Nirvana - Negative Creep Lyrics

This is out of our reach [x3]
This is getting to be [x3]
I'm a negative creep [x3]
And I'm stoned!
I'm a negative creep [x3]
And oh...

Daddy's little girl ain't a girl no more [x6]

This is out of our range [x3]
And it's grown
This is getting to be [x3]
Like drone
I'm a negative creep [x3]
And I'm stoned!
I'm a negative creep [x3]
And I'm...

Daddy's little girl ain't a girl no more [x6]


Daddy's little girl ain't a girl no more...

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Nirvana Negative Creep Comments
  1. Marco Roberts

    my neighbors love this song so much they threw bricks in my window so they could hear it better

  2. Joy Tick

    My dad woke up to this song oops sorry daddy :(

  3. Alexander Hudson

    I thought it said ''this is all about rage'' instead of ''this is out of our reach''

  4. granny savage

    I'm a negative creep and Epstein didn't kill himself

  5. Monte Lee My P.O.V


  6. Grzes Wolf

    wziolem wolne pije

  7. Peter Ritson

    They went off the boil after Bleach.

  8. Gestapo Pussyranch

    I'm a negative creep...and I'm stoned.

  9. James Barker

    That song is pure bliss 🤘

  10. Grunge Chaos

    My friend coming out as trans to his dad like: 0:45

  11. Riz Khalil

    1:22 - best part of the whole song

  12. Carole Cook

    My son got me listening to this in the 90s he's in his 30s now and every holiday get together he pulls in drive with this song blaring so loud the world can hear it some things never change

  13. G N

    You can tell they took the the the tune that mudhoney did on that song called sweet young thing ain't sweet no more""""

  14. Dzakir Rabbani

    I love nirvana

  15. Happyhour 222

    rock on kurt RIP

  16. Man de Gaturiss

    Spit It Out

    Man de Gaturiss


  17. Gláucio Abreu

    I am negative creep

  18. debashish kachari

    Who screamed like that in 1989

  19. Bence Maráczi

    sounds like metallica

  20. #xaddboy Sadmusic

    The best song from Nirvana. Yeah!!! ⚡⚡

  21. Metallica Life

    I showed this to a girl, she ain't a girl no more.

  22. Önea Barcelona

    This tune sounds for me like a violence and out of control anthem.

  23. João Trigueiros

    fuck. nirvana ia heavier that metallica. kurt voice its unique

  24. Marcio Ricardo


  25. Chris Conrad

    405 people are lame AF and deserve to be punched in the teeth! 👊

  26. diddle doddle link a poodle

    Holy shit you can hear that he is literally putting some heart into it

  27. XC3N

    This is how remember my blood type...

  28. Chloe McMillan


  29. 에스텔

    1:25 ear orgasm

  30. CrispyLand

    Any fellow Melvins fans see the similarities?

  31. Pedoro Yeager


  32. KasbrotTV

    2019 any1?

  33. Rick Therrien

    The title for this album was taken from a big build board which said “Bleach your works”

  34. Corentin FanSB

    Putain que cette chanson te procure une sensation divines

  35. Luke Richards

    I’m a negative creep ,and fucking love this track !

  36. 77Tom77Tom77

    I'm a positve creep (3 x) and i don't want drugs no more.

  37. Last Bohemian

    I‘m always singin this when I wake up stoned in da morning

  38. Issyonline

    Literally everyone's saying that "Daddy's little girl ain't a girl no more" means that she has grown up and is a woman now.
    But what do I think?
    That she is transsexual and a man now.
    Sneak 100.

  39. James Chatwin

    People say paper cuts is heavier but I wouldn't 🤘

  40. Gamer Guitarist

    When you nut.

  41. Chief Beef

    This is like the song personification of Hulk.

  42. قناة من هنا وهناك


  43. Francisco Peña

    This drummer is very slow

  44. Jv woods

    He has the greatest scream ever!

  45. Krakatoa Dude

    1.5x = Motorhead
    2x = Kreator

  46. Painkiller

    I'm dead

  47. Piotr B

    Nirvana at their most metal.

  48. Dale Griffim


  49. Danimar da Silva

    Slipknot fan here... this is insaneeee

  50. Techno Punk

    Negative Creep.... Just why kurt why

  51. Kevin Colt

    this song relates so much to me

  52. corrioliseffect


  53. ernesto marconi


  54. Poppy Kneegrow

    Johnny b good, aint good no more
    I sitdown and i weep! I sitdown and i weep! And im flown🕊🌬


    Cusnto bonitos ponys y arcoiris de colores

  56. Snow

    heavy Nirvana...

  57. Brian Williams

    Heres an idea: Dont get stoned???

  58. Luke Richards

    Voice of an angel ! Awesome track


    rawer than a skinned knee on hot black top

  60. folladordeprostis

    Is like a mix between creep from Radiohead and creeping death from Metallica 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤘🏻🤘🏻🎸🎸🎸😛😛😛😛😛😛😛

  61. Arcanuman1

    You can tell this was when Kurt was heavy into Celtic Frost.

  62. MrMetalclay

    Cobain screams are epic here.

  63. Pig Ford

    Too bad kids today can’t be bothered to learn an instrument ,they all want to rap 🤷🏼‍♂️even the most privileged ,soul less,talentless ,white bread kid you can imagine want to be rappers,that prolly why most rap sucks these days cuz anyone can try to do it not realizing it takes talent.....if you don’t think it does then try to write something that can stand up to a Method Man or a Nas track

    a w



    I showed this to a girl

    She isnt a girl no more

    Joe Smith

    you gave her a sex change operation?


    @Joe Smith she ain't a girl no more

  65. Pascal Saday

    j suis pas comme ca c est pas possible !!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. 0vrStart

    jonny's lit a pearl and a lawn mower

  67. Panzerjäger Nashorn

    The beggining sounds amazing at 1.5 and 1.75 velocity

  68. Do e

    Grunge, heavy metal, noise rock, alternative metal, stoner rock, thrash metal, hardcore punk, crossover thrash, post-hardcore, groove metal, hard rock

  69. ben daley

    I watched in awe to this song high as the skie it was awesomly fuckin AMAZING

  70. Sean Michael Kingsland

    I'm a negative geeeeek and I'm croned

  71. Patrick O`Donnell

    Old school kyuss vibes anyone? 🤔

  72. Dzakir Rabbani

    I love nirvana

  73. Ferdinand Poerba

    1:04 rusty sound

  74. Trevor Philips

    Finally, a heavy punk song by Nirvana

  75. JD_Disorder18

    30th aniversary!!! Happy birthday!

  76. Lexus schuri

    I'm a negative creep too......

  77. indoman71

    In early 1991, my old bandmate gave me 3 vinyl records: Soundgarden's Screaming Life EP & full length Louder Than Love & Nirvana's debut album, Bleach. She told me to play the second side of Bleach first and I did. Negative Creep was the first tune. When I put the needle to the wax, I heard distortion so ugly that it sounded like my 4'10" mother ripping apart the Yellow Pages Telephone Directory. A few days later, on March 8th of that year, she told me they were playing at a dingy, low-ceiling rock bar called The Forge (which I would later play), in Victoria, BC, Canada, and I didn't go to the show. DAMN!

  78. Samuel Jones

    I fucking love this shit

  79. Samuel Jones

    How do 300 people not like this?

  80. [Psychonymphsia Ultravistous]

    If there ever was evidence that Kurt Cobain was very unhinged, it's the song. I mean, man alive...

  81. и. т.


  82. Sam Carter

    Sounds well de tuned guitars

  83. ernesto marconi


  84. Ekin Açıcı

    DJENT 1989

  85. Michael Colello

    If you must listen to Nirvana, make it this one.

  86. AnnieT81

    I used to play that as A teenager loud in my room to piss my mother off when she was getting on my nerves:) 23 years later I still like it:)

  87. Daddy's Girl

    I confirm this message.

  88. 777Eliyahu

    love the bass kicks on this one

  89. pumping humpy

    An Anthem

  90. 東洲斎写楽

    I'm a negative creep too😪

  91. Robert Kraft

    ...much-"Thanks-" 🎼🎶🐝🇺🇸💕🏆😘🌹😋👻. BOBZGT🏁🐦🍀

  92. Anne-Mari Leinonen

    My day is starting here with this great song. How is yours life?

    Kiss-Horváth Ferenc

    Won't tell you.

  93. Mikko Laukkanen

    Am I only one like drumming in this song? bass drum sounds so nice here.

  94. rocknroll_jezus9

    Go to settings and change the playback speed to 1.5. Thrash metal

  95. Nolan Aljaddou

    I am a seriously misinterpreted punk rock rebel. I guess people don't get grunge - or the '90s. Vandalism, anti-establishment, freedom of expression. I guess imbeciles can't even successfully misconstrue the message in spite of themselves, though they'd like to try - supremely. The idea is blowing their heads off.