Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Little Mountain Church House Lyrics

There's a little mountain church in my thoughts of yesterday
Where friends and family gathered for the Lord
Where an ol' fashioned preacher taught the straight and narrow way
For what few coins the congregation could afford

Dressed in all our Sunday best, we sat on pews of solid oak
and I remember how our voices filled the air
How Mama sounded like an angel on those high soprano notes
and "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder I'll Be There"

Looking back now that little mountain church house
Has become my lifes cornerstone
It was there in that little mountain church house
I first heard the words I based my life upon

At the all day Sunday singing, with dinner on the ground
Many were the souls that were revived
While the brothers and the sisters who've gone on to Gloryland
Slept in peace in the maple grove nearby

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Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Little Mountain Church House Comments
  1. Cornelia Denninger

    I love this music. Soooo GREAT./CD

  2. Pat Downs

    Even if you're not a Christian, this song is still outstanding. It just begs for everyone to sing along.

  3. abdennour djema

    that's music :))) cheers

  4. Garry M

    A very young Ricky Scaggs.

  5. Moses Kagiri Muuo

    So blessed......

  6. Luso Guerreiro

    great !

  7. Luso Guerreiro

    Like on my life, my past in that little montain church house. Great !

  8. Luso Guerreiro

    God is here, in this song !

  9. Kevin Gill

    Brilliant what more can I say.

  10. Bryan Owens

    Ricky Skaggs voice... as good as it gets.

  11. lulutileguy

    good nite mr husky

  12. lulutileguy

    ricky being ricky

  13. Dane B. McFadhen

    The whole album is brilliant. You don't have to religious to love this.

  14. Valter Ronchetti

    Bellissimo sound grazie

  15. Valter Ronchetti

    Una delle esecuzioni più splendide grazie

  16. pitaya tuptimthai

    This version is best sound

  17. tammy davis

    Thank u 4 sharing never heard it I LOVE IT!!!💜

  18. Pat Downs

    Oh my. How could this be any better? Even Osbornes and Stanleys would stand back and have a listen.

  19. Debra Neff

    I love this first time hearing it thank you

  20. Morag MacGregor

    Who plays drums and sings and then picks up a mandolin at the end?Where's Buck?

    Kinta-A rchitect

    singer:Ricky Skaggs drums:Jimmie Fadden  mandolin:Mark O'connor  Buck White=piano 2:59

    Morag MacGregor

    Kinta-A rchitect
    Nice, quite a lineup. Thank you!

  21. Karen Blaise


  22. Kevin Bowen

    Have always appreciated the understated clawhammer-like banjo backup Bela brought to this. Added a great deal by not adding too much.

    Chuck Caldwell

    Me too Kevin, steady and subtle all the way through interplaying with Marks mandolin.

  23. It is so beautiful .Andrew Pernia Pernia

    Wow what a great song and it is really awesome and beautiful .😀🙏

  24. mel vin

    I'm an atheist and I like this song. Good music is good music.

    Only Jesus Forgives

    I am so glad you like this song. Please know that without Jesus one will spend eternity in conscious torment (a place called hell) With Jesus you will spend eternity in Paradise (a place called Heaven). It will be once place or the other whether you want to believe it or not.  We all are sinners and headed to hell if we don't accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. I once was an agnostic until Jesus came to me in a dream. I don't know why He called me, but He did. Please know that this is real. It is a fact. The only reason I tell you this is because I care about your soul and your eternity. Ultimately it is your choice. Please choose wisely.


    it's funny, I have a nostalgia for the song and not the church, which in my childhood was really close to being like the lyrics describe. growing up I thought maybe I'd look back one day and feel the same way the guy in the song did. I've made my own way philosophically since then, and the simple, earnest values I learned from my family all week have been much more useful to me than the stylized dogmatic version on Sundays. Those weekday values have become the cornerstone in my life.

    Bob Shaw

    If you say you’re an atheist you’re saying I’m just an accident of nature or what ever if you’re comfortable with that thought fine. Myself I was taught to believe I have a creator that is God look around you take a deep breath look how things interrelate, I cannot believe this is all a chance happening, I believe there is a guiding hand. If you’re comfortable in your belief so be it, I prefer to think I’m more than just a chance happening. I will respect your beliefs but you should respect mine also

  25. Bula Satish

    Hearing listening to Jesus change my life

  26. richard severin

    This is awesome !!

  27. Emma B

    I'm a little late to the party realizing what a huge talent Ricky is. This could easily make my top 10 all time songs along side the Stones, Bruce and The Beatles.

  28. Ned Kline

    anyone know when this was recorded. bela looks so young. wow buck sure can play the piano

    tom j

    posted as 1989 - (coulda) been a year earlier --

    Ron Ansteasi

    spring 1989.. the 3 record set 'Will the Circle Be Unbroken', greatest collection of musical talent ever. this collection traveled the world with me, during my military career.

  29. Edward Price

    Charlie Spencer
    November 22, 2012 · Turtle Creek, WV ·
    29 years ago today, I as a young boy, knelt at an alter,hewn from a large poplar log, in a log cabin church on Mikes Fork of Hewett Creek, WV and asked Jesus to save my eternal soul. I had gone up and prayed two nights in a row before this and couldn't get satisfied. I was under conviction from the Holy Ghost.
    For months I had thought about Heaven and Hell (mostly Hell). My Great Aunt Hattie Bias had passed away that spring and I wanted so bad to run to the altar at her funeral but I let fear and pride hold me back. Thank God for his mercy and long suffering.
    Aunt Hattie, Mawmaw Mabe, Mom, and the Holy Spirit had been hard on my trail for a year or so. They loved me and wanted me to be saved, so they talked to me. (Parents should do more of that today!). They would bring it up in conversations,that I need to be saved, every chance they got. Mom one time tried to talk to me on the way to school, about salvation, to which I blew up at her. "You've just ruined my whole day". She took it in stride knowing I was under conviction. God was plowing the fertile field of my heart planting seed that would spring forth into eternal life.
    Hallelujah! Right there!
    It all came to a head on November 22, 1983. Our pastor at the Log Chapel, Oran Dent, (my pawpaws first cousin and the man that pastored the Log Chapel after Pawpaw's death) had preached the first night of the revival about Zacheus meeting Jesus. "Jesus is coming this way".
    I was ready. I wanted to be saved. I just wasn't sure how it worked on the inside. Yeh, I knew you went to the altar and prayed and most people cried. But how did you know when the deal was done?
    Two nights in a row I went to the altar and prayed but I just wasn't satisfied. On the third night I saw an old saint, Gladys Jeffrey coming back toward my seat. She didn't get back to me, I went up on my own.
    I prayed and cried and was having a hard time believing God was going to save me. Then Gladys said something I'll never forget. "He's saving you if you'll just let him".
    I thought is it really that easy?
    I didn't know this scripture at the time but I love it now.
    Romans 10:9 "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10:10For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 10:11For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed."
    Amen right there!
    I believed in my heart that Jesus was the sinless Son of God. Sent to Earth as a man to suffer the death of the cross for me, to take away my sins. I just had trouble believing he would just save me like that.
    No flash of glory?
    No big emotional experience?
    Just a still small voice whispering "come" ,into my heart.
    Finally, I decided that I would just take Him at His Word and trust him. I decided to let Jesus save me.
    At the time I didn't feel that different. I was emotionally drained from the experience and I started doubting on the way home in the car that night. But mom encouraged me.
    Don't let the devil make you doubt. Jesus saved you!
    The Holy Ghost took up His abode in my Spirit. I was now whole for the first time in my life. My body was alive, my mind was alive, and now my spirit had been reborn by the in dwelling of the Holy Spirit.
    I was dead spiritually because of Adams original sin and my own.
    Genesis 2:16 "And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: 2:17But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die."
    God didn't lie.
    2Peter 3:8 "But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day."
    Adam physically died within that thousand years, 930.
    But more importantly his Spirit died and lost its connection to God. That's why God himself killed animals and covered Adam and Eve from their sin.
    Foreshadowing how He would sacrifice His own son in the flesh to cover the sins of the whole world in order to save those that will.
    If you are under conviction of the Holy Spirit he will save you too. Just let him. Believe in your heart that he is the Saviour and confess him as you're Saviour.
    I pray that all who read this will be saved. I pray the convicting power of the Holy Spirit on each one, to convict and convince each one of their own personal sin and great need of the Saviour.
    Charlie Spencer.

  30. Heaven Carpenter

    okay my favorite bluegrass gospel song !!

    Brother in Christ

    Bless ya its awesome

  31. YahwehYahshua

    Hallelu"YAH"  Ricky!

  32. Darthsdroid

    One of the best songs ever! Love this!

  33. Fingal

    ricky you're the master

  34. PTSD Pamphlet Company

    Lyric chain: i'll start.

    There's a little mountain church,

    Joshua Brooks

    In my thoughts of yesterday...

  35. unisan100

    やっと見つけた!富山にいたときGIll宣教師と八尾に教会をと祈るなかで、この曲の歌詞のような教会をイメージしてました。今は桶川、ここに多くの人々のlif's Cornerstoneとなる教会が起こされることを願っています。

  36. Karen Munro

    Good memories!

  37. Kinta-A rchitect

    I love old good American Christian culture &custom ,such as this song lyrics.
    A lot of Japnese (almost influenced by Buddhist culture)also respect it.
    But actually, there is typical only money ,power and gun society.

    Replace all weapons instruments in hand.I realy hope.

  38. Sumer61

    I think it was played in g

    Richard Shultz

    It was.

  39. james todd

    u fucking crazyyyy dum ass

  40. Angel31879

    with a 440 tune(G) its in the key of D

    Richard Shultz

    No it is NOT. G maj is the dominant chord therefore it IS in the key of G major

    Merlyn Schutterle

    @Richard Shultz Sorry, Richard. I just played it. It's D.

  41. Mandolin1944

    @melodious51 It's in G-major.

    Richard Shultz

    Absolutely right. They should leave it to real musicians like you and me(guitar player) to determine the key something is in.

  42. Destiny Hogue

    there you see Ricky Skaggs' father in law Buck White is playing piano.

  43. Dillon Abney

    @melodious51 its in the key of D

  44. wrs840

    It's in "D" ... for Dang! Dat's Dad Dern Delightful...

    ... and It's not on PBS because their management is infested with lemmings who are too "cool" let their friends see them "tolerating" Christian songs of faith and inspiration.

  45. Randy Quade

    It's in the key of R

  46. Andrew Bowe

    @Chr1sMill3r why isn't this kind of stuff on PBS?

  47. Dale Pringle

    This is just beautiful. My cheeks are wet. I love you, Ricky. And I love Jesus, too!

  48. D.J. Phelps

    I hope one day to meet Ricky Skaggs, he will one day be a Legend Of Country Music. I love his song Crying My Eyes Over You Too. Best Wishes, LittleCountryD

    Joshua Brooks

    I like "country boy," "honey (open that door)", "uncle pen," and this one.

  49. Andy Price

    @kintagoya Its in the key of D major the chords are D G and A

    Richard Shultz

    Some folks need to learn a little about music. G is the dominant chord therefore it IS written in G Major

  50. Dave Andersen

    Beautiful music at it's most basic, no manufactured trash or abstract lines. Gotta love it!

  51. Kinta-A rchitect

    It's easy to find,if you really want to would better try to play and find a tone on piano,

  52. Kinta-A rchitect

    I was very glad if it was ever reissued as a DVD.

  53. Chr1sMill3r

    Used to have this on VHS. Does anyone know if it was ever reissued as a DVD??

  54. Kinta-A rchitect

    I share your sorrow...

  55. LaVae Hughes

    I love this song too...and thanks for posting it.

  56. Caitlin Alexander

    i love this song. Thanks for posting it