Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Sunny Side Of The Mountain Lyrics

Don't forget me little darlin' while I'm growin' old and gray
Just a little thought before I'm goin' far away
I'll be waitin' on the hillside where the wild red roses grow
On the sunny side of the mountains where the ripping waters (fall/flow).
Now Don't forget about the days we courted, many years ago
Don't forget all the promises you gave me and so
'Cause I'll be waiting on the hillside (when/for) the day you will call
On the sunny side of the mountain where the rippling waters fall.
Please tell me darlin' in your letters do you think of me
Please answer, little darlin' tell me where you can be
It's been so long since I've seen you but your love still lingers on
Don't forget me, little darlin' though our love affair (seems/is) gone.

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Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Sunny Side Of The Mountain Comments
  1. Jürgen Gärtner

    Great job!! 😎

  2. yves fouillat

    Je suis super content de ré-écouter ce triple (?) album que j'avais et ai égaré (prêté (?).
    Depuis longtemps je cherchais à le redécouvrir....
    Quelle belle rencontre : Doc Watson, Earl et RandySruggs, Mother Maybelle, Chet Atkins, Vassar Cléments, et autres grands noms du bluegrass, flat and finger-picking, old-time...
    Merci honneur et hommage à eux !!!
    Yves Fouillat
    Concertiste (CONCERT CHEZ VOUS),
    Musicien muti-instrumentiste
    (13 instruments : 200 cordes),
    Chanteur, Animateur,
    Enchanteur, Clown...
    À Chambéry (73 - France).

  3. He Great Than I

    Jimmie Martin- A beast for sure!