Noah Gundersen - Poor Man's Son Lyrics

Stone cold broke in the middle of the winter, oh like a poor man's son
Stone cold broke in the middle of the winter, oh like a poor man's son

My father is a hard earned worker; my mother has a heart of gold
I was never much younger but I feel twice as old

Stone cold broke in the middle of the winter, oh like a poor man's son
Stone cold broke in the middle of the winter, oh like a poor man's son

But I've got money for food and a little bit of gasoline
I've got plenty of time but I want everything now
I don't need no gold or silver
Oh I only need a few new things
Oh I would buy pearls for my lover
Oh and a brand new set of guitar strings

Stone cold broke in the middle of the winter, oh like a poor man's son
Stone cold broke in the middle of the winter, oh like a poor man's son

I feel a cold wind blowing
Dark clouds form on the western sky
I've got a feeling like knowing that everyone here will someday die

Stone cold broke in the middle of the winter, oh like a poor man's son
Stone cold broke in the middle of the winter, oh like a poor man's son

But I see the bright stars shining high above Bethlehem town
And I hear the chorus of angels singing out loud the sweetest sound

Oh brothers, let's go down
Let's go down, come on down
Oh brothers, let's go down
Down in the river to pray

Oh sisters, let's go down
Let's go down, come on down
Oh sisters, let's go down
Down in the river to pray

Oh family, let's go down
Let's go down, come on down
Oh family, let's go down
Down in the river to pray

I don't need no gold or silver
Oh I only need a few new things
Oh I would buy a string of pearls for my lover
Or just a brand new set of guitar strings

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Noah Gundersen Poor Man's Son Comments
  1. amanda alred

    voices of angels

  2. Mardin Ali


  3. Despite Myself

    TVD & The Originals had one thing CLEARLY going for it. The producers have good musical taste.

  4. Jessiah McMillan


  5. Dogwood Media

    Noah can I just bring my camera to your family get together and record the magic?

  6. Erik from Whiterun

    what a L E G E N D just found ya out and im glad i did

  7. Stephanie Hunt

    just absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

  8. YooooANdu59

    Klaus hears you

  9. Inoto Ark

    Like said ... The originals brought me here. I was searching for the song down to the river to pray. And I finally I got this... such a beautiful song.

  10. Diane Dureau

    my goodness Gundersens...

  11. Tamy & Lupy


  12. Hid

    RIP Oliver.

  13. Julia Galvan

    TO💙 Rest In Peace Oliver

  14. Erin Lantano

    The originals brought me here❤

  15. YooooANdu59

    Want The Originals back, where are Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah? :)

    Jenna Mordis

    YooooANdu59 Klaus and Elijah are dead

  16. Chelsie Garcia

    The originals brought me here ._. R.i.p Oliver and right when I heard this song i Immediately looked the song up!! I love this song ❤️😞

  17. Chad S

    Originals didn't bring me here..I just know good music you noobs.

    Adam Klopotek

    no właśnie

  18. M R

    Holy crap I love the Gundersens. This is perfect

  19. connor wentzell

    This song is dope af! Love it it’s perfect just the way it is but imagine if Ed Sheeran covered this. Holy fuck I’d die.

  20. Fred Chore

    originals brought me here too! Wow!

  21. LimitLess

    I've got plenty of time but i want everything, now.
    I don't need no gold or silver, 
    Oh I only need a few new things.
    Oh i would buy pearls for my lover
    Oh and a brand new set of guitar strings. 💚 💛

  22. Gino Ferrer Cruz

    The originals brought me here. RIP to the Alpha

  23. Gino Ferrer Cruz


  24. Juuulix X


  25. Beatle Bug

    This is beyond stunning.

  26. kizzy osorio

    I'm in love with this song 😻😻😻

  27. Renzo Canafoglia

    OMG! wow!

  28. Megan Grove

    Really amazing!!

  29. Jonathan Shelgosh

    ?technical question , what is the reason for having two mics being right on top each other ? does to serve a purpose or was it just for the video?

    GREAT JAM!!!


    It's not just that they're on top of each other. If you look closely, they are rotated around a common vertical axis (like spinning a soup can on a counter). I'm guessing they are 45 or 90 degrees off of each other. This is basically a way to stereo-pair mics but I'd have to know more about the patterns on the mics to give a better answer.

  30. Tai Tanium

    rip oliver

  31. Tai Tanium

    same originals

  32. Victoria Torres

    love the originals soundtrack

  33. trash bag

    rip Oliver

  34. Alessandro Torres

    What kind of music is this called?

    Tim O'Neill

    this has a really big bluegrass feel to it, the melodies are so classic. I would say it's more folk -y though. if you like this you would love the fleet foxes. try their self-titled album

    Mary Winchell

    I would call it Apalachian Mountain style with its roots in southern gospel/shape note music

  35. Cas

    learning how to project his voice will safe him from discomfort going high but, he could learn me how to live.. dat soul tho..

  36. Joseph Myers

    so beautiful music! Thank you Noah that you exist!

  37. Poison Ivy

    i dig for this song. lol THE ORIGINALS brought me here! i love it ... keep coming back for it! waiting for the season 4 now!

  38. Dale

    Such talented vocals. This is real music.

  39. Nathan Chelf

    It's interesting to see Gundy's hair change throughout the years. I dig the sharp cut in this video. His recent long hair feels more rugged and it's like he's been going through hard times, which is exactly what his recent album feels like. Awesome

  40. Hannah Foster

    The Originals. Best show ever

  41. Lovely L


  42. Jessica Finnigan

    There is a distinct possibility that this is the single most beautiful song I've ever listened to.

    (Also have to credit The Originals for the introduction)


    +Jessica Finnigan You should listen to Wandering Bird ^__^

  43. Joanne Lamothe

    Bumped into this from "He Got Away" featured in Son's of Anarchy.

  44. Tushar Mistry

    came to know about the song through The original

  45. Jasmine

    I absolutely love this!! So beautiful!

  46. hawktom

    future children goals

  47. Tamara Dias

    The Originals me trouxe aqui.

    Maria Clara

    R.I.P. Oliver :c

  48. dillon combs

    you can just see how they all love music so much. love it

  49. greenmae11 maeannr.flores

    the originals brought me here. now watching the orginals.

  50. Alyssa Zacharias

    I absolutely love this!

  51. MrLubba1974

    The Original's brought me here, absolutely superb .

  52. Samantha Passey

    the originals make the song sadder because you know who the songs played for in the show.

  53. Jess

    The Originals brought me here
    RIP Oliver

    trash bag

    Jess me tooo


    jess me too what a song so emotional

    Adrianna Allen

    Jess me 2

  54. Sammi Conaway

    I remember listening to him when he still had dreads

    Lost Potato

    same 😂✔💯

  55. justus kombe

    The Originals bROUGHT ME HERE


    Hi Noah,I've only just discovered you on youtube.Love your voice and your music. Been looking at all your vids :O)Do you do a tour in the UK? If so, I'd love to see you perform live.Thanks for your sharingCheersGary

  57. Leana Lyden

    soul music 💕

  58. gamedemon24

    Fun fact: Studio Litho is owned by Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard.

  59. No.9 // Silo

    Noah Gunderson is like if Buddy Holly and Pee Wee Herman had a baby together

  60. Bee_a_trice

    I love love, the first time I heard on "the originals"!!! Gave me goosebumps

  61. Lean Carlo Gamboa

    Heard it from The Originals!!! My new fave :)

  62. Tatiane Lisboa

    linda linda linda <3

  63. Brooke-Lynn Pokorny

    Oh my word. I heard this song play on the originals and I fell in love. Y'all have beautiful voices.

  64. Steve B.

    Wonderful !

  65. Meline Rodrigues

    Amazing voices. In love

  66. Keen Amores

    the originals s02e07. thanks:)

  67. J.R. Sic

    i cant believe i found this song because of the CW..................... thanks to the originals

  68. ELisa Bauer

    I think most of the views are mine... I can't stop listening.

  69. Kristel Doone Pedroza

    The Originals brought me here. :)

  70. Silver Trees Music

    Undeniable talent, awesome video

  71. Fatma Maghrebi

    His voice reminds me of Ed Sheeran, not exactly alike but the same style

  72. Kyle

    Someone please give me a link for this exact version of the song!

    Sávio Martins

    It's the regular version of the Ledges' album.

  73. Patrick Bennett Records

    The Originals brought me here. :D

  74. Connor Morand

    Is this the exact same version that's on the album? Sure sounds like it!

    Heather Hammers

    I think so. Especially since Noah said, "that was it" at the end. Really cool to see them record it live!

  75. DuckDive

    Beautiful song beautifully performed and recorded.  Just amazing.

  76. Detective Sargeant Bruce Robertson

    That girl with glasses has mustaches.

    Hannah Guy

    Why can't you just make a comment about what you thought about the song?? 

    Detective Sargeant Bruce Robertson

    Because it's funny. And I obviously like the song, since I came here to listen to it. Why else would I type "Noah Gundersen Poor Man's Son"?

    Chris W

    @Bruce Robertson Fuck. Now I cant stop looking at it

    Thee James Gilkey

    @Bruce Robertson most dark haired women do, and take care of it.

    Detective Sargeant Bruce Robertson

    @Thee James Gilkey I'm just jealous, because her mustache is better than mine.

  77. Stl929

    Awesome! Sub'd.

  78. Dan DeLashmit

    If my life expectancy is accurate, and I can eliminate the need for sleep, I'll be able to listen to this cut approx 4709061.81818 more times (we'll round it to 4709062 optimistically)

  79. Brian Courtney

    wow.  this warms my heart.

  80. Amy Beth

    I wish my family and I were this talented, these people are so incredibly gifted.

  81. Vick Dicas

    holy mother, this is awesome, cheers

  82. Holly Pulliam

    Tears. Every. Time.

  83. Tiffany Khounsombath

    Josh Radnor got you here didn't he...

  84. David Getman

    Nothing in the whole world like watching a video like this.

  85. Alyssav

    Wow !! 

  86. Phillip Power

    I could listen to it all day

  87. Adam Paul

    Respect from Armenia

  88. Kirsty On Books

    I cannot stop watching this. Stunning.

  89. Roberta Marques

    This is the feeling that you can't feel twice. I can't explain what I just felt seeing this piece of art. This guy and his family has to be on everyone`s radio, iPod, computer, phone, whatever… so they all can feel what I just felt. It`s amazing Noah! You`re one in a million.  

  90. yikesonbikes

    Reminds me of home - North Carolina. This is the music I like to hear. 

  91. Ashley Stewart

    Someone accidentally clicked thumbs down. 

  92. suportyourlocalDJ84

    I bought your album noah, it is really life changing.. please keep making genuine music from the heart. Big ups to you and I hope to meet you someday

  93. Claire Danvers

    Chills. This is amazing! 

  94. Hannah Nelson

    This makes me want to be a Gundersen-- so beautiful I cant handle it.

  95. Valerie Cobos

    LOVE IT!

  96. Morgan McMahon


  97. An Untitled Adventure

    So hauntingly powerful! Love the arrangement.

  98. Brooklyn McKay

    gah i loveee this 

  99. Abby Williamson

    I still can't get over that this is Stone Gossard's studio. Chills. CHILLS.


    I knowww, me neither! An honor (: