Noah Schnacky - Hello Beautiful Lyrics

I was eighteen when we first met
Couldn't believe how you took my breath
In your sweatshirt, your converse
You didn't even know you were rockin' my world

Sittin' in line, tryin' to get a coffee
Stealin' looks, you turned around and caught me
I laughed, and you smiled
And we took a chance to stay for a while

I never saw you comin'
But I had to say somethin'

Hello beautiful, I've never seen you before
Do you live 'round here, what's your name beautiful?
The way you looked at me, girl it took my breath away
And I had to introduce myself, I just had to say

Hello beautiful, beautiful, woah-oo-woah
Hello beautiful, beautiful, woah-oo-woah

I got your name, and I got your number
We sat for hours, talkin' to each other
But one night, just wasn't enough
We were all in, fallin' in love

I tried to see you but your daddy wouldn't let me
He told you, you should just forget me
But what we had, was somethin' so real and he
He didn't know, the way we feel

And so I met you in the dark
Underneath the stars

Hello beautiful, it's good to see you again
I'm glad you found your way down to this riverbend
I know we don't have long, but I'll take what I can get
Every moment spent with you is worth the consequence

Hello beautiful, beautiful, woah-oo-woah
Hello beautiful, beautiful, woah-oo-woah

And I remember when you called me
Something in your voice had changed
You told me you were moving with your dad to another state
I'm still waiting by this riverbend
Yeah I come here everyday

Waiting for that moment when you find your way
Back to me, and I'll say

Hello beautiful
Hello beautiful

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Noah Schnacky Hello Beautiful Comments
  1. Asen Jamir

    My ex dedicate this song it means a lot 🥰

  2. Anthony Wheaton

    The dad probably knew they were moving

  3. jennifer smith

    Like this song

  4. Sam Formalijo


  5. Rainbow Happiness

    This is my friends cousin

  6. Brittany Neustaeter

    This song is so calming

  7. Stephy Dechamps

    Guy! I need the maybe we will lyric video, please, can you do it?🙏

  8. SBMika Official

    My girls mom made us stop seeing each other, it's been a month she texted my friend and told him to send the message to me, she sent me this song and told me that she loves me

  9. Sabby

    He was only 18 - 19 when he sang this song:

  10. Mads Anglan

    So sweet

  11. Sazan Amedi

    Love u Noah 💕💞

  12. Niki M

    Go follow Noah Schnacky on Instagram and join the anchor cam! He is an incredible artist and person⚓️❤️

  13. Ocean Country

    This song just
    Put tears in my
    Eyes.. Hello ⚘

  14. Richard Glazebrook

    Beautiful love it

  15. Avery Johnson


  16. Kevin Cummings

    This song is like “young love” by kip moore

  17. Herliana Agustin


  18. alemchuba imchen

    Brilliant lyric..

  19. Malissa Pathoomvanh

    I LOVE this song... Ps. If Noah Schnacky ever sees this I just wanted to let him know that he is an amazing artist😄😍☝💕

    Arleen Marino

    Malissa Pathoomvanh just talj to him on his snapchat, he'll reply back.

    Kenden gaming 123

    tell me about it

  20. Billy Silva

    This post will probably get like thousands of views, its just a matter of time!

  21. Abinash Rai

    Thankyou fo the lyrics😍