No Use For A Name - Undefeated Lyrics

I see you have lost the ambition to love
When did you get so hard and callous?
Things are good today
But I think I've had enough
Here comes the part where you turn off the switch

Everyone's dumb, Taking the wind out of your sails
Victory claimed, this is your song
How will you sleep when you're alone, when they are gone?

Over and over just like a broken toy
Heard all exuses, what makes you do it?
You pedal back for miles, just to claim your prize
He is the exit, to your home built on lies

Nothing is true
How can you expect them to stay?
Undefeated, who did you burn?
Cannot be taught, everyone's hurt, nothing is learned.

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No Use For A Name Undefeated Comments
  1. Giacomo Ciabatti

    Potrei godere per ore con questa roba. Celestiale.. 😍😘🌟💋🎧 i could die for this one .. i love it

  2. drumatiC

    killer drum beat

  3. Jim Margle

    Great one!! RIP Tony <3

  4. rigoleum

    Now I know where Anberlin stole their intro riff.


    which song?

  5. decky darmawan

    best song!
    Rest in Punk... Tony Sly

  6. Ruy Stalliviere

    I get chills at this part: "Cannot be taught, everyone's hurt, nothing is learned."

  7. Jared Jackson

    2002 no use in boston... they played this live  .. good pit

  8. Ben Skolnik

    here here - favorite nufan song. rip tony sly

  9. Arnold Matondang

    one of my favorite song from the legendary no use for a name :)

  10. Enrique Bajo

    Damn, i love this song!

  11. Arthur Gerhardt

    ForNever use for a name 

  12. ayrton andrade de amorim

    No use for a name is not dead

  13. Ciudadano Chávez

    Bueno ver un compatriota por aquí. Yo tampoco pude ir por vivir en Iquique y estar muy chico aún. Saludos!

  14. DumbReminderr

    cuando vinieron el 2007 no pude ir a verlos... y me arrepiento profundamente wn, qué daría por retroceder el tiempo :/ aguante nufan, fue y será lo mejor por siempre

  15. matthew spalding

    @mrgravess: funny enough that's how tony's ass died ~ RKL bitches!

  16. Jared Jackson

    what the fuck ever this song rocks nufan fan since `94 I'll admit and im sure they would too that some of their tunes get annoying but this band is in my top 10 favorite list if I had to make one for sure yo

  17. Borrige.

    They are shit imo!


    RIP Tony, you gone Undefeated to the after life.

  19. trickxster77


  20. Search

    I think "Daily grind" and "Leche con carne" are the best NUFAN albums. I mainly don't care about the others.

  21. n0l4n

    this is melodic harcore punk.

  22. rewerstfd

    I cant listen to this song loud enough!!!

  23. MrGravess

    the riff in the beginning sounds way too similar to "scab on my brain" of "RKL"

  24. Chris


    this band is definitely not for 'teeny scene kids'. if you were as punk as you claim you are, you would know this band's reputation. these guys have been around since the late 80's when bad religion and nofx were in their prime. their early stuff from the early nineties is way better than this. i saw tony sly open for nofx and there wasn't a teenage kid in the crowd who even knew who he was.

  25. Ciudadano Chávez

    @kingxskippy Actually, this is melodic punk or something like that... I really don't like to name a genre, I prefer to enjoy music if I like it :)

  26. Paul Reames

    Yeah I gotta agree this is my favorite nufan song.

  27. Gio DCMMA

    Es una de las mejores canciones de NUFAN sin duda!

  28. Francisco Romo

    Totalmente de acuerdo: su mejor canción!

  29. Joshua Monroe

    hell yaaa

  30. Catapina Torres