Nirvana - Turnaround Lyrics

Take a step outside yourself
And you turn around
Take a look at who you are
It's pretty scary
So silly
It's Revolting
You're not much
You can't do anything

Take a step outside the city
And you turn around
Take a look at what you are
It is revolting
You're really nowhere
So wasteful
So foolish

Who said don't look back?
Don't believe 'em
Go for that crazy sounding restaurant
'Cause they're gonna try and get behind you
Don't you let them do it
You know what I'm talking about?
You hear me talking?
You hear me talking!?

It's pretty scary, it's so revolting [x4]
Naaaah !

Take a step outside the country
And you turn around
Take a look at what you are
It is amazing
Take a good look
You're no big deal
You're so petty
It's a laugh

Take a step outside the planet
Turn around and around
Take a look at where you are
It's pretty scary

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Nirvana Turnaround Comments
  1. Nathan Kortleitner

    Nobelpreis For this lyric

  2. Wolfgang

    To this day I don't know what his talking about.. I hear him talking though

  3. Tyron Cowe

    Why is that so sexy? 1:44

  4. Tim Stewart

    Devo were a notable Kurt influence, its clear
    When you listen to the chorus (more of a bridge into nothing) of "Shrivel Up", it becomes obvious :)

  5. HJH413

    Best DEVO cover.

  6. goo gle

    Song about mentalization

  7. Matty Lockman

    Got this album at the hock shop for 5$ Canadian. Really didn’t think there were any nirvana songs I wasn’t familiar with, I was wrong.

  8. Lisa Parsons

    I remember in92was26 Im52now still love this song and group ❤️💙 ♥️.

    Lisa Parsons

    I agree

    Lisa Parsons

    I agree 💯

  9. guyonthegrassfilms


  10. Ron Helverson

    Devo did it better😳😳

  11. Redemption Denied


  12. David Frankel

    Sorry Nievana lovers but this version is just heavy- punk. Bur by 1981 DEVO had jettisoned trashy punk in favour of vacuum- packed electronic( and witty) pop .Nirvana shrivelled up.Devo devoved.

  13. Jose Gomez

    Tremendous cover!

  14. Duke Togo

    The Spuds approve of this song!

  15. Ethereal

    This goes out to all those seventh grade bitches at my school.

    They can shut their egoistic petty, arrogant asses the fuck up.

    Ya I said it

  16. Talendale

    People knocking the cover should realize that Kurt, hearing the biggest single Devo did....decided to do it's B-side as a cover.

    Because he liked it that much. Nirvana loved to grab onto it's influences, play them, cover them, tribute them, but make their version their own. Most people know that from Unplugged in NY, but it's all over their concert sets, their music, and Kurt's life in general. And that's a kind of musical greatness, that you can look at someone else's work and turn it into something the original band could never have done, but pleases the ear.

  17. joe ali


  18. Jared Acevedo

    Your no big deal!

  19. dobro je sve

    Krankšvester brought me here

  20. Adam Groves

    By devo

  21. opscrag

    I don't know why, but this song reminds me of The cure...
    It's really really good.. I love this album

  22. Sarah Loranger

    Take a step outside yourself
    And turn around
    Take a look at who you are
    It's pretty scary
    So silly
    You're not much
    You can't do anything
    Take a step outside the city
    And turn around
    Take a look at what you are
    It is revolting
    You're really nowhere
    So wasteful
    So foolish
    Who said don't look back?
    Don't believe 'em
    Go for that crazy sounding restaurant
    ''cause they're gonna try and get behind you
    Don't you let them do it
    You know what I'm talking about?
    You hear me talking?
    You hear me talking?
    It's pretty scary, it's so revolting
    Take a step outside the country
    And turn around
    Take a look at what you are
    It is amazing
    Take a good look
    You're no big deal
    You're so petty
    It's lots
    Take a step outside the planet
    Turn around and around
    Take a look at where you are
    It's pretty scary

  23. KR EEP

    It's pretty scary Tony

  24. Mark Vickroy

    Devolutionary Army

  25. Cory Anthony

    Take yourself outside of the planet then you turn around lol rip Kurt!!! You hear me talking

  26. jackattack20000

    Love love love it. Devoooooo!

  27. yiro

    who's here bcs of MH370 conspiracy? damn this is creepy

  28. Roman Blanks

    Did anyone else ever notice the musical similarity between part of this song and (Search & Destroy by Demon Flight). Specifically listen to this track at 0:31, and listen to Search & Destroy at 0:22.

  29. David Adler

    Great DEVO cover

  30. Carlos

    Kurt Cobain at his finest

  31. stink nut

    Okay for the first five seconds i thought this was take on me..

  32. perpetual entropy

    Were allll devo

  33. Jootsy 888

    The Hard, Cold Truth!

  34. Alexander White blabla

    Catalina ?

  35. Tyler F.

    Rad azz cover

  36. nox

    "It's pretty scary it's so revolting"

    my favorite part

  37. Scott M

    take a step outside

  38. deni roca

    nirvana siempre

  39. The Rinja

    D E V O

  40. Sarah Sutherland

    Still prefer the original by DEVO

    Zachary Morin

    Sarah Sutherland As do I

  41. SociallyIneptDude

    I shoot up black tar heroine to this song.

    Chris Ricardo

    Sandor Clegane I shoot cocaine, ear ringers yaaa

    Rub Tub

    Sandor Clegane stop it or you'll die says my mummy


    Stop, it’s not worth it. My mom went to rehab for heroin, and she said her life is a million times better. I know it’s commitment to go to rehab and give up drugs but it’s worth it.

    ill Man

    Take acid and listen

  42. lettuce goblin

    damn, I wish I were creative


    They covered this song. The original is by the band Devo.

  43. jason callan

    love Devo

    Lisa Parsons

    I agree great ☺️

  44. Lamborghini fan

    love song good

  45. boknowsbaseball

    I have a lot of respect for Devo but this cover blows the original away.

    Zachary Morin

    boknowsbaseball Mm. Not really


    No. It really doesn’t.

    Sir Moppy Z

    Not by a long shot homeboy, but it is as good as it can be sans Moog.

  46. Daniel Hsu

    The lyric is talking about Kurt's life.... He looked at himself and felt scary... after all this events...after becoming famous..He looked amazing...Eventually, he stepped outside the planet. Looked at himself..and he's still the same. Nothing has changed in his mind whether he's famous or not.


    Kurt Nobrains didn't even write this song

    Joopsh Whort

    Please at least know what you're talking about before you wax philosophical about Kurt.


    The song was released in 1980 by DEVO and was on the B side of the "Whip It" 7" single. There was also a video - I love it when geniuses with almost completely empty profiles try to get all deep on Nirvana song meanings when they clearly have no idea what the fuck they're talking about.

    Mark Vickroy

    Daniel Hsu it's a Devo song. dummy

    Zachary Morin

    Daniel Hsu This isn’t a Highschool English class. That is not at ALL what this song is about

  47. Aidil Bin Riduan

    Who"s here because of Sasha Grey interview?


    god dammit, did she mention this song? she doesn't deserve to know it.

  48. Armando Chavez

    That album art reminds of something from Tool

    John Fuzz

    prison sex

    Soldado de Juan José Torres

    +Armando “01Armando” Chavez ya looks like their stop motion music vids

    Lalo Cárdenas

    +Armando Chavez “01Armando” Nirvana is bettter than tool

    Andrew Iniesta

    The Brothers Quay look them up, Cobain loved them

  49. Chris Uresti

    this song goes out to all the self entitled people that believe they're better than everyone , or smarter or have a big ego , you're no big deal, you're so petty. lol

    andola jackson

    not just self entitled, but the kind of person that wears the same shoes or brands as an other.......and is so twisted to think that they have a raised intrinsic value due to the external stimuli......a trait that the other wearer of same literal shoes lacks which equates to their sanity over the warped individual that actually believes if they wear nike or yeezys they in turn are dope as if its confirmation etc those that think they can buy taste and respect

    Patrick Darling

    Like nirvana fans?

    Lisa Parsons

    I agree ☺️

    madddragon x


    Dry Soap

    i thought he said "petite"

  50. BentheBoss99

    I'm getting serious Black Flag vibes here.

    D Jefferson

    Really? I can't help hear The Hives ripped this version..

    Dylan Harris

    Not even close. How can you think Kirt Cobain, Dave Grohl and a few others could sound remotely like Black Flag?

    David Adler

    DEVO music


    Was at a DEVO show in LOS ANGELES, at the PALACE.
    The crowd was thick.
    Some dude standing next to me,during the show, was getting into the show,I didn't really look to my left until this big dude slammed into an unsuspecting person, starting a Domino.
    During the5th o1r 6th song.
    That guy was ROLLINS.
    I said Hey low key , he said What's up.
    We spoke between tunee.
    Turns out Rollons was a huge fan of DEVO back in hi1s DC Days.


    @Dylan Harris Black Flag as the story goes fueled the Seattle scene when it played up there in 91.
    By then they music was heavier, slower, and for some reason that style Blag Flag played by 91 resonated with the musicians up there.

  51. Jen Wren


  52. kkk

    Dar un paso fuera de ti
    Y gire en torno a
    Eche un vistazo a quién eres
    Es bastante asustadizo
    Así tonto
    Es repugnante
    Usted no es mucho
    No se puede hacer nada
    Dar un paso fuera de la ciudad
    Y gire en torno a
    Eche un vistazo a lo que está
    Es repugnante
    Eres realmente ninguna parte
    Por tanto derroche
    Así tonto

    ¿Quién dice no mirar hacia atrás?
    No crea nada
    Ir de restaurante que suena loco
    Porque Te van a intentar llegar detrás de usted
    ¿No deja que hacerlo
    Ustedes saben lo que estoy hablando?
    Se oye hablar de mí?
    Se oye hablar de mí?
    Es bastante asustadizo, es tan repugnante (x4)

    Dar un paso fuera del país
    Y gire en torno a
    Eche un vistazo a lo que está
    Es asombroso
    Tome una buena mirada
    Eres no es gran cosa
    Eres tan Pequeña
    Es una risa
    Dar un paso fuera del planeta
    Dar la vuelta y alrededor de
    Eche un vistazo a donde estás
    Eche un vistazo a donde estás
    Es bastante asustadizo

  53. Rays

    ale ze mnie debil...

    Jakub R

    Rays no

  54. B Show

    sounds like Take On Me at the beginning lol.

    Bug Craft

    +Factual Free Thinker ikr

  55. César Bravo

    best song :D

    mart duch

    +César Bravo Its from the devo.Kurt loved them a lot so he made a bandcover ;)

    César Bravo

    +mart duch oooooooooo ok xD

  56. vauxhall908


  57. aurablue

    this song reminds me on no one has by mudhoney

    Wade Yaeger

    That's originally DEVO ;) So Devo is King LOL.

  58. okkcomputer

    fucking DEVO


    @okkcomputer  Kurt Cobain said: "...when I was in high
    school, I dressed like a punk rocker and people would scream "Devo!"
    at me - because Devo infiltrated the mainstream. Out of all the bands who
    came from the underground and actually made it in the mainstream, Devo is the most subversive and challenging of all. They're just awesome, I love them. "
    (February 1993)

    Sebastian Lala

    Hey man, I love Radiohead, but if you're such an okcomputer, why you such a hater? ^_^ Peace


    donde esta el odio seba?

    Sebastian Lala

    Dunno, thought you hated Devo or something, Maybe I misunderstood.

  59. Lucy C

    its so sexy when he says " Who said dont look back"

    Mark Vickroy

    Lucy C "take a good look - you're no big deal" - makes me cum a 'lil


    "you hear me talking?"

  60. Maria rovira cisa

    addicted to this song

    Lisa Parsons

    I agree 💯 I remember in 92was26.im52now, still love

    gilad elster

    It’s a cover from devo

    James Pearce

    gilad elster mc devvo

  61. Guess Whocifer

    People some times confuse too much stimulation with fear.
    Less would just probably be more in this case.

  62. John Cusato

    Love this cover of a great tune...

    Lisa Parsons

    I agree 💯 I remember in92was26 Im52now still love.

  63. Dick McSwift

    in the lyrics it says "it's lots" It's actually "It's a laugh"

    Sean Riley

    hey lord.... is this song about sythetic cannabis?

  64. Mamashmeeky

    very very underrated

  65. Arie_12

    Kurt was no doubt a great talent. Holy shit.

    Universal Breakdown

    @Trevor Davis Shots fired.


    @Trevor Davis what the fuck does your comment have anything to do with what I said? Moron


    +Trevor Davis The world would have been an even better place if you would have been aborted.


    Trevor Davis stupid troll xD

    Zak Kohler

    This is a DEVO song

  66. coppunkhead

    it's called a "Cover"

  67. TiberiusClaudius Caesar

    Q. Are we not men? A: We are...Nirvana. (Devo)

  68. Beavis Dupont

    now that's a damn good cover

    Finngame 2

    *eXcUsE mE wHaT?*

  69. Chris Cohen

    This song is by Devo. Not nirvana

  70. jose Gerardo

    rage againts the machine style

  71. mdmesnoopy

    la letra dice youre not much MR. ANYTHING ! , yo se mas ingles que vos

  72. Anonymous

    I just Loled at myself because I didn't know that

  73. Max

    we're born burnt out...

  74. Izaak McCullough

    U see the pixies influences in lots of early work

  75. AbsolutePudding

    Because he described my age-group as uneducated, with no personal opinions other than what they have been given. Granted, that is indeed true for a lot of my generation, but I find this to be common in any age group. Which brings me back to my point; age makes no difference.

  76. Yephenpeace

    Why do you resent his comment if you agree with him?

  77. Anonymous


  78. ohwellwhateverr

    No, I'm not saying that! The truth is, he did develop manic depression/bipolar aged 9 years old, became a drug addict and had a family history of suicide, but that doesn't make me love him or be inspired by the good aspects of him any less.
    And I had suspicions before finding out about the cases' existence or that anyone else shared my suspicions surrounding Kurt's death.
    And he's hardly milking it. His voice isn't being heard. It's Courtney who's milking it. She should just leave Kurt alone.

  79. twilightfirefly

    So, you're saying Kurt didn't show classic signs of mental illness, wasn't strung out, and didn't have a family history of suicide? And you're calling ME ignorant?

    Meanwhile, you'll have to excuse me for avoiding that website. Tom Grant is an incompetent conspiracy-nut. You seriously think he's being earnest, and not riding the coattails of Cobain's death for his own benefit? He'd be a nameless nobody if he couldn't exploit Kurt's death; he's milked it for all its worth.

  80. AbsolutePudding

    As for you, I hope you enjoy your mundane life of an endless cycle, until it burns out.

  81. AbsolutePudding

    I'm 17 and I resent this comment. Cobain is one of the most inspirational people to me, and no other lyricist has captured my opinion on the world, community, and self realization as much as he has.

  82. Martin Martinček

    Love you KURT!!!

  83. Kitteh Kratz


  84. FinSituation

    Its more important to help others and create something that millions of people can listen to than if you are doing harm to yourself. Just because Kurt maybe did an suicide doesent mean that i am like "Oh, my role model kurt Cobain did an suicide, now i want also to shoot myself" Think before you write shit about a human who you dont even know personally. An judging human is not a good role model unless the judged person has done something bad, so i hope you dont get kids..

  85. Frank S

    Last 15 seconds more like orgasms in my orgasm-thingy

  86. ohwellwhateverr

    @twilightfirefly Calling anyone an "mentally unstable junkie" is just plain ignorant. It's practically been proved that it wasn't actually suicide. Go see the evidence at the justiceforkurt campaign websites.
    And anyway, being a good role model doesn't mean you are perfect in every way! I admire Kurt for his individuality, his humour, his beliefs that homophobic/racist/sexist behavior is wrong, and of course for his music. That makes him a good role model.

    Luis Angel Gonzalez

    ohwellwhateverr: Preach!

  87. twilightfirefly

    Creativity does not a role model make.

    Creativity doesn't make up for everything else.

    Yeah, his art and his music rocked. His life didn't. He was not a god, he was only human and he fucked up big time. He was a good musician, a good artist, intelligent, but beyond that who he was happened to be far from awesome. Unless you want to idolize mentally unstable junkies that abandon their families, in which case, you go with your bad self.

  88. studas2011


  89. FinSituation

    I saw this amazing dream where i was flying around in the universe while this song in background the my head fell off and started soinning like shit and i went to some planet or gas plant where there was this chick with huge boobs and then i drove in a T-Ford into the sea and then i woke up..

  90. mrbasic86

    Recipe for great artist

  91. twilightfirefly

    *rolls eyes*

  92. Paul Firszt

    Sometimes you gotta take the bad with the good. Kurt did make awesome music. Don't roll your eyes at people it's rude.

  93. twilightfirefly

    The fuck? Home computers have been in average households since the 80's.

  94. twilightfirefly

    STFU. Damn whippersnappers need to get off my lawn.

  95. twilightfirefly

    Bipolar, heroin-addicted, suicidal. Yup, that's a recipe for awesome, alright. *rolls eyes*

  96. john atco

    good cover version.
    take a good look poppycock.

  97. nirvanaman100

    @AndyScreamsshow all nirvana is true nirvana....