No Use For A Name - Ontario Lyrics

Dim light, saw you sleeping
The door is open waiting to be closed
And it's warm in this little room
But December is so cold
Waking to a nightmare
Passing out and hoping for a dream
That will bring back his memory

And everything you wanted was so close to you that night
I don't know how you could have dealt with this
But nothing could prepare you for that risk

Reliving every minute
Makes the moment seem further away
Unimaginable for me
The room with the blue paint
No words can repair this
So why do people still talk about faith
When it's proven to be nothing great

Now everyday reminds you of what could and should have been
I cannot find a last line to this song
Oh Yeah! Please remember
It must go on...

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No Use For A Name Ontario Comments
  1. Joey Lavoie

    Pretty cool and I hate. To shit on anyone's work but I. Have to say that the. Way you broke up each. Line is really. Really. Jarring. Thanks for the tribute to Tony, though. Cheers.

  2. Tian Melodic

    Miss u tony

  3. Arif Khoiron

    The animation pace doesnt really go well with music pace. i mean, its a slow song. but theres too many fast and sudden movement.
    still good.

  4. Eka Fajar

    tony :')