Nirvana - White Lace And Strange Lyrics

That is the way you want it
You wanted it to be the way you like it, I'm
I'm no lover
We wanted you to see it the way you wanted
It's all right

I could be crazy, but I could be human
I never wanted to open your eyes
I could be crazy, but I could be human
I never wanted to open your eyes

I'm no lover
You wanted to be living up in the air, yeah
I'm no lover
But please let go of the human
That's me

I could be crazy, but I could be human
I never wanted to open your eyes
I could be crazy, but I could be human
I never wanted to open your eyes

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Nirvana White Lace And Strange Comments
  1. sani fishing

    Sound like deep purple

  2. SalandFindles

    Wrong lyrics, though. This is a cover song from 1967 by Thunder and Roses. Look up their lyrics.

  3. Roughneck80

    Punk rock!!!

  4. jazz k

    Kurt played guitar really well on this I think

    Anthony Sclafani

    he was way more technically proficient than people give him credit for

  5. Bad Motor

    Beginning sounds awfully like ‘Waiting Room’ by Fugazi

    (Yes, I know it’s a Cover of an obscure 80s band)

  6. niko piko

    white lace and strange with light eyes looking through me*

  7. Valentino Terry

    Hey the guy in the left looks like the guy from foo fighters

    G D X

    Its Dave Grohl, and he is

    NotMy RealName



    I know man, why do people copy others? Kurt had a quote about that, and that made Dave exhausted. Too bad he overdosed on grunge and fell onto train tracks, in 1967. Rip Cart Bocain.

  8. 2 flowers

    its like the red hot chili peppers mixed with the velvet underground...

  9. malcolm whata aotearoasmosttalented

    check out malcolm whata 'age of reason'

  10. frogs

    happy 100k views day wlas

  11. Just Grunge


  12. subboy1der


  13. Fabian Teran

    Great bass intro by Novoselic

    taj obrien

    He didn't write it...

  14. depreseven

    This song awesome grung'n'roll!!!

  15. Matchstick Girl

    this remindes me of Ramones a litle bit

  16. vampiresatan623

    I'll be playing these songs till the day I die

  17. Gasper Zupancic

    1 more upvote and it's gonna be 420, yeeeee

  18. NoEsUnYoutuber

    Sounds like crazy proto-stoner rock.

    Ol' Zircon

    It's a cove of crazy proto-stoner rock band Thunder and Roses, from 1970 or so. This version is good but if anything kind of tame compared to the original, much like Nirana's excellent but laid back cover of Love Buzz.


    Stoner = slow🤔

  19. FernandoMoreno90

    Fucking rock and roll.

    mihai gallo

    hell yeah

  20. Tylen Martinchuk

    oh Krist your the fucking best

  21. [diamond]

    Love this song

  22. [diamond]


  23. Hells Bells

    This band had so much more to offer us


    kurt was gonna do acoustic stuff, but he was killed :( breaking up nirvana is fine because there will be foo fighters, dave wants his own stuff too.

    Eme XII

    Xavi Galarza imagine actually taking astrology seriously

    Eme XII

    Xavi Galarza you seem surprisingly reasonable actually and now i feel bad for my earlier comment because it was kinda dickish.

    Troll Footage

    @hawie he killed himself, dipshit. If you are a real fan, you should know this.


    Yeah, if you look at “with the lights out” they had so much music that wasnt released.

  24. Kevin White

    Weird to think he was 20 y/o

    Joe Des

    Kevin White A talented 20 year old

    Nuisance Films Productions

    Kevin White been into making music from his teens until he died, so this makes so much sense! I have a dad that’s the same way, he’s 41 in a couple weeks and he’s still really amazing, it’s awesome what years of musical practice does to ya. I would be really good by now if I had the life he did, or the time on my hands like he did... ain’t it a shame really. I took my talents to animating instead, using music as my main influence. Writing is my strongest hobby. But seriously you can’t be that young and talented without years of practice. What a legend Kurt was (I was named after him in fact with his alias spelling Kurdtis)

    Ivan Tacalo

    This song is a cover. He didn't write this song . But did a great job covering it .

    Habituated Abnormality

    Not really. Another great band that made a lot of their music during their early 20s was Millencolin.

  25. Bandera

    solunds like led zeppelin


    No it doesn't

    Matchstick Girl

    i don't wanna compare Nirvana to any band, but this song kinda sounds like Ramones

    feeling 2 foot small

    Bandera sounds like Kenny G


    This is a cover of a late 60s psych rock song by an obscure band Thunder And Roses

  26. lucasSRV

    This was recorded on my birthday!


    wow we have the same birthday!!


    @Rainbow-Skeleton cool!

  27. Everything4405

    chad is about to break those drums!

    Markus Marschall

    +Everything4405 I think Aaron Burckhard plays drums here


    Chad joined in 88 this was recorded in 87 it's most probably Aaron burckhard. Possibly dale crover

  28. Arianna Gazzola

    vera musica

  29. Corey Dopp

    A lot of people say this isn't nirvana it's some band from the 80s

    Krist Novoselic Fan

    +Corey Dopp The original song is from Thuder and Roses (1969) Nirvana make a live cover on this song, just that... :) i have a cover og both version :)

    Kollin Woolley

    Corey Dopp they were and the 90s

    Adam B

    Connor Brudlo preach my brother 🙌🏾

  30. Petar Simic

    wow Cobain looks so young on that picture. I was always seeing him as an older cool guy. And now I'm older than he was. That's sad. 

    banana rama where's it's party time all the time

    You know he joined the 27 club lot of fans are older.. shit I am 27 now I feel old.

    Crystallization of the soul

    At 24 I looked like a teen, I still look like a very tall one but with a beard and stache this time!!!! xD Kurt even looked old in 1989 even with that long hair!

    Supp D

    Cryaillization - well i guess youlook as old as you feel... ?

    Crystallization of the soul

    True but phisically I don't look like 30! I look like 24!


    @Crystallization of the soul I'm 17 and feel young only because the generations before me tyrannically enforce their ethics of life over me thus i feel less mature and fragile. And if feel that the older people will not socially accept me until i am at least 49. So in the meanwhile i'll wear a diaper.

  31. Dale Hagger

    Cool.One I have never heard.

    Krist Novoselic Fan

    listen to the oroginal, "Thunder and Roses" i make a bass cover of it soon, AND have bass cover of this ;)

    Sean Nelson

    @CasparPlay Bass I can't find the Oroginal

    Krist Novoselic Fan

    go to my channel and watch my cover both Nirvana, and  Thunder and Roses :) 

  32. Krist Novoselic Fan

    love this song!

    Tony Scott

    +Krist Novoselic - Fan (Nirvana) of course you love this song, you helped make it!

    Krist Novoselic Fan

    +Tony Scott if my channel DON't be deleted i make a VOCAL cover of this :)


    of course you do. You're Krist

    Emily Williams

    I luvvv u
    Bass is soooo
    under estimated.....
    But really really love Nirvana
    N alwayz will.

  33. pacmanfan1214