Nipsey Hussle - Mark My Words Lyrics

[Nipsey Hussle:]
I'm different

Grind strenuous, cash out continuous
Mogul in the making, autonomous black businesses
Broken culture that we all lost niggas in
Elevated innovation over ignorance
I represent it
Suburban tinted, fiver that's percentage
Closed cur but the Mac-11 muzzle vintage
Ghost flourish, double back and come and get your niggas
Pass the power to your people, it ain't nothing realer
Facing this decision it's a funny feeling
Knowing when you tell the truth they gon' come and kill you
Knowing people need some proof, went and got the millions
Stressed a young nigga out but I'm so resilient
It's champagne, Honda Civics they was taking pictures
Young niggas in front the buildings tryna make a living
Or I just figured they was jealous cause we made it quicker
And never asked for no favors nigga
Look real shit you can mark my words

'85 Cutlass, I'll make my swerves
These ho niggas tryna take what's yours
Take a stand or have to take one first
Back him up, but only take one burst
With white chalk I'll make 'em paint your curb
Rest in peace, have 'em paint your shirt
If a nigga's tryna take my worth
But you know

[Rick Ross:]
My last white was 20 million
So familiar like Tookie Williams, I'm in the building
My conversation is cash money
I fly private, rarely do I have luggage
Riding through the ghetto, where I'm from the kids love me
Everyday I'm rocking jewels, I know they wanna touch me
Repercussions mandatory when you injure mine
Every time I step on the block my dick on the line
Burning like a candle in Versace sandals
My persona on the camera, that's just how it's handled
Put me in coach, I'm going to the paint
Ran a couple tour days and took me to the bank
Mark my words I know you're broke, I see it in your face
Art bezel twin chains I spend it on the vase
US Marshals came to cut the gates
I'm Double M, I'm known to beat the case

[Nipsey Hussle:]
Real shit you can mark my words
'85 Cutlass, I'll make my swerves
These ho niggas tryna take what's yours
Take a stand or have to take one first
Back him up, but only take one burst
With white chalk I'll make 'em paint your curb
Rest in peace, have 'em paint your shirt
If a nigga's tryna take my worth
But you know

[Rick Ross:]
My nigga Nipsey from the mud to the marble, what's up my nigga, ugh. It ain't 100 million in the room, shit I shoot for three, what's up, ugh

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Nipsey Hussle Mark My Words Comments
  1. Jordan Thomas

    Rest in Peace Greatest 🤞🏾👑😥🏁

  2. clean blacc sneakas

    He shines brighter everyday💙👑✊💞RWG Nipsey

  3. Jason Prudencio

    Fucc rick ross i aint no hate just keepin a thouwow

  4. Twilight Biscuit

    Being one of my favourite songs I made a remix, what do you think 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Prolific

    That beat though 🔥

  6. JJ Jones

    Black business i need big kitchen

  7. deadchow

    Nipsey <3
    Made a remix of this check it out

  8. designn choice

    nipsey is next lvl

  9. Kashew 718Playboi

    Heat mark my words....

  10. R J

    Pass the power to your people it ain't nothing REALER!! He did that!! 🏁 #KingNIP

  11. Domo Steward

    Dope 🔥 🔥

  12. Hashtag Wickid

    “The amount of student loan i have...” is your own fucking fault. Stupid ads

  13. Nicholas Moretto

    Nasty nipsey

  14. Alley

    He's the big real one . Rest in peace Ermias The great

  15. Princeton Swain

    But you know! 🔥🔥

  16. Princeton Swain

    Probably my favorite Nipsey song

  17. Lenny Coco


  18. Umalio Mussa

    We did remember you nipsey Hussle god bless you brother amen

  19. Sophia Brooks

    This best and Nipsey voice is electric!!!!

  20. BioHazard

    why did some scumfuck have to kill this man? 😫😫

    hiiipower iii


  21. George Beard

    Oh shit son 🔥 🔥 🔥#MARATHONCONTINUES

  22. Mind Your Business

    What he say tell dat truth they kill you man that's he knew his rode

  23. marquise johnson

    Mark my words🤟🏾 💯🙏☝🏾

  24. Tyrell Harden

    85 Cutlass i feel that cuz Albuquerque 93 Cuz Rest Easy tha Marathon Continues Bro

  25. Lezre DayV


  26. Jt Bob

    This shit give you some unforgettable inspiration to succeed on God himself🗣💯🙌🏽

  27. E Double U

    I’m a rapper, Subscribe to me if you believe in God😊(no Holy content though)

  28. Vanity Marie

    And waking up your people forever continues 😔

  29. Mustafa Batihan

    Nipsey the god of all the ghettos across america

  30. Laylow jones

    I Love ya ma niqqa i miss ya ma niqqa!!! This shitbis forever Nip... i swear to god!!!!! thank you my brother for showing me how to be a better man. Rest in Paradise OG

  31. Stanley Muldrew


  32. I sEe

    💪🏾🙏🏾 ....🌬💨👹

  33. Leonard Cummings

    Lyrics powerful and true.!!

  34. mitchfitz29

    🔥🔥🔥 Neva asked fo no Favors! 🇪🇷🏁TMC

  35. Johnson Mlawasi

    Nip said elevate innovation over ignorance but niggaz did the opposite.. fuck

  36. twampson916

    The marathon continues. #LLKN 🏁🔵

  37. JagSTR Guy


  38. danza robby

    Such an underrated song

  39. [OG*k] Vxerous

    444k views who else sees 222 333 444 555 777 111 a lot more recently

  40. Quentin Waller

    Nip made u pay attention ..thanks rick ross cuz on crip

  41. Michelle Mitchell


    Reine Noire & Co.

    Really. The DISTRICT attorney?

    Reine Noire & Co.

    Sorry i meant department of justice

    Michelle Mitchell


    Michelle Mitchell


  42. tommie barnes

    Nip was tru and spirit lives on much love feel tru

  43. Cece

    Wise Beyond His Years We Love You Nip Rest In Heaven 💙🕊

  44. Jay W

    Whoever you are...u have to feel nipsey 💯💯


    Scary shit is that a lot dont

  45. Darnell Stinson

    The people needed proof went in got them millions

  46. Wedi Tesfai

    I'm gonna do big things in your honor Nip.

    C Will

    Same here

    Warrior Mindframe

    Yup and when I do, I'll get the biggest painting I can find of NIP and put it right on my wall in my living room.

  47. Long Beach Certified

    He talkin bout Big U hating ass tryna Dbo Nipsey N Blk Sam whole operation damn shame it be yo own homies 💯


    If Timon and Pumba rapped

  49. chris picciotto

    Long Live Nip THE MARATHON CONTINUEZ 💙💙💙💙💙💙💯🚀🚀🚀

  50. chris picciotto


    Ahmad King

    Good luck on your marathon run to victory

  51. Julio Valencia

    Man, my nigga still alive he simply cut a deal man. On that 33rd degree shit....for those that Know.

  52. HUMBLE


  53. Benny Lexx

    Everything after Pac was a Lie til Nipsey rose out the pavement. Next one got some big shoes to fill. Nip the Great set the Bar High

    Mustafa Batihan

    Belle Dee they both equals. I dont think you heard all nipseys songs. He had music lyrics songs dedicated to thr underprivileged just like pac he is the 2pac of our generation.

    Jonathan Castaneda

    @Lady Tee to say Pac did nothing for his people is very short sighted. He gave many of us inspiration, and to be an inspiring human is not common. Keep in mind that Pac died at 25, and if you listen to his last interview, his next move was to use his popularity to garner votes, to help him establish his own political party in government. He died at 25. He didn't have the time to mature and do his thing. If Nip got killed at 25, this would be a completely different story. He would've just been an aspiring rapper trying to turn his life around. Tragic, but not socially impactful like he is now. Pac contributed to us having Nip because he helped inspire him. I wish we would stop comparing and cutting down our young kings. We can have more than one, and they're all unique with unique contributions. Nip's throne being established doesn't dethrone Pac. They're both kings to our community.

    Warrior Mindframe

    Pac was a lyricist but not real. He was a plastic gangster. He put the jacket on if a G. I respect him still. But nipsey was the realest mf ever in the game. Self built, straight off the curb, hungry, a real banger that made something great from nothing, and then started helping others. I'll bet within 10 more years he would have hit a billion and became a business tycoon.


    Benny Lexx nipsey was never better than Kendrick gtfoh


    wasn't Pac a lie himself, like he was a fake blood

  54. Big Shaq

    Broken Culture That We All Lost Niggas In...

    Elevated Innovation Over Ignorance.... I Represent It.... 💯

    DeShun Carlisle


  55. Richmindset Prez

    Know when you tell the truth, they gone come and kill ya!


    Hurtful truth


    🎹🎶🎤🔥🔥🔥🙏👑💙☀🌷💜👑🙌🎹🎤🎶🎤🎤🌴🍀🌸💐💚💕💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 💞💞💞🙏🙏🙏🎹🎶🎤👼👼👼💚🌴🍀☀

  57. Mind Your Business

    Did cuhz not write his story big dawg shit

  58. Paradoxxxgascrew Remix RIP HOMIE

  59. BlackCrowOutTheCage


  60. ddkisses1


  61. Eddie Dee

    All the way from Africa to where I am now in France, this man changed my life since longtime ago
    Rest in power king

    alhassan h

    eiii bro..why what took you to france if i may ask


    💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 🏁🏁🏁™️©️🏁🏁🏁

  62. Toya

    🔥🔥 🔥

    Selmar St.Peteboy

    Yae yae

  63. Toya

    Know wen u tell the truth they coming to get u.

  64. EL JEFE HO!

    "Knowing when u tell the truth,they gone come n kill ya"😐😑

    Dameer Wright

    Ted s weird how they flipped the script of you said and got you thinking what they told you 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Ted s

    @Dameer Wright its on fucking video, try again clown


    Loud and clear, he said it!

    Urban Indie BMG

    Paul Peezy #Facts

    Pacific 69117

    Ted s you a cop?

  65. Vinny Fogle

    I swear you was right bra you know ✈

  66. Vegeta Briefs

    I honestly find this nigga trash his raps r ass he’s been out since 2011 n this is the 1st time I heard him so how is this unknown nigga the nxt Tupac

    Eddie Boatright

    Vegeta Johnson bruh u trash . U clearly from a suburb or a sucka set

  67. Felipe Ferras Gomez

    Rest King.

  68. Jacque Adell

    We all felt this shit Cuhhhhh!!! We love you Nipsey! Rip 💙💔🙌🙏


    Bitch shut up cuz you ain't no crip RIP uncle nip

    hiiipower iii

    @SUPREME BEING cuH, she don't even know Nip probably after he died. People in the comments swear they know the man but never was paying attention to him when he was still alive.


    @hiiipower iii yeah man they get on my nerves with that bullshit

  69. Tsepo Ntelane

    RIP Dawg!!

    BLACKBELT Jones/1.00474


    Tsepo Ntelane

    @BLACKBELT Jones/1.00474 I'm all the way across the world. had no idea. What's the correct one?

  70. Damari Moland

    Know when you tell the truth they gonna come and kill ya. 😢

    BLACKBELT Jones/1.00474


    Damari Moland

    BLACKBELT Jones/1.00474 this shit deeper than rap i have a feeling this is not gang related but u never know cuz that gang would get the green light so fast and how did the suspect get away so easy there has to be footage if in front of his store and Crenshaw and slauson is always cracking 9 times out of 10

  71. Ibz TV

    R.I.P Nipsy 😔

  72. LeeR remix

  73. Justin Carrera

    Niggah I’m different.
    Elevation over ignorance 💪💪

  74. Mickael C

    I'm a big fan of Nipsey Hussle et Rick Ross, i made a remix of this track for fun, I'll be glad to hear your point of view on it
    Thanks :)

  75. TMC4 RAL

    Autonomous Black Businesses

  76. Jama Abdikarim Jama

    Haa shit true dat..nuff bless bro One.

  77. carnage6ar


  78. carnage6ar

    They saw Honda civics

  79. oliverrando

    this track dope

  80. Alan Lopez

    This shit hits the mind...

  81. Oliver Hernandez

    This song is ok

  82. Lamarius Micou

    I'm different...

  83. Carlos Samaniego

    fuck ross come on nep

  84. Carlos Samaniego

    I'm from la shit fuck ross

  85. Carlos Samaniego

    man thug you we're nep

  86. Jack Black

    Grind Strenuous

  87. Henry Sands


  88. Dominic Burgin

    my type of music

  89. mansa musa

    this dude hard as fuck 60

  90. Phoenix Arizona

    my Niagara nipsey spittin that fire

  91. Austin


  92. 305 R.A.P


  93. Mario Lopez

    All Money In

  94. Dav Smith

    put me on a hit fr I got talent


    fuck rick ross, fake fuckin cop

  96. Chris Tate

    set im wrong nipsey hustle

  97. Chris Tate

    my favorite rapper nipys hustle

    The Real Species Unknown