No Doubt - Push And Shove Lyrics

(No doubt, Major Lazer),
And you can work it.

Give it to me straight,
When you smooth operate,
Can you come out and play?
Make me tick talk.

Step up to the plate,
No underestimate,
No, never play it safe,
No relax.

Boy, you’re charming me,
Not gonna fight it.
I’m your moll indeed,
Not gonna hide it.

Hustlin’ you got me,
Your turfs in my lane,
Respect nobody,
Bonnie and a Clyde it

Not gonna testify,
Gotta me under oath big time.
Baby, you, (hustler, hustler, hustler),
Gonna work for you all night, (yeah).

Go for whatever you want,
Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.
(Baby, you), baby, you get that, take that,
I’m in the mood so make it last.

Hustle nine to five,
You’re gonna have to survive.
Go hard, go hard, go hard, go hard,
Wanted dead or alive.

You work it hard,
(You work it),
Boy, you got me good,
How you push and shove,
(Push and shove),
Ooh, boy, you’re hustlin’ me.

You work it hard,
(You work it hard),
(You're gonna lie some),
Boy, you got me good,
How you push and shove,
(You work it hard),
(Gonna survive some),
Ooh, boy, you’re hustlin’ me.

Say boom boom boom,
Boom boom boom, boom.

[Busy Signal:]
Smoke ina de place,
Me a defend my space,
Give me food for my plate,
Me no take talk.

Strapped just in case,
Anybody violate,
Dem quick to get erased,
'Cause me squeeze fast.

If a high grade weed me provide it,
Cops dem search dem never gonna find it.
Hustlin’ in the street, de turf and de lane,
No beg nobody, nuttin’ me no join it.

Touch de road at night,
Make money and mi feel alright,
Ghetto youths hustler, hustle at it,
Shine like the stadium light, yeah.

Go fi whatever you want,
No mek nobody tell you say you can’t,
Ghetto youths set dat, get dat, tek dat,
Go fi de food, no mek it pass.

Hustle 9 till 5,
Cause mi haffe survive,
Go hard,
Harder than de hard drive.

[No Doubt:]
Take a ride with me,
If that’s all right,
We’ll shine so bright.

You work it hard,
(You work it),
Boy, you got me good,
How you push and shove,
(Push and shove),
Ooh, boy, you’re hustlin’ me.

You work it hard,
(You work it hard),
(You're gonna lie some),
Boy, you got me good,
How you push and shove,
(You work it hard),
(Gonna survive some),
Ooh, boy, you’re hustlin’ me.

Say boom boom boom,
Boom boom boom, boom.

You push and shove,
I take the bait,
It’s a risky business,
Gonna play it anyway.

You push and shove,
I take the bait,
It’s a risky business,
Gonna play it anyway.

[Busy Signal:]
Tik tok round de clock,
Hustlin’ on de block,
Make sure everything,
Right for my girl.

[No Doubt:]
The love is non-stop,
You feel the impact,
Collide like two stars,
In my world.

Ready when you’re ready,
We can run this city,
No if’s, no buts, no maybes.

[Busy Signal:]
Settle down gal,
Do the rocksteady,
Me put a smile on your face,
Like it’s payday.

[No Doubt:]
La, la, la, la vida loca,
We speeding it up like soca.
Just when you think it’s over,
We be on another level like we doing yoga.

[Busy Signal:]
My love is toxic,
Stretch like elastic, drastic.
Share the pilot,
Inna mi cockpit.

[No Doubt:]
Anytime anyplace we blaze, yeah oh.

You work it hard,
(You work it),
Boy, you got me good,
How you push and shove,
(Push and shove),
Ooh, boy, you’re hustlin’ me.

You work it hard,
(You work it hard),
(You're gonna lie some),
Boy, you got me good,
How you push and shove,
(You work it hard),
(Gonna survive some),
Ooh, boy, you’re hustlin’ me.

You work it hard,
(You work it hard),
(You're gonna lie some).
Ooh, boy, you got me good,
(You got me good).
Baby, you got the moves,
(You got the moves).
You’re hustlin’ me,
You work it hard.

[No Doubt & Busy Signal:]
Take a ride with me,
If that’s all right,
We’ll shine so bright,
Like the city lights.

When you’re by my side,
Stay by my side girl, (boy).

[No Doubt:]
Let’s ride if that what’s you want,
Have fun if that what’s you want,

[Busy Signal:]
We could go wherever you want girl, want girl.

[No Doubt:]
Bubble it it that what’s you want,
Have a drink if that what’s you want.

[Busy Signal:]
You could have anything you want.

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No Doubt Push And Shove Comments
  1. Abu yola


  2. L M3

    Tony looks gross in this video. His mouth is gross.

  3. Arindam Magotra

    Wow i am 17 again after listening this song again.

  4. slimdeala4life

    Only 7mil views? ...when I saw 7 I figured it would have been 70mil does this not have more views?

  5. Cloudÿ Dïamond


  6. Vanshika Kamboj

    2020, here I am. Listening to this song after 6 years. I'm 18 now.

  7. Bruno de Andrade

    My all time favorite song ❤️

  8. Rocksteady Rein

    The classy way to give Gavin Rossdale the finger

  9. Nick Gama

    essa musica e muito foda cara <3


    Sim mano

  10. Evaldo Arouche

    Vamos de brasil em 2019

  11. analia alfonso

    They fantastic!!❤

  12. brittyn

    Their best song on this album!

  13. Evangeline Encarnacion

    I can’t describe how happy this made me when it came out. I love them always

  14. Rocksteady Rein

    Gwen begging Gavin to straighten his ass out. So glad she had support from her band. They hate him, and rightly so. Gavin Rossdale, loser of the century

  15. crede nemini

    Hot! Hot! Hot!

  16. Jane Jenny

    Why does this song so underrated? It's true talent and so unfair, omg😐

  17. Flávio Caracini

    Hino a frente de seu tempo, se fosse lançada hoje seria hit af

  18. Jessica Borges Gonzalez

    💖 2019 noviembre 💖

  19. fabio rafaelf

    La La La Loca

  20. Instagram _SNENITA._


  21. Paranormal

    Old no Doubt is better, still i enjoyed this song

  22. Dubham Lia

    DOPE!!! Love from France!! ❤️

  23. DanielGrayWorld

    #PushAndShove would have been an amazing first single! This song is a great growth for the band and a return to form. A more mature ska sound mixed with pop. So good.

  24. simon mcdonald

    ... as far as pop goes..... BOOOOMM... ska funk punk rules.... so theuuurr... not bad anyways.... ahem...

  25. nash comp

    Did she said tik tok?

  26. Zuski


  27. Gustavo Nogueira

    Perfect <3 29-10

  28. Belinda Siegers

    This one is sooo No Doubt and way too cool to be forgotten over years 👍👍👍👍. Hopefully someday she/they re-release it 🤔

  29. Charles Kim

    Masterpiece......ahead of it's time. That bridge is epic.

  30. Alfonsina Manterola

    I love It. My favourite one 😊

  31. Tenchi Games


  32. Underdog

    Why did they sho0t this video in all black and white? This is a party and dance video yet it's black and white.
    Whoever decided to go all black and white on a party video is a moron ...killed the success of this great song.

  33. luis orbegoso

    Is 2019 and im honda but this álbum in a couple of Hours

  34. Adam Domo

    would love to pit/crowd surf to that breakdown

  35. neo runner

    too great song.

  36. peperainbow

    I love love LOVE this song

  37. smootskin

    I like it... was there a newer one?

  38. Rose GoldBoi

    Man she is GORGEOUS in this

  39. Amimarie Tomaino

    I thank Bradley actually from Sublime. And now, going through Culture. Jamica knows what I'm talking about. Dumb... Getting drunk in meth. Your just up! Lol! Happy future New Year's 🎉 Eve. Maybe.... Hee hee

  40. Amimarie Tomaino

    Hah hah, total Kyle. Hmmm... Makes me think! 2012, I was 23! Me and a roommate went to a rave. Either 23 or 24. Totally shared her ♥️ cigerettes. Total Gwen!

  41. Amimarie Tomaino

    Who's the mad Kittie? 😾 -Jamica

  42. Amimarie Tomaino

    I swear, my first drunk to a Mickey's. Lucky it's malt from Jamaica and all the punks drink it. The Clash, yea, I did, it. *high five 🎶I love this album💞... Ex-biyfriend, Adrian, us really hot. 💛He got smile 😻

  43. Weirdlyoneoffs

    I love this song and whole album in fact. But this song is ridiculously good!

  44. Pag Lami

    This track was slept on

  45. Wrrm xxx

    happy birthday push and shove <3

  46. João Vítor Dias

    Em pleno 2019 e não consigo desgostar dessa música. Está no meu top10 de melhores músicas 😍

  47. Jo Cunanan

    still wondering how come this isnt everywhere this is sooo good

  48. hernan villafañe

    Love u ND comeback plz

  49. Natã Araujo Costa


  50. yukê 69


  51. Planet Saif

    2019 anyone ? Or is it just me ?

  52. zombayification

    it's 2019. i thought this song was only 2 years old, but it's 7 years old. time sure flys by fast.

  53. defender one

    I still remember this I watched in TV Guys I searched year's for this song thank you music god😭😭
    Didn't know this song gone into
    Underrated songs list that makes so sad😭😭😭

  54. Rafaela Hernández

    Can't believe this happened 7 years ago already. Feels like yesterday. We're all so old 😭


  55. Jonas Araújo

    Algum Br em 2019?

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    Oh my i love this so much, ive been missing it fr so long nw. Pure happy vibes. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    i really loooooooooove this song! <3

  58. Elizabeth Angeles Lozoya

    No Doubt & Rammstein, the best bands EVER 💓🤘🏻

  59. David P

    That chorus. It's epic and mesmorizing!!

  60. Igor Ponce


  61. Ace 888

    i sen this on the cooltv channel, since 2013, I haven't heard of this tune, now, 2019, boom.

  62. Luz Dary

    Amo NO DOUBT

  63. Юра Копачев

    2019? 3:30 blyat suka!

  64. Thn Vrl

    Pinshis 7 años buscando está canción y AAALL FIIIINNN

  65. Paulo igor

    Depois de quase 5 anos, finalmente reencontrei essa música♥️

  66. Gulcin t

    Gwen's style and aura with the band's guys is definetely much better than most of her solo music style, there must be some sinergy about them being together! plus, her lips look much better then, more natural but very cool!

  67. Amimarie Tomaino

    Actually she's very popular in Jamica. Especially, in the dancehall scene. This cd album actually. Not even a Bob Marley haaa haaa I'm actually Jamican Gwen. Jamaicans are cool with it. Use to be a Mickey's fan now just a meth user oh my God haaa haaa

  68. Amimarie Tomaino

    I swear Gwen loves the Jamica darkness. NO ONE'S HER!!! Yes!

  69. Amimarie Tomaino

    Truefully, I heard this was crunk song. Marijuana high with your alchololic drink? I swear... Only with Jamaica or she would.

  70. Amimarie Tomaino

    No it's no but's no maybe's... Any time any place we blaze.... Not even an alley, I did that one for her 😁

  71. Amimarie Tomaino

    Having a vinalla diet Coke just for her. Have a coca cola day! I've been following Gwen Stefani since I was 14 years-old. Down to the diamond studded bra look. Actually, had the same top on black. So much fun. Not even a break. Take a line jump jump jump....

  72. Vadim Shvets

    Fckng amazing!

  73. Michael valdez

    This song is so freaking amazing, but it just brings back so many memories with my ex...

  74. Luz Dary


  75. Marcos Luan


  76. Jes Kvell

    I thought it's Gwen Steffani

  77. Marcel Versteeg

    with a little touch of Lady Gaga!

  78. Igor

    a song ahead of its time, if this was released nowadays, it would be such a smash! #comebacknodoubt

  79. J Vst

    Arguably one of their best videos

  80. Spirited Traveller

    Absolutely genius

  81. andrzej sielaszuk

    funny that i memorised it as much better song

  82. Marcela Geiger

    The people who say "No Doubt" is dead must live in a Cocoon.

  83. Sam S

    Great album that had the issue of controversy with the American Indians on "Looking Hot" where they had to pull the video offline after 24 hours which lost them a lot of coverage on the launch of the album. So the album did not do so well. Now all the members not named Gwen are working on a new album with AFI frontman Davey Havok to form an entirely new, so-far-unnamed project, which is not No Doubt.

    Heylin C.

    The Havok + No Doubt minus Gwen project is pretty old actually, it's called Dreamcar, since 2014 and they released the album in 2017, not much has been happening with that for a while now.

    Sam S

    @Heylin C. Thanks! I had no idea. Just listened to the video "Kill for Candy" and it show all of No Doubt along with Havok, and the music is very similar to No Doubt - it has about 900,000 views so a modest hit. Thanks for sharing!

    Heylin C.

    @Sam S No problem! I kept up with the band back in the day, that was their most popular song, they had some recognition during that time, even played at Coachella. It wasn't No Doubt but the guys said they had a good time with that project.

    Sam S

    @Heylin C. I read the interview Billboard did just now. It was interesting. They basically said Gwen wants to do her own thing, they are fine with it, and if No Doubt reforms again they are up for it - and they are not broken up. Havock and Tom said it was a fun collaboration and if it was successful, they would do more after Havock did more with AFI. Apparently, the album did not do well enough (Peak song #115, Peak album #32) although it did okay to warrant another. It is a nice 80s Alternative band tribute. Thanks for steering me to it.

  84. I Dazzler

    Underrated AF. Pisses me off

  85. Juan Sebastián Balcázar Peña

    For me is an ANTHEMMMMMMMM

  86. Ayushman Singh

    Anyone for 2019 ?
    Turn this blue is u really are !

  87. Barb D

    Great song, has good layers. Extremely underrated no doubt.

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    I feel like she has so much more to bring to the table . Like GENUINELY she has so much potential

  89. ellohareeye4


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    I had zero idea they did more music after the 90's and I was a huge No Doubt fan. OMG.