Nirvana - Big Cheese Lyrics

Big cheese - make me
Mine says, "Go (to) the office"
Big cheese - make me
Mine says, "One that stays"

Black is black, straight back
Need more enemies
Show you all what a man is
Need more enemies

Big lies - make my
Mine says "Go (to) the office"
Big cheese - make me
Message? What is it?

Black is black, straight back
Need more enemies
She is glue, how are you?

Big cheese - make me
Mine says "Go (to) the office"
Big cheese - make me
Message? What is it?

Black is black, straight back
Need more enemies
She is glue, how are you?

Black is black, straight back
Need more enemies
Sure you are, but what am I?
Need more enemies

She is glue, how are you?
Need more enemies
Sure you are, but what am I?

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Nirvana Big Cheese Comments
  1. tiago

    Love buzz/Big cheese,one of the most valueable vinyl disc of all time !

  2. Chaff Mack

    we were spoiled in the 90's

  3. Олег Кузнецов

    20 лет слушаю,но надеюсь что хоть кто-нибудь совершит подобное ,пока одна порнография.

  4. Ryan Mizell

    Love this song

  5. Countryboy ask

    Love this music much respect

  6. er Pro Put_RYPER_74 Beltrán Benítez

    Big cheese es lo mejor y el heavy metal incluido nirvana y black sabath

  7. MimiTheHamster

    This was a big part of my emo phase

  8. Captain Obvious


  9. Archy E

    The opening is kinda scary I’m listening to this at night in the dark in my bed.. it’s creepy

  10. Sailor Venus

    Kurt Cobain Como posso descrever esta voz mAravilhoSa não tem como não! ^w^

  11. Daved

    biggie cheese

  12. Matheus Vinicius

    Boa viagem e

  13. frogs

    beginning reminds me of if you must

  14. Tv iptv

    brazil. 2018. kkkk

  15. Derrick Lake

    Crazy to think its 80s music

  16. Derrick Lake


  17. Heri Gepeng

    lagu nirvana enak ..

  18. Kevin Colt

    its crazy to think this song was recorded in the late 80s, and got 2 mil views on youtube 30 years after

  19. JJANG seok

    그립다 고등학교 시절

  20. Tim Swartz

    1:37 homer got startled


    Seeing this while eating cheese

  22. Madalina 1209

    1:39-when you are in the middle of the song and see a spider on your shoe

    Nolan Love

    Canadian apple seed Nirvana Christmas Farley m Jacob?

    Nolan Love


    Nolan Love

    Jacob horse...


    I think your idea belongs in every official transcript and guitar tab of this song from now on

  23. mark cassidy

    mmmmm cheese

  24. Ben'Z


  25. SchizophrenicDolphinz

    its just one of those days

  26. D Coop

    I always think of this as like walking out on a piece of shit job and making a scene as you do it like slamming the computer off the desk and walking out or shoving that hard labour piece of shit shovel into the bosses office and walking out.

  27. Minnie W

    Break stuff Limp bizkit? Anyone else hear it

  28. Daniel Souza

    01:24 FUCKIN PUNK RIFFS!!!!

  29. Abdul Pangestu

    Saya mendengarkan " Sebuah Ungkapan-The Progress ". Nikmati musik di JOOX! (#JOOX)

  30. Abdul Pangestu

    Saya mendengarkan " Sebuah Ungkapan-The Progress ". Nikmati musik di JOOX! (#JOOX)

  31. Abdul Pangestu

    Saya mendengarkan " Sebuah Ungkapan-The Progress ". Nikmati musik di JOOX! (#JOOX)

  32. Abdul Pangestu

    Saya mendengarkan " Sebuah Ungkapan-The Progress ". Nikmati musik di JOOX! (#JOOX)

  33. This Monkey’s Gone To Heaven

    0:43 I don’t know why but it reminds me of Bart Simpson.

  34. Tylen Martinchuk

    Man I wish I knew of this band when they were this young

  35. Chris

    really getting tired of reading people dissing on Kurt's wife. Show a little respect

  36. Lloyd Zarathoustra

    People, just buy the album Bleach for Big Cheese first sevenTEEN seconds. Kurt fucking knew how to make his guitar TALK.

  37. edison

    Kurt killed Courtney

  38. pain

    kurt cobain had clout goggles

  39. kenton cooper

    Really good

    Brad Charman


  40. OuterSpace

    1:38 explains the episode when Homer turned into kurt cobain

  41. Eva Pantigoso Thomas

    i love Kurt

  42. Chafik Boumehdi

    1.26 to 1.40 mind blowing

  43. PJMC2004


  44. Izaiah Avila

    Death Angel - Shores Of Sin

  45. Mandy Clark

    Just didn't fucking care😜

  46. AyJay Walk

    She eats glue, how 'bout you?

  47. Gaming Chronicles

    Ahem biggie cheese

  48. Mazza Munchkin

    mine says: GO THE OFFICE!

  49. Alfredo Bonifacio

    mmm big cheese

  50. Mose Schrute

    Limp Bizkit stole the opening riff and used it for "Break Stuff"

  51. Kristoffer Danielsen

    The cure

    Brad Charman


  52. martin muse

    101 idiots

  53. m e o w

    2017? XD

    Brad Charman


    ride the monkeys

    @Brad Charman 2019

  54. Jackie robinson

    Is this the only nirvana song that Krist novoselic wrote???

  55. ntspang

    rip kurt

  56. SlowDown101

    Big Cheese make me/Mike Poneman says Go The The Office" Mike Poneman one of the owners of Sub Pop Records.

  57. Seese Bee

    thanks for the upload!!! I think the lyrics says "she eats glue" tho, right?

  58. Old School95

    Krist novoselic is a very underrated song writer and underrated musician This song was written by Krist for those who don't know.


    No it wasn't, Krist didn't write.

    mh1023 mh1023

    Lol, Krist is underrated as a song writer because he isn't a song writer. He is an excellent bass player though.

  59. juan saenz lml

    nirrvana no es solo kurt cobain asi q pon fotos de la agrupasion nirvana no de solo de kurt cobain

  60. raiko

    speed 1.5

    Brad Charman


    Brad Charman


  61. Cameron

    Sounds like screaming skull by sonic youth

    Cameron Dutton

    most definitely, i recently discovered the greatness that is Sonic Youth. ty btw. i have another great tune to rock out to. . .

  62. John Smith

    this song reminds me of ryan Roberts in east troy, Wisconsin... I always wanted a glue sniffin' girlfriend...

  63. TetonicKnight

    Rich stole $200 off Big Cheese.

  64. Donald Cobain

    fantastico, the best.

    ZzZ Sleep

    Donald Cobain

    kurt , kurt soy tu primo marvin cobain :v

    ride the monkeys

    @ZzZ Sleep este es el sonido que estabas buscando?escucha

  65. David Abresch

    it says there's 666 comments, I'm 667 I guess. great song though !

  66. Stoned Canines

    Rock n roll!!!!

  67. Chris Tharp

    I think this is the first Nirvana song I ever heard. And I've been a fan since '89.

  68. E.A. Hawley

    underrated song. that guitar riff around 1:30 is very cool. I can just picture them all playing that part and really digging it.

    Kinley Smith

    When I learned that chorus riff that was the most satisfying shit at the time 💯

    Paul Blair

    @Kinley Smith +1 I haven't owned an electric guitar in a long time but I remember mastering it and being so satisfied playing it.

  69. Jimmy Dean

    1:38 -- Homer Simpson

    Tony Da Prato


    Jonathan Solano


    Sailor Venus

    1:41 ;-;

  70. John Lydon

    always been one of my fav's from bleach.

  71. TheNewport2009

    maybe the best song off this album

  72. Yee yee

    I wanna drink bleach after hearing this


    LaZer boy challenges Then do it fuckboy, no one will miss you.

    Habituated Abnormality

    LaZer boy challenges I get it lol

    Shelley Madrid


  73. A sustainable presidency With the Green Party

    First nirvana song I heard

    Michael Nelson

    A sustainable presidency With the Green Party, So besides your name. Have you ever heard of the Talking Heads?

    Derrick Lake

    Too cool

  74. Cesat Garciabueno

    string cheese is so lunchable big food oh primary

  75. Keven Klayne

    This and negative creep are my favorite songs from Bleach. What are yours?

    Minnie W

    Blew. Sifting. About a girl.

    Teddy Smith

    This siifting and Floyd the barber

    Cillian Duffy

    Keven Klayne Smells like teen spirit probably! I also really enjoyed very ape !

    Fernando Serico

    Paper cuts, paper cuts and paper cuts.

  76. tom ato

    court killed kurt


    Nope, he killed himself. By your logic, anyone who ever influenced Kurt in any way killed him.

    Lies Lala

    XmetaI4everX he's a sensitive child

    Matt Halbmaier

    tom ato I love this shit. here's an idea:. go solve the murder officially then. there's more than enough resources. DNA, forensics, autopsy. have his body exhumed then solve the murder. it's been over 20 years now. come on Sherlock.

    Fusioness 43

    None of us KNOW the answer, so shut up.

    mark cassidy

    who killed Bambi?

  77. That Guy...Brian

    200 dollars.

  78. TheNewport2009

    the nostalgia of this song is big cheese for me

  79. ssrider7

    old school!!

    Brad Charman


  80. Nordish Soul

    Dick cheese

    Brad Charman

    knob cheese is my life. YASSSSSS QUEEEENNNNN

  81. Justice Vallen

    I could squirt over his voice <3 xx

  82. Nolan Aljaddou

    What I think of "You". Really.

  83. Izaiah Avila

    They stole that riff from Death Angels- Shores of Sins


    are you fucking jokeing?!

    Izaiah Avila

    +ssrider7 search it up

    DarkMind Psyloco

    go  wash the dishes bitch

  84. Serj Hurinkoff

    классно звучит! Nirvana это было круто

  85. Moe Elmhdati

    whats another band that sounds like this i want good music to blow my head off too

    Mason C

    Moe Elmhdati wow you're wack

  86. Raul DeSantiago

    People don't realize how good of a singer Kurt Cobain was. He may not have had a full voice but had a lot of punctuation and obvious passion embedded in his lyrics. He really os up there with Michael Jackson in terms o the emotion he put into his voice.

    Anne Elias

    @Zack Rees totally agree! Plus, Kurt wasnt a pedophile, so he had that going for him too


    @Zack Rees jackson also had a bad habit of touching little boys


    @Matt Halbmaier just melody not control

  87. IMG 1826

    i wounder if its swiss

    George Bowles

    what has a swiss

    Ebi Moshiri

    I think it’s provolone

    Justin Vincent

    It’s American, obviously.

  88. Lame guitarist

    Sounds like Death Angel - Shores Of Sin

  89. OneEyedJack 111

    The opening sounds like someone sneaking up to something...(Tom sneaking up to Jerry)

    Visions of Madness

    Reminds me of 'see ,And its sharp!' By Spastic Ink.


    True!!! Love the intro!


    A great white shark sneaking up to someone. It sounds like a guitar version of Jaws.


    Like a doberman sneaking up on someone to give a lick attack


    Tom sneaking up to Jerry to steal his big cheese.

  90. Dr. Awkward

    This song is not about cheese. Think about that.

  91. F Sharp

    I was casually blasting this song and air drumming on my lap and I happened to look down and I'm wearing a nirvana shirt... wearing a nirvana shirt listening to nirvana :/

    F Sharp

    +Alvaro Negredo it's not, it's lame lol


    WELL. I was wearing my Nirvana teeshirt, in a room with 2 Kurt Cobain posters, crying over Kurt being dead, listening to Nirvana and hugging my only Nirvana CD

  92. Elaine Nascimento

    kurt love my live

    Brad Charman


  93. gore tears

    songs these days: big buttes oh ya big boobs oh ya money $ex backthen: GRANDMA TAKE ME HOME AFTER DINNER I HAD ICECREAM GO OUTSIDE AND WATCH TV

    Stuart McFarlane

    I don't know how kids can listen to the shit in the charts these days.

    gore tears

    @t bone IKR my friends favroite song is Panda theres no lyrics