Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Colorado Christmas Lyrics

Looking out the window of this Hollywood hotel
You'd never know that it was Christmas Eve
The billboards and the neon took the place of silver bells
And the temperature is 84 degrees
I can hear the traffic on the crowded strip below
As the palm trees poke their heads above the scene
There's not a single reindeer and it hardly ever snows
And Santa drives a Rolls Royce limosine

But all along the Rockies you can feel it in the air
From Telluride to Boulder down below
The closest thing to heaven on this planet anywhere
Is a quiet Christmas morning in the Colorado snow

I remember Christmases when I was just a boy
In the morning I would run to see the tree
And the carolers on the hillside sang their songs of Christmas joy
Well, I always thought they sang them just for me
Now the sun is setting in the California sky
And I can't find the spirit anywhere
So I think it's time for me to tell Los Angeles goodbye
I'm going back home to look for Christmas there

But all along the Rockies you can feel it in the air
From Telluride to Boulder down below
The closest thing to heaven on this planet anywhere
Is a quiet Christmas morning in the Colorado snow

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Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Colorado Christmas Comments
  1. Timothy Morrison

    👻👻👻👻 Colorado was so great when I saw it in 1999!

  2. Leslie

    One of my favorite Christmas songs, especially since I live in Colorado. I thought of this song as I watched the snow falling at Winter Park while we were skiing today.

  3. Callmps


  4. Smokey Allan Ritter

    So Beautiful to hear this every year!

  5. Karen Botlik

    Beautiful song! I love the rockies in Colorado.

  6. Sandra Moreland

    one of my favorite songs,

  7. Chris Kertesz

    Two feet of snow in Boulder today, felt appropriate to listen to this song.

  8. rosebud

    Born and Raised, Colorado Native "you got high now leave!😊 Love the song. We have had a few snow storms already this year and very cold. Merry Christmas to all.🥀

    rocky mountain lass

    cold everywhere this year...

  9. Dwight Smith

    Grew up in Evergreen. Live in Loveland now. But still true. "The closest thing to heaven on this planet anywhere is a quiet Christmas morning in the Colorado Snow." I've been blessed to have experienced this many times here in Colorado.

  10. James Austin

    I live in Colorado. This is a great song, but it's sadly not accurate anymore. As I write this, it's December 16 and 60 degrees outside. So warm, someone decided to water their grass. 10 years ago there would have been plenty of snow by now, but now, thanks to Global Warming, it's 60 degrees. I miss the Colorado snow. #BringBackWinter

    martin hewlett

    it's coming soon!

  11. Gitte Schulze of the best christmas songs 😍

  12. Cindi Clark Haddow

    Yep, you can take the girl out of the mountains, but you CAN'T take the mountains out of the girl!  I was in Southern California when I first heard this song, '84 I believe.  I had gone to stay with an Aunt thinking that would end my problems.  Well, wether they be tears of pain or tears of joy, there will still be tears.  Blowing 'Santa Ana', 90 degrees!  I missed my Colorado so much, I was already making plans to come back home.  "The grass is never greener, and the snow is always white."  My own quote.  I live by it...…….Merry Christmas to everyone, especially my mountain folk...…….

  13. Cindi Clark Haddow

    I'm a mountain girl from Durango, Colorado. I've moved to California twice, Texas twice, and Arizona. My boots always found there way back home. I'll never move again, nothing can compare to gettin up high in yer 4 wheel to see the Colorado Headwaters, and lots more. I was SO homesick every time, especially when Christmas came. I just didn't get it, how can it be 89 degrees on Thanksgiving, and the same at Christmas? The Santa Anas kissed my ass goodbye, and I've never looked back! I am firmly planted, and this side of the fence is the best place to be.........

    rocky mountain lass

    I moved from the land of fruits & nuts and never looked back, told kin, ain't coming there for the holidays when I can have a Rocky Mt experience, they came once, and couldn't hack being cold-it wasn't even that cold-wimps. We did the forest tree cutting and you never heard a bigger gripe fest. It was maybe 40 degrees. Some deer showed up, it was picturesque and since it wasn't a mall with a food court they couldn't handle it.

  14. Scotty ColoradoKid

    I tear up every time I hear this; these are just the best lyrics ever writtenI've lived in Boulder my whole life, except for a brief stint in Austin, and couldn't wait to move back here! (this clip was filmed in Austin!) Yep, every day we look at each other here and say "Another Day In Paradise"  But it does cost a fortune to live here! (But its worth every penny)

    rocky mountain lass

    wages are LOW, cost of living climbs...

  15. christine fluet

    As a native to Colorado, I love this. It is the most beautiful state. I love my home. It is heaven.

    Darlene Slate

    Me too. Im from Greeley
    Where are you from?

  16. gary jonson

    both my girls were born here. ALL GOOD...

  17. Beverly Looker

    Was in L.A. came home to pueblo

    Tim Bartlett

    Have lived in Colorado since I was first stationed here in the early 80's with the Army. Was born in Pennsylvania but nothing compares to living daily in the most beautiful place God created in the United states. Beautiful song about a great place.

  18. Wrecks

    Anyone know where I can find the entire video? Thanks!


    I just posted it. Merry Christmas.

  19. Joan Lerma

    SO, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and here I am with tears in my eyes listening to this song. I've been in Colorado 17+ years now and this always touches my heart like no other music. Thank you Colorado, for these wonderful years!

  20. Cathy Miller

    I really love this song bc when I close my eyes I think about the Colorado Rockies just covered with snow and I went thru Colorado when I was on my way to vegas and wht a beautiful site and I would love to dedicate this song to so special in my life right now and it's my Christmas gift to Norman and his daughter so I want to say merry Christmas to the both of them from me merry Christmas and I love u both very much

  21. Stepper11


  22. James .45

    Love when people represent My lovely State. I dont know where else id rather raise my kids then where I grew up:').. just wish the snow would stick around a lil longer like it use too

  23. Jane Goldy

    Every time I listen to this song it makes me want to cry because it is so beautiful. I've been raised in Colorado and never lived anywhere else. Even though my future might take me elsewhere Colorado is amazing and it is beautiful on Christmas morning to see the snow following while the animals are being fed.

    Cindi Clark Haddow

    Every time you think about moving elsewhere, turn your boots around and RUN! You'll miss it, cause ain't nowhere like it. And you may find you have to stay cause ya can't afford to get home. Take it from a girl who knows oh too well. The novelty of a new place wears off quickly, but Colorado never does..........

  24. Vangie Kohel

    I like this song co'z I'm living in Colorado.

  25. HuntGroupProductions .com

    I miss living near Aspen... and Colorado Christmas. Used to see Jimmy and the band all the time. Wish I was there now.

    LaDonna Davis

    Remember the wild Jimbo's?

  26. Sara

    love this song cause i live in Colorado

  27. Kathleen Cox

    the best Christmas song ever recorded

    Steve Smith

    I heard this for the first time today on the radio, great Christmas song.

  28. Sherrie Crouch

    one of my favorite songs!

  29. Joe Griego

    i miss Colorado so much, if you live there don't ever move. it truly is heaven on earth. 

    Tom Dorwart

    Joe Griego I

    ray hanks

    I miss Co. so much,, retiring in 2 yrs., going straight to longmont , co. Many friends awaiting !!

    Caleb Cease

    It really is my friend :')

    Janice Wilkins

    Been here all my life, loved this song since the first time i heard it. I was told that one of the band members wife had a baby around the same time as my first born May 1978, in wheat ridge co

    rocky mountain lass

    it has RAPIDLY changed, and not for the better

  30. in themix

    I hear this song and I am sitting in front of my apartment on Jewell and Kipling in Lakewood and crying.  it is so beautiful.  I have to defend LA, though.  I love the Christmas decorations in Manhattan Beach and the ones on Sepulveda and Anza.  I don't know why people have to cut down LA at Christmas when the pasty tourists crowd the beach every year. love both

    Jeremy Neuberg

    I am right up the street from you at Jewell and Wright St. , and I agree, there can be the best of both worlds, an LA Christmas sounds nice, as does a wicked cold one as we are having right now in Lakewood!  I hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas!!

    Bekah Davis

    I live in Colorado and there's no reindeer, but quite frequently there is a 'White Christmas'

    V Volpe

    +in themix I lived in Lake Arrowhead, as well as San Diego, and nothing matches Christmas in Northern Colorado. I lived in California for over 20+ years, and never adopted hat "SoCal" lifestyle. I still have family in California, and it's nice to visit, but give me Longmont at Christmas any day!

    in themix

    +in themix I guess my point in what I was saying is that while Colorado is beautiful at Christmas, they put down LA and obviously LA is beautiful in the winter or there would not have been hoards of tourists there every year

    Soft Poor Corn

    +Bekah Davis There are elk and deer though. Reindeer only exist in Scandinavia/Russia/Canada.

  31. Bob Morris of my favorites. Well written and performed.

  32. Cathy Ross

    it's just not christmas until I hear this song....... played on a snowy night sleighing in Breck, sharing hot cocoa with my bestest.  Now that's all I want for Christmas! 

  33. 409nolan

    I live in Colorado and Christmas is 3 weeks away.  Love this song.................

    Come visit and see why we live here.

  34. Carley Moore

    I'm 15 and I've lived in Colorado my whole life. Love my Colorado and I don't know if I could live without my white Christmases.

  35. Robbie Marta

    this song is my dads favorite and were from colorado and he grew up on the western slope and i think thats were these guys are from and it just means alot

  36. Charles Janis

    it's after christmas, I finally got it, it's still good, Thanks!

  37. 70Kenny

    I remember Christmases when I was just a boy in Boulder. Live in Arizona now, but lucky to have a job as a trucker with a regular route to and from my native Colorado. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Denver tonight! 12/31/12.

  38. drjeandenver

    This morning, with all the sparkling fresh snow here in Colorado I had to find this song...thanks so much!

  39. Char Faris

    I miss being in Colorado every Christmas, this song takes me back there for a few minutes. Love it!!!

  40. Mike Watkins

    Great song! I love to get my guitar out and play this song during the year and especially at Christmas with my friends. I grew up in So Calif so I know the feeling of So Calif Christmas vs Colorado Christmas. This song nails it.

  41. tooootsie

    This song just was my Daddy's favorite song. This is the first Christmas without him, and all I can do is just keep listening to this song because it makes me feel connected to him. Our family moved from So Cal to Colorado 16 years ago, and he has always loved the snow and how Christmas-y it was here. He will forever have Colorado Christmas' now. RIP Daddy, I miss you. I <3 this song.

  42. Matt M

    My favorite Christmas song. Watching it snow outside, with more snow predicted for Christmas eve and day. "Looking out this LA hotel....." Left it behind over 38 years ago to live in CO.

  43. Charles Janis

    I tried to play it but! (this video is currently unavailable) I guess I missed it! Dec.13th 2012

  44. Dave Sacher

    Brings tears of joy to my eyes, every time I hear it! - Dave in Denver

  45. TJ Bless

    As a colorado native, I love this song

  46. Eric Griffin

    I did not know that Steve Goodman wrote this. I've lived this song. Love it.

  47. mountaintamiam

    Heard this pulling out of Boulder this morning, as the sun glistened off of the snow. A perfect Christmas morning for sure.

  48. Neo C

    good song and i live in colorado and have all my life i love colorado

  49. psychokittis

    This song has always been a tearjerker for me

  50. Ginny White

    I saw the special back in '97 and love seeing it again! What a performance by Jimmy Ibbotson and the whole Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

  51. MountainManSc

    thank you for posting this!! I'm glad I did a search this year for this song!!