Nirvana - Something In The Way Lyrics

Underneath the bridge
The tarp has sprung a leak
And the animals I've trapped
Have all become my pets
And I'm living off of grass
And the drippings from the ceiling
It's okay to eat fish
'Cause they don't have any feelings

Something in the way, mmm
Something in the way, yeah, mmm

Underneath the bridge
The tarp has sprung a leak
And the animals I've trapped
Have all become my pets
And I'm living off of grass
And the drippings from the ceiling
It's okay to eat fish
'Cause they don't have any feelings

Something in the way, mmm
Something in the way, yeah, mmm

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Nirvana Something In The Way Comments
  1. Mana Rocha

    Something is sure coming your way . . . Sins are paid here not over there

  2. randomantguy 24

    Rest in peace Kurt, I genuinely love you man!

  3. Gabriel Nenemann


  4. Taib Yahia

    So deep R.I.P Kurt something in the way yeah , mmmm

  5. thełegëńdçkæs

    only the good die young

  6. Mr. Alien

    The photos makes the song even more sad
    rip kurt

  7. DoN 925k96669

    👍😥I miss you 💔

  8. Damian Deseret

    Yo se muy bien sus creencias en la cual los individuos humanos deciden todo. Pero loco ponte en mi lugar siempre mi hermano a sido problemático y cualquier huevada que le pase siempre voy a estar yo. Viendo y sintiendo su dolor.

  9. Dominic Cincotta

    Alice in chains was and will be far better band than nirvana

  10. YassinGhareeb

    For anyone who loves this song, recommend me more please, I trust your taste

    Kathryn Dogoloff

    Have you listened to Nine Inch Nails? Their song "dirt" makes me feel like this. They have a couple good ones kind of like this. I'll try and think of more


    @Kathryn Dogoloff yes! i loved their Hurt and Eraser, they kind of scream a lot, which maybe i think the whole point of it.. releasing bad vibes you know..
    looking for dirt now

  11. Kara Collins

    Everything changes... I promise... don’t let today becomes tomorrow’s regret... I can promise that’s the worst feeling than any sadness... because it’s gone every 24 hours.. and that’s it.
    being a survivor is much harder than living.. it takes heart and guts.. and fight.. you can do this.. we are all just a rope away.. and still you can use it to climb out of the hole or swing into an abyss .. the wait is worth it... have faith even if it’s for what’s to come.

  12. the conqueror salah Ljycjjch

    I look something in the way I release the shadow

  13. Crystal Roderick

    this is one of my fav songs by Nirvana. its very dark and eerie

  14. Patrick Farrell

    Talented . He was well read , a great writer. It goes hand n hand.

  15. Linda •

    2020 and i'm missing him so much

    Linda •

    @CLANDESTINO /Ад\i just need him back in my life


    @Linda • i know 😔


    something in the way sounds like a slogan advertising laxatives


    2020 and idc im gonna listen it till i die.

  18. Creamy Icecat

    The poster Dave is holding says " Coup leader kills himself "

    Sorry if I make you cry.

  19. Natalia Bobeł

    I miss Kurt, even though I haven't met him

  20. Tauva TV

    How to end the album that started the 1990s alternative music boom: a Beatles interpolation

  21. Skooldazze

    I really bothers me to see the comment section full of teenagers and kids screaming bullshit such as "I'm so special and quirky and I'm better than people my age for listening to Nirvana".


    I'm also young, (14 years old)

    I also listen to Nirvana

    And I'm not better than anyone else just because I do so.

    Kids my age: you're not better either for what you listen to. Learn how to respect """everyone else's""" taste in music, because they're also valid, even if your inmature ass can't see that you don't define what is "good" and "bad" music.

  22. grunge is dead

    I'm playing this at my funeral

  23. Himalia

    This is so hauntingly beautiful

  24. shane wood

    This bridge is 2 blocks from his childhood home in Aberdeen, WA. There are youtube videos if you want to see it.

  25. Riah

    We are all something in the way

  26. Maria Kokkoti

    Lovely one! Maybe the best...

  27. truthseeker

    This shit is so damn weird i feel like ive lived at 80's even im much younger like reborn or something like that 🤯

  28. Admiral Poison

    Cobain is daddy

  29. nicol alis

    You ll be always my consolation!



  31. ЕВРEЙ

    Эээх Курт...Жаль что теперь никогда не будет концертов Нирваны:(

  32. Dominick Hannigan

    I am so sad

  33. Ionut Morar

    Wow this song,No comments !!!

  34. Aidans show

    You don't own this music dick head, although you monetize. Your a prick

  35. SkanMax

    Y love you skanmax YouTube

  36. Kimmo Laine

    Underneath the bridge...

  37. Mika Martinez

    He'd be 53 right now in 2020

  38. boringlife

    its ok to eat fish

  39. luxannna crownguard

    all the narcissistic girls here that want to 'have a long deep conversation' with kurt like they some fucking genius therapist or his mom can go lie down on the highway. if you were born after 1990 all you deserve is a painful slap across your ugly makeup covered excuse of a face

    Demonizer Necrokvlt

    Too right

  40. Zz Guitarist

    billie elish from 1991

    Zz Guitarist

    @Host billie elish copied kurt cobain


    Zz Guitarist not exactly, their styles in music aren't similar.

    Zz Guitarist

    Host yes but the music is very similar

    Breaking Benjam1n

    Kurt forever and your Billie Elish is bullshit and it's true!


    Zz Guitarist Please tell me how Nirvana is similar to Billie lmao.

  41. Kaine Caulfield

    Just a friendly reminder that kurt didn’t kill him self.

    DomTheEpic Gamer

    how did he die then

    Kaine Caulfield

    araceli nicole just a lot of rumours that his gf killed him. Since he was planning to dump her. And his suicide note is in her hand writing. and the shotgun blast would’ve sent the gun flying in many possibilities. but it’s still in his hand.

    Kristian Kuusivaara

    @Kaine Caulfield i agree

    Saike Kun

    We would never know we can only think hes the only one who knows(sry for bad english)

    Евгения Михайловна

    @Kaine Caulfield lol kurt was suicidal for ages. stop blaming courtney just because you don't like her. the key word is 'rumours' here. kurt had clinical depression and it wasn't his first attempt. courtney is a hellraiser, but she didn't kill him

  42. L'homme

    This song always makes me sad and homicidal!

  43. bobbycone2

    The chorus has multiple audio tracks of Kurt singing in the song. Listen closely you can hear the harmony of the two recordings.

  44. Агент ФБР

    Alice In Chains please

  45. bribri1135

    This helps my depression

  46. Poupoko

    0:56 this moment in Montage of Heck where the video cut to a dog running fast like he's free of all constraints, fucking chills...

  47. Kaine Caulfield

    When the worlds ending imma play this.



  49. Marshall Mathers

    Да, с такими песнями тебе сюда :
    Депрессия ебать👍

  50. Perch

    The dislikes are vegans

  51. janet chavez-calixto

    I wish I could just die end it all, I wish I could but she needs me alive, I can't leave her.

    Kathryn Dogoloff

    I know EXACTLY how you feel

  52. Brett Who?

    This is my simple cover of this awesome song:
    #Nirvana cover #Somethingintheway

  53. Nicholas Garcia

    Everytime i wanna kill myself i listen to this. Fuck.

  54. Eesh SinGer

    This is the reason why I loved nirvana cuz they're an authentic band and 2 they're the most humble band I've seen In my life it's like he's actually talking to you and your his friend trying to comfort him

  55. Ajay Deka

    January 2020 Kurt we love u..

  56. Crystal Roderick

    haven't heard this in a long time

  57. Mathieu Le Roy

    Peut-être une des plus belles chansons jamais écrite...

  58. mamiferuD

    nobody really thought about what these pictures will mean for the people involved after a while.
    kinda makes you think. sad.

  59. i am au

    when there is no toy in the happy meal

  60. Crusader Watch

    What other problems did Kurt have before his heroin addiction

    Crystal Roderick

    all kinds. came from a fucked upbringing. his parents were messed up. he was very depressed and insecure plus lonely

  61. Trevor K

    Why is it when im broken hearted the most I listen to painful music and wallow in misery ...a big fuck you to anyone who fucked your friends lover ..and a fuck you to all the cheaters out there!! Karma bitches

  62. Donnie Britt

    They need to make a nirvana movie called nevermind

    Potato Chip with BBQ sauce for flavor

    Donnie Britt
    I think a really well made documentary would be better since with movies they would just over exaggerate the shit out of it


    Potato Chip with BBQ sauce for flavor search Montage of Heck

  63. Another Groot

    this song really makes my depression get a depression.

  64. marika jot

    Niezmiennie od lat 💗💗💗



  65. claudia 0000

    this is a so beautiful song, i hope he is good


    He's dead

    claudia 0000

    @jivey666 and?


    @claudia 0000 you said you hope he is good hes not because he's dead (what good you mean but how he is feeling or his talent because if its how he is hes not but his talent is good)

    claudia 0000

    @jivey666 Yes, I know, I meant where he is, I hope he is well😊🤗

  66. Obi Wan Kenobi

    I would play this if Anakin had the high ground.

    Giappo62 TV

    @Obi Wan Kenobi general kenobi

    Obi Wan Kenobi

    @Giappo62 TV Grievous?

    Simply bobajojoba

    I have brought freedom, peace, justice, and security to my new empire!

    Obi Wan Kenobi

    @Simply bobajojoba *Chops your head off*

  67. Taboo Deer

    That fuckin chello? In the background dude 🔥

  68. Buz Jones


  69. Nora Gami

    I was to hang myself right now and then it suddenly play in my list. Maybe, Cobain doesn-t want me to end my life just like this .

    OG Puffy

    Update are you still with us?

    Nora Gami

    Thank you everyone. I was away from social media for couple of weeks. Yes I am alive. Thanks. It's just sometimes I have thoughts of 'it' due to lots of pressure from my husband, work, chores, my own family, my husband's family. It just felt wrong. The only thing I know is that something's wrong with me that's why things doesn't go well. I just want to be loved, to be appreciated. That they can remember my birthday at least but it's not like that and will never happen. I am trying to be stronger for my daughter. When she saw me crying, she cried too. It makes my heart break. It hurts a lot. My 3 year old daughter feels that I'm in pain. Never thought that she would hug and cried with me. I just realized that there is a reason to keep going.

    I am sorry if I'm talking here about my dilemmas. I don't have someone to talk to. Bare with me. Thank you for the motivating comments. I do appreciate it.

    OG Puffy

    @Nora Gami never give up! I see trials and hardship as Gods way of character development. Keep going and in the end you'll be stronger than ever and proud of yourself.


    stay alive
    things will get better
    good luck

    Kathryn Dogoloff

    @Nora Gami I know exactly where you are I'm there too not same problems but same desire to end it but like you I have sweet loving babies that love but more importantly count on me everyday for everything and I could never take the chance that if I wasn't here that they could end up in very bad hands. SO for me they save me literally everyday. I also have no one really to talk to so I get it when you open up about something that you just kind of emotionally vomit on whoever's listening because it's been SO long since you've been able to say something honest about how you feel instead of the fake smile that by now is just a quick half smile or even just your mouth doing a twitch kind of thing because even your body is tired of pretending your ok but you've programmed your face to give the
    " correct" looking replys to statements like "isn't this great" or "cheer up everything will be ok" I've heard that one said one way or another a billion times IT WILL BE OK. That's someone's way of saying I really don't want to hear what's wrong so I don't know what else to say but I know I have to say something positive and nice to you. See even I can't stop talking once I start. Lol. Just know that there are others out there that feel the same way. Life has treated us badly and we are such good people so why us? Why are we trapped in this pain. Also you sound like you have a toxic person around you your spouse should ALWAYS remember your birthday. My dad always reminds me a week before my moms birthday just in case I forgot. Your sweet daughter shouldn't grow up thinking it's ok for her boyfriends or husband or wife cause you never know these days lol that it's ok for them too forget important days to her. A birthday should be more important to your spouse because it's the day you came into the world and if that never happend they would never have known you and that should be SO important to them. Just so you know he doesn't have to he a permanent fixture in your life especially if he seems to NOT give a Shit. Just think about that. There's somebody out there that wants to love you AND cares anytime you get sad. You don't have to stay stuck I guess is all I'm saying but I know how hard it is to even think about getting unstuck let alone do it BUT it is possible just how bad do you want your " REAL" smile back AND your daughter to not see you like that again? I'm pulling for you if you can take back your life we ALL can.💖💖💖💖💖😜

  70. TheMIKE263

    Those two chords are heavier than heaven

    Daniela Victoria

    Lol I get it


    Anyone still listening to this one , you have great nd rebel taste of music

  72. Theo

    'I do not have friends, for people are so phony'

    -Kurt Cobain

    Tedam marak

    But he had Dave and grohl


    Krist and Novoselic

    Galaxy Potato

    But didnt kurt also have cobain


    Pat and Smear

    m3m3 junk1e

    During his teen years

  73. Popa Matias

    Fuck Kurt

    makros _mlg

    yooo chill

    Electric Psycho

    Popa Matias
    No, FUCK YOU

  74. jim Divirgilio

    What is dead may never die

  75. Aleksey Alekseyev

    52 years old. Happy birthday Kourt

  76. Piper Dobbs


  77. Kai Suzuran

    Jathead bring me here

    Nathan Thorson

    Jarhead is a good movie. !

  78. Muenen

    Ironically, science has now proven that pisces have feelings :|

    Great song though

  79. G C

    Desire for Suicide ...

  80. K G


  81. Dawn Richards

    Thank you for posting this song! I love Nirvana! 🤘Been a fan since I was in 6th grade! And you better believe my children were raised listening to bad ass, amazing music 🤘

  82. Janaina Caland

    Its crying songs my Friends.In hours good in hours bads. I Love u Kurt Cobain 4 ever.

  83. willshipman456

    An amazing song

  84. willshipman456

    An amazing song

  85. ate8

    hey guys!

  86. pinkmilc

    I don't know why but this song makes ms cry when I listen, there's just something so sad in his voice on this track

  87. Ergastiri Petra

    saddest song of all times

  88. Lydia Page

    She moves

  89. òwœ

    I think that when the song mentions its okay to eat fish because they have no feelings, refers to how people think it's okay to hurt those who are at the bottom of society, like druggies and Kurt himself, because people don't refer to them as humans with feelings. and when he mentions trapping animals and turning them into pets refers to how people and society in general make things out to be whatever they want them to be, but I'm not sure.

  90. sebastián

    This is the deepest song i've ever heard in my entire life

  91. Justin Gunn

    The backstabbers traitors,bullies,whores,sluts,haters,assholes,and jerks are the rotten fishes in the rotten sea

  92. jcmmissespxa

    Something in the way..?!

  93. Sara Leanne

    I’m not crying u r

  94. YAK Bassin360

    Nirvanas best song hands down!!

  95. Isaiah White

    I think this song is about him being homeless under a bridge in Aberdeen WA. I’ve been to Aberdeen and it is damn well depressing.

    Sian Fredericks

    That's the time when his parents kicked him out of the house because he was this 'rebellion' and I think there his depression started from teenager to the time of his death

    Red Kämpfer

    His animals and pets seem like drugs.

    Andrew Smith

    @Red Kämpfer yeah "grass" is another word for weed, and "dripping from the ceiling", when you do pills you get a drip from the roof of your mouth, it's about drug use