Nobody's Angel - I Just Can't Help Myself Lyrics

You smile a lot
It makes me wonder what your thinking of cuz...
baby your always on my mind
and right now I want you with me
here by my side
with me till the end of time

[Chorus (background):]
I just can't help myself I'm falling in love with you.
(love, love)
It doesnt matter what you say and do
(no matter what you say, no matter what you do)
just give me a chance
and I know I'll make you understand why...
I just cant help myself I'm falling in love with you.

[Verse 2:]
Don't know if I should tell the world just how I'm feeling yeah cuz...
I wanna be sure you feel the same
The more that I think about it
you need to know
there's no other way
no, no

I just cant help myself I'm falling in love with you.
(love, love)
(with you)
It doesnt matter what you say or do
(no matter what you say, no matter what you do)
just give me a chance
and I know I'll make you understand why...
I just cant help myself I'm falling in love with you.

You must have been sent...
you must have been sent from heaven above
your everything I have been dreaming of
too good to be true
no no I dont think so
baby no

lalala, etc...
[repeat chorus 2x]

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Nobody's Angel I Just Can't Help Myself Comments
  1. Diesha Quintanilla Perez

    still listening 2019

  2. Humble PhoeniXx

    Now I see Disney + added most of the OG Disney channel movies like Double Teamed, Gotta Kick it Up , Zenon etc. now they need to add Model Behavior asap glad B⚾️y Meets W🌎rld is on there tho I know I’m not alone when I say I can’t seem to let go of my childhood 💯😪🤧🤷🏾‍♂️ #nostalgia *memories*

  3. Encino Man

    Damn they can sing.

  4. Kat Sälkini

    Ahhh highschool love...

  5. Wealllovemerylstreep !


  6. Michael Mitchell

    Like this song ever since I saw them on boy meets world

  7. Jloofaz

    This and M2M don't say you love me were the bops.

  8. Lester White

    Boy meets world brought me here


    2019 still listening !!!

  10. D Green

    2019 anyone ❤️

  11. Crystal Holland

    2019 who"s still lISTENING to this song( MODEL BEHAVIOR !!!

  12. Ivonne M.

    Boy Meets World brought me here.

  13. R3DRAIN89

    When Radio disney was great.

  14. Humble PhoeniXx

    Model Behavior 🥰🥰🙌🏾😪 tears in my eyes one of my favorite Disney channel movies and my grandmas as well best memories ever I swear .. and when I first seen and loved Alicia Silverstone 💯 thank you And R.i.p to the old Disney Channel

  15. Lorraine Matthews

    To my wife 💍 💍 she loves love songs no matter what genre

  16. Ronald Johnson

    Takes me back to being a 90s kid, I had such a crush on the blonde haired girl,she was cute...

  17. tattogirl89hc

    I still have this poor dad...with this and the spice girls always playing

  18. Kristen Pasistor

    Goodness this song takes me back to the 90s I miss this kind of music

  19. Tony Nguyen

    This is actually a real song? Lol I heard this on boy meets world!!

  20. Robert Hansen

    First heard this song on model behavior then boy meets world. Started watching the show psych because of the girl from model behavior

  21. Celina Montanez

    I can't believe it's been 18 years since Model Behavior !!

  22. Alexus Williams

    17 years later and I still can’t help myself 😩😂

  23. Catherine Rodriguez


  24. Jojo M

    Loving this song<3

  25. Ms. Moody

    My song

  26. Sneaky Kelly

    I still remember the dance moves they did on the moive model behavior lol omj i still love this song

  27. Lili Tang

    What happened to them ? 😭

  28. Veena C

    I had this song in my head the whole day at the airport. I wonder if people beside me was wondering what i was humming

  29. Veena C

    Shawn, hope you found what you were looking for. Hope you found yourself😚

    (Yes i know its just a show, but boy meets world gives me all the feels!)

    Nerd Goddess

    Yes I couldn’t agree with you more! So many people tell me I look a lot like Danielle Fishel AKA Topanga and it’s such an honor to look like her! However she’s WAY more beautiful than I’ll ever be!

  30. Adeoca2

    I was 10 or 11 years old when this came old. So many memories.

  31. Jersey Tee

    Boy Meets World !!

  32. Melissa Tercero

    2018 still jamming to it love this song

  33. Makaveli Thadon

    Beautiful song,I was in love with shirt haired blonde.

  34. randy martinez

    Boy meets world

  35. Chasity Fitzgerald

    Memories boy meets world

  36. rottenfishh

    boy meets world anyone?

  37. Christo

    yall aint listenin to this in 2018 tho lol

  38. Claudio Medina

    Luv the song...has good rythem

  39. 민윤기보라해

    Boy meets world brought me here! Shaun and Corey!

  40. Michelle Morera

    Wow instant nostalgia

  41. Anareliz Colon

    <3 I use to love this song! Crazy I even remembered it.

  42. Juanita Peters

    this song brings me back to a different time

  43. Faith Moore

    yessss still love this song in 2017...bring back memories of childhood 😍

  44. jackie del rio

    90s & 2000 was it for me! Good times and yesss Netflix needs to add this movie. God the nostalgia lol

  45. Cierra Cunningham

    Model behavior brought me here

  46. Planet Jupiter

    Who else is listening in 2017??

  47. Babygirl Tha'Realest

    childhood memories

  48. danielle locke

    I miss my childhood so bad lol...

  49. cliff and nicole trasferini

    i love this song so many memories with this song ..i used to play it all the time

  50. ZEPH

    Shawn and Corey sent me here

  51. dharma bencini

    Hello I magic music my like song is baby I Business Cass sailor moon we were song

  52. Color Fluent

    Takes me back to elementary school and now I can't stop crying!!!!!! Dang it!!!!

    AaronRagland TV

    I reminisce and miss when pop had more live instruments and still had more of a musical composition with peoples' raw vocals with limited effects.

  53. Tippo White

    I so agree

  54. Megan Elsa

    💕 This Song Bring me back! 💕

  55. MusicLover_KB

    Boy Meets World brought me here. I'm currently watching Boy Meets World in order, and earlier today I saw Nobody's Angel in the season 6 episode where Shawn decides to go on a road trip to nowhere after Chet dies. Cory of course goes with him, and this group played waitresses in the episode. Then they performed this song and after hearing it there, I just had to listen to the full version. I love this song already, it's a great example of how awesome pop music from this era was.

  56. Toree Marabelles

    They just played the boy meets world episode with Nobodys Angel ❤️ had to listen to the full version!


    I'm watching Boy Meets World in order, and I watched this episode earlier today, so I totally get it

  57. Ronda Jackson

    model behaviour !!!!

  58. Josephine C

    love this!

  59. Ashlei Davis

    netflix needs to add model behavior!!!!!

    Mia Yates

    Ashlei Davis yes! My favorite Disney channel movie. Old school Disney channel was the best. Music videos and concerts lol

    Planet Jupiter

    Ashlei Davis one of the best Dcoms ever, I wonder if they showed it last year


    Omg I would faint!!

  60. Naylee Mchaney

    Omg 2016 still playing it

  61. R8-TV

    Shawn 😩 😩

  62. Aramias7

    There was a Sailor Moon AMV set to this that was epicly good.

  63. Sophie Speek

    I really love this song. I dance to this song. You gotta find the right someone.

  64. Glory Poet

    One of the forgotten girl bands from the head mike era of pop

  65. Dylan Roberts

    This brings back so many memories! MODEL BEHAVIOR is my favorite movie ever. :) Who else?

    Lili Tang

    OMG, yes!!!

    Monica Flores

    When Disney played good movies.. I miss those days.

    Kanyon Walker

    I loved that movie and I still do💗 this brings back so many memories wish things could be this simple again..

    Jessica mahovtas

    @Seth Freaking Rollins yes just saw this episode again

    Seth Freaking Rollins

    Then thing is this song came out after the parent trap so it's not possible

  66. always love

    Although the group is not recognizable in mainstream success their still a great girl group. And the song prove it. Definitely one of the most underrated girl group songs in our lifetime! Beautiful song!

  67. noemistephanie93

    reminds me of when the world was innocent and laidback. now it seems like we're living in fear and darkness. i wish we could have this light that existed in the 90s :(


    +noemistephanie93 OMG! That's exactly what I say. While Beyonce may have some good songs....I am not a fan. Like she is totally overrated!


    @TheBlackgem8 totally agree! i only like drunk in love and crazy in love, other than that NO THANKS! lol
    have u noticed how within these past few years, beyonce has now become a "god", a "queen b"? im like bitch please, britney was and STILL IS QUEEN B!

    jamye michelle

    Totally agree!!! Brittney was queen B first!! And man growing up in the 90s was definitely the best!!


    @jamye michelle she's still queen b. love her eternally <3

  68. Ryan Wiuff

    Wasn't this song on a Disney movie in the 90s? My memory is a little vague on this one

    DeeDee Shearer

    Yea it was. The movie is called Model Behavior starring Justin Timberlake.

    Jordan Wright

    It should've been on The Parent Trap

  69. Annette Williams

    model behavior!

  70. Jess Amalia

    This song brings back sweet memories! 😍

  71. Goton Sayan

    two thumbs up for these girls performing this song on the show boy meets world

    Glory Poet

    I agree I miss this by gone era


    Same here

  72. Kevin Harris

    "Boy Meets World" brought me here I remember the song but I was about 4 at that time.

  73. Stephanie Saraya

    I feel so old listening to this

  74. mothertothemoon7

    boy meets world and model behavior...this song was and still is a solid pop ballad

  75. Joseph Deschamp

    The 90s loved them lol boy meets world and model behavior! remember when they both came out and bought the single on a cd lol

    J Wright

    This should've been on The Parent Trap soundtrack. It would've made a great lead single.


    +Joseph Deschamp early 00s ;)

    Courtney Justice

    +andreskizzo They came out in 1998. Their album came out in 2000, but their appearance doing this song on Boy Meets World was in early 1999. You're both right..end of the 90s/early 00s. :-)

    Jordan Wright

    Season 6 Episode 19 Road Trip

  76. Xxmilkshake202xX

    Model Behavior!!!

  77. Nashwa Hawissa

    worlds best movie: model behavior
    toooo many memories

    J Wright

    I wonder why they didn't put this on The Parent Trap soundtrack

  78. Kris Monteith

    stuck in my head since i was like 6...

  79. Olivia Fletcher

    Got this song from model behavior

  80. Pa Houa Cheng

    Omg. Such an old song. Beens so long since I've heard this song. Model behavior was such an awesome movie. Love it. Brings back old memories :)

  81. Kenny De

    Love this song!

  82. Tyra Richards

    this song brings me back to my childhood, disney channel i miss it

  83. Aria Krys

    boy meets world brought me here lol, i remeber the song from when i was little to


    @Maria Vee Yay!

    Sean B

    Aria Krys me too loved that episode

    Nancy Yang

    Aria Krys same lol

    GFriend's Buddyguard

    All right despite the horrible quality pic, I was gonna ask if it was the episode with Shawn and Cory were on the road... but that chorus though!! XD Thanks for the reminder #Nostalgia

  84. Christina Alvarez

    Whyyyy do i love youuu sooo much?!!! KC+M

  85. Lauryn Yeaney

    Aww I love boy meets world but also model behavior :)

  86. Becca Josee

    Sarah is my cousin! She came to our family reunion with her husband (Jason, our cousin)!

  87. Jonathon Lastname

    Boy meets world

  88. Jessica Dowdy

    Boy meets world of course

  89. carmen lewis

    Model behavior : D

  90. Marquise G

    Boy Meets World Brought Me Here

  91. Theresa Ricciardo

     Disney Model behavior brought me here and i love that movie

  92. Sydney Moore

    I miss my childhood

  93. michellemartinez1994

    Who would thumbs down this great song!

  94. Usund3rdogs

    So 90's

  95. Skits And Giggles

    chalk up one more for Boy Meets World