Noah And The Whale - There Will Come A Time Lyrics

One day things will turn out as planned
You'll have her in the palm of your hand
But it's not tonight, no not tonight

One day she'll look at you and say
I never thought I could feel this way
But it's not tonight, no not tonight

There will come a time
Where you will need your friends tonight
There will come a time
Where you will need someone tonight

One day she'll hang on to your arm
Chasing the night all the way 'til the dawn
But it's not tonight, no not tonight

One day soon you'll find a way
To learn to lie and what you're thinking you say
But it's not tonight, no not tonight

There will come a time
Where you will need your friends tonight
And there will come a time
Where you will need someone tonight

And when it feels like everyone's turning their backs on you
And when it feels like everyone's turning their backs on you
Oh well the sun's not out but you know you got to see it through
Oh well the sun's not out but you know you got to see it through

There will come a time
Where you will need your friends tonight
There will come a time
Where you will need someone tonight

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Noah And The Whale There Will Come A Time Comments
  1. Tabatha Segura

    Toby Regbo i love you❤️❤️❤️😍

  2. Bob Price

    Is this for a TV show?

  3. Molly Jennerflukes

    All girls commenting on Toby regbo yes I do love him but it’s Noah and the whale who is the band children 😂😂

  4. Erika Venter

    I came across this band last year
    Now I hear they've split up 😯...

    This band is frieken unbelievably great

  5. Rage rex

    Very cool song and very true,😊🤘🤙

  6. chick flick mood


  7. Mandi Hernandez

    He’s such a bad person in the last kingdom

  8. June Vitale

    Toby your songs are great so touching makes me cry you move Regin to 😍😚

  9. Valeria Ramos

    2:50 who is he?!


    The Scouse lad is Kieron Bimpson. The dark-haired one right after is Bill Milner.

  10. Gianmarco Is The best

    Toby Regbo is so cute 😍😍😍😍i love !!!!!!!! 😍😍😍💋💋💋💋💋💋🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  11. Mohd Ricky

    Great song

  12. Katie Beavers

    Is there a film featured with this song in the video??? I need to know


    It’s called ‘heart of nowhere’ and it’s here on YT

  13. linda hawk

    toby is such a cute potatoo

  14. Gianmarco Is The best

    I love Toby regbo


  16. Anne Windsor

    i love you toby ~!!!!!!

  17. Xuya Zhai


  18. Im ko

    Long live the king

  19. crys1ccs

    I'm here for Toby, now I'm a fan

  20. Saba Saemi

    Tobyyyy for life

  21. Nanami senpai


  22. flavia estrada

    toby regbo 😍😍

  23. Nicole Cmpllo

    tobyyyyyy omgggg!!!! 😭😍💟💟💟💟

  24. Yours Faithfully

    Francis my G

  25. JordanB

    Such an underrated song. Unfair. If Nicki Minaj queefs into a microphone it would get 300M views.


    This would be a step up for her..

  26. Lucia

    My baby

  27. ambie

    Toby regbo makes my heart flutter😂😍

  28. Dorothei Madly

    Hey this is Francis from Reign right?????

    June Vitale

    Toby is amazing I love him

  29. Alicia Vandoorsselaere

    Francis you're back

  30. RedTV8888

    This song cuts like a knife

  31. Priyangshu Borgohain

    Why does this video even have a dislike button?



  32. Ompanime

    This song gives me hope! Thank you for it!

  33. Sampai

    Amazing band hopefully they will come back together soon ive knew them for ages

  34. Myao Myao

    they will always be my favrite band, hope they'll reunite soon. x

    Alfeid di Narrat

    Yes I know this comment is 2 years late but.
    I agree with Myao Myao and also Niamh Browne - they are a beautiful bunch of very talented people and it would be wonderful if they reunited.

  35. Link Union

    Reminds me a bit of the movie Maze Runner!

  36. Joe Wilkes

    I am sad they split.

  37. Lauren Sabino

    This is amazing! Reminds me a lot of "Team" by Lorde's music video

  38. Goran Odžaklieski

    Now listen band Yes, song called "To Be Over" 3:22!

  39. Ambur Momon

    Heard this song in hollister and needed to find out what it was officially obsessed ❤️


    Haha exactly what I did! 😂

  40. Poseidon Athena

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats the actor who plays Francis in Reign. Love him<3 <3<3<3

  41. Paulina

    Hello Toby :) Great song, amazing band. 

    Molly Jennerflukes

    Paulina do u know it’s not his band 😂😂😂

  42. Drive Aholic


  43. kk Iggy

    I want to watch this really bad

  44. Rachel Perez

    Read the book "the forsaken" it has this idea of this and it is worth reading! <3

  45. Victoria Lilly Sophie Horan


  46. Victoria Lilly Sophie Horan


  47. Niamh Browne

    I just want to thank them. I want to thank Charlie, Tom, Urby, Michael and Fred. I want to thank them all for what they have given me. They've given me so much more than 4 albums, 42 songs. (not that anyone is counting!) They've given me hope, happiness, sadness, understanding and so much. They've become my second family and I can never thank them enough.

    Ewan Harrison

    @Niamh Browne I completely understand you I feel the same!

    Baymax Baymax

    I only continued watching this because of Toby Regbo

  48. Erica Moreno

    I miss the old folky noah and the whale


    Erica Moreno same ☹️

  49. Ana Clara Viana

    Bill Milner :D

  50. MollieGreenie

    when the hell is this film being released? Its been almost a year now..

    Joe Goodsall

    if you type in "Heart of nowhere Noah and the whale film" into google it should come up on a site called Vimeo

  51. Lionel

    Id love to one day make this kind of.musk

  52. uuuz6

    Why do we never hear any of these songs on the radio. Noah and the whale are brilliant musicians an charlie fink one of the best lyricists around today

  53. Watermalondreya

    What movie is that bit from at 3:00?


    Yes what movie is this from?

    Clarissa Gard

    @noah revis they've made a short film that this videos based off. it's quite wonderful if you wanna take a look:)


    @Clarissa Hoad Thank you sooo much! It's a fucking brilliant film.

  54. isidro ramirez

    This would also Be Good On a FIFA Game too

    Richard Owen

    isidro ramirez Yeah, I agree. I thought I might have heard it on FIFA, it certainly has that vibe to it.

  55. isidro ramirez

    Hollister® Co Music 👌

  56. Leonel Schultz

    Noah And The Whale is the best band on earth :)

  57. IrrelevantGeOff

    The very first riff sounds very familiar, like from a 1990-2000s punk pop song

    Lady Hayley

    It does to me too. I cant put a finger on it.

    Daniel Li

    every breath you take - the police

    Bryan Guevara

    Hayley Phillips bruh

  58. coragono

    Nice song and Toby Regbo :D

  59. Niamh Browne

    @alex m what about heart of nowhere? (The song) I think it better than this song personally.

  60. Alex M

    I honestly was a little bit disappointed with this album :( this is my fav out of the album

  61. Ali Imran

    So deep

  62. S L

    check out my vid of how God changed my life :)

  63. SuperBoxershorts1

    been inlove with this band since their song LIFEGOESON. I wish them every success because they are so talented!!!

  64. Mint Green

    this song is soooooooooo great!

  65. hope underwood

    when will they release the film for this?

  66. Indie Andie

    Wow haha I'm glad people finally found out about their genius

  67. Marie Lintner

    Waiting for this film has been like waking up on Christmas morning and finding nothing under the tree againandagainandagain.

  68. Cali Axfer

    OMG One of the guys is young Magneto in First Class!

  69. chiara b

    Omg i love this song! If this video was a trailer i would love to see the movie

  70. Niall O Loughlin

    what a brilliant band.

  71. Juliette Hiza

    One of the most amazing bands out there. With the most talented lead singer.

  72. uuuz6

    I think the film must be brilliant if this is the trailer

  73. PlaviStrumf

    thank god for swedish melodic metal to forget about what i just listend

  74. Georgia Robles

    so fans tell me who is the whale?
    A girl with a huge vagina?
    don't offense.

  75. lafontainekookoo


  76. lesslieem

    Ilol hollister

  77. CCHS

    Either this is a successful troll post or you're just stupid... ;)

  78. Niall O Loughlin

    roll on electric picnic

  79. Claudia Kidrauhl

    Hollister playlist july 2013!

  80. purple harry

    what does an overpriced clothing brand have to do with this song?

  81. Luis Productions

    Hollister got me here

  82. Giulia A

    toby regbo <3

  83. Duncan Mctiernan

    it didn't mate my sisters ipod brought me here

  84. Drastic


  85. Adam Ramsay

    Def the next mumford and sons here

  86. andando keane


  87. andando keane


  88. Lia Allouzi

    Been in love with this band ever since i can remember ♥

  89. Poppy Branch-Tarry

    I just adore this band so much...Noah and the whale just are perfect.

  90. Smart-Thou

    When I first saw the start I was just like 'yay! Battle Royale!' and it wasn't but I wasnt disappointed

  91. Abbie Barton

    So glad Noah And The Whale have never lost there style of music.

  92. Konu Irie

    in 5 years time you will like this song

  93. Guy Does Things

    sounds like someone auditioned to be in the band and got rejected or something?

  94. Maisur







  95. Imnotgiving outmynamefaggots

    Way to be a turd in the punch bowl...

  96. Amy Lilith-Lou

    So so perfect