Nirvana - Polly Lyrics

Polly wants a cracker
Think I should get off her first
Think she wants some water
To put out the blow torch

Isn't me, have a seed
Let me clip, dirty wings
Let me take a ride, cut yourself
Want some help, please myself
Got some rope, have been told
Promise you, have been true
Let me take a ride, cut yourself
Want some help, please myself

Polly wants a cracker
Maybe she would like some food
She asks me to untie her
Chase would be nice for a few

Isn't me, have a seed
Let me clip, dirty wings
Let me take a ride, cut yourself
Want some help, please myself
Got some rope, have been told
Promise you, have been true
Let me take a ride, cut yourself
Want some help, please myself

Polly said

Polly says her back hurts
She's just as bored as me
She caught me off my guard
Amazes me the will of instinct

Isn't me, have a seed
Let me clip, dirty wings
Let me take a ride, cut yourself
Want some help, please myself
Got some rope, have been told
Promise you, have been true
Let me take a ride, cut yourself
Want some help, please myself

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Nirvana Polly Comments
  1. Magic Misfit

    this song is messed up man

  2. Silvan Filho

    Polly ❤️

  3. Retro Plus

    This song is pretty bad honestly but it spoke of a story that needed to be told.

  4. Макс

    90's was 30 years ago... Imagine how much changed... Krist looks like math teacher, Dave is also different. It's been so long


    Cobain looks different too


    truth and they both have new band ... except Pat Smear ... Pat is in FOO FIGHTRES ... like Dave

  5. Gabriel Lima

    Quando pego no violão é so o que vem na minha cabeça

  6. Murilo Stankevix

    Polly Guaraná é show!! Com Polly eu fico feliz!!!

  7. kleber cruz

    🇧🇷 26/12/2019 às 23:23 , que 2020 chegue regado de bom Rock!!🇧🇷

    Sanderson Santiago

    Amém meu brother 🤟🇧🇷

    Miguel FelipeFF

    30/12/19 23:42 feliz ano a vcs adiantado 🇧🇷

  8. Gtaming G

    This song is fucked up

  9. Vinícius Alves

    Who's Polly?


    14 yr old girl who was kidnapped, read discription.

    Vinícius Alves

    @Damien thank ya

    Magic Misfit

    @Vinícius Alves she was kidnapped raped and burned with a blowtorch

  10. carioca viado

    mano, a voz do kurt e a do david se encaixam perfeitamente

  11. Tanya Pelizon

    Tua aria mit

  12. Shakur Headifen

    So lucky she escaped

  13. Stuart Jones

    Can you say pretty bird ?

  14. Débora Cristina

    Grunge is desde :)

  15. ôмєɢα do NCT


  16. Diego Andrade

    "A Coca vem com rato" h&r

  17. onlyallahcanjudgeme

    I can't

  18. Cleide Lira Empresária da Beleza


  19. Laertty Oliveira

    Essa aí e Black - Pearl Jam ouço todo fim de ano pra exorcizar o ano hahahah

  20. Kaue Saraiva

    Essa musica é muito Boa! Se vc olhar a tradução da música, vc vai ver que se trata de uma história Real, de uma garota que foi estuprada e torturada, mas conseguiu fugir do psicopata.

  21. Hasnizam Mohamed

    Polly Gray.

  22. Mr.Knight The Detective

    And to think that this song was about polio disease, boy was I wrong...

  23. majin ghost

    I just started getting into nirvana songs sooo I'm new 🤓


    Listen to In Utero and Incestcide.

    Stuart Jones

    You wont be disappointed I'm here after 20 years

  24. Greg Stark

    The truly amazing and innovative piece of this work is that the lyrics are from the perspective of the bad guy. I find that a little creepy and a lot awesome.

  25. Austin Marsland

    Jus commenting cause id b the 420th comment

  26. Stoli Blue

    Amazes me the will of instinct. Damn right

  27. Brenda Cannon

    Fudge packing, Satan worshipping Mofo' the message loud and clear. Thanks Kurt!

  28. Brenda Cannon

    Sadistic sexual predator is also the same person that suicided Kurt, Chester & Cornell* ...Little David Geffen has many skeletons in his closet.

  29. sobrevivamos Siempre

    i love this song

  30. Pulkit Jatav

    It's beautiful how Kurt Cobain tried to show the rapist as a victim too. Kurt Cobain you genius.

    T-money On de track

    Pulkit Jatav thats not what he was doing you fucking idiot kurt was a known womans rights activist


    @T-money On de track ok, but that's literally exactly what hes doing in the song.

    T-money On de track

    R1ptide he said he is trying to show the rapist as a victim thats just not true.


    @T-money On de track kurt made the song to not only show polly as the victim but the rapist as well. its the reason behind it


    @R1ptide why do you think so? Just because it's written from his POV doesn't mean he's a victim.

  31. Heather Wells

    I'm like a poor god with no son or daughter I'm not a man giving you words of anagrams

  32. Heather Wells

    Gods in the air in earth carefully I'll save you if you hear me

  33. Heather Wells

    Indian in alien

  34. Heather Wells

    Got is in my slope pipe

  35. Heather Wells

    Not a hoax

  36. Heather Wells

    I'm alien

  37. Heather Wells

    Me and god talked in a lean 2 kitchen up

  38. The Oof Spider

    This song is so good but fucked up, Glad she escaped🤘❤️

  39. Muerte Blanca

    " Ellos se rien de mi por ser diferente, yo me río de ellos por ser todos iguales" 🖤...

  40. Vitoria Silva


  41. Miranha

    nice drums

  42. Polly Rose

    My names polly

  43. Wnuczko

    A ja Ile mialem zgadnij Ola?

  44. Djychffg Chgg

    It’s really depressing that someone could do that to another human being.

    Clarice Starling

    Stoli Blue-Yes, it’s abominable. Unfortunately, the reason it’s considered normal is that majority if not all boys learn about sex through porn, where a lot of abuse to men and women happens, mostly women, for some reason. And they start thinking that’s normal, that porn isn’t just acting, and women’s bodies are there to be dominant and violent toward in sex, when that really isn’t normal. They’re all taught wrong, and slowly getting more influenced by these sick fucks. The indoctrination the porn industry is allowed to have is egregiously harmful.

    Clarice Starling

    Stoli Blue-You’re an amazing, mature, kind person. I’m serious, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Thanks so much for sticking up for your this and showing this behaviour can’t be normalised. Never change 🖤🖤

    Stoli Blue

    @Clarice Starling
    Thanks so much for your words, I was abused as a child but my feelings about sexes are as said 100 percent equal in every way.
    So nice to hear from women and men who understand what to me is obvious and normal.

    Clarice Starling

    Stoli Blue-No worries, and I’m really, really sorry, to hear that🖤. Hope you’re good now!!! I hope one day we can eradicate this kind of BS. Good luck w/ life 🧬🌞👊

  45. chicken nugget time

    Polly says her backs hurts she cought me off my guard

  46. Eski

    RIP Kurt forever ur soul lives on ❤️

  47. Lee Chen


  48. Eric Hondel

    I got sucker punched to this song.

  49. NibbaSupreme 666

    P o l l y p o c k e t

  50. Evan Maka


  51. planes124

    Wonder what polly thought of the song

    Naruto SHIPPUDEN

    What she would of thought since she’s dead

    Naruto SHIPPUDEN

    Sorry I didn’t know if she died or not


    @Naruto SHIPPUDEN most likely old now

    Cian Hughes

    Damien she dead


    @Cian Hughes fair

  52. KiPY

    Most akkor a Tankcsapda lopta az alapot? :D

  53. raid

    i like it but very sad yes

  54. tiio101

    It’s songs like this that make me thing maybe Courtney is innocent.


    tiio101 how?

  55. Jessica Goodson

    I listen to this on 0.75% for the extra haunting effect.

    Stoli Blue

    Speed of play, you mean I assume??

  56. no rkn

    This song has been stuck in my head lately.

    Marcell Laczkó

    Yeah , it's catchy. But if you realize what the lyrics is about then it's kinda strange singing this song.

    no rkn

    @Marcell Laczkó , I knew the meaning of this song before I even listened to it. But still, its lyrics stuck in my head and I cannot do anything with that

    Marcell Laczkó

    @no rkn I know , it just gets stuck in your head. I love this song!

  57. whyxwhy x

    still sends shivers down the spine.

    Dark Vinnie

    Body's aching all the time

    whyxwhy x

    goodbye,everybody,ive got to go

  58. Daniel Silva

    Polly Guaraná

  59. Vinicius Lobato

    The drums is the better part of music... only one tap in attack, but we love nirvana ;)

  60. Angus McKinnon Young

    Favourite nirvana’s song ? SmElls LiKe tEeN spirits for sure

    J Xavier

    Bruv u seriously need to hear more of Nirvana then

    Angus McKinnon Young

    J Xavier really?

  61. scotty walker

    legends never die 🤘😎

  62. Lukas Worsley

    RIP poly klaas

  63. NxDsIsNintendo

    Essa música me lembra a menina que eu gosto....
    Mesmo que a letra não seja sobre amor

    Luiz Albano

    NxDsIsNintendo alo, polícia


    @Luiz Albano
    Eu não penso nela e em estupro não po, fica tranquilo kkkkkk

  64. Ardag Soghomonian

    Very sad!

  65. Christopher Kolb

    This song won't die

  66. Neide Sylva


  67. British-Aussie Lover

    When he says "polly say...." in the bass bit, that was a mistake they left in.

    Marcin Cz

    It is not a mistake, they recorded it the same way in new wave version


    @Marcin Czit is a mistake. Kurt sung the line to early but they decided to keep it in.

    Whale Knuckles

    @Marcin Cz they decided they liked it.

  68. Убер Укроп

    first 5 sec i was thinking thaits its Litium lmao

  69. CapaciTF2

    This song is so eery now

  70. Amber133 Xo

    This song is about the actual kidnapping of a 14-year-old girl. In 1987, she was returning from a concert in Tacoma, Washington when she was abducted by a man named Gerald Friend. He took her back to his mobile home and raped her. The girl, whose name was not released, was tortured with a whip, a razor, and a blowtorch. She managed to escape when Friend took her for a ride and stopped for gas. He was arrested and sent to jail.


    and what happened to the girl?

    Amber133 Xo

    Etward she escaped


    @Amber133 Xo i mean, how is she nowadays?

    Amber133 Xo

    Etward good

  71. lucas canova

    BRASIL !!!

  72. Kingkode

    Not many people know this but this song is based on the rape and torture of a 14 year old girl

  73. Aaron

    What's that smell? Pissed myself.

    Alex Pn

    Aaron lol


    I- why would you- why did I laugh?

    Retro Plus

    Take a sip, of my piss

  74. Thick Nigga

    gerald friend, the one man who is definitely not your friend

  75. Anar Eminov

    Who the fuck is nerdwriter?

  76. Quin McFly

    I hate that this is a really good song

  77. Kaiden Williams

    95% of the comments are in a foreign language. 3% are 2019 comments.2% are these.

  78. James Parker

    Who’s here from Nerdwriter?


    I knew the song but yeah he made me wanna listen to it again

    Aaa Aaaa

    I am. The video made me appreciate this song more.

    Mr. Walkowicz

    Who is Nerdwritter?

  79. Stephen Cothran

    God, this song is a dirty diatribe of a sexual rapist hell bent on torturing the young woman in his basement. its slow beat that Cobain holds in this song tells you that this rapist enjoys this melodically pleasuring torture that he forces on the young Polly.

  80. timtim2500

    Coming from Nerdwriter1 straight to here! :)


    Same! My brain skipped over the lyrics to this song whenever I listened to it. Holy fuck!

    Murilo P. Lima

    This song have a whole new impact on me after his video. Powerfull stuff...


    You really did not understand the meaning of that song before a dude explained it to you ? I mean this one ain't really cryptic guys.

  81. DanielectriCity2

    Speed 2x sounds better than the original

  82. FBI

    Jesus Love you

    Silvan Filho

    I love Jesus ❤️

  83. Tamás Poszt

    SThe Latin night if you thought of all don’t call no utilities she say Fossett leaking through

  84. Liza Balogh

    Ki jött ide Paul street videója miatt?

  85. Adamo Sousa

    Obrigado, Kurt. Mesmo sem saber a letra da música, consegui não me sentir só. Obrigado por estar comigo nessa luta que é viver cada dia como se fosse o último. Obrigado por enfrentar minha Polly.

  86. gino carper

    *Sweet grunge intensifies*

  87. Axel Elyan

    Kono kyoku wa reipu ni tsuite hanashite imasu

  88. Scott Tonks

    There's a story that 2 guys raped a girl after a Nirvana show singing this song to her. So they refused to play it after that

    Rapper_w1th0ut_beatZ lol

    I heard about that. Honestly thats what i thought the song was about at first, dont know why the song would be about itself but eh

    Dark Vinnie

    Wow.I didn't knew that

  89. Oscar Egan Live Streams 128117

    The bass in this is unreal

  90. Nick Us

    Polly is hongry but dont know why

  91. Kakashi Hatake

    Nirvana para mi el mejor grupo de la historia ✌️

  92. Emma Newton

    Polly Klaas Was 12 not 14 when she was kidnaped

    OpDeathEaters Canada

    Polly Hannah Klaas (January 3, 1981 - October 1, 1993) was an American murder victim whose case was gained national attention. On October 1, 1993, at the age of twelve, she was kidnapped at her home in Petaluma, California. She was later strangled. Richard Allen Davis was convicted of her murder in 1996 and sentenced to death. Polly Klaas Foundation helped to create the Amber Alert system for kidnappings .

    Nunana Gajugeo

    @OpDeathEaters Canada wha.. description says she escaped at the gas station. Did she get caught n murdered then?

  93. Rita Cristina

    Polly quer biscoito

  94. Sasha

    Miss nirvana