Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Lost Highway Lyrics

I'm a rolling stone, all alone and lost,
For a life of sin, I have paid the cost.
When I pass by, all the people say
"Just another guy on the lost highway."
Just a deck of cards and a jug of wine
And a woman's lies make a life like mine.
Oh, the day we met, I went astray,
I started rollin' down that lost highway.
I was just a lad, nearly twenty-two,
Neither good nor bad, just a kid like you,
And now I'm lost, too late to pray,
Lord, I've paid the cost on the lost highway.
Now, boys, don't start your ramblin' round,
On this road of sin or you're sorrow bound.
Take my advice or you'll curse the day
You started rollin' down that lost highway.

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Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Lost Highway Comments
  1. Dan Meyer

    Vocal and Guitar: Jimmy Ibbotson
    Mandolin: Jeff Hanna
    Drums: Les Thompson
    Fiddle: Vassar Clements
    Dobro: Norman Blake
    Bass: Roy Junior Huskey
    Banjo: John McEuen
    Fred Rose Music, Inc.
    Producer: William E. McEuen
    Composer: Leon Payne

  2. ninehorse johnson

    My favorite version of this amazing song.

  3. SubparSoup

    Best all round traditional album of all time...

  4. ribmeat hamhock

    ibby's got the greatest country voice!

  5. ribmeat hamhock

    great vocals ibby!!

  6. Jennifer Copus

    Jimmy Ibbotson sings the heck out of every song he has ever recorded! A singer/songwriter who is a national treasure in my opinion!


    Couldn't agree more!

  7. otakte

    this song is superb!!! Gorgeous!!! Thanks a lot!

  8. Boyd Builders

    Mr. Leon Payne wrote this song. The story is that he was totally blind, in California, when he heard that his mother was very ill in East Texas. He hitchhiked to her, and wrote the song along the way. George Jones made an LP of all Leon Payne songs.

    Rockford Crabtree

    Thanks for info. Just heard tom petty do a great rendition ,he'd heard it that day and fell in love with the song. You know Tom Petty &Heartbreakers toured with Johnny Cash for a year. Please give a listen to Tom's ren of "lost highway "and few of his more rockabilly songs.

  9. bigjohnfl

    Ibby is awesome, but I'm sure he'd tell you there is only one Hank.

  10. Perry Kellogg

    singing like hell

  11. Permagrin187

    Brilliant rendition!

  12. Linux DOS

    Thanks .. Would love to have this double lp on CD

  13. Natasya

    Thank you for posting. Listened to this as a kid. Great album. Every song a classic.