Nirvana - Swap Meet Lyrics

They lead a lifetime that is comfortable
They travel far to keep their stomachs full
They make their living off of arts and crafts
The kind with seashells, driftwood and burlap
They make a deal when they come to town
The Sunday swap meet is a battle ground
She loves him more than he will ever know
He loves her more than he will ever show

Keeps his cigarettes close to his heart
Keeps her photographs close to her heart
Keeps the bitterness close to the heart

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Nirvana Swap Meet Comments
  1. Martin Hroch

    That riff sounds like Bad Guy.

  2. Otto Wolf

    No matter what life dishes up, I alway come back to this. Music is the only real truth.

  3. Jive Ass Turkey

    This album is the beginning and ending of grunge.

  4. Иван Иван

    Все так же пиздато

  5. Riley Kelley

    There are at least two early Nirvana songs that reference a flea market/swap meet situation with seashells, driftwood and burlap being mentioned specifically. Here in swap meet, and again in Mrs Butterworth. Both songs have a very cynical tone to them and seem to be mocking their subjects as boring kinds of old people.

  6. Ahmed Ishtiaque

    That chorus sounds like motorhead.

  7. raniran09

    ascoltatelo in .wav , sonorità mancante

  8. César E. Vizarreta Pizarro

    Dat intro riff

  9. Christopher Martinez

    Keeps the cigarettes close to his HEART!!!

  10. Do e

    Grunge, hard rock, heavy metal, alternative metal, noise rock, experimental rock, psychedelic rock, garage rock, post-punk

  11. Stubby1085

    Kurt had a great story telling ability that made his songs feel personal.

  12. Maximum Subtlety

    "keep those internets close to the heart!"

    he really knew what was up back in 89

    Stephen Hembree

    😂😂😂 best post I've read in years!

  13. all humans are equal _

    I just searched Swap Meet....How the F.. is a dude who sounds like a microwave at the Number 1. Spot??


    Why did you type swap meet in the first place?

    all humans are equal _

    @SmashyPlays Because I want to hear the song, maybe?

  14. SuperJiggawhat

    Going to goodwill

  15. Acid Froggie

    Best track on album besides Blew and Scoff

  16. L Smith

    hows this for arts and crafts?

  17. poblan :P

    Por que muchos dicen que bleach es una mierda no se pero para mi suena bastante bien en la mayoria de las canciones cada uno tiene sus gustos como dicen no? xD

  18. Franga Vita


  19. Marko Visić

    Swap Meet, Big Cheese, Blew, Floyd The Barber, School, Peper Cuts, Scoff, Sifting... You cannot chose the song,killer album!

  20. Hjâłté W a n g

    Only Real grunge fans is listen to this Best song from nirvana

  21. Ramon Romo

    Verga esta madre no la dejo de escuchar

  22. Timed Dimension

    Now entering: Real fans zone

  23. VidEoS LocOS TacOS

    Good my like!!

  24. Beau Smith

    Smells like teen spirit
    Swap Meet
    Serve the servants.
    Yep definitely songs about teenage anger and rebellion

  25. En Guitarra Acustica

    i love the chorus

  26. Adolf Stalin

    I owned this album as a teen. Reminded me of my dear gramps, who went to swap meets

  27. snieto

    30 years!

  28. Scooter

    Kurt's vocals are orgasmic in this track

  29. frogs

    theres real fans who listen to songs and enjoy every one

    then theres the diehards like me who are fucked up in the head beyond recovery

  30. Stacy Almira

    Bleach are so Grunge ♥★♥★

    Jay Luis

    You're so hot 😍

  31. Ignacio Ordóñez

    killer riff

  32. Jason Storey

    favorite nirvana song by far. Amazing writing

  33. HillBillyCat

    This is where I meet true fans

  34. Jeremy nossiter

    one of thr best nirvana songs ever. period. that loopdy loo sort of feeling of lets have a good time!

  35. BrOOklynUP

    Bleach is their best. Sorry Dave

    Leo Espinosa

    Incesticide in utero

  36. john balducci

    Everyone who says Bleach is their best record is obviously either sick of Nevermind and In Utero or high. Bleach is great but it's basically a demo & the songs are not as good. I think all 3 records & all the covers n bootlegs are great too !

  37. mistabimbims

    This is a really exhausting song to play on guitar

  38. Truer Than You

    He loves her more than he will ever show... (love experts)

  39. Mauricio Rosa

    Passa os anos é gosto mais ainda dessas músicas

  40. TheMoonsOfficial

    First album I got from Nirvana. Love it

  41. devin Eden

    I love lorn but nirvana will always be on top

  42. SJ Lopez

    I remember learning this song and always having such a blast running through it with an old drummer of mine, what a great freakin set of riffs, kurt was an amazing songwriter

  43. Jonny L

    "Keeps his cigarettes close to his HaaarrAart."!!!!!

  44. ThreeDragonsTalk

    "She loves him more than he will ever know, he loves her more than he will ever show"


  45. Solange Lambert

    This is me and my boyfriend's song.

  46. Kevin Montoya

    I bought this track at a swap meet


    The album you mean???

  47. dorin betivul

    this is rage and dispaoinmaentvs human!
    fuckhe is right

  48. Alex Gherghina

    So sad that many people are calling themselves ' fans ' but they don't know a damn song of Bleach..oh ... Instead of " About a girl " ;/

    Teague jelinek

    Uhhh if you like the music you're a fan. Simple as that. To say someone doesn't really like the music just cause they don't know the names of songs sounds pretty stuck up

  49. Sagittarius

    Me mata el sonido de la batería! Es mejor que un orgasmo.

  50. Neonnearvash E7

    Super fun to play on bass

  51. Unit 265

    This album is so raw. Punches you right in the gut.

  52. michael.

    I Love Nirvana

    Ioana Mihai

    michael. I love Nirvana more:)))

  53. Lewuy 82

    esto lo describo con 3 palabras extraño, único, y agresivo

  54. John Doe

    They make their living off of arts and crafts.

    Devin Archmere

    John Doe. The kind with seashells, driftwood, and BURLAAAAAAAP

    Devin Archmere

    Keep the bitterness close to the heeaaaaaaart *cue badass riff*

  55. Dånīå H.

    Wow this is so underrated. Fuck.

  56. Chris Cameron

    Phonies, sheep always jumping on bandwagons find your own thing oh I love that term "in they nirvana phase" Kurt cobain's music will never get old and this general attitude towards the state of the world... fuck me he was light years ahead and remember he was only 27 when he went.

  57. Eichi Hoba

    One of best Nirvana songs.

    Rose Luna

    Thank u Lain

  58. Brian Last

    Kurt mother fucking cobain.

  59. Donovan Keith

    ✨🌾 🌾 🌾
    👟 👟


    Never fuckin' expected to see a minion on a Nirvana youtube video comment section.

    Devin Archmere

    Fucking hell this is some level 4 cancer. Someone call the Hazmat crew.

  60. im seth

    Trump is streight at 100 , and bleach is my favorite album of all time

  61. Brian Stears

    No doubt GOAT

  62. Jefferson Andres Araujo Mendoza

    I don't like to do this kind of things but...
    Smells like teen spirit by NirvanaVEVO: 2 842 493 likes
    Swap meet by NirvanaGrunge87: 1.152 likes.
    Date: June seventh, 2017.

  63. dan lett

    This is the best fucking song

  64. Ennio Morganti

    I think that The first Group of Kurt was really nice too.. Come on nirvana's fan, listen his album from his ex group called Fecal Matter

  65. Ennio Morganti

    Ennio Morganti

  66. James Bond

    love this sb*t

  67. Lolz Zzz

    fuck nevermind i aint saying its a bad record ,but maan bleach is my favourite nirvana album that is pure grunge while nevermind has some parts of some other things

  68. Campbell taylor

    12 people have only listened too smells like teen spirit

  69. Cheerio Totoro

    His voice sounds so sexy when he sings ''heart'' :')

    Jurassic Survivor

    Cheerio Totoro keep Nirvana close to the heart😃

    Mochilas Wayuu Bags

    thats what a groupie said

    Sexy Potato


  70. Dane

    Cobain was a whiny liberal homo but goddamn did he make good music

    Edward Armstrong

    Well you kinda need to be a whiny liberal fag in order to produce art, I mean what kind of self-respecting conservative would bet their future on becoming a successful singer? We tend to go for engineering, the trades and entrepreneurship, meanwhile millions upon millions of libtards try to "make it" with their worthless liberal arts degrees but only end up working at McDonald's with tons of student debt. Nevertheless when one out of a few millions of them actually makes it big they usually produce amazing songs and movies, inspired by pain and their own chaotic/degenerate lifestyles.


    Edward Armstrong so what do you go for

    Total Garbage

    daneman63 ew, a homophobic shithead

    Face-Fok Ltd.

    Edward Armstrong What a try-hard ‘conservative’, even faintly autistic way of thinking. Anyway you’re conflating real talent, which often gets overlooked by moronic marketing and corporate obsession with shortest time/cost, with the mass of self-indulgent hacks and ‘art students’ out there who are in it for the glamorous idea only.

    jacob m

    youre a fucking idiot

  71. Velha Psicodélica

    The best track off the Bleach

    enfin bref

    Velha Psicodélica I don't know, Paper Cuts is incredible too

    Daniel Dawid Roslan

    There's plenty of 'em :) Bleach is full of great songs! Yet it's so underrated album.. sad but screw it Real fans will enjoy it anyway:)
    Cheers from Poland people! :-)

    Sub Human


  72. Daniel Loewnau

    Can you hear 2 different rhythms in intro? :)


    Yeah i heard that. I was thinking the same thing

    delzzan12 Rodpamo

    Daniel Loewnau Fuck Yes ! the drums are magicians !!!! the same is for Rope - Foo Fighters!

  73. julyy

    Smell like teen spirit : 413 608 047 views
    Swap Meet : 110 848 views
    So, where are real fans ? ;))

    grunge 90s

    Here lol

    I H

    @Saint Petru Except for beans?Was that some kind of personal attack or something?

    Sid Vicious

    Off course smells like teen spirit has more views. It's a better song and it's there hit

    Finngame 2

    Now smells like poopoo has a billion

  74. inu 19


  75. Nicholas Fanzo

    cobain's riffs are so original and weird. NO one will ever do this again. This is true outsider art.

    Mergie S

    +Nicholas Fanzo
    These riffs sound pretty similar to Melvins, Kurt basically ripped them off.

    Augustine Coronado

    @Hjâłté W a n g I wanna hear buddy. I love shit like this

    Wade Yaeger

    Yeah everyone forgets Nirvana was just a perfect mash of Pixies and Melvins , COBAIN was just a flat out more talented lyricist etc ;)
    @m z


    Melvins and old school White Zombie


    Nicholas Fanzo
    - I agree. They won't because most guitarists want people to think they actually know how to play...

  76. John Gomez


    John Gomez

    +hash LIX wut?


    +John Gomez ur so right my friend

    John Gomez

    +☮XICS☮ k

    John Gomez

    +hash LIX good

    captain rex productions 72

    Have them killed

  77. ThreeShitsToTheWind

    They lead a lifestyle that is comfortable.

    Marky Marco

    Keep their bitterness close to the heart

    Jesse Eguia

    They traveled far to keep their stomachs full. They made a living off of arts and crafts

  78. ntspang

    I'm too old now Kurt. Fuck man, 22 years, time is passing by quickly. Miss you man.


    ntspang No one is too old for Nirvana!

  79. John Burns

    they should've done some heavy shit like this again.

    delzzan12 Rodpamo

    Motherfuckig Hell YEES bitch!!!!!!

    pranjal rai

    milk it

    Sub Human

    Yeah I love how this song sounds so influenced by the melvins

    Lord Takyon

    Seriously? Have you heard In Utero?

    trevor hoffman

    Milk it

  80. Jorge Santana

    Best nirvana intro song

    Matteo Calissi

    :Lithium" is better and "Come As You Are" too (my opinion)

  81. Haxter 77

    Brilliant tune xx

  82. assurdo888

    "She loves him more than he will ever know/he loves her more than he will ever show" i.e. most my love relationships...LOL

    Maximum Subtlety

    ... "LOL"?

  83. wozzlepop

    1989. Fucking 1989.

    Andy Faith no More guitarist

    My favorite song off Bleach!!! <3


    1989.....Fuck yeah!!!

    Lisa G

    Not digging Bleach much compare to their later stuff but thi songs has a touch of their later sound at least.

  84. Diego Costanzo

    El primer y, a mi entender, mejor album de Nirvana... después las drogas pesadas destruyeron su capacidad de sentir... lo mismo que le pasó a Blak Sabbat (el primer black sabbat). Por eso perdieron la magia, que era pura potencia y emoción. El ultimo album: una cagada. QEPD. LAS DROGAS NOS VUELVEN PSICÓPATAS ASESINOS O MÁRTIRES SUICIDADS. O J O !!!

    Ricardo Contreras

    +Diego Costanzo Estás loco.


    el último álbum fue el mejor

    Elio Quintanilla Grandez

    el in utero es tan bueno como el bleach. Estas mal del cerebro

    I NC

    +Diego Costanzo evangelico tarado, hablando weas para variar.

    Niño Etéreo

    +Diego Costanzo Todos sus álbumes son buenos, In Utero fue el mejor de ellos, a pesar de drogarse seguía siendo un genio

  85. Tony Scott

    I learned their unkown song labeled "Mrs. Butterworth" became this song.

    kyle hymel

    I see it

  86. Soldado de Juan José Torres

    I can hear buzz osborne's influence

  87. Face

    Keeps his cigarettes close to his heart . Keeps his photograph close to her hearrrrt

  88. Dave Haro

    Bleach = best album. Swap Meet = best track on Bleach.


    One word....School

    Leslie Callihan

    Paper cuts*

    Jesse Eguia

    I love sifting.. that's my favorite off of the Bleach album

    Dylan Weiler

    Nah I’d say negative creep

    pedro luiz

    No way, pal. We may look real oldschool fans, but c'mon. Never mind is a legend not only for rock but for world music

  89. juana fernandez

    me encanta este albun

  90. Fresh Prince Of Darkness

    If you don't like Bleach... then you don't like Nirvana... and if you don't like Nirvana... THEN I DON'T LIKE YOU!!!

    Burt Gaming

    mike oliver I freaking love Bleach!!!


    You can like a band, and his albums, you don't need to like all albums as an order, you can just not hear one, and not only for that you dont like the fucking band, so stfu... i hate this type of coments, let the people hear the songs, god.


    If you don't like Nirvana, go fuck yourself over and over


    Musically this album is ...less inspiring. Still it is good. Dont get your panties in a twist k.

  91. IronicKismet

    Chad Channing was a much more interesting and creative drummer than Dave Grohl.


    Eh that’s a tricky subject, Dave is objectively better then chad in skill, but it’s up to opinion who fits in with the band better, Dave on bleach would have been wierd but chad on in utero would have been wierd

    Santos Miguel Prieto Suárez

    Well, Dave is more powerfull but Chad Channing was more versatile. Chad used to play double bass drum, for example, in Big Cheese. Dave Grohl never played double bass drum.

    Olive Avostrine

    IronicKismet , Thats right, yet...Dave Played better...
    Love them both....

    Trivia boy

    Dave is a clear winner

    john balducci

    IronicKismet obviously everyone has an opinion. Yours just happens to be wrong. Dave's a much better drummer in every sense. What do you think his drumming & vocals on Nevermind had anything to do with it's sucess.

  92. Mike Damone

    Fair enough, sir.