No Use For A Name - Part Two Lyrics

... I hope that I can seem flawless to you
And always take away the pain that you'll go through
My impression is not always what it seems
You're more of a reflection of what I used to be
...So why do I feel hollow when I look at your photograph?
You take down my fortress and kill me with a smile
Please hold that thought a while
And I'll try to put you on this path
I hope you find the road I couldn't see

You won't be by yourself
I'll live for your problems and think of you when I'm gone
Don't worry now it won't be long

Once I was you I thought the world was safe
A new perspective; everybody is insane
Protecting you is a paranoid excuse
I know that you'll do better than I could ever do

... And thoughts of self-destruction
Are now all buried in the past
You take down my barricade and melt away my heart
If loving hurts so much I want this pain to always last
I hope you pass the test that I have failed

You won't be by yourself
I'll live for your problems and think of you when I'm gone
Don't worry now it won't be long

I apologize to you for the words not spoken yet
Don't want you to look back and live in regret
Some day you'll ask me why I was away...

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No Use For A Name Part Two Comments
  1. Jimmy Jazz

    Since survival of the fattest this song is ingrained in my dna

  2. Thomas Placentia

    and thoughts of self destruction are now all buried in the past....=(......not quite but hopefully soon
    RIP TONY SLY.........

  3. Naluチャン

    miss you Tony...

  4. akhmal izzudin363

    Miss u tony sly

  5. GVZ

    The melody, the lyrics and the meaning, the chords progression, even the drum... This is one of the most beautiful songs ever written for sure. The perfect song for a bike ride on a sunny day, thanks Tony.

  6. powerchord1211

    very fast and simple amazing song!

  7. Andy Rega Pratama

    i am still listening until now.

  8. Novan Tanarko

    Tony sly, foverer in our heart

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  10. Giacomo Ciabatti

    oggi sono 5 anni che se ne è andato. Grazie a un amico ho potuto commemorarlo. Grazie Luca e Grazie Tony

  11. DEAN766

    fuck whoever thumbs downed this song

  12. Shelby Hosey

    This guy ... Amazing

  13. Louie McGraff

    You won't be by yourself.

  14. Jonathan Dravis

    Possibly the greatest song writer of my generation the common person have never heard of. RIP tony you music lives on and will forever spin in my stereo

    John Paul M

    Agreed brother... agreed. He lives in our hearts. Keep cranking it in 2019 ;).

  15. Jem Beedoo

    Tony's masterpiece.

    Fred Baumann

    Jem Beedoo one of them ;)

  16. Heyooooo007

    WE miss you Tony Sly

  17. Jeff Luttrell

    In my opinion the best song he ever wrote.

  18. h3rn14

    Way better quality than the one with more views. Nice work, uploader.