No Angels - 2 Get Over U Lyrics

The sky has quite a
Different shade of blue
Don't see no storm-clouds
Rollin'into view
There's something different
In the air tonight
There's nothing missin'
And I feel alright

What's come over
I'm getting stronger every day
A new awakening
I wanna celebrate
2 get over you

No - more tears to cry
Now- I feel free inside
I - I've made up my mind
2 get up, 2 get out, 2 get over u
Do - what you wanna do
Say - what you gotta say
I'm - finally on my way
2 get up, 2 get out, 2 get over u

For so long I only blamed myself
Locked my love away inside a shell
Afraid to try, afraid to give again
No way, no how was
Someone gettin' in

Now I realize -
My life's about to start
I just needed time -
To open up my heart.

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No Angels 2 Get Over U Comments
  1. Loveis Trustinyou

    Love it ... till today! :)

  2. Wife89

    No Angels haben tolle Songs gesungen. Wäre schön wieder etwas zu hören.

  3. xdaparix

    @Gorgana haha awww.. that's ok, don't change it it's cutee :)

  4. Flari Maike

    @xdaparix I think I was like, 12 years old.. maybe already 13, I'm too lazy right now to calculate right now xD but I'm also too lazy to change that right now, I'm a lazy and ill person lol

  5. xdaparix

    lolll... u're so cute, u translated directly from german to english... "it was soo heavy to make this"... lol cute

  6. MustafaBochumMustafa

    das Lied ist klasse!

  7. ninehundrednintytwo

    Eines der besten Lieder von ihnen!
    Alt, aber es gefällt mir immer noch, man bekommt sogar gute Laune!! :)

  8. Inlovepink2007

    ich liebe diese Lieder

  9. sweetjany90

    wird langsam zu einem meiner absoluten lieblingslieder der no angels!!! =D

  10. Camilla Madsen

    so good, i am not from germany.

  11. issi kandemir

    woooww so viele erinnerungen :D:D:D

  12. Geenycash

    mhm, is Now us, seh ich grad. xD

  13. Geenycash

    Auf welchem Album war das drauf ?

    Hab grad alle Alben durchgehoert & kanns nich findn..

    Is bestimmt auf Now us, oder ?

    Die CD is voll zerkratzt -.-

  14. Flari Maike

    Autumn breeze, say Goodbye, Something about us und Atlantis xD

  15. Flari Maike

    ^^ Nich mein Liebster aus dem Album aber es is ganz nett ^^