Noah Gundersen - Send The Rain (To Everyone) Lyrics

Death is coming, carried on his crooked wings
I can't do anything
Death is coming, carried on his crooked wings
I can't do anything

Hold onto what you've got
Put a lock on the door, double the knot

Love is coming, coming for to carry me
I don't know anything
Love is coming, coming for to carry me
I don't know anything

Send the rain, send my love
Send my love to everyone
Send the rain, send my love
Send my love to everyone

Ooh, aah
Ooh, hey

Send the rain, send my love
Send my love to everyone
Send the rain, send my love
Send my love to everyone
Send the rain, send my love
Send my love to everyone
Send the rain, send my love
Send my love to everyone

To everyone
To everyone

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Noah Gundersen Send The Rain (To Everyone) Comments
  1. JD Carfield

    It's hard for me to watch this now, even though I still put myself through it every other day. When my son was 6 months old, I'd play this for him on the TV while he was in his little walker thing. He would literally stare in awe until the end, then after it was over and the next video played, he's look at me as if to tell me to play it again. Every single time. It was adorable seeing his little face light up to this and one day I'll tell him this was his favorite song.

    I haven't seen my son in over 7 months now because his mom moved 1200 miles away before the custody case has even been settled. It has my whole immediate family pretty depressed. I hope to God that the court doesn't let her get away with this and keep me from being in his life regularly.

  2. Stuart Hillary

    anyone know the chords?? :) thanks

  3. Logan Rowland

    I actually really love the squeaks and the tactile feel to this performance. My favorite performances are always the ones that are very earthy and tangible. I want to hear the room, the sound of the pick or fingers connecting with the strings. This is a perfect performance.

  4. Silent Willow

    This is stunning, hauntingly beautiful 💜🎧

  5. Ana SP

    Noah you are really special. You touch my soul with every song.

  6. Алексей Болдин


  7. chrissy252000


  8. Lorenzo Carone

    Wow, STUNNING! How the f**** did you recorded the sound? You're great! Keep it up!

  9. Mark Evans

    These are the kind of artists that should be on the Grammy instead of all the crap they feed remind me of the civil wars



    The only thing I wish he would have done is belted out the 'send the rain' as loud as he could, it would have been such an emotional thing.

  11. FishBoiOW

    Noah Gunderson needs to be more mainstream... like yesterday. The guy is fucking marvelous and so is his entire discography.

  12. Rob Andrews

    I first discovered the song "Fire" by Noah Gundersen about 3 years ago. I was drawn in by the shimmery quality of his voice. It didn't take long for him to become one of my absolute favorite artists. This recording is incredible. Keep up the awesome work, Noah!

  13. Chris Booth

    Will i ever be able to get this on spotify or in a single release? Its probably too much ask I guess because i keep coming back to this. Its SO SO good

  14. Ernesto Longoria

    Pure musical magic!

  15. Andrew Wooldridge


  16. Andrew Neve


  17. Hannah Joy

    Listening to this while today's the day of the funerals for those in Philadelphia, death on his crooked wing's lyric made me cry, such a great song for how the tragic events lately have made me feel. Noah expresses send the rain, painful ironic tears.

  18. M R

    Noah's music is food for my soul.

  19. rainwatercasey rainwater

    I can’t believe this place

  20. Ben Middleton

    The perfect recording studio. Natural Reverb and a beautiful setting as well

  21. Ben Middleton

    I've had the distinct pleasure of meeting Noah twice at two shows along with his sister Abby both times as well. The gunderson's are some of the nicest and friendliest people I've ever encountered. Very loving people and extremely talented. Very humble

  22. Tristan Murray


  23. Chris Booth

    This maybe one of the best music videos on YouTube. Noah is the best


    thanks a lot

  24. Tristan Murray

    Just discovered this guy, feels like I’ve discovered a great secret. A shining diamond. So moved my his music, talent.

  25. Marcus Mortem

    A an Old Soul.. period

  26. Self Healing God

    I hear plenty music and even compose my own albums. Yet when comes to the beauty of music, I'm back to the minimal emotional of a singer & an instrument. Less is more for me..

  27. Dawud Yelton

    idk, some ppl like the squeek of the fingers on the wires, i was taught to try to minimize that as much as possible, on this some is ok, but some takes away from the stillness...(get that mic away from the neck lol)

  28. Denise

    Beautifully sad... but taking me to another world! Send the rain, Send my love, Send my love, to everyone.... 💖💔💖

  29. Mike Aldana

    Awesome acoustics?!

  30. Question ?


  31. John Dallas

    SOA led me to Noah, which led me to kexp, which led me to so many other great artists. He's still my favorite.

  32. Bleak Narratives & Sons

    They make a filter on free ass audacity to remove white noise. Not trying to be a dick, but fuck...

  33. Smoke

    This is what true peace sounds like.

    David Pearson

    Smoke it’s hauntingly beautiful. Not sure about the sound of ‘true peace’ though. It’s emotionally painful in a beautifully painful way. I wouldn’t call that peace

  34. Peer Brenner


  35. Maynardj

    Wow.One of the MOST......Underated Artists of our time...

  36. Carolina Escobar

    Can't stop listening to this delightful melody

  37. L. Fritz

    Oh, this is so breathtakingly beautiful, I can't find the words...

  38. Mark Palfreeman


  39. Alexandria Spring

    My tattoo artist, JR (tubbs), made me fall in love with your voice yesterday.
    Your voice/lyrics are outstanding - If you're ever around CLE, I'd love to come see you!

    Self Healing God

    You have a romantic heart...

  40. EarToTheGroundMusic

    This is breathtaking. Thank you for producing this.

  41. Mats Thømt

    Noah is Unreal

  42. Zach

    It’d be so cool to have a cd with songs sung like this

  43. Chad S

    Woah... Great capturing. What a good shoot.

    And I'm agreeing with others this was Soo good in sound. Geez.

  44. romukauppias

    Sounds like his fingers are sticky from the trichomes of his weed.. don't worry we all have been there

    connor wentzell

    Cameron Bonnett he smokes. He posted a pic of his sister smoking weed for the first time on his instagram

    Cameron Bonnett

    connor wentzell yea funny I just looked nothing there. I just saw him live in sacramento which is very friendly to 420 and he did not partake with anyone. Thats false but agree to disagree

    connor wentzell

    Cameron Bonnett “throw back to that time last summer on Johnny and Connors porch when Abby smoked weed for the first time” 23 pictures down from the top.

    connor wentzell

    Cameron Bonnett I can’t believe I missed that. I’m in Stockton.🤦🏾‍♂️

    rainwatercasey rainwater

    Thank God He smokes

  45. Christopher

    Hey! Cardinal!! ... I freaking love your channel

  46. Sámal Weihe

    Great recordings you make #CardinalSessions !! Great job ! Keep it up!


    thank you!

  47. Sámal Weihe


  48. ACROST

    This location is unbelievable!!!

  49. Bouteville Gregory

    like "home" by RY'X 🤔

    Julien Destange

    Sounds similar, yep

  50. Matteo Scarabello

    Medicine for the soul.

  51. L G

    Love this talented! This is the perfect place for raw much depth...the echoing is haunting and beautiful.

    Self Healing God

    Less is always more bro..

  52. Tyler B

    *my ears are in love.*

  53. Josephine Ercanoğlu

    What a good place for singing! 😎

  54. Wolf Creek Boys

    The Warehouse reverb really added to this

    *Church reverb

    David Pearson

    Wolf Creek Boys it is natural right? Mate of mine disagreed with me and reckoned it was added later but really don’t think he’s right with that.

    Beautiful performance and recording. I’m sure you can hear distant voices in the mix, like kids playing outside, some distance away. Adds something extra for me, whatever it is.