No Use For A Name - The Daily Grind Lyrics

Another morning and I'm awake
The same old thing on a different day
I want to drive but my tank is dry
But the ground is wet with rain
Greedy people are pushing me
Needy people in misery
It's a push & shove community
But how the hell can I complain

On the other side of town
People are sleeping on the ground
Look not far and you will find
A tragedy, the daily grind

Seems like when the times are tough
That hope is down and the price goes up
There's not enough jobs to fill a cup
And the streets are filled with shame
Here I am in a traffic jam
And ugly faces stare me down
They call this the right side of town
But still I can't complain

On the other side of town
People are sleeping on the ground
Fighting wars that can't be won
Twelve year-old boy with a gun
Look not far and you will find
A tragedy, the daily grind

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No Use For A Name The Daily Grind Comments

    my childtime!!Thx for upload and thx Tony-I love you!!

  2. Jesse Pipia

    lol... dognuts...

  3. Cru Jones

    I still have the CD in my collection I bought in 94. Definitely a front to backer for sure. One of the most powerful punk rock voices out there.

  4. Daignon Morais

    Meus 16 anos com esse, muito churrasco com vinho barato!

  5. Marcus Hartfelder

    Yeah, it was good Until Tony's Gone... RIP!

  6. Oliver Patrick

    Puta que pariu, eles eram bons demais. Só resta saudades :'(

  7. charles thompson

    I love this fucking album

  8. Shelby Hosey

    Best album EVER

  9. Shelby Hosey

    Stay the fuck off my page

  10. Andre Cavalcante Araújo

    The best album of them.... ever.

  11. Luiz H. Bitteti

    Best NUFAN album out of Spotify ....

  12. Christopher Brady

    Earth Is Flat


    What? Now flattards are invading 90's punk videos?

    Frédérick Germain

    ... But they said there were flat earthers all around the globe.

  13. grainy123

    Man this tune reminds me of the time when my dad came and visited me

  14. KingdomCome Videos

    I have an old 7" of them pre Incognito and it sounds like shit. =) Just a garage band yelling into the mic.
    The cover is photocopied. And is real.
    I whish I still had and old record player to upload this.

  15. grainy123

    Dont get me started on how good this song is


    What song? This is a whole album.

  16. grainy123

    So this song was the first song that i heard when i was in school

  17. ProgrammedForDamage

    Feeding the Fire has always been my favourite NUFAN song. I loved hearing it live. We still miss ya Tony.

    Jason Lamb

    Duuuuuuuuude.. I'm using the entire album as a build up to that song to go skate :) Kudos!


    Agree 100%. A gem track. Wise words by tony

  18. The Plebeian Cultist

    Shitty singing but the lyrics and guitar is good.


    Fuck off millenial.

    The Plebeian Cultist

    @bassage13 how am I a millennial when they aren't even a real thing.

    Andy Toxic

    i am a millenial and i like skating and punk rock.....what the fuck is wrong with you?

    Jules McGrules

    Millennial isn't accurate. I'd just go with calling it a cocksucking hater. 🤷‍♂️

  19. daniel nahuel aguero

    este disco es laposta yankies putos

  20. cultofmisjudgment

    Awesome record.

  21. wilvandebrill

    one of my favorite records......but where the fuck is daily grind???

  22. Zac Destroy

    muy bueno, pero te falta el tema 7 vieja!

    Esteban Diaz


    Latrell Spencer

    mejor que bad religion y satanic surfers pues no lo creo NUFAN fue una gran banda pero no todos sus temas son buenos muchos de ellos salen de la linea del skate punk y hardcore melodico y se acercan mas al pop con riffs poco pegajosos en cambio satanic surfers todos sus discos son cargados de energia y con un sin numero de buenas letras desde su desborde de amor por el skate hasta temas politicos y sociales sin perder la buena melodia y velocidad y bad religion ni hablar sin su disco suffer jamas hubieran existido el punk melodico en los 90,s pero en fin gustos de cada quien y se respeta

  23. Adriano Alves

    eu ouvi esse play de um cara que tinha roubado de outro cara. kkkkk

  24. Rodrigo Diaz

    1- Until It's Gone 0:00
    2- Old What's His Name 3:50
    3- Permanent Rust 6:08
    4- Biomag 8:39
    5- Count Down 10:09
    6- Hazardous To Yourself 14:01
    7- Daily Grind .........burp
    8- Feeding the Fire 19:30

    Davide Pelamatti

    Thank you!

  25. juann in

    rip tony

  26. Snake8418

    This is so goddamn good.

  27. Cesar Camanho

    The big look  rip  tony  sly  by brazil  life  punk rock!!

  28. Dog Mayor

    Fuck i miss these tony

  29. Goofy Skating

    R.I.P. Tony Sly

  30. Osvaldo García


  31. jorge hodgson

    15 years I hadn't listen to this but... It still being awesome!!

  32. 1thess523

    I hadn't heard this album in years until today and the funny thing is the first song talks about how we are all going to fry and die because of the environment going to pot, well if i am not mistaken this album came out in 94' which is like 20yrs ago and still nothing of the sort has happened which shows the foolishness of a lot of these old punk bands when they sing about stuff like that, in another song he talks about if he doesn't eat right he could be in a box yet(which is true) i don't recall him singing about how bad drugs and drinking are and how they can kill you. I tried to find out how he died and a lot of people had the same speculation i had which was drug overdose. I was there in the prime of melodic punk bands as well as pop punk bands but i never paid much attention to what they were saying or i just didn't care about it but as i am older now and i hear some of these bands again it makes me laugh because a lot of it is left wing nonsense. I think No Use hit their prime with Leche Con Carne, i borrowed all the cds after that from my brother and everything just seemed mediocre.

    mistor Whiskers

    you do know that song isn't about eating right, right?

    Daniel Neto

    Countdown is brilliant song mate. Never forget Tony Sly.

    bob bobski

    1thess523 fucking fool... go elsewhere you simple minded twit

    Eminio Spgwelund

    lol you stupid


    @1thess523 im sorry..cause i like so much the videos and songs you posted...but this statement about NUFAN, tony , and talkin shit about the way he supposed to die just fuckin nonsense bullshit!!even that "left" wing" statement ..its 100% proof that you re a fuckin asshole!!

  33. Riina Lahtinen

    brilliant was and on

  34. Nereo Illanes

    tony sly my friend

  35. Pablo Arrieta Music


  36. circababe23

    Tony is eternal

  37. Antidisestablishmentarianism

    Against the Grain and No Control are equal!

    Azazael M

    Bad Religion is still kick ass to listen to; been listening to their stuff since the 80's

    Cereal Killer

    Um ... this is No Use For A Name.

    t e t r a h y d r o c a n n a b i n o l o n e

    @Azazael M new album.came out

  38. Djair Correia Lopes

    Awesome!!!! fucking!!!!!!

  39. Poeticriffraff er

    Well I checked out No Control, probably my favourite bad religion album. I had heard a couple songs on that album but def. not the album in its entirety. Thanks. (This is GOD by the way.)

    Micah Clothier

    Poeticriffraff er beside a couple songs on stranger then fiction and American Jesus I’m over bad religions sound. They sucked live not to long ago too

  40. seth f

    no control is bad religion

  41. Nordikaventurier

    No problem... tell me what you think of it. I sorta promise that you won't be disappointed. Gotta love the golden age of punk, where the ooooos and aaaaahs were good, instead of high pitched and girly

  42. GOD

    Thank you sir.

  43. Nordikaventurier

    Bad Religion ! Are you kidding me !??? Look it up, it has to be one of the best end of 80's punk rock sounds... kind of ties the old punk to the new more melodic punk (same fashion as Suffer and S&M airlines did...)

  44. R. R.

    FUCK!!!! YEAH!

  45. GOD

    You just named all my favourite albums, you crazy fucker.. What band is No Control from though?

  46. Saulus Lira

    Mandava altas manobras de Roller e skate com esse som tocando na praça. muito foda.

  47. Petit Namteum

    Tony Sly wrote about the environement before it was cool. He was a real genius

  48. Slim Jim

    R.I.P TONY AND NUFAN!!... :(

  49. Paolo Bruna

    Minchia un'italiano che ascolta i Nufan!
    Allora non sono solo!

  50. Gabriel Guzman

    Wow 1993?!?!?!

  51. walmartian

    ah jugheads revenge, thanks for the headsup i forgot them

  52. offspring1983

    I've never heard an album made in fat wreck chords and disliked it... Awesome record!

  53. Vic Pazmiño

    "Take a picture of this place cos' extinction is not so far away"

  54. ivon tremblay

    fuck y love this album!!!! I hate no use for a name but this album!!!!!!!!!awsome!!!!

  55. simon young

    'Natural disaster is just something we don't need'. heh. In all seriousness though I love this with a passion! thanks to the uploader and RIP Tony...

  56. Brent Levack

    Always loved this album. Tony.. You went too soon but you left amazing music that will always go down in history, so I thank you. We will never forget. RIP

  57. Paul Celi

    Amazing!!! Great album!!!

  58. Nicolas Berti

    thanks man after 15 years i'm still here enjoying so much...!!!grazie

  59. Leandro Menezes

    this album changed my life! thanks, tony sly! rest in peace

  60. Nordikaventurier

    Gotta be one of my favourite punk rock albums of all time. Right up there with Ribbed, Duh, Blue album, No Control, Swill, Another Day in Paradise, Life on a plate and of course, Hero of our time ! Sorry for M. Sly's family's loss.... hope it was an accident !

    Frédérick Germain

    What about Unknown Road and Twisted by Design?

  61. pillbox remedy

    r.i.p. tony

  62. Nathan Bemoll

    # 1 band my heroes

  63. Joseph Krohn-Cook

    Great upload, but is the title track suppose to be silent?