Nipsey Hussle - Ocean Views Lyrics

Ocean views, small circle it's a chosen few
I wrote it down and I followed through
I bought a pound and we rolled a few
I talk shit but she know it's true

Ocean views, small circle it's a chosen few
I wrote it down and I followed through
I bought a pound and we rolled a few
I talk shit but she know it's true

Blessings, bitches in my section
Young with all this money, I'm obsessive, weapons
Turning off y'all extras
Turning off this bullshit direction
Turning off my grind
Waking up to mo' pressure
But it's all in yo' mind, so I never feel pressured
Knew it's all in due time, now hunnid stacking like Tetris
Hustle hard is my message, then double back and get extras
Know I spaz when I cash it
Yellow Bone, white Lexus, all black tint, two white cups, fat gold chains, pride, Texas
I'm just young and I'm reckless, I'm just on for my section
I'm just out here on top speed with my top down and I'm revin’
I don't know about Hell, I don't know about Heaven
All I know is 'bout right now and this lifestyle is interesting
Iced down in my section, I just write down these confessions
Niggas die to get life around me, I guess that I'm an exception

Ocean views, small circle it's a chosen few
I wrote it down and I followed through
I bought a pound and we rolled a few
I talk shit but she know it's true

Ocean views, small circle it's a chosen few
I wrote it down and I followed through
I bought a pound and we rolled a few
I talk shit but she know it's true

Look, I'm in these streets with my Cuban on
In my Benz with my music on
Old friends like what have you been on
Shit, I've been on my grind
I ain't usually home, focused, I ain't using phones
Lately I've been using song to get my point across
While niggas 'round me lose it all, but that's your point to toss
I guess I always knew to ball
And as this world revolves I'm cracking 'cuz I do my job
Look, from fucking hood rats to fucking stars
Spending all cash, to sliding cards, it's the definition of living large
Smoking top flight in the biggest cars
Told you '08 this shit was ours, getting this cake, yeah nigga then getting more
Look at this world young nigga, this really yours
Nigga this really mine, my niggas is really for it, them buildings is really high, them cars is really foreign and all I see is...

Ocean views, small circle it's a chosen few
I wrote it down and I followed through
I bought a pound and we rolled a few
I talk shit but she know it's true

Ocean views, small circle it's a chosen few
I wrote it down and I followed through
I bought a pound and we rolled a few
I talk shit but she know it's true

Yeah, early morning off that flight though
We gon' go hard then get right, bro
It seemed simple, that's not life though
10 years later I'm alright though
Look, these niggas act like they don't like dough
They be mad cuz niggas shine bright though
Look, I got a Ruger and a Bryco
But I'ma let you pick which way tonight go
I got my dough right, plus the right goal
I mean it's legal, pay taxes to them white folks
My precedure, stay crackin 'till my life's low
Then when I die, Blue rag around my rifle
Hunnid thousand in my coffin, that's just life though
Play a Stevie Wonder song, smoke some flight, bro
Crack a pint of Actavis then pour in some Sprite, bro
Until that day I'm walking toward what's in my sights though
'Cuz all I see is...

Ocean views, small circle it's a chosen few
I wrote it down and I followed through
I bought a pound and we rolled a few
I talk shit but she know it's true

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Nipsey Hussle Ocean Views Comments
  1. DJ Uhuru

    Big blessings. hussle

  2. Mya Davis

    S.I.P. NIP

  3. Mya Davis

    Shit make me wanna kill something

  4. Josh Batiste

    Lately I been using songs to get my point across #LongLiveNipseyHUSSLE LIKE/SHARE/FOLLOW... If U on a food hustle or any kind of hustle drop a link #NETWORKING 🤝

  5. christopher Ramirez

    I’m in these streets with my Cubans on Homie was really living his life in his bars Rest In Peace my favorite rapper

  6. RF C100

    First song I'm playing when I get to Cali

  7. DeMario Jackson

    Cried to this song too many times. I have an motivational broad on my wall. That keeps me focus but sometimes life makes you feel defeated. But this song helps me cry to tears cause I held a lot in. And I think of the bigger picture. My clothing brand will eventually blow up. It’ll take time. But it’ll be worth it. Thank You Nip.

  8. Aarron M

    The man

  9. Roni Rama

    Ain’t heard someone brag about his luxury and not sound like garbage(lyrics wise) in a while

  10. Darc Syde

    10 years later I'm alright tho

  11. Holtzify

    1:19 2020 I bumped this in Cancun docked at tulum just to smoke and feel the energy you were talkin bout. Rest up young nip c note

  12. Nick Lee

    Now he's seeing those ocean views from up above, sadly...... R.i.p. to this young successful man who was also my age....thanks for teaching me the steps to take Nipsey.......

  13. Adell Clark

    I’m here 2020 and for the rest of my life classic music 🎶

  14. BeastMaster210

    1 mo time 🤞🏾👑🙏🏾🎼🎵🎶


    Light my back & count 100racks

  16. The Marathon Continues

    3:31 he talks about his death and he died on 3/31 at the age of 33

  17. fair is fair

    Did know this exist learning more and more ...

  18. Jermainehnbh Walls

    God bless you nipsey man I'm from
    Brooklyn you was different you meant everything
    RIP king

  19. Chocolat 4life

    2020 baby

  20. Dnalyram Reverof

    Man fuck Eric Holder

  21. Robbie Jones


  22. Darlana Green

    My kind of Breakfast (weed)
    Victory 🌹🌹🌹😢💕Nipsey, 🙏🏾

  23. Ricardo Ortega

    "Idk about hell, idk about heaven. All I know is about right now and this lifestyle's interesting"

  24. TheDondooney

    RIP Nip we miss you out here loc #916

  25. ItsThat Productions

    Motivation 🏁 #LongLiveNip

  26. Whats-that-A-Prelude Your-dad's-obsessed

    & we'll never see hip hop like this again

  27. Kevin Lee

    Still bumpin in 2020. TMC.

  28. kaesawn james

    I no I didn't no you but you taught me to be self made cuz I just wanna say 💯 love you fam 💙 wish u was here blessings to your people , friends an slauson rest easy King 💯💪

  29. Edwin Urena

    This dude is whack

  30. Jimmy Gotswaggert

    The horns in the second verse, makes me wish were used more, yet glad weren't overdone

  31. Sergio Pabon

    🙏Your still alive to me😢🏁

  32. Tony Brooks

    Should have way more views

  33. dont trip

    Some crazy shit he shot this video in Kobe Bryant hood

  34. David Gabriel

    King Nip

  35. Quentin Seals

    👑 Nipsey

  36. lXtremelGamerl

    I miss ya brotha..

  37. Denny Decoy

    🗣Who Still Bumping This 2K20 🙌🏾🙏🏾💪🏾😎

  38. Bryan Velasco

    bout to rearrange baes guts

  39. Steven Tolifson

    Introduce a bill that says we can't sell our old weapon inventory to other countries too many times it gets back to the terrorist organizations and gets used on our youth. The other leaders that said they wouldn't sell to them but the did at least in the hood you get your ass beat if you slang to kids you slang so the can bang our kids get hard when the numbers come in like it was a threesome with Kathryn Winnick and Scarlett. Do numbers have energy like words do 100 get you excited till I put the dead behind it 20 alright I'm still young, massacred in a school shooting yesterday. You protesting outside planned Parenthood what about the one that make missiles and kill the ones sucking in oxygen

  40. Steven Tolifson

    Sleep in my van down by the beach use they showers so I don't stink fuck rent if it got me back on that ish stressing second guessing on my ego been caressing soldier was never around them yes man foot getting sore from kicking in these doors Cheifs down but win every game at the last min. Protest in front of the companies making missiles

  41. Steven Tolifson

    A better life is just 2 tanks away want to get these bags out my face pick up a that I could actually enjoy 12 hours sifts got me pissed waiting stack for a couple weeks play my hand in the market. See problem give weak solutions to these youngsters that could really improve them put the facts out there your bones know this is the solution do it and do it again

  42. Chavonda Honeycutt

    @ Nipsey Hussle..LLNIp

  43. Portia Johnson

    💋💖miss and luv you nip...

  44. Robert Pitcher

    Got that Grammy nip hope your proud up there

  45. Andrew Craddock

    Peace to the God Nip Hussle

  46. fresh frexao

    2020 nipsey hossle

  47. Fenkell Mel

    Rih nip ♿️

  48. Zay Acosta

    Ocean Views, Down as A great, Been Down, and I do it all motivated me to grind when I got out and helped me acquire my first Benz and my crib this is straight hustler muzik, Victory Lap was just the reward to enjoy a quality classic album while cruising in my Benz and enjoy while smoking blunts at my own crib .. long live King Nip The Marathon Continues

  49. Antoine_130

    banged out a lot of 24 hour shifts to this 💪🏾🙏🏾

  50. BeastMaster210


  51. Cognac Young

    i have to be picked up, I can't catch the bus

  52. Cognac Young

    ain't nothing that secret. they hurting me bad right now Man.

  53. Jose Gutierrez

    a cuz i remember thank you marathon og

  54. Jerry Gillard

    Pacific Ocean

  55. Fed Dev


  56. Johnny Chonggg

    Nipsey Hussle and Kobe Bryant. Hard work and dedication manifested. And look how many people you can touch by living your life with their messages. We remember them by continuing on our journey with their teachings in heart and mind

  57. Jordan c

    Still can't believe it...

  58. Shawn Kemp

    Real OG got the dope in the coffee mug ✊🏽

  59. A bL

    we will mourn u til we'll join u my nigga

  60. Penny Smith

    I hope Nipsey wins the Grammys tomorrow night for RACKS IN THE MIDDLE AND HIGHER. I love u Nipsey.

  61. Sticks Smoove

    My fav nip song , got me through a lot !

  62. Much Love Gambine

    Still here 2020. Rest Up tha great king Nipsey Hussle. TMC 💙6️⃣0️⃣♿️🏁

  63. Setthetoneonem Official

    I gotta come back to it every so often 💪🏽

  64. Gothboi Prince

    Love this song, heard it in the barbershop

  65. Maurice HandyJr

    “Niggas died and got life around me, I guess I’m an exception” #Powerful

  66. Jae Satcher

    RiP NIPSEY 💙💙 you fucked up alot of feelings when you departed from the world ... glad I was rocking b4 time TMC

  67. Jae Satcher


  68. Hidden Treasures

    Do anyone else see his aura. He is glowing!!

  69. Q. Milly

    A real KING . . . I miss you my G. . .. see you in heaven

  70. Q. Milly

    My shit 💯💯💯💯🙌🏿🇯🇲

  71. GUN Kr4ZY


  72. Tee Blake

    Why he gotta be gone man 😭

  73. Perfect 10


  74. Dottie Williams


  75. BlueDecember06

    GTA 6 radio song for real

  76. Alive On Life

    I really deep inside feel hurt

  77. Tearz of Joyyy

    It took me eight months to start listening to Nip again. I was playing Mailbox Money earlier today in my ride and just thinking how he went out. F'd up smt. Smh. Even writing this shit is sad. Regardless TMC. Shout out to everybody going through the struggle (stages) towards their come up. God (Yahweh) bless.

  78. David Gonzalez

    Sacramento , California banging this till I die !

  79. ASVP Ktwist

    RIPNIP🙏🏾 who is here in 2020

  80. Ahn-yea Graham

    The Marathon Continues.
    It’s Mind Blowing The Impact You Were Able To Make Nip.
    Energy Never Dies, Just Transitions.
    #TMC 🏁🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵

  81. lovely Natasha

    Everything nip raps about came to pass. Playing stevie wonder song at his funeral.

  82. Michael Hansell


  83. Youngfleek 29083

    Who else likes this version better because of the vocals in the baccground ?

    Matthew Acierto

    Youngfleek 29083 right here. apple music can go sucks D themselves

  84. 31membami

    Here in 2020 reppin Cuz all day everyday. Just recently watched a video of NIPSEY talking about positive delusions. Believing in positive delusions verses negative delusions for example just being delusional about success to the point that it happens.

  85. Buddha Bless

    2020!!! R.I.P Nip🙏🏾🏁

  86. ania ealey

    2nd verse man

  87. Damien Mitton

    No homo he’s my idol. Don’t agree on everything. But he reminds me of a big bro I never had

  88. thugbir singh

    Nipsey had a real cool personality.. like he always kept his head up...
    Not sayin cuz he no more but i actualy learnt alot from this man
    Rest eazy bro

  89. D'Quayvn Danner

    nipsey lived a great life, but all life comes to death

  90. Omari Pratt

    Looks like he shot this in his version of heaven...waking up to a fat blunt,the beautiful waves crashing with a bomb breakfast this video go so hard

  91. Montclair Don

    Love this song

  92. Terri Mitchell


  93. BeastMaster210

    2k20 & Beyond T.M.C 💪🏾🤞🏾🕊🕊🍃🏁

  94. Slack Jaw

    universal beat with universal lyrics and truths. nice.

  95. Al K

    Chrcking in! RIP G

  96. ShO

    It don't feel real and it dont make no Fucking since!

  97. ShO

    This is fucking crazy yo!