Nix, Richy - Senseless Lyrics

I think it's senseless
The way you move your way around me
I think it's senseless
The way you do this every time

They don't want you to win
They'd rather you drown in all of your sins
You get let down by all of your friends
And all your strength was found from within
Yeah, you know this part
When the kid with a frozen heart
Comes throwin' these molotovs
While you're ballin' and callin' the cops
'Cause there ain't no one to stop 'em

So run inside of your houses
Fuckin' duck and hide behind couches
Don't even fuckin' try to come stop us
We're a gang of savage monsters
Every fuckin' time that y'all mocked us
And every fuckin' night that it hunts us
We're comin' together, nothin' could be better
No matter the weather we're comin' to get ya

We're comin' to get you

I think it's senseless
The way you move your way around me
I think it's senseless
The way you do this every time

All my life I've been sayin'
Give it your all through everythin'
All my life I've been sayin'
Give it your all through everythin'

It's worse when it hurts inside
When every word that we heard's a lie
When murder's the verdict I
Will come further to serve you mind
To cure the curse in your eyes
And it might burn at first but I
Will make sure to conserve your life
So quit worryin' about your pride

I'm fuckin' losin' my mind
Trying to save the sheep that are blind
The wolves are comin' behind you
Don't let them fuckin' surprise you
They try so hard to divide you
But not this time they won't try to
'Cause we're comin' together, nothin' could be better
No matter the weather we're comin' to get ya

We're comin' to get you
We're comin' to get you

I think it's senseless
The way you move your way around me
I think it's senseless
The way you do this every time

All my life I've been sayin'
Give it your all through everythin'
All my life I've been sayin'
Give it your all through everythin'

(All my life)
I've been fightin' just to be happy
I've been fightin' to be myself
(All my life)
I've been fightin' just to be happy
I've been fightin' to be myself
(All my life)
I've been fightin' just to be happy
I've been fightin' to be myself
(All my life)
I've been fightin' just to be happy
I've been fightin' to be myself

(We're comin' to get ya)
We're comin' to get you

I think it's senseless
The way you move your way around me
I think it's senseless
The way you do this every time

All my life I've been sayin'
Give it your all through everythin'
All my life I've been sayin'
Give it your all through everythin'

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Nix, Richy Senseless Comments
  1. DZHEX

    Milkdrop - hyperspace?

  2. Saptadeep Bandyopadhyay

    Fuckin senseless........👍

  3. Luci Fur

  4. brian c

    Great song and album nta!

  5. Dark Starr

    Been down with Richy Nix since about 8 years ago maybe longer. Every since I heard in my head. Love his lyrics!

  6. Bondan P Sakti

    one of my fav fixt artist. this guy needs more viewers.

  7. Dustin Allen

    how the fuck do people think this is good music lmao unreal

  8. criticisess

    u came to my birthday

  9. Disciple of Rage

    Bad ass Richy Nix, i look forward to seeing more of your stuff

    also Zardonic and Voicians in the comment section, now that is bad ass.

  10. RandomAccessMisery

    It took some time, but this song had really grown on me

  11. Rowen Strife

    this one is okay I miss the old richy tho. Alot of his stuff is now rap crap. Stuff that doesn't flow. I love in my head that was what made me fall in love with his music and it helped me through so much but now it's guns and homies......

    Edgar Vilhelm

    @Mac Henson Personally, the only big difference I see is in the instrumentation. This album in general shows off his metalcore influence, and I would say it focuses more on serious subjects than some of his previous albums (which, in part, is probably due to the fact that it was produced by Joey Sturgis). He's always mixed his style up with the seriousness of rock and the party/showman nature of hip hop. Just listen to his stuff like "I Drink 2 Much," "Superstar," or "God Sent Me." This song, lyrically, isn't too far off from "The More I Bleed," or any of his more rock-oriented stuff, now that you mention it. It's about people constantly taking advantage of him, and pushing him around, until he's reached his breaking point. This song just has more of a motivational spin on that subject, with lyrics such as "All my life I've been saying 'give it your all through everything'," and "The wolves are coming behind you, don't let them fuckin' surprise you, they try so hard to divide you but now this time they won't try to..."

    EDIT: It appears my initial reply came off as a tad more aggressive than I meant for it to be, so just know I do not mean to insult. I merely mean for a debate on the topic.

    Rowen Strife

    +Edgar Vilhelm I know but now it's less and less of the songs like the more I bleed and more of I drink 2 much

    Edgar Vilhelm

    @Mac Henson I don't quite see it. None of the songs on this album (while they feature references to gang-like violence or drinking/smoking) are dedicated to such subjects. A lot of them are focused on very serious topics. For example, "Black Heart" is about a damaged on-and-off-again relationship, "Watch Over Us" is about dealing with grief, "Your Time is Over" is about getting revenge on a domestic abuser, and "Coward" is about being stabbed in the back by a longtime friend. The rest seem to be about staying above the hatred and proving the doubters wrong. Like I said though, this may be due in part to the fact that Joey Sturgis is producing it, and he's normally a metal producer. In terms of Richy's mixtape, Light Years, I can definitely understand your point. It took me a long time to warm up to some of those songs, and there are a couple that I still don't see myself listening to.

    Rowen Strife

    +Edgar Vilhelm yea songs like that are what I mean but his music sounds the same now it kinda makes me sad.

    Edgar Vilhelm

    @Mac Henson I agree, this album does have a bit more repetition in its musicality than his more recent releases (such as Note to Self EP, Hell City, and Light Years), but personally, I find the energy and passion in each track make up for it. To each their own though. He's coming out with a new album for a side project called Notice The Armor, which he claims will be a total departure from his previous work, so I'm looking forward to that, and it might be what you're looking for as well. If I remember correctly, it is supposed to be more rock oriented.

  12. Jani

    GO-go GOOO Richy Nix CREATE more songs :)

  13. Huntsman LeBaron

    Please release a clean version!! I absolutely love the song!

  14. Darwin Allen

    Tune! Surprised I didn't come across this earlier.

  15. Trafalgar Law

    Just [email protected] :P

  16. Jose B.

    Man I gotta get my copy soon!

  17. Andreea


  18. Richard Fletcher

    You still got it brotha, keep it up!

  19. Ryan Duminiet

    Them audio affects doe!

    Srdjan Smudja

    +Ryan Duminiet Lirik? Is that you?

  20. Fitness motivacion

    Que buen tema adictivo....

    Marcos Sanchez

    ya somos dos

  21. Zardonic

    There is no particular reason I'm commenting here. Nope. Move along :D

    COR7G ER7G

    Annnnd the king is here and he's real

    Tritty Clothing

    Zardonic the remix was awesome! We need more!

    Vasto Lorde

    Zardonic yoo

    Vanesa el Briged

    Big fan of both yours a Richy's songs. Could you remix this song? Would be badass


    @Vanesa el Briged He already Remix This songs man, go check :)

  22. Flummoz

    So brutal lol i love it

  23. Existence Is Pain!

    Just found you on the Fresh Blood page on the Kerrang Magazine and so far I'm liking what I'm hearing

  24. Frank Pell

    Everything that comes out of the FIXT label is amazing. Klayton the world would be a bit darker without your genius and your ability to find amazing musicians!!!!!!!!! I hope you read this bud :) Love all you guys.

    Nameless Martyr

    Exactly what I was thinking!

  25. Igor Woźnicki

    Wow! That actually shocked me as fuck! Good job Richy! You got my attention! Give me 2 or 3 songs like this and you will also have my money for that album of yours.

    Tritty Clothing

    The album is better than this song!

  26. Natasha Welsh

    Why did Celldweller have to add his electronic jingle? The single was just fine with the riffs and drums!

    This Pfp Is Outdated

    I know this comment is old but richy nix combines metal, rap, and electronic rock before he joined the FiXT Label

  27. Zombie-Core ARM

    Excellent Song...
    Now Listening the Album & is Great :3
    Grettings From Mexico
    Good Work Richy

  28. Clockwork

    When he says Eyes and Life it sounds like Ass.

    Mitchell Kult

    not really

  29. Thy David

    Wow. This is refreshing. He mixes rap/rock and tops it off with a little bit of techno perfectly thanks to Celldweller for adding that. I was reading his bio and I truly feel for him. The lyrics on not only this song but others are powerful. What I do like is he doesn't go on about lighting blunts, drinking blah blah blah it just gets old, as others like Hollywood Undead but I do enjoy them as well. I hope he goes further and further. This kid deserves it, many people do go through shit in life and sometimes worse but what he is trying to say is dont give up. I don't care if people say negative shit about my post, I just wanted to give my opinion. Thanks :)

    Steven Bauerle

    Richy Nix knows how to do programming for his songs. Give his old EP a listen. Yes I realize this comment is two years old lol.

    Spor List

    Rip richy nix. Now he does some bad trap music somewhere else.

    This Pfp Is Outdated

    @Spor List It's a side project, a new richy nix album is in the works and will be released this year

    Spor List

    @This Pfp Is Outdated could you show me any news on that?

    This Pfp Is Outdated

    @Spor List

  30. Whitetech1101

    Sensus brought me here

  31. Brandon Parmar

    can you music this music if you are in freedom?

  32. AnkuranDreams

    Something about this song just makes it one of those that gets me pumped

  33. AnkuranDreams

    Talk about a dramatic entrance. Welcome aboard and can't wait to hear more.

  34. KelpoGaming

    I'm here cause of Sensus.

  35. TheKaein

    Finally Richy Nix has joined FiXT. We're gonna have some awesome music comin out now!

  36. Deecran

    OMG !! WOW !! It's... Wow !!! Very badass music :)

  37. TheSpaceCasePlayground -

    @Richy Nix I can't wait to hear more, really loving the sound

  38. Memento Mori

    Oh shit! Uncleans! Even if it was only near the end, they were beast. Does this mean we are gonna get more uncleans like the older stuff? :)

  39. Jonah Zook

    I knew this dude had some serious potential by listening to the "Note To Self - EP" and a few off "Light Years". But this track proves my point 100% (at least in my mind). I cannot wait for the album to release! I hope the rest of the tracks are similar to this style of music!

  40. luciboyraw

    How can you not like this. This is perfect

  41. cloudy wolf

    Richly nix still making great songs seems like yesterday he came out with empty heart music video and now this I'm impressed new favorite song

  42. Joel Lemieux

    Represent 519/313

  43. krazydube4life

    Damnzz that was dope!

  44. wearyourskin

    Richy nix is finally back. It was about fucking time. This is so fucking good.

  45. Darin

    I'm loving it Richy! Keep it up man

  46. Ghoulistt

    He need to more screaming in his songs. I mean those three words were just a tease! I want to hear some new songs well he just lets loose and screams. Sorta like rest in peace, but a little more throughout the song. I'm not saying be a another Attila. I just want to hear rap and screaming mixed equally. That's the band/rapper I've been looking for, for so many years now!

  47. Ghoulistt

    A new Richy Nix song!!! My week has now been made. On top of that this is on of my favorite songs he has came out with!

  48. WarriorWithin111

    I'm getting an old Linkin Park vibe laced with metalcore. In other words, FREAKING AMAZING HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! My kind of jam right here! I'll be keeping an eye on this guy from now on. Also, welcome to FiXT!

  49. Modemus Saverenaght

    Oh. My. F***ing. God. Im blown away... 200/10, would rock out to this again

  50. Nask0BS

    Please release the track without the electronic stuff!

    Tattered Humanity

    Or release his song exactly how it is as he intended it, with pure disregard for whether or not some guy in a youtube comment minds the electronic "stuff", he's not gonna ditch the screams because someone doesn't like them, nor the rock, or the raps, so therefore, he's not gonna "release it without the electronic stuff." This song is fucking brilliant and as many fixt artists do, he brought everything to the table, and that, my friend, is creativity (I'm not mocking you, just sharing my view)

  51. Jarrett

    Richard Nixon is my favorite historical figure-- and Richy Nix just might be my favorite musician. :3

  52. RedQsycho

    lowkey the best shit ever made

  53. Smash GaminG!! - Frazzz

    Amazing addition!

  54. Giro

    Por un momento lei Seamlessr xDD y dije... no lo escuchare!! ok no

  55. Tryloyd

    Ok... I didn't expect that... FCKING awesome song!

  56. Paul Sims

    This really caught me by surprise, I wasn't expecting the song to be this epic lol
    welcome to FiXT, I will be checking your older music out though :)

  57. Voicians

    sick song and a great guy! Welcome!


    +Voicians make a remix dude


    +Voicians u too u re great Sir voicians

    Jake The fox

    PC_GameWorld I think he made a remix, but if a different song

  58. Jeremy

    Dam awesome song Richy Nix, welcome to FiXT and congrats! Thanks FiXT for the free song as well, unexpected surprise :)

  59. Gameuser10

    Feels like a shoutout to aspiring evangelists who are trying to spread the gospel...
    Matthew 7:15 "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves."

  60. Cameron Reuschel

    I love the drums. I hate the nu-metal style rapping. My feelings are mixed.

  61. Ghost KixX

    Hell yeah.

  62. Jimatul Kerriganus

    Freaking awesome stuff !! I hadn't expect this brutal kind of song, but hell yeah I'm excited I want to hear more !! Keep going Richy and find your way through the crazyness of the FIXT Crew \m/

  63. You went full SJW, man. NEVER go full SJW.

    Linkin Park 2002, is that you?

    Tritty Clothing

    This sounds nothing like linkin park. Are you even listening? Plus richy sings, screams, raps and makes the music on his own.


    pinches fanboys arruinan a los fanboys Dx

    Ima WreckU

    I don't see a logical reason to not be a fan of something I enjoy. Please explain how I'm wrong in some way bro.

    Tritty Clothing

    If being a fan of music I like makes me a fanboy than so be it lol. I rather be a fanboy than a hater any day!


    @Mike Clyne Thats what I was thinking. There is definitely some traces of the old, and beloved Linkin Park in the way he sings.

  64. Patxi Vergara

    Bad effing ass

  65. Heinz

    I like it! Nice job Richy. Can't wait to hear more!

  66. Steve Doran

    HELL CITY!!!

  67. JudgerEdward

    Fucking hell! This is brutal and badass! Welcome to the family Richy!

    Sam Fisher

    I wasn't trying to impress anyone, I was just saying that this isn't brutal. Its good but brutal is not the word to describe it lol. It was a comment, not a dick. So don't take it so hard.


    @Carterthorn90 hey carter :P


    @Foas Hulloooooo

    Bowl of Tofu

    +Carterthorn90 are you going to adopt him?

    Andlát Andometi

    +JudgerEdward ... want brutal.. listen to: Abominable Putridity - Remnants Of The Tortured, I'm outa here before I get deaf complaints...

  68. thelastdisciple

    Reminds me of Thousand Foot Krutch or even Manafest.

  69. ConZonsYT


  70. TheVereger

    Pure beauty!

  71. allrightthat


  72. Tritty Clothing

    Ive been a fan of Richy's for years now this is So badass! Hard to be original now days and I sense some genuine vibes.


    @Tritty Clothing What do you mean "Hard to be original"? ._.

    Jackal Gold Kick

    +Magni probably all those aartists in mainstream who are generic.

  73. Srdjan Smudja

    Welcome to Fixt!