Nipsey Hussle - On The Floor Lyrics

[Nipsey Hussle:]
Aye, writing songs, for my dogs, for my squad, from my heart, how we won, how we lost, how we came, how we saw, through it all, ash and backs, out the roof, foreign cars, in pursuit, by the law, still we reach, for the stars, oh my God, oh my God, so high up, I'm so far, deja vu, I've been here before, say come back down to earth just to resist the urge, still no breaks on this car, live or die, either or, go for broke, hustle hard, lead it all, on the floor, on the floor, go for broke, hustle hard, lead it all, on the floor, on the floor, lead it all, on the floor

[Cuzzy Capone:]
Yeah, ha, west side of Slauson grind and make a million, we them hungry niggas in between the buildings, risking everything we got to feed our children, my city built off of love but we killed it, hard times posted with pebbles and Buddha with it, I was told the money was there, it's up to you to get it, Gerbauds with the Eddie Bauer no True Religion, Ralph Lauren ski jacket with the ruger in it, quarterback in the block with the Mike Vick game, I wasn't always successful but still I made plays, under pressure I run with the rock and get away, the main focus was living to see another day, Hall of Famer in the league but I never played, I left my granny house young when I should've stayed, motiviated by the money I was getting paid, go getter from the start and I'll never change

[Nipsey Hussle:]
On this court, live or die, either or, go for broke, hustle hard, lead it all on the floor, on the floor, go for broke, hustle hard, lead it all on the floor, on the floor, on the floor, lead it all, on the floor, on the floor, on the floor

Go for broke, hustle hard [x4]

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Nipsey Hussle On The Floor Comments
  1. Mystic Arbitor


  2. S3VIN

  3. Kytrell Williams

    Cuzzy verse was epic Nip just let him go in 🏁🏁🏁 tmc

  4. Fa Mu

    One of the most heartfelt hip hop creations ever, rest up Ermias👑👑 & thank you for always pouring your heart out✊🏾

  5. Carolyn Phoenix

    Thank you Nipsey your albums has motivated me so for this audition on Saturday I'm bout to leave it all on the floor RIP Neighborhood Nip💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  6. mzbrown817

    I ran miles to this, crying my heart out.. You bring me from my lowest, & make me want so much more for myself, my family & this universe... You'll always & forever will be an inspiration and Legend to me. Rest in Power & Peace King Ermias. ♥

  7. Detroit Eastside 313

    Rip Hussle Man...Cuzzy Capone keep it going 💪💯

  8. Dainel G. Mendez


  9. Dainel G. Mendez

    LONG LIVE NIPSEY HUSSLE 🏁 🏁🏁 🏁🌹 🌹🌹 🌹

  10. hithom86

    "Oh my God oh my God, so high up, I'm so far" that hit me hard. RIP NIP

  11. Robert Reyes

    Check out the version I did to this song. Subscribe to my channel for more music.

  12. Prolific


  13. Enes Kavlak

  14. chris picciotto

    Long Live King Nip ...🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽...BigBlessingz To ALL The 1.2k that Thumbed This song Up...and Guidance to the 26 lame fcks Tht thumb it down...WE NEED IT ALL...LEAVE IT.ALL ON THE FLOOR

  15. Rachel Carey

    You did it big my king Nip, I miss you big bro I love you. Thanks for showing us the way 👑💙🏁

  16. Aaron Brown

    Thru it all ashn baccs out da roof

  17. Chris Ramsey

    SALUTE, Alabama misses you fam,Happy Birthday !

  18. Hydexpark 5th ave

    I play this song every morning on my way to work just to motivate my self just like nip will say .RIP NIPSEY HUSSLE

  19. alex cruz

    Long live the real!!!!!!!💙💙

  20. Dontay Williams

    Hall Of Famer In The League But I Neva Played

  21. TrayDuece14

    Daymmm nip was the truth!! Everytime i play this tracc its hits me in a diff way💙 long live the great nip!!

  22. Leondre Burkhalter

    I swear you can hear the pain in Nipseys voice on this track almost sounded like he was tearing up while recording

  23. Armondo Reyna

    RIP King Nip 😔😢i still can't believe ur gone im still slapping ur music I've been a fan since 08 "go for broke, hussle hard" # TMC # 🏁Victory Lap🏁

  24. Devin Lilly

    The best!!

  25. Kyle Alcorn

    Im so high im far🏁


    Cuzzy killed this one


    Cuzzy KILLED IT


    He told us what would happen in the first verse of "Bigger Than Life" off The Marathon Mixtape. Bonus track not alot of ppl ever knew about after all these years

    Däeion Fuller

    M.B.G. TV GET FAMILIAR right right I peeped it

  29. JustTrynaBeHeard

    Underrated track!!! 🗣🗣🗣

  30. Quincy Evans

    NBA 2k20

    Champs ViZion

    Yeah I can hear it now

  31. KC Crowley II

    Still shedding tears behind you big bro!! Can't even listen to Victory Lap without getting chills and butterflies!

  32. KC Crowley II

    This shit so soulful..!

  33. Quincy Evans

    Day 3 the only song back to back

  34. Quincy Evans

    On day number 2,

    probably my hundredth time listening consistently.

    Hardest shit I’ve felt in a while.

  35. Jay Nguyen

    Best hook on the album. #restinpowernipthagreat

  36. Diahann Grasty

    Magnificent mile

  37. True Dream Ali kumey\

    one of the best rapper in all over the world

  38. Y_NNI

    Hi can I please Remix this Song?

  39. Anthony Booker

    Real as they come. Rip

  40. El Lyncho


  41. El Lyncho

    Damn cuH really gone...shyt hurt

  42. Kareem Mobarek

    Im not going lie when i found out his investment in his neighborhood with the stem program, hiring felons for a 2nd chance in life and his first smart store, blew my mind. He inspired me to do more than i am for myself and others. Lost a Leader. Love from North Africa 🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬

    Hydexpark 5th ave

    Yes sir we lost a great culture leader he will aways be in our hearts my brother 🙏🏼rest in peace my brother nipsey hussle A$I

    abraham llanes

    Y'all awake yet?!?

  43. Ello Heem

    I'm really hurtin over this shit

  44. redd foxx

    I been rocking with you since 09. Rip to the king for real showing love from ny

  45. Lifegoeson100

    Keeping it real ✌🏽

  46. DeeJay Tube

    Damn this how he died on the floor...every lyric was true he hussled hard till his death R.I.P leave it all on the floor 🙏🏼

    Quincy Evans

    So what dawg remove this shit

    We know how he died nigga

  47. slu_josh

    I'm still in denial. Rest well brother.

  48. Lil Tec187

    For my heart💙💙😔😔😔😔

  49. Anthony Carbajal

    i remember when I played nipsey song and bitch ass niggas and dumb ass bitches would ask me to change the songs because they were trying to turn up , not fall asleep but now that he is gone the same type of people on here trying to reminisce to his music some of yall are faker than a three dollar bill, you guys should just stick to the colored dread wearing mumble rappers and pop your xans and shut the fuck up, cause this L.A music is not for yall fake ass lames.

    Cody Westfield

    preach my homie. 100

  50. Pacman da74goon

    Rest in Paradise my guy 💙

  51. Detroit Fitness Nerd

    Here Because Of The Joe Budden Podcast..Thanks For Inspiring Me R.I.P. 🙏

  52. JerryJunior Modiba

    Long Live Tha Great!


    Love yah big bro! You the reason ima bring my city out the dark! Salute 4ever! #TMC 🏁

  54. Boudhayan K

    Rest in peace Nipsey Hussle. You will remembered as one of the greatest.

  55. Lixgotrich

    Your music always had my head up and my chest out big homie RIP

  56. Marc Hernandez

    Rip nipsay!!!!!! Your jams lives on

  57. December

    Rest in power


    Later or agaijn

  59. Back Alley Official

    From My Heart You The Truth Nipsey #Homage Salute

  60. Shotta Zulu

    #Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuullllllllllllllllluuuuiuuuuiiiiiippppppppppppp👆✊👊👏👐💪💪💪💪💪💪💪😷🔥 🔥 🔥 🌞🌋🌋🌋

  61. J Will

    1500 or nothing will be great for this

  62. G L

    Cuzzy dope

  63. wiz Fugra

    the different between who you are and who you want to be is what u do. Proud of u ermias 👾🔥🔥🔥

  64. aiden hugg

    This mixtape has been on datpiff for over a year 😂😂

    Age Cali

    aiden hugg damn ... You smart. He's getting more exposure now so he wants to make sure ppl hearin all the fuego. Ketchup

    aiden hugg

    Beats by Story was hoping for some new shit when I saw the notification... already heard all these hundreds of times over 😂

    Age Cali

    aiden hugg yeah YOU heard the shit. So did I. But sadly a lot of ppl just now discovering nipsey dude. And they might overlook his old shit unless he does something about it


    yep listened to this way back

    Dontay Williams

    What's ya point u clown

  65. Michael Cobbs

    Marvelous song.
    Download + Stream:

  66. Raun Little

    Like first then listen, homie so consistent already know it was hot lol !