Noah And The Whale - Tonight's The Kind Of Night Lyrics

There's a boy with his head
Pressed up to the window
Of a bus heading out of town
In his breath on the glass
He draws with his finger
A map of the roads they go down
Circles of street lights
Are the only signal
That there's people out there in the black
He waves goodbye, to the town he grew up in
He knows that he'll never come back

The night outside is five below
His heart is pumping blood
On his lips a perfect smile
His eyes begin to flood

Because tonight's the kind of night
Where everything could change
Tonight's the kind of night
Where everything could change

The rumble strip clack
And the rattling frame
Beat out a pulse on his head
The engine hums, a humble tune
A melody of rubber and lead
Under lamp light glow
And paradise stars
An infinity of dancing white light
He sees that his debt
Is to experience only
And not to those who'd plan out his life

The night outside is five below
The moon is in the sky
His heart is full of perfect joy
He whispers his goodbye

Because tonight's the kind of night
Where everything could change
Tonight's the kind of night
Where everything could change

And tonight he's not gonna come back home
Oh tonight he's not gonna come back home
Oh tonight he's not gonna come back home

Oh tonight's the kind of night
Where everything could change
Tonight's the kind of night
Where everything could change
Tonight's the kind of night
Where everything could change
Tonight's the kind of night
Where everything could change

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Noah And The Whale Tonight's The Kind Of Night Comments
  1. Mike V

    This song is a rip off of a Jimmy Buffet song 'He Went To Paris' (the verse not the chorus)

  2. Kruzie

    Why the hell doesn't this have more views, swear I've listened to it a good 500 hundred times over the years

  3. Richie Roadhouse

    Great tune

  4. Liam SWW

    What a banging tune :-) They need way more exposure than theyre getting...

  5. Citlalli Medina

    You guys are awesome
    Greetings from Mexico

  6. Steven Rothwell

    Such a feel good tune and a very underrated band!!

  7. Paddy Mitchell

    Fantastic song

  8. Oliver Hobbs

    verses like Joy Division 'Love will tear us apart' and the chorus chords sound like 'Baba O'Riley' by the Who. And it's amazing

  9. James Hadnett

    Gives me hope to move on

  10. Game Boy

    Not nearly as likes or views as Counting stars OneRupublic

  11. Léo Lps

    Essa banda é fantástica. Sem dúvida alguma, o som deles é esplêndido.

  12. Patrick Ryan

    Oh I do love this song - gives me so much hope - everyone is entitled to dream a little...


    even squirtle?

    Anonymous User

    +cfcsteve86 even squirtle

  13. Patrick Fringer

    baba oreilly chords during chorus

  14. Dan Waggon

    Love this! Such a great band! Please check out my campaign for the release of NATW's first two albums onto vinyl!

  15. Richard Walder

    This song reminds me of Bob Dylan's " She belongs to me" He has a similar speaking /singing style like Lou Reed. Great track

  16. Ewan Harrison

    I honestly can't find a band I like more!

    Game Boy

    OneRupublic i luv mor

  17. Andrew Hague

    Great catchy song. Great imagery.

  18. r0yVV

    Sounds similar to; 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', by Joy Division

    Adam Dixon

    Sounds like barba o Ryley


    @Adam Dixon 
    Any votes on Joy Division?


    +r0yVV I have listened to this over & over & I can't hear Baba O'Reilly at all,lol, but I can hear Joy Division!

  19. musicmad86

    I like their lyrics but I think the singing is awful and just so irritating.


    @musicmad86 As you get older, age, your opinion on the singing will change. Trust me.


    Musical taste is based off of preference, not age or any other factor. Trust me. 


    @Ben walemen Possibly, yes true, I can't argue with that. And time will tell, as somethings change, and some don't. 


    @Ben walemen crikeyman. . .is based 'on' preference, prepositions are important

    Michael Zeal

    @Paulfieldz Good man.

  20. Johmathan .B. Swift

    I love the writing style of this band. Kinda gives you those hopeful goosebumps . Great band 

    Mateus Ruppel

    Sure!!!! 😁😁


    Agreed man

  21. Vicky Poizer

    Did Noah and the Whale take inspiration from The Who's "Baba O'riley" for this track because I'm sure I can hear similarities between the two, or is it just me?  Love their upbeat vibe, cant wait to hear more! :D


    Me too! haha

    La Vie

    I know what your talking about...the piano bit in the back sounds a lot like from Baba O'riley :D


    Sounds a little like Badlands by Bruce Springsteen too. This is a great song!

    Alexander Jackson

    There are also similarities between this and Bob Seger - The Fire Inside

  22. Chicken Wars

    77 people don't like the feeling of constant musical emotion...freeks


    Darn freeks!  D<:

  23. rollercoaster478

    This is the best song in the world when it comes on and  its the kind of night when everything can change :)

  24. Sonia Garcia

    New favorite song! This band has become a favorite.

  25. The Happy News

    the biggest tragedy about this song is that it came out at the sameish time as the black eyed peas Ive gotta feeling, containing the line 'tonight's the night' and, whilst that's a reasonable song, when I'm overseas or anywhere slightly slow musically and ask for it, they get it wrong and put that on which is SOOOOOO annoying....i think they should re-release it...

  26. Zach Heard

    Where can I get the rac remix I cannot find it anywhere

  27. Stephanie Bringeland

    Why are there so many comments about obama on this video?? Not exactly relevant

  28. denim head

    is that Gareth Bale on the singer??? LoL

  29. bobbj77

    Amen to that

  30. Valts Pavasars


  31. Torakashi

    Because they are the most sympathic and melancholic band on earth! :*

  32. Eric Hofmann

    I will always associate this video with looking up when Magneto died. (The Polaris time. You know the time I mean.)

  33. HeatherlyPerson

    Oh man! I missed this song!

  34. Kyle Checkley

    I am going to kill myself because I can't see the comment, so thanks. We are done. Yes, my picture is of crocs.

  35. The Happy News

    the most underrated tune in ages!

  36. Nick Oakley

    Noah Make My Life Better :)

  37. acidslice

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Tonnight.................................

  38. Jacob Chase

    Lets be friends :) lol

  39. Rich Brown

    Well thats a bit small minded :/

  40. Harry Leaf

    Many songs use this chord pattern in this rhythm, it's just more obvious in this one.

  41. Suzie Russell

    These guys are awesome .....

  42. paterson48

    Sorry to break it to you but have a listen to Baby O'riley by the Who

  43. Nick Hart

    Just a downright brilliant song :)

  44. David Castro

    How the people tink One Direction is the best music right now???? Noah And The Whale is awesome :)

  45. Pilar García Ocio

    it obviously said "I'm here for Obama"

  46. suuuus97

    aarghggggh, I can't stand it when there is a comment you can't read cause it's deleted. I am too curious, show meeee!

  47. Dominyka Navickaitė

    looove them

  48. zaidabanksnyc

    Tonight's the kind of night
    Where everything could change...

  49. Djinneya OfTheLamp

    I didn't vote for George Bush. He was a freaking rhino, and he didn't do a damn thing about Terri Schiavo. Believe it or not I'd actually love for Obama to do well and for America to prosper under him, but I just haven't seen that happening. Oh and by the way, Donald Trump offered to give $5 Million to Obama's charity of choice if the president released his college transcripts, but he wouldn't do it. That suggests that either he has something to hide, or he's just not particularly charitable.

  50. John Preston

    Obama "doubled the national debt"? All on his own? You really are easily fooled. You even believe the myth about his citizenship. No wonder people like you elected George W. Bush to be the most powerful person in the are largely clueless, and fall for propaganda. Chicken licken would be SO proud of your inability to discern fact from fiction and make rational judgements. Anyway, this is a music vid, so it's a pity the comments became so political.

  51. Djinneya OfTheLamp

    On the contrary, Obama has done loads of things! Like doubling our national debt and spending more tax-payer dollars in one term than all the previous presidents put together! That's hardly doing nothing; give the guy some credit will ya? He promised change, and people were just dumb enough to believe he meant change for the better. He's not even a born citizen, so legally he shouldn't be president, but here he is, serving a second term. Way to go America. The Founding Fathers would be SO proud.

  52. Eliza Marquette

    This song

  53. ForTOmmyify

    Is Justin Lee Collins on guitar?

  54. Paulina I

    My great taste in music brought me here :)

  55. typoded

    cuz he clearly has excellent taste in music

  56. quitearandomname

    yes... but I can't help but correct you. It's 'you're'... sorry

  57. MrMagicalHotdog

    This was in his musical playlist...

  58. Nicole Tomaszewski

    sorta sounds like baba o'riley by the who at the chorus

  59. aldasinger

    I agree with you. What does politics have to do with a great song like this?

  60. aldasinger

    What does that have to do with this epic song?

  61. menjivarTv

    because this song became popular when people discover obama had it on his playlist in spotify

  62. Thatguy777m

    Obama has done nothing for this damn country...he just sits his lazy ass in the white house

  63. QuietGuitaristfan

    I'm not sure. The music he had at the white house and the performers he had seemed kind of like Noah and The Whale

  64. bianca t

    Whoops! *is

  65. bianca t

    Disgrace that there us an LMFAO ad before this. THIS us real music

  66. Laura Krouse

    I can totally picture Obama dancing to this in the White House..

  67. jerry likesNutella

    you're welcome wasabi pandaa :D

  68. jerry likesNutella

    i love your username.

  69. 6579andy

    this is fantastic

  70. Tyler Daniels

    Actually, the chorus does have some of the piano part from Baba O'Riley. So the answer is yes.

  71. McGooltheInedible

    ily Barack Obama! <3

  72. Clive Vella

    ye im sure he chooses his own campaign music...

  73. DzoNzooo

    he also brought america to shit with his ersatz "change".

  74. CuriousWhale

    Then you've clearly not listened to it. Or you're not being objective. Probably both.

  75. SoSayGoodbye1

    not really no.

  76. CuriousWhale

    Baba O'Riley much?

  77. spitit27

    "tonights the kind the night where everything can change" not realy a good song if you wona be re elected

  78. allieee

    This was put up on my birthday and I love it c:



  80. captainfailsauce

    Such a familiar pattern on the upholstery. Lends authenticity to the authorship.

  81. Abby French

    I ♥ That song

  82. Emily Marie

    go charlie fink obama knows who you are!

  83. Rebecca Shelley

    I know so many people write things like this,but I promise on my life that I mean what I’m about to say more then anything. Im Rebecca Shelley and music is my passion. I’ve worked so hard, busking for the money to buy my instruments, and I have now started to put videos of myself singing, violin+guitar playing on you tube and it would mean everything to me just to have some views and to know people appreciate my music. Just taking a moment of your time could make my dreams come true.Thank you :)

  84. BuecherFuerAlle

    then you desperately need to sort out your priorities! honestly.

  85. Matthew Sacco

    Hey I don't really know about American politics my good sir. I just am pretty well informed about good music. ;)

  86. BuecherFuerAlle

    fuck you you uneducated douchebag. people like you are the reason why this world is going down the gutter. how about you get some political awareness? or is that to much for your little shit brain to handle?

  87. BuecherFuerAlle

    fuck obama! he's a warmongering knobhead who continoues and even introduces one unjust policy after another. though you're kinda right, obama does mean change. change for the worse, that is!

  88. YourSkyliner

    thx barack :)

  89. beachbumperbabe

    As someone else pointed out... somewhere... it's not called "Teenage Wasteland." It's called "Baba O'Riley." :)

  90. divineXdevilish

    great song, yet the music of the chorus is pretty similar to "baba o'riley" by the who

  91. CuriousWhale

    I'm not sure if the chorus sounds so familiar because I've heard this song before, or if it is actually similar to another song. Hmm..

    Great song though.

  92. Robin Popa

    Paic brought me here

  93. MrMagicalHotdog

    Come on, man. You've just gotta learn to live a little! I understand, it's your buisness and all, but it's the internet. You're gonna end up getting nailed like this. Good day, sir.

  94. Ollie

    @urname125 It also sounds like Love will Tear us Apart by Joy Division

  95. Kridgmeister

    Has anyone else realised that the actor in this vid is the same one from blink 182-after midnight video?? Just saying :P

  96. popkon51

    indie fucking shit music

  97. Jor Walt

    You are correct, its sounds very similar.