Nirvana - Endless, Nameless Lyrics

Here I am
Here I am

Bright and clear
It's what I am
I have

Mother [x4]

With violence
Right here

Go to hell
Here I am
Right here


No mas [x4]

Is what I am
Go to hell
Go to jail
In back of that
Here I am
Take a chance


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Nirvana Endless, Nameless Comments
  1. Drew Herd

    Now I'll go listen to something off bleach is what the first bong said and we where that stoned that we stumbled across this back in the day we had no internetool , we had mates, friends and buddies and now I can finally listen as not all albums had the hidden cd track as you guessed it it's still going to take as long haha , nevermind your ma and pa

  2. Punchos Seed

    This is basically kurts emotions

  3. Spirorion

    The part at 0:45 is so fricking awesome, I wish it would get repeated more often in the song.

  4. GodzillaPop2020 Asta


  5. Guy Croxford

    me stubbing my toe

  6. MIMCK Media

    Most bitches with nirvana shirt never heard this song!

  7. exploited boy21

    My favorite song soo punk and grunge

  8. InBrooken

    This is real Nirvana. Heavy shit. No that fuckin pop shit they did in some songs.

  9. Dave West

    This is Nirvanas cover of the lolcat song

  10. Toasty Breath

    You can tell Kurt loved the Butthole Surfers.

  11. Blueraptor

    My cd has this track

  12. Ronald McDonald and The Family

    Damn, why did they just decide to make a metal like song, we'll never because our boy Kurt koed himself.

  13. phalentin

    5:42 you can actually picture him grabbing a pair of scissors to cut the strings of his guitar

  14. Nirvana Forever

    I love it.. Kurt, you best 🖤🤟 I MISS YOU I'M NOT GONNA CRACK ! This song really cool !!!🖤🖤🖤

  15. Dominic Manley

    I love how this is age restricted

  16. Skord 176


  17. Paul Caussanel

    teen me at 15 :
    -wakes up at 6:30
    -go to school at 7:15
    -takes mp3 player
    -plays somethingintheway.mp3
    -walking without hearing that much for 10 minutes
    -violent earphones screams at 8:am
    -arrives at school with exceed of energy and nervosity
    best day of my life , then i foung death grips
    -->ecstasy of stress and violence

  18. Anibal Aldebaran Luz

    Que porrada de Música! Cadê os Brasileiros nessa Pohhha !!!

  19. Legendo Músicas

    Quer saber a letra desse som extremamente relaxante em Ptbr?

  20. PsychicDrummer

    My favorite part is when he says "HYSUSJSKLAMMSMMZKAOSK"

  21. Rocco A

    now imagine a bleach version of this...

  22. 1ranjeeves21

    Going back to work after a 2 week holiday.....

  23. xy double helix

    google says the lyrics are:
    Hear me, see me, think I can, sigh man
    Here I am, here I am, here I am
    Oh, Mama
    Sigh man, here I am
    See me, think I can
    Sigh man, think I am
    Sirens, think I am, oh
    Turning Japanese
    I really think so
    Think I'm turning Japanese

    Google is stupid

    Watanuki, april first.

    This is the version recorded in BBC radio. Just check out

  24. Lana A

    Why was this recommended as an infp song?

  25. SliK

    This just makes me think how pretty good metal songs they coulda done with that potential of especially Kurt’s voice.

  26. rocknroll_jezus9

    First song I'm listening to when i try acid

  27. Bat-Fly Bur

    The thing i love more of this song are the words...

  28. Demonsplaining

    Kurt’s singing is so beautiful on this song ❤️

  29. Linkin Ali

    This is Avant-garde rock song !!

  30. Emanating Faucet

    This upload was on my birthdate

  31. marcharite ღ

    love this comment section

  32. Wolfgang Trubshaw

    Whoever had the crazy idea to forge even _this_ mess-in-the-first-place is clearly a deadbrain. Give the corpseform a cookie …

    Wolfgang Trubshaw

    But as with FM forging even songs by acts who were FM-from-conception (such as The Cult) this merely further proves the information loss from one "generation" to the next amongst FM. Also, of course, how all the perfectly dead-brained Freak-a-Zoids allowed to run things these days have no way or possibility of just checking in the zero-dimensional of all truth and knowledge if they at all were in need to forge anything.

  33. Anonymous GRamer

    0:44 i need the tuning
    If you know plzzzz reply

  34. Jefferson Andres Araujo Mendoza

    In which tuning Is this song?

  35. SatansMemes

    I was driving hear the last song and after 13 min, this sound came up

  36. walmart brand kurt cobain

    this reminds me to never fall asleep to this album

  37. frogs

    2nd best song off nevermind

    Arttu partan3n

    What's the best one then?

  38. Eoin Mac Donnchadha

    This makes me want to learn guitar just so i can tune it to shit and thrash it like this.. at least i got the drums 😂

  39. Ivan

    [Verse 1]
    Here I am
    Here I am
    Bright and clear
    It's what I am
    I have


    [Verse 2]
    And violence
    Right here
    Go to hell
    Here I am
    Right here

    Mother, no más
    No más, mama

    [Verse 3]
    Is what I am
    Go to hell
    Go to jail
    In back of that
    Here I am
    Take a chance


  40. Szabó Arthur

    1:43 "Bob Rooooooss Bob Rooooooosss"'

  41. Deo Adrianto

    Lu bilang brantakan, gw bilang " njiirrrr... Jenius ". Yg lain gak ada ide kyk gini

  42. Jefferson Andres Araujo Mendoza

    For me this is the best Nevermind song!

  43. Haris S.


  44. Martin Soto

    who thumbs down this your lucky you heard it bitch ha ha ha

  45. Adam Smith

    i will find the doctors who fucked up and killed my father

  46. Alex Desjardin

    I remember playing video games in my dimly lit room late one summer night, as my stereo played my cd copy of Nevermind at a fairly high volume. Something in the Way finishes and is followed by several minutes of complete silence, leading me to believe that the album had ended.

    Then suddenly, out of complete nowhere, I hear a murky thumping noise creep out from my stereo and ripple through the still summer air, giving me a good frightful jolt as I quickly turn to stare at the CD player both shocked and bewildered. Then as the guitars and drums begin thrashing violently and Kurt’s piercing howl tears through the distortion my eyes and ears remain completely fixated on the stereo throughout the entire cacophony. After it ends I hear the click of my CD player indicating the CD’s definite conclusion and I lay back on my bed, the “song” leaving me stunned and in delightful confusion after what was already an emotional roller coaster of a record. What an album.🖤

  47. Rodrigo Pineda

    00:44 is the best part

  48. Handsome Fish

    This song is what plays in one of doomguys wet dreams

  49. bryce pinkett

    This isn't on the record?

    Arttu partan3n

    It's only on the cd. This appers after about ten minutes of silence after Something in the way.

  50. Joeseph Murray

    If Tasmanian devil made a song it would be this

  51. DrSnausage

    good song!

  52. That dank guy

    This is what McDonald's Sprite tastes like

  53. zoky 29


  54. lolo lili

    This song describes my live

  55. Riley Crosskey Music

    How the hell is this age restricted

    Tom Plotagon

    The baby on the front cover

    Joeseph Murray

    The lyrics

  56. ian schwartz

    "Last song" on album: alright bois we done here.
    10 minutes later...
    This song: are they gone? Oh good. Ok.
    Everyone listening: OH MY F***ING GOD WHAT THE F**K WAS THAT?

  57. Douglas Brown

    So, is there a class action lawsuit for those of us who did fall asleep while listening to Nevermind?

  58. Anus

    Seattle Rhapsody

  59. Lego frog

    This exactly how macdonalds Pepsi tastes like

  60. PhysicalNova

    I... actually like this ? The chorus is so calming, the rest is pure rage ! Even in improvisation and being pissed off, Nirvana made something, again :D

  61. Kang Kung

    1:46 maa lassss

  62. Giant Runt

    Why the fuck is this age restricted?


    Prolly cause of the dick

  63. Alvar555

    Interviewer: What's the meaning behind this song?
    Kurt Cobain: Yes

  64. Quest Crew

    Damn soon

  65. Pun K

    Favorite song of nirvana

  66. Anonymous Caveman

    found it putting something in the way on audacity... not disapointed

  67. Jack Thomson

    i knew there was a secret track on some cds so when i found out something in the way kept on playin i was like OMG ITS PLAYING ENDLESS NAMELESS but i was bored so i didnt wait 15 mins in stead i put it in my xbox fast forward it and i was head banging my ass of

  68. Giannis Sapiadis

    why is this age restricted

  69. Jayav 19

    I love how this guitar cry 🔥

  70. Files


    Honda civic owners at 4 AM: 2:56

    Dan Edwards

    😂🤣🤣 My mate has a Honda Civic... Total hoon... Yep, I can confirm it's true... Many a Friday night I could hear him coming down the street to hang out for the night...

    The Drummeroist


  71. KiLLeRHAnDs

    Flipper gave Nirvana some speed

  72. Edson Santos

    I like Nirvana

  73. sad happy


  74. The Tito TV Show

    Most underrated Nirvana song ever! By the way, why does it have age restriction? Is it because it is too disturbing and creepy?

  75. LaCalaveraMetalera

    Kurt was saying dirty words in germany

  76. Satyricøn

    Burzum - Endless, Nameless [Hidden Track]

  77. Bryce Page

    The most black flag non black flag song I've ever heard

  78. Lichtgott

    would please someone tell me the exact minute and seconds where Kurt breaks the guitar? Because i seriously CAN'T hear it. Please :/

    Ryan Hunt

    Right around 5:30

  79. Austin the Lizard

    This song had to have influenced Death Grips.

  80. Missy Jones

    Holy shit, Lithium into this, which is better?

  81. Nopparat Meesin

    I love you Kurt

  82. Edwin Hernandez

    This is why you never do heroin just before heading to the recording studio. #💉

  83. Cool Age

    This is not the music of the earth.

  84. John Burns

    Is this only age restricted cause of the baby pecker?

  85. Veronica Reverse

    After i saw the story of this song, and the fact that this one starts at the end of the album, after 10 minutes of silence, i tock my Nevermind album and i found it at the end of Something in the way... I didn't known that, now i know and it is interesting. I really like that song. And i knew about that song but didn't knew about the album thing...

  86. Yara Lucas

    Why is this age restricted btw😅😅😞

  87. Ukiyomis

    00:44 Grunge 1000

  88. cristobal bustos diaz