavens fall
Give me a sign that you hear me call
But you just pass me by
The colours around me are fading away
But I'll be waiting come what may
I'll find you.. Yes I'll find you..
If I've got to be the man who walks the earth alone.

I followed the stars and I sailed to the sun
I held it in my fingers
Alone on the beach on my own out of reach
When you just passed me by
I'd give you the world if you'd take my hand
But you left me alone in the sinking sand
I strike up the band for one last stand
But you just passed me by
Show me the rules of the games you play
And I'll be here waiting, come what may
I'll find you.. Yes I'll find you..
If I've got to be the man who walks the earth
I'll find you.. Yes I'll find you..
If I've got to be the man who walks the earth alone.

I've followed you now to the end of the world
To wait outside your window
In the heat of the rain I will call your name
But you just pass me by
Wherever you run I'll be on your tail
Whatever you're hiding behind your veil
I'll find you.. Yes I'll find you..
If I've got to be the man who walks the earth
I'll find you.. Yes I'll find you..
If I've got to be the man who walks the earth alone.

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Noel Gallagher Ballad Of The Mighty I Comments
  1. Lee Morley

    2020 a new decade

  2. Lee Morley

    Happy new year everyone 🤪🥃🥳🇬🇧

  3. Lee Morley

    My favourite song you noel

  4. mitotianiMartin

    This would make such a great Bond film theme song!

  5. spackoid

    Noel fucking rocks man!!!

  6. Sonia Song

    무심한척 옷벗어쥬는거 왜케 웃기냨ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ'마 오다 주었다' 츤데레 뉘앙스보다 '아이 이녀나 옷입어' 이런 느낌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  7. Andy Berridge

    Master piece. 😎 🎸 Noel Gallagher, Endless supply of great songs.

  8. Milky's Vinyl Club

    One of the most faultless songs ever IMO!

  9. buddahkm

    Is a nolephant a thing

  10. Herbert Kalinowski

    He would be a great actor!
    This man has more than one talent...not like his stupid brother.

  11. Nick Bonnes

    The times when Noel made great rock music, Ive got homesickness..

    Star Dust

    Yeah, I mean, how dare an artist change after almost 30 years in the business! They should restrict themselves in order to please other people, even if it makes them unhappy!

  12. Star Dust

    Real Oasis fans recognise that Noel is a true musician and artist, fake fans are bitter that he’s not pretending that he still wants to make music like he did in the 90s.

  13. Cousin IT

    It would be better if Liam was singing.

  14. Gary Cowie

    I'm not a man of many words but that's a fucking tune

  15. Garrett Croslin

    Bloody genius.

  16. drakey27

    All that money and doesn’t pay for that jacket. Shocking!

  17. Tony From Syracuse

    what would you call this type of music? it sounds so cinematic

  18. Pepita Pulgarcita

    The Best!!!!

  19. Franco Crisantti

    Tremendamente perfecto Saludos desde Argentina

  20. Keef Riffard

    I love Noels hair & his music of course.

  21. The 2nd Law Of Thermodynamics

    Noel’s music is so much better that Liam’s.

  22. Mick Pope

    Saw them open for U2 in Melbourne. Like his new stuff for sure

  23. Travis A

    Love it🔥🔥

  24. Mercedes 1109

    A nice Bond song

  25. Mercedes 1109

    I Love this song

  26. B11IE 111

    Noel you are the best!

  27. ben tinsley

    Potato Gallagher and the low charting turds.

  28. Pat Mar

    this is a fucking banger!

  29. Tristanto Pambudi

    Not for me .....mum....

  30. PrivateMinus90FTW

    Still the best video he's ever done

  31. ian

    people greatly underestimate Noel , he's right up there with the great songwriters , terrific song and video.

  32. Patrik Pontos

    1:14 gentleman :D


    Is that Guy on the Floor a Reference to Liam @ 2:27 🤔

    Garrett Croslin

    THEWATCHINGOBSERVER76 idk. Possibly. The guy was carrying a guitar case though. Liam typically just sings.

  34. Thelonious Coltrane

    please share a Noel G. song that
    does NOT sound great! can't find one!

  35. chris b

    Great song. I wasn't keen about oasis but Noels songs are excellent

    The 2nd Law Of Thermodynamics

    Always prefer Noel over Liam

  36. K Rson

    Love his red Jean's, remember mine so much in the 90s😁

  37. Richie Connolly

    Belter tuuuuuunnne

  38. Harry Fellow

    Noel 4eva

  39. David Spiers

    In noel Gallagher we trust

  40. Tom Walsh

    The names Gallagher, Noel Gallagher

  41. Eligio Cicala

    Sei forte vai sempre cosi

  42. Skaterbun

    This sounds mature and thoughtful, unlike Oasis stuff, he was young then, reforming with arrogant Liam would not be an option, he needs to keep working on high flying birds stuff he is the true brains out of the 2 bros.

  43. Jay

    Does he always look pissed 😆

  44. Maxnimal

    There is still an oasis smell.

  45. Exposed Lies

    'strike up the band for one last stand'.... ok then.

  46. Susan O'Brien

    Well that made me laugh out loud. Bloody good video, Noel.

  47. Ian Delgado Lozano

    Que grande eres Noel!!!!. Mis hijos de 9 años están encantados con tu música.

  48. darkchevalier

    Listening to this every morning while I'm going to work.

  49. Matthew Potvin

    Great stuff from the Gallagher's and now in 2019 they both have new material and still better than most of ht e stuff out there

  50. Ladyhawk Von Altenburg

    U just jaulose ye u Are of the bird 😉

  51. tod dubow

    I don't know what it is about Noel and Liam, but everything they do and say is fascinating.

  52. Winston Ingram

    Lots of energy in the eyes

  53. Donald Duck

    I Love with a passion Ian Brown’s F.E.A.R . ! ………… But this songs on a completely different level !! 🎶👌

  54. Eunice Fiorella

    Me suena a windows xp iniciando 0:27. Eres un capo, TODAS tus composiciones me encantan.

  55. NewOrder

    Hey Noel, do you have a jacket for me too?

  56. Cringlez

    High flying birds is good, but Oasis I BETTER why have one Gallagher when you can have two!

  57. CPUKing87432 David Taynton

    Filmed in Hackney Wick, London. A perfect setting for this song.

    David Cee

    know it well mate , perfect .

  58. JORY Yagami

    (@[email protected])

  59. Greg Bowcock

    Not that it really matters, at this point, especially as I'm sure that someone else has already noticed this in addition to my being over 4 years late to the party, here, so to speak, but there appears to be an "a" missing from the word "Ballad" in the middle hashtag, so yeah. Sorry. #BalladofTheMightyI

  60. MrJimbaloid

    STOP HS2.

  61. Leona Brawne

    He's so hot.

  62. Patrik Pontos

    Uhmm...grumpy....:D I'am dying :D :D Truly one of his best songs and best tune..... it just makes you feeeeel and remember forgotten times.....that harmonization maaan. You can't learn that.

  63. Daniel Thompson

    Not as good as Liams new song

  64. Gus Fernandes

    I came here just for Johnny Marr

  65. Wesley Alexander

    Maybe some day u can be half as good as Dave Grohl if u ask him nicely he may give u some tips if your not too slow to learn ya LD looking phucktard

  66. Wesley Alexander

    At least Liam made mum proud....god knows you were a let down ya crack head....learn to play the guitar ya worthless douche bag

  67. Hüseyin Kahraman

    Real Music comes from Britain.

  68. chrima777

    is it Manchester in the Video?

  69. Meyer Mica

    Noel very talented fantastic song writer fantastic words
    Great rock star keep up mate at least for my generation please god bless you keep please get the band oasis together please sssss👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏

  70. Caroline Brady

    The bsse beat to this is amazing xx

  71. Tjitske Kooi

    grumpy Noel, there is nothing like it, xx

  72. Paul Harvey

    Love this tune... Noel is so keeping up with the times, yes it's nothing like his old stuff but what a beat and his vocals are fantastic.. Dude😁

  73. Trab Rex

    Things we said today👈

  74. Lily Levine

    2019 anyone?

  75. Flavia Michelotto

    My opinion...Noel sings better of's more natural,maybe....😁


    That's not opinion, that's fact!

  76. Paul Rath

    5:28 Director called him "Liam" at end. LOL!

  77. 3nt r4p

    how do I buy juice, how do I buy juice/if I gotta be the man who lost his memory

  78. 3nt r4p

    the sad clown

  79. Mike Bencomo

    Noel is a fucking genius never die!

  80. Huicong Qian

    noel's hot af (and his pants)

  81. D G

    I love the interesting music, its very "jazzy" (for lack of a better word). Reminds me of Underneath the Sky where there's a bit of an off key element that conjures a type of anxiety or unsettling feeling brewing underneath the skin. Lol, idk. Its a sick tune, bruh

  82. Cra Tuverus

    It's probably been said before but great track and "Chris Martin did ten takes" is fucking hilarious.

  83. marcello marcucci

    Wtf Means the song video and lyrics??? Dont understand the meaning hahahah

  84. David Wilkinson

    This song is fuckin awesome👍👍👍

  85. Stephen Davies

    Noel's finest offering by a long shot, a brilliant tune.

  86. Andrew B

    Song of the decade.... Period

  87. zoltansocrates

    What is it with NG and trainers hanging from overhead lines

  88. sarai zabala!

    You'll find me
    Haha just kidding

  89. Lizyen Yazmín

    Noel Gallagher is God

  90. veronica m

    Dangerous is probable the key word.

  91. This is Censure Asylum

    Can I buy yer a pint Noel?

  92. Assassin Guitar

    Liam noel

  93. John Cooper

    Noel is not Liam, but Liam isn’t Noel

  94. Gean Gabriel


  95. Jennifer Matarrita

    ¿Can someone explain me What is going on with the girl who Noel gives her his sweater /jacket ? ,i dont understand that But is the sweetest thing i saw him yo do for someone else 💓💓💓is lovley and a gentleman

  96. m Mack

    Copied klaxons it's over again