Nipsey Hussle - Overtime Lyrics

[Intro - Nipsey Hu$$le:]
Gotta light up to shit like this, nigga
And I ain't even said it, or wrote it yet
I just feel it, you know?

Overtime, cause I ain't have a mic
I was in that Chevy...

[Hook - Nipsey Hu$$le:]
Overtime, cause I ain't have a mic
I was in that Chevy playin' Savage Life
Niggas lookin' like I had it wrong
Now them niggas know I had it right
They don't know about them sleepless nights
Them lookin' for a reason nights
They say it's six degrees in life
Opportunity, preparation, made me this nice

[Verse 1 - Nipsey Hu$$le:]
You see me up in Neiman's, right?
My chain and my pinkie bright
I valet this Mercedes Benz
Lookin' like, somebody that people like
Can't but help to think how fake it is
This world and this music biz
I just want all of this paper, though
So maybe I can try and change the shit
Maybe, me, I'm too ambitious
Or maybe this a new dimension
Maybe them, they too religious
Maybe they judge my intentions
But either way, I'm on my mission
In the sky, for our love, I'm a tie a ribbon
Life's a bitch, lady luck my way
Forever you my lady, I'm your fuckin' nigga

[Hook - Nipsey Hu$$le:]
Overtime, cause I ain't have a mic
I was in that Chevy playin' Savage Life
Niggas lookin' like I had it wrong
Now them niggas know I had it right
They don't know about them sleepless nights
Them lookin' for a reason nights
They say it's six degrees in life
Opportunity, preparation, made me this nice

[Verse 2 - Nipsey Hu$$le:]
Cappin' for a cheaper price
Hustlin' for a bucket, keep your sneakers tight
Shoot a box, catch the cheapest flight
If it land, thank you Jesus Christ
You ain't gon' get it till you see it right
And jump off in this legal life
Feel the pressure from your people, right?
Still choose to lead 'em right
Sometimes I rap about my feature price
Or all of my defeats in life
They told me don't believe the hype
But I felt like this 'bout myself before the mic

[Nipsey Hu$$le phone interview]

[Hook - Nipsey Hu$$le:]
Overtime, cause I ain't have a mic
I was in that Chevy playin' Savage Life
Niggas lookin' like I had it wrong
Now them niggas know I had it right
They don't know about them sleepless nights
Them lookin' for a reason nights
They say it's six degrees in life
Opportunity, preparation, made me this nice

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Nipsey Hussle Overtime Comments
  1. Piloto 104

    Why nipppppppp why 😢

  2. Zacharias J

    I love ya dawg

  3. Daniel Morales

    What’s the instrumental called ??

  4. Nuff Love Productions

    big up rest in peace <3

  5. David Dy Aka Chino Ching

    This track sick with it love this beat Rip Brody

  6. Michael Herrmann

    excuse me ?

  7. Jedidiah Banini

    Legends live forever forever ever. Left the earth a letter, that'll never wither. Nipsey Hussle,♥️

  8. Josh Batiste

    U aint gon get it till u see it #LongLiveNipseyHUSSLE @ like/share/follow... If U on a food hustle or any kind of hustle drop a link 👇 #NETWORKING 🤝

  9. boom bap

    LONG LIVE NIP 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. katleho sekolanyane

    This song just got me 08 February , South Africa- Rest In Peace NH

  11. Lukem Clout

    Life's a bitch lady love my women forever you're my lady I'm your fucking nigga

  12. David Lawrence

    Amazing song and perspective. RIP LA KING

  13. Slikk Nick

    Once in a lifetime type of individual . We were blessed to have been graced by your presence g 🙏☝️Rest easy FAM. Nip lives on

  14. Wayne Mellgren


  15. Sydney Stone

    Love that he always point out preparation+opportunity 🗝🗝🗝

  16. dumo mdaka

    i was in that Chevy

  17. Jesse

    R.I.P the kings of L.A Nipsey and Kobe💜💛 NEVER FORGOTTEN

  18. Jeremy Graff

    I'm a 40 year old white dude from a small town in Minnesota, and I've listened to rap since I was around 12 years old. I never gave this man's music a listen until today, and I have to say that I wish I would have sooner but I'm glad I finally did. He's like a modern day Jesus Christ. His music is deep and filled with knowledge. Thank God for sending us a teacher like this. Rest in peace my brother.

  19. heroik Ponce

    Search me I rap and sing @bigg pieces

  20. Crooks

    Yo this shit heavy. I hope yall living that life yall want

  21. Jordan Brown

    Niggas lookin like I had it wrong... now them niggas kno I had it rite💯🏁💙🏁💙🏁

  22. brian gonzalez

    I hope I can come back to this and say I never gave up

  23. TheLevobjk


  24. A Matthews

    Rip to the great

  25. Valley 956


  26. BeEn ThAt

    I can remember riding listening to that Webbie savage life.... Boy was my head gone ready for whateva❗😔🤣💪🏿 Nip you are truly a REAL 1 who can never be replaced... you had a mission and that mission was accomplished✅💚 Rest in Love

  27. Diamond Wylie

    you did change the game nipsey young king #hussleforever

  28. julian riggins

    Nip hussle aileennaa julian

  29. Neubian Sosa

    2020 and this song still gives me goosebumps! RIP Legend

  30. Jacques Wilson

    Rest well Nip

  31. Samuel Amponsah

    Who's here in 2020. RIP LEGEND 💯

  32. Louie Lu

    Its 3am mayne this starting to hit a little different rest in paradise, gone but not forgotten tho


    Louie Lu facts bro, hate this feeling smhhh

  33. sushiTECK

    still cant believe he gone.. So surreal.. Ill never forget exactly what was poppin off in my life at that time...some of the hardest moments i ever faced. Got thru it. Thank you Nipsey. You were exactly what we all needed, your contribution to the world is beyond measure..Rest In Power forever

  34. Martin Figueroa

    this one is TIMELESS

  35. Sandy Heaven

    Nip energy is unexplainable

  36. Miff Tec

    Big nip real guy fuck all these fake ass rappers it's actually mad

  37. Cojo French

    Nipseys best song, been grinding non stop for the last 5 months, had to work on days when I lost a loved one... I'm getting there. Feel like I'm cursed sometimes but I gotta keep it moving forward, Nip motivated me to do that 💯

  38. Laricky Walker

    2020 who's listening Bitch 🔥 🔥 🔥

  39. Desiree Love

    Love you Ermias

  40. Martin Kelly

    2020 Nipsey Hussle....THE MARATHON CONTINUES!!! Let's get it...let's go!!!!!💯☝🔥🏁

  41. Michael T

    Real NIP fans know this song. Playing savage life .

  42. Alexander Tolbert

    1/1/2020 👑👑👑👑🔥🔥🔥🙏🏾🙏🏾💪🏾💪🏾 like button 📲

  43. Stacka Stackington

    2020 hustle mode..RIP Neighborhood Nip

  44. Kibiri Brian

    New years to this

  45. Francisco Castaño

    El mejor, 💙

  46. Troy Bernal

    What does he mean by "looking for a reason nights" ?

  47. King Tut

    S I p peace king

  48. Sammy Messi

    Merry Xmas nipsey!

  49. Yung Content

    I'll carry the torch beloved. I miss Saint NH #HoldtheReigns 🏁🏁🏁

  50. Ronika Jones

    Overtime... Overtime

  51. Allah

    Favorite track by Nip

  52. vezo daboss

    OVERTIME!!!!!!🏁🏁🏁🙏....R.I.P NIP THE CRIP

  53. Austin Sanchez

    Shitt, this the jam you bump when you get off work late ASF working that o.t 💯💯🏁

  54. Mr. X

    He came up during a time I lost faith in music. 😔


    mane u cant looose faith

    Mr. X

    @CrooksToOlderGoons now I know..


    ArrowHead x 💯

  55. Jane Doe

    Hussle Motivation Music.
    Neighborhood Nip
    Rest Easy

  56. aga zieba

    U will never b 4gotten not matter what / Nippsy/...
    I should learn n hear abt u early...
    Mistake by me..... 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  57. James Smith

    Anybody know who produced this?

  58. Ali pretlow

    Love u hussle rip

  59. Ronald Johnson

    Wack 100 trippin talking about one album. This couldve been a album easily mailbox money a classic.

  60. Devon Wilford


  61. Devon Wilford

    ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️Great Nipsey Hussle

  62. m6_jedi

    This is one of my favourites of all time. "They don't know about them sleepless nights, lookin for a reason nights"

  63. TQ Dat Manye

    Everytime I Listen to This song I cry the music Bussiness I's so fake And this world keeping us Black People From Make it Deppressing

  64. Yonten Yonjan

    The Marathon Continues

  65. Jordan c

    Miss this man

  66. BiG JORGE863

    2019 was a fucked up year cuz we lost Nip but as the year ends soon the marathon will continue to 2020 and beyond!! We love you mane 💯

  67. Erica The Inspireror MAYS

    Maybe I'm just too ambitious...or maybe this a new dimension 🤷🏾‍♀️👸🏾💕💎🙌🏾

  68. Clipperz 23


  69. Cognac Young

    A gay nigga.

  70. Isaac Maestro

    Very Inspirational

  71. NondiKs #ChroniclesOfTheCrookedSmiles

    Niiiiiip 👏👏

  72. Last Trip.

    Maybe me I’m too ambitious, or maybe this a new dimension. Felt that shh.

  73. Dee Ross

    This nigga is straight LIGHT!!!! Let them who understand, understand…

  74. Mr Smith

    While everyone waiting on 2pac to come back we totally miss this rose in the concrete reincarnated 👑Nip

  75. ty wan

    You gave me so much inspiration. I hope you enjoy. Love you Nip.

  76. Prolific Jigna.

    They don kno about them sleepless nites, them lookin fo a reason nites.

    Way back when, i appriciate u cuzzy.
    Then, now and tomorrow.
    Its a different glare naa.

  77. Travis Micheal Calhoun

    So Dope. Shout out to his momma and daddy!

  78. Ahmed Bare

    RIB bro .

  79. Sato 666

    I fuck with this heavy 💯🤞🏼

  80. Lawrence Randall

    Forever cuzz

  81. Andrew Lopez

    Bumping this everyday moved up out of cali and came to Iowa tha hustle never stops

  82. Son Boss

    I viewed it right
    Put up a fight
    Demons always lie
    Angels are all alike
    Only thing i see fall from heaven are the tears of prayers to get me right but
    Nothing ever be alright
    I see deep in life
    Don't believe the hype
    Look at any life
    Real life story's bleed for a strip
    fight All these lonely nights
    we fight for another life
    get the feeling when you lie
    Blessings of truth come every night for I'm right
    Show me the same love don't even look right
    Watch it all go away
    Like that night when she walked away
    Ain't I worth a fight for what you want in life was all a lie
    that ain't right
    Go get married like it says when I read those lines
    Never changed the hype
    I'm impressed of how you adress me with all those lies
    I bet you ain't gonna fight for what you want in life.

  83. tas adam

    "Cant help but think how fake it is this world an this music biz I just want all the paper tho so maybe I can try change this shit"

  84. Jbreezyx88


  85. Young God

    RIP the legend

  86. Robynetta McCain

    I work 180.00 hours every two weeks sometimes no sleep. My kids have more than me. No more foster homes , I know what he talking about. Struggle is real feels good go in store pick what need and want.

  87. Ninja Prod97

    I don't do that to get likes.. I don't give a damn about that... But Man... This times I've hard times to wake up in the morning.... Until I think "Nipsey".. And I start to do pushups... That's crazy how I guy that I've Never met can motivate me way more than my own friends... Damn !

  88. L.A CALI 13


  89. William Bethel

    Yes soldiers they took him for a?joke

  90. Legit

    RIP THE KING . Fuck the middle man . Become the man.

  91. hollywoooddd

    RIP to the goat ! The marathon continues

  92. dboy Fullerton OxC

    Rest in peace king nipsey

  93. Nick Brown

    Rest in piece Slauson king. 7 months and it still feels like yesterday 😢 #TMC

  94. chris williamS

    I feel like we collaborated on this song because he says damn near everything I feel and my life experiences RIP Nip🙏

  95. Donta Price

    I don't get how this got dislikes

  96. Armando Murguia

    Rip king nip 🙏🥤


    THIS SO COLD!!!!!!!
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    I Just started rapping seriously Type in ( Lunden Ivory - Ballout )
    IF YOU LIKE Comment and subscribe!
    Thank you all God Bless

  98. Abdi jama

    Its one of those songs that hit deep