Nipsey Hussle - Question #1 Lyrics

[Nipsey Hussle:]
What they call you where you from, nigga?
Looking like the legend I become, nigga
I can't help but feeling like I am the one, nigga
What they call you where you from, nigga?
What they call you where you from, nigga?
What they call you where you from, nigga?
I can't help but feeling like I am the one, nigga

I'm a run away, bus, catch it
Blue line train, riding west side with the young actress
These old rules came with no questions
We only live bomb but it's no exceptions
Was young and reckless with all the weapons
The code of ethics lead to self destruction
When it's over, you left with nothing
This life ain't it boy, better check the subtext
Or the fine print, felt entitled to this fly shit
Felt like every bad bitch should be on my dick
Felt like niggas lying to us on some frost shit
Fuck it, that's just how the ball bounce on some boss shit
Right here with all my brothers, on some squad shit
All money, one nation under God shit
Neighbourhood, Nipsey Hussle, on some boss shit
AKA nigga broke, born broke, gotta die rich

What they call you where you from, nigga?
In my city, I was question number 1, nigga
Looking like the legend I become, nigga
I can't help but feeling like I am the one, nigga
What they call you where you from, nigga?
What they call you where you from, nigga?
What they call you where you from, nigga?
I can't help but feeling like I am the one, nigga

[Snoop Dogg:]
A nigga had the nerve to walk up on me ask me where I'm from
I told him I ain't bang, didn't listen so I gave you one
Not the cididy one, nigga try to hit him up
Now you only get him up, set it up and wet it up
Nub from the hood, checking niggas on the daily
Started off BG, OG, baby
Real life homie, two heaters in my seat
Had to check a nigga at the Compton Swap Meet
Where you from? I don't bang
Where you live? Where you hang?
Say the wrong thing, get banged
Lights out, kites out to the homies in the pen
Creeping in the city, we ain't let the cause in
A lot of niggas camouflage, try to blend in to fit in
Get a hood rat so they set in
But if she got a brother, a daddy, or a cousin
They hit your ass up like motherfuckers, where you from cuh?

[Nipsey Hussle:]
What they call you where you from, nigga?
In my city, I was question number 1, nigga
Looking like the legend I become, nigga
I can't help but feeling like I am the one, nigga
What they call you where you from, nigga?
What they call you where you from, nigga?
What they call you where you from, nigga?
I can't help but feeling like I am the one, nigga

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Nipsey Hussle Question #1 Comments
  1. 90's ልጆች

    R.I.P Nipsey Hussle We Gone Miss You Bro

  2. jay scott

    The best answer for this question if you ain’t from the hood is police and keep a badge and watch em start runnin.

  3. Pierre Brown

    Man now this the snoop dogg of my era. 🔥🔥

  4. Shaka Rhymes

    What track when clip starting? (RIP Nip)

  5. Yosef Fraser


  6. sosiska

    Блин он мне напоминает Чипинкоса R.I.P Juice WRLD

  7. Amazing Amy

    Nah. Let charlemagne put your records on and tell you who's hot lol

  8. Ghost 95x18

    Dave East first song off his new album survival

  9. Mirgang16

    Nipsey was a legend who died 4 his city😢 real shit💯 RIP LEGEND💙 neighborhood💯 The marathon Continues 4L💙😢

  10. Brandon Wright

    Love it RIP🙏🏾

  11. Carrissp TMC


  12. 장민노

    Damn!! Snoop killed it.

  13. Cornell Muhammad

    Amazing video.

  14. Eric Abinoha

    I believe nip is in a cypher rite now with PAC ,BIG , Mac Dre n the Jacka

  15. uglyiest. fucker

    Fuck that phoney ass skinny bicth wack ass rapper

  16. cloudscholar22

    RIP the king Nipsey Hussle West Coast shxt

  17. Jermar

    Hit the link subscribe

  18. sean jones


  19. Thomas Nevels

    Damn Nip ..... Your Missed dearly ...

  20. Michael Jimerson

    Snoop went in, you can tell that verse from experience/memories.

  21. Liverpool Scouser

    RIP king nipsey

  22. Lamont Fisher

    Snoop and nip are good dudes.. I love the music and how positive they are ... But I love a good set trip.. and these 2 niggas do it well

  23. Dj Hernss

    Nip was suppose to be protected at all cost!!!!! It's 60's business but that was a bad look real shit.

  24. Ted Nona


  25. Keair Jones

    the dude talkin sounds like High C. HAHA

  26. Humility

    glad this faggot ass nigga died

    Isaiah Calderon

    Its niggas like you why the world is garbage

  27. Sahin Tikan

    Pleace the First song longer

  28. gucci girl & saucetha boy rapping

    Who banging this in 2019🎶🎶🎶

  29. David Garcia

    Facts. Not one of y’all in the comments would run through them apartments when the homies outside. I’m glad I grew up with these young brothers and sisters but don’t get it confused these 6-0 run these streets and they’ll let anyone have it. Had to fight to prove your respect out here. Turn down a fade you a bitch made nigga.

  30. Manny A Muñoz

    Finally, We have the complete song to the TMC ad, Thanks East, and Thank you Nip.. SIP DA GREAT NIP HUSSLE TMC FOO #TMC #PENTHOUSE

  31. Obinna Eze

    Waited 3 years for that snippet in the beginning to drop!

  32. bradpitseinsohn bradpitseinonkel

    Onhood 60s ♿️Blue Strip

  33. Vonn Villuminati

    Thank you for putting me on EAST TMC 🏁🏁🙇🏾‍♂️ RIP NIPSEY

  34. bogati tatica

    I don't like nippsey hussle he is definition of scumbag he choose wrong life

  35. Christopher Bowman

    What was the first song called?

    Jason Williams

    Penthouse, Check Dave East Album Survival 4 Tha Full Version ✌🏾

  36. 3rd

    Much respect to Dave East for using that song at the beginning for “Penthouse”. I always wanted to hear that used. The marathon continues 🏁🏁🏁

  37. Ndumiso Thobela

    Who's here afrter Dave East dropped Penthouse ? 🙋🏽‍♂️

  38. Nick Chigga

    Intro song is “Penthouse” on Dave East new album 🔥🔥🔥

  39. Shad 23

    Forever bump this, still miss you Nips but we just gotta let you rest up which is still kinda hard to accept 🙏

  40. Robert Reyes

    On The Floor - Nipsey Hussle
    Subscribe for more music.

  41. lewietheville

    Who came back here from Dave East penthouse? 💪🏾🤧💙🏁🏁🏁🏁

    Keith Shaun

    straight up! glad they finally released this jnt... been waiting so long for the full song, Nip shoulda had a verse on it


    Keith Shaun yes I always thought it was one of his unreleased songs 🔥🔥🔥 nonetheless RIP RSC NIP 💪🏾💙🏁💙🏁

  42. JordanDwn103


  43. King Emman .O

    God bless Dave east for bringing the intro song out

    Danielle Bagley

    King Emman .O what was the intro song name?


    Danielle Bagley Penthouse

  44. Darryl Reedy

    Who’s here after listening to Penthouse by Dave East?? 🏁

    Jdee Jones

    U already knw!!! I was fiendn to hear this song finished!!!

    Brian M

    Had to double back

    Mr Uchiano

    Stoopid... y’all some busters

    Darryl Reedy

    Mr Uchiano Man shut ya ass up. Ain’t nobody know the name of the song until Dave East drop it. Don’t be killing the vibe for everybody dumbass

    Mr. TaLLy!!!!

    Heard about this shit years ago. My nigga nip rest up.

  45. jay tee

    Dave East just used the views beat on his survival album... maaaaan RIP Nip

  46. Westside 310

    The first song is called penthouse dave east

    K Santana

    Westside 310 shit crazy I knew I heard it from somewhere

  47. Pankaj Saini

    🕊️#RIPNIPSEY 🙏

  48. Dawud Yelton

    going back over that first verse...nip was building on alot of things...r.i.p. as always...

  49. young Vargas

    Nip was lookN grimey really showN his rougher side

  50. F.Y.V.P

    Anyone notice snoop stay in the studio and wouldn't be caught dead in the hood anymore.

  51. Shelton Hargrove

    Snoop was talking about Philip waldemaren in the beginning stay woke

  52. Maureece Sanchez

    Hoe ass snoop only in the studio while nipsey in THE HOOD ass mf always been.... rip NIP

  53. Al Zamora

    King nipsey the great


    Miss you nip💙

  55. Etzio Cummings

    They call u dead bitch

  56. Hunter Poole

    Nipsey wack

  57. Emanuel Rackley


  58. southside prolilfk

    Rip nipsey

  59. Iron Bishop

    Still can’t believe a dirty ass motherfucker took him out!


    Independently a real legend from this video got killed, we can’t just ignore the fact Snoop Dogg went fucking hard on this 🔥

  61. CTG Productions

    RIP Ⓜ️oz ♿️

  62. CJ Brown

    TMC till infinity 🏁🏁🏁

  63. chuck norris

    Rip nipsey we've lost another wicked rap dude sadly missed

  64. Sean Nagle

    Nipsey is like a younger version of Snoop

  65. Hector Barrera

    Love you like you my real bro. Bless you’re heart my bro. Rest my nigga. You’ve done your work. 🏁🏁

  66. o griss

    Can we get the rest of that song

    Muecterk nigerialimited

    Not anymore, he was working on that track with James Flaunteroy before he passed away.

  67. Murder Motion Pictures

    Not my style of rap but rip

  68. Mike Durham

    RIP nip miss u

  69. Efrem Teklebrhon

    Nip can't believe you gonna bruv rip easy

  70. Joe Powers

    Who fk nipssey

  71. Peter Black

    I luh u till death nigga

  72. Tj Jones

    “Lift yo shirt up”

  73. Harry Sax


  74. tae loc 321

    What they call u where u from nigga neighborhood nip it dnt get no cripin than that

  75. PLUTO 310

    This is so Kali this is so true not a day go by what's my name lil pluto where im from Eastside pain Piru Wilmington kali it has never changed i love my State r.i.p nipsey and tupac, nate dogg ,mac drey

  76. Tunarrio Davidson

    3.3k that down this eat a fat dick

  77. Jarvis Collier

    Still waiting on that intro track! #TMC rip Naybah60d Nip

  78. Msmac

    West Coast Be Bumpin. Rest Well Nipsey Love

  79. Joseph Calderon


  80. Church mob177

    rip locco loc crip legend forever LIP nipsey hussle 🔵🔵♿♿♿🏁🏁🏁🏁

  81. Instrumentals Premium 2

    Whats The Name Of The Song Of The Intro?

  82. Anthony Madrid

    I love this song

  83. Baby Girl

    Longlivenipsey 🕊

  84. Youpo1

    Old school vibes


    One of the few crips who got love from them real whoopers, R.I.P NIP

  86. OMGthatsRAD


  87. BZ Plays

    dont go back to the hood when you make money, rest in peace nip

  88. p lee

    And this dope song had only 9mil views

  89. Young Fuego

    Wats the name of the song in the intro video

  90. antwan holman

    What's the name of the 1st song??

  91. A.B

    So many unrealesed bangers☹️r.i.p nip

  92. Sarayah Pineda

    Bbgdr Born broke gota die rich. 💯

  93. Aaron L

    Ahks say the king is dead, yet this brother den already graduated. The #Marathon #TMC #AMC ahki built a platform for us to maneuver a lot easier that what the man has established. When you pass on your supposed to pass the torch & Brotha Nip did just that. Death is death in order to become immortal you have to have such an effect that the whole world shakes in need heard of your passing. Been listening to nip since the youth SE San Diego AMC.

  94. Gary Hardy

    A leader for the people, Treated man as his equal and we will never see a sequel...Nipsey Hussle I Believe N You

  95. Mario

    Daamn this is the mf chorus from Young niggaz from nip

  96. Mike Hawk

    Holy shit this song is trash.