No Secrets - I'll Remember You Lyrics

It has been so long since we have talked
I hope that things are still the same
hoping they will never change
cause what we had can't be replaced
don't let our memories fade away
keep me in your heart for always

You made me believe
that I can do almost anything
stood right by me
through the tears through everything

I'll remember you,
and baby that's forever true
you're the one that I'll always miss
never thought it would feel like this
I'll be there for you,
no matter what you're goin' through
in my heart you'll always be, forever baby
I'll remember you

I promise you I won't forget the times we shared, the tears we cried
You'll always be the sun in my sky
It may be fate that brings us back to meet again someday
Even though we go seprate ways

You made me believe
that I can do almost anything
You stood right by me
through the tears through everything

I'll remember yooooou,
and baby that's forever true
you're the one that I'll always miss
never thought it would feel like this
I'll be there for yooooou,
no matter what your goin' through
in my heart you'll always be, forever baby
I'll remember you

If the day should come when you need someone
(you know that i'll follow)
I will be there
Don't ever let there
be a doubt in your mind
'cause I'll remember you, you

I'll remember you,
and baby that's forever true
you're the one that I'll always miss
never thought it would feel like this
I'll be there for you,
no matter what your goin' through
in my heart you'll always be, forever baby
I'll remember you

Forever baby, I'll remember you

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No Secrets I'll Remember You Comments
  1. Nic08 Montefalcon Gray

    Wattpad brought me here :-)

  2. Sakura Chan

    This reminds me of my grandma and grandpa i miss them dearly I'm heartbroken so much i can't replace them at all i cry everyday i wanna see them again.... And i remember them so much that i tried to kill myself so i could be with them

  3. 671JH

    R.I.P Chloe Wiegand 2017-2019 💔😢

  4. Drums Are Cool

    In loving memory of
    Simone Otterman,2
    Kaelyn Bray,3
    Grace McDonnell,7
    Avielle Richman,6
    Lori Farmer,8
    Lily Furneaux,2
    Caylee Cepero,4
    Vyctorya Sandoval
    Kelsey Briggs,3
    Genevieve Robinson,12
    Bruce Shay (07-28-19)
    Samantha Runnion,6
    Remus Shay (08-01-19)
    Elena Disserich,7
    Lulu Shay (07-30-19)
    Rayna Gagne,5
    Olivia Engel
    Jessica Rekos
    Ava Rosemeyer
    Emily Lassinger
    Coral Burrows
    Kelsey Ficks
    Emilie Parker
    Patience Alderman
    Phoebe Jonchuck
    Kayla Roland
    Caylee Anthony
    Mackenzie Stuck
    Isabella Tennant
    Olivia Pyne
    Morgan Nick

  5. Spongebob Rocks 120

    Am I the only one here from the in loving memory of angel children video?

    Quickman 26

    How you doing?

  6. Dávid Hudák

    i remember better times than now, but life goes on

  7. Saibal Das

    I liked the way of expressing the iner feelings.

  8. Lauren Barragan

    The hardest thing about this song is the person it reminds me off. My absolute best friend Joshua Pratt. We always talked about anything and everything just about everyday. He was in love with me for so many years the hardest part is I didn’t want to date him due to long distance and scared to lose our friendship. Down the road with different people that we were dating I ended up getting engaged and I will soon have a little baby in September and be married. But josh and I talked about everything still but when he got with this other girlfriend she ended up telling him he could no longer talk to me. He ended up blocking me and changing his number. I never thought that day would come when he would choose a girl over his best friend. Everyday it hurts thinking about him💔😭

  9. graham berry

    Reminds me of jade goody xx

  10. Bik bik

    Hi sa taong minsan na naging parte ng buhay ko 😊. kmusta kana kaya ? ..

    Kresha Holgam

    wala na cla 😖

  11. Moon Iey

    To my love Ajboy

  12. vegana Veganismo

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  13. Warren Delposo

    kanta namn to nung grade 6 kmi..nakkiyak nga hehe

  14. Music Is My Life 0424


  15. Jaelah Mujar

    To my LOLA , you'll forever be here in my heart . I love you 😭👵

  16. Louisa Morets

    2019 💔

  17. peppermintxtwist

    RIP Karan. I will love you forever. I miss you.

  18. malaika kashif

    best song ever

  19. Mori DaFoxii

    IM SAD :(

  20. Detective Kang

    I had known this song since i was 12 and now i'm already 20. I dedicated this to my bestfriend, my love whom i waited for 6years for her to show again but she never did. She recommended me this song when she left going to korea. she's half korean and pilipina. 'til now everytime i heard this song my heart aches cause she promised to me that she'll be back and told me that i have to wait but it's already 8years she still hasn't showed up. she must've forgot me already. that time when she left she told me i have to be there but i hid. i don't want to see her leaving that's why i never showed up but i gave her a necklace. i was wondering if maybe she already threw it. sad but i had to accept that she will never be back ever again. but here i am still hurting when i thought of her

  21. cailynwheaton

    and New Parent's

  22. cailynwheaton

    Ex Parents

  23. Ariana Rodriguez

    That my soulmate Sabrina Vega she my best friend

  24. James Vandall

    Nice song

  25. Jaelah Mujar

    High School graduation brought me here 😢

    ry b

    U miss high school huh

    Kit Kat yum Ford

    She does

  26. Gamingwith Unicorns

    This is my best song for memories it just makes me cry

  27. Alex Krauth

    My favorite song on this album!

  28. cheng brian

    Just graduated three days ago from SHHSID, go Stallions!

  29. Planet Jupiter

    This takes me back to my teen years, RIP to my relatives in heaven and here I am sitting here wanting all my friends back 😢💔

  30. Chelsea Wood

    Next month will be a yr sence i lost my daddy and i dedicate this song too him he was my rock my world my best friend and i miss him everyday but even thou you are gone you will always be in my heart and mind ill remeber you no matter what happens you are my hero daddy Rip i love you you will always be forever in me daddy 💙 il rmember you

  31. Ceronnica Yin

    Minato and kushina bring me at here😊😊😊

  32. Samantha Mcmurray

    I will always keep you in my heart I will always love you I miss you so much Chris I love you

  33. ry b

    R.I.P my grandma ;(

  34. Jen Tan

    rip christina grimmie youre the one ill always miss never thought it would be like this but as always ill remember you no matter

  35. Jasmine Davis

    This song reminds me of my ex best friend. We went thru so much together. But we are no longer friends

  36. Vanessa mae agustin

    I remember this song because of Sakura and Lei

  37. Pacquiao Eugene

    krung2 on the go I'll remembere you always 😍😍

  38. AJ Is On The Highway

    It's like this song's about me

  39. AJ Is On The Highway

    This song just took my heart away 😍

  40. Prince Shitsuke

    who's watching 2017

  41. Rose Flame

    Love this song <3

  42. Keliea yana


  43. shelly pearle

    wow. the memories of my grade six life came back to me. my science teacher made an edit of all our pictures and this is the song she put. their was also a message for when we graduate so it was more emotional. she was our favorite (just because she understands love). this i'm crying so hard.

  44. Kristen pasistor

    this song I delicate to my best friend who I stayed friends since grade school all the way to high school and after we may have went to different high school but we always always hanged out everyday after school and during summertime and moved in together for a year and we our separate ways but we still managed to stay in touch no matter what time of day it is but I will always remember the memories we shared the good and the bad although there was never any bad times with her cause she always made things fun and we get along great I don't remember the time we fought or we never did but we been best friends since 3rd grade and so it's our 19 years of friendship/anniversary but we met in September during school so yeah haha I miss her we both are living in two different state and I remember we used to video chat online now we're so busy we never find the time for it but we still remind besties forever

  45. Brady Keckin

    fuck yeah

  46. Gary Williams

    rip Jimmy ryce

  47. Z Picasso

    More songs coming out like this, plz.  Can hardly find songs like this nowadays.

    danielle b.

    Howard Tan. I know what is music right now? I miss these kind of music :(

  48. ryan dave tayo

    90s anime clips brings me here im glad to be a batag 90s, this is the greatest era of my life

  49. Alexandra Wilson

    This makes me miss my great grandma rose Capalongo who died in August 2012 due to kidney failure and my dad's mom Mary Lou Wilson who died on November 2014 around thanksgiving from a stroke to her left side of her brain

  50. Alexandra Wilson

    This makes me remember my memories of being a student at west Chester East high school from 2013 to 2016

  51. joenald avila

    everytime when i listen this music .. i feel sad .. because i remember when i am in high school with my classmates and my bestfriend .. :) i love this song .. :)

  52. Jessica Tanimation

    I still listen to this and I still remember this group.  I miss them. :(

  53. abby calda

    still listening this music.. I miss you so much bfriend

  54. Isabel Jurado-lara

    I miss my ex 😭😭😭❤️❣

  55. Jan Evans

    i missyou mama ☹️

  56. Omkar Shrimali

    my favourite song...really loved it

  57. Mailyn Lynn Phetsomphou

    On my last year of high school, class of 2k17 almost there :'(

    One God

    class 2k10-2k11 . this is our graduation song.

  58. Alyssa J.

    love this song so much

  59. s O'sull

    r.i..p daddy.. <3 <3 twenty one years ago u left us.. I miss you so much.. xoxox

  60. MCSame1

    This song is for sandy hook

    Alyssa J.

    it was out before that happened, wasn't it?

  61. Tammie Chang

    this is my best friend, soulmate, someone whom I will always love but no longer have, this is our song... we once separated for a couple of years and we were once brought back together and this song represents what we said to each other. we will always remember each other even if life splits us apart over and over

  62. Nicholas Tan

    RIP Christina Grimmie :'(

    Planet Jupiter

    Nicholas Tan I used to have this album

  63. Scoutpower1

    Like "Because You Loved Me!"

  64. Elyn Panes

    only now when we we're in college we are able to catch up

  65. Elyn Panes

    I had a childhood friend but she was a year older than me so when we started in high school we dont see each other again just like when we we're kids

  66. NightcoreAMV Girl

    I had been best friends with someone for 7 years but then when we went to secondary school she stopped talking to me and we drifted apart

  67. Lone Soldier

    i hope u are okey there.
    thanks for teaching me how to fight and to defend myself against bad guys . u taught me how to love because that time my heart is being filled with great hatred and vengeance. u opened my eyes in reality where the strongest will continue. i love you sensei. may Allah placed you in the highest rank of Jannah eternal paradise.

  68. heatherjasper97

    When I was 8, I had the closest thing to a social life I ever had. We moved after living in that town for a few years. I returned to the town a few years later, and no one remembered me. I remember all my friends and everyone in my class, but they don't know me.

  69. albert coloma

    im crying

  70. Triebeth

    I posted this on Facebook like 2 years ago.

  71. Karina

    I love this song so

  72. Adele Fraser

    song reminds me of my ex who finished with me today and reminds me of my old high school St Andrews rc high school in Kircaldy really miss youse all x

  73. Jovelyn Revilla

    Love this song <3

  74. Oksana E

    Rip to my uncle :'( :'(

  75. misweng tabulong suhot

    ill remmber u alwys!!!
    jelson!!!& tnx 4 evrything!!!!

  76. rona domingo

    i loved.

  77. rona domingo

    i love it so much.
    i feel so really inlove.

  78. Lizzy Leverone

    Rip To all those who were lost in the horrible shooting at sandy hook elementary school it's was vary sad 20 kids and 6 adults were taken in this tragedy rip to those little ones and the adults that saved them that horrible person shouldn't just leave them all alone
    Always remember Sandy hook 12/14/2012

    Gabrielle Amanda

    I feel bad for the kids at sandy hook they did not have a long enough life to live :-(

    Elisabeth Leverone

    Gabrielle Amanda same here me too

  79. Ella Skidmore

    Is this available on iTunes

  80. jea fedelino

    "I'll Remember You"

    it reminds me of someone stupid ...
    But that stupid made me believe that i can do almost anything ...

  81. Wild horses

    RIP Kate Ann Stone you gave me the courage and experience to go this far in my riding I would never make it this far without you I'm doing everything I can to make up how you changed my life so much.I will never forget the time you said "your not a good rider until you fall of once" I've never forgot you your always in my heart I'm doing this for you.your where my heart my instructor BUT MOST IMPORTANT YOU ARE MY INSPARATION I will never forget you keep leaving your dream in heaven babe love ya

  82. Lorrie whitley


  83. Yanu Christianto

    i'll remember you sabila haqiqi & my best friends from MTSN 1 Boyolali :'(
    this song reminds me of you bil :'(

  84. dark_angel123

    This song reminds me of Lei/Rui/Ji Hoo and Shan Cai/Makino/Jan Di from Meteor Garden/Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers.

  85. T-KARY

    I Love You My Darling Kyle !!!!!!

  86. Emily Grace

    I'll remember you Sean and :'(

  87. Taren Mackey

    Play this everyday. i love this song ❤️💖

  88. Creepypasta146doesminecraft

    *sniff* H-hey! Who put this bowl of onions here?!

    Julian Rodriguez

    Creepypasta146doesminecraft Lol yeah, that happens.

    Hillary Thai

    Crazy! But I have to say that you always do a fantastic job every time. You are amazing in everything you do. Yes, YOU TRULY ARE! Thank you for making me smiling and laughing every day.I will remember you ,too!

  89. Danica Bacanto

    it think about my friends were there and singing it.

  90. LaurelPrincess

    Happy birthday K, this is a song I thought of when I thought of when it had been a while between when we talked. But it's just a beautiful song. And it's for you, for you on your birthday. Have a good birthday, friend.

  91. Ashleigh Burton

    This song is for Stephen (RIP March 16, 2012) and Ava (RIP November 8, 2014)
    I love you both and will never forget you. I'll see you guys again someday, when it is my time. 

  92. CartoonQueen21

    So Beautiful

  93. Koala 87582

    I love this song its so beautiful sometimes it makes me cry lol

  94. Minato Matsui

    Jazmin <3
    April 26 2013
    Forever and Always
    I'm With You Forever The End

  95. Sarah Clarke

    This for my boyfriend called anthony xxxxx♡♥♡♥♡