No Use For A Name - This Is A Rebel Song Lyrics


I love you my hard englishman
Your rage is like a fist in my womb
Can't you forgive what you think I've done
And love me, I'm your woman

And I desire you my hard englishman
And there is no more natural thing
So why should I not get loving
Don't be cold englishman

[guy & girl:]

how come you never said you love me
in all the time you've known me
how come you never say you're sorry


i do

Oh please talk to me englishman
What good will shutting me out get done
Meanwhile crazies are killing our sons
Oh listen, englishman

I've honored you hard englishman
Now I am calling your heart to my own
Oh let glorious love be done
Be truthful englishman

[guy & girl:]

how come you never said you love me
in all the time you've known me
how come you never say you're sorry


i do
i do

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No Use For A Name This Is A Rebel Song Comments
  1. アンドレジャイアント

    it's time to get Brexit done.

  2. crying kid

    Rest in pride,tony sly

  3. Darrel Ym

    siapa yang kesini gara-gara video gofar hilman #sekut

  4. Nina Gehteuchnixan

    2019 and still one of the best covers i've ever heard.

    Oliver Herdsman

    Always will be :)

  5. Aditia Disa

    It's been 2019 still Fist and Womb i listen to.

  6. That Guy

    2018 on and on

  7. Matt M.

    2017 and always. <3

  8. Massimiliano Calamusa

    paurosa!! r.i.p.tony

  9. Hartanty Pertiwi

    Still listen to this in 2016. On and on :)

    pablo lampasona

    why its important to "still listen"... i still listen black flag since 1987... music never gets old

    Rosemary Kelly

    My Dad's family originally came from the North, Fermanagh, and were driven to County Mayo under Cromwell. Erin go Bragh!

    social coder

    2019 here

    Easy Gaming

    Hey, im back! :)

  10. Jennifer LovesChrist

    What good will shutting me out get done...Yes!

  11. Massimo Calamusa

    troppo bella!!! grande!!

  12. Do what you must, I have already won

    Fist + womb= success.

  13. Airlangga Drachman

    struggle song when i middle school !!!! amazing song

  14. Christopher Mancuso

    song is so good

  15. nydrastos

    Rest in peace, Tony Sly.

    social coder

    Man, I think about Tony all the time especially as I struggle with my sleep and sleeping meds. Sad to lose such a brilliant and genuine songwriter.


    Great song!!! luv it

  17. 映自田崎

    I love no use!

  18. Martin Lenz

    See you later, Tony!

  19. Pott Glas

    RIP, Tony Sly...(only @ 41 yrs of age)

  20. vivaeldaddy

    The girl singing is Karina Deniké from Dance Hall Crashers

    John Ortiz

    vivaeldaddy I love her

    Nina Gehteuchnixan

    thanks, i know her voice, but i can't remember her name...

  21. vivaeldaddy

    this is a hymn for me

  22. SGT Benton

    great, great cover.....

  23. Tipsy McStagger

    @andredidiergijon Someone doesn't understand lyrics deeper than your typical pop song, I see. It's about the ongoing relationship between Britain and Ireland. Coming from an Irish woman, the original writer/singer, it's pretty impactful, really.

  24. Weston Corleon

    classic album

  25. FluffY PenguiN

    @clei41 so what

  26. Cleiton Kolling

    @andredidiergijon it's a cover song.

  27. FluffY PenguiN

    these lyrics couldnt be more ridiculous!!!

  28. Louie Wouters

    prob the only song on youtube wuthout dislikes XP

  29. Olivia T.

    I love it...

  30. Rob Stewart

    love it, love sinead, but its just not long enough!

  31. alex_nrv (YouTube)

    Elyse Rogers or Karina Deniké ??? There's not much info out there on who the female singer could be...

  32. Chris


    you're right. karina danike.

  33. Francisco Alves

    @diegunxiopu same.

  34. safletcher

    @Jdrbean I forget the name of the female vocalist, but it is definitely NOT Sinead O'Connor dubbed over a sped up accompaniment (it is a cover of her song, though). This is the lead singer for the band Dancehall Crashers. She's also done backup vocals on NUFAN's "On the Outside".

  35. Chris

    Pakistan formerly known as England

  36. Mainmanrr

    Who does the female voice?

    brian mostro

    Karina Denike


    simply amazing!


    this song is great!!!1

  39. UsualMike

    Great duet!

  40. Thomas Dew-Jones

    this song is very good

  41. bennieman13


  42. bennieman13

    @IntiHehlua have been looking for this for almost my entire adolesnece

  43. Frida Håll

    I've been looking for this song for so fucking love on youtube. THANK YOU.

  44. LoaLotusKid

    thanks for loading up, waited for it so long and was glad to find it today on youtube :)