Nipsey Hussle - Down As A Great Lyrics

[Kirko Bangz:]
I'm tryna go down, down as a great
Every night I get, on my knees and pray
That I will go down, yeah
I will go down, yeah

[Nipsey Hussle:]
Legendary moves, leader of my crew
Heavy is the head that wear the crown, that shit true
Do it like Nip Hussle, that's to fill some big shoes
And what good is excuses when the fuckin' rent's due?
Smokin' on this indo, run away from my pain
Rosemary on my temples, heard that's good for migraines
Solo in my Benzo, exit off the highway
Solitary thoughts like how to reinvest my side change

[Kirko Bangz:]
I'm tryna go down, down as a great
Every night I get, on my knees and pray
That I will go down, yeah
I will go down, yeah
I'm tryna go down, down as a legend
Every night I ask God for the blessin'
That I will go down, yeah
I will go down, yeah

[Nipsey Hussle:]
So many niggas doin' time, who are you and I?
To play with it is a blessin', so reach for the sky
Pick up Shady off the block and we'll smoke and drive
Politickin' on the block to make it multiply
Keep some bitches on the team from the other side
Keep at least a pound of green, mothafuckin' right
30 hours in the spot, goin' overtime
Then we pull up to the Fox and go hold it down
You know this life, it got a cold design
How you go from eatin' lobster tails at Ocean Prime
To chain to a smoker and throat on the line
But when them gates close, keep an open mind
It ain't a force in this world like the focused drive
You gotta focus on yourself like an only child
You make your dream realer, and you make your team better
You wake your game up, and you make your scheme better

[Kirko Bangz:]
They say this time, this time
Won't be like the last time
But this time, this time
I'm a do it like my last time
I'm a go hard, my nigga
Put my name in the stars, my nigga
But I gotta pray to God, my nigga
That I will go down
Until we legendary, yeah
'Til we legendary
We legendary, yeah
Who don't wanna be legendary? Yeah
Wanna be... legendary, legendary, yeah
I wanna be legendary
I'm just tryna go down, I'm just tryna go down, I'm just tryna go down
I'm just tryna go down
I'm just tryna go down
I'm just tryna go down
And be a legend in my town
I'm just tryna go down
I'm just tryna go down
I'm just tryna go down
And be a legend in my town

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Nipsey Hussle Down As A Great Comments
  1. Rajbir Chatha

    30 hours in the spot going over time! Gotta focus on yaself like a only child!!

  2. Keon Carr

    Victory lap

  3. Tony Brooks

    Wish there was a video to this


    Who made that last beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. DeShun Carlisle


  6. Donna Wells

    Solitaire thoughts like how to re invest my side change..

  7. Kenan Abram

    I know ya'll heard that flatline in the intro.. I love how prophetic his lines and just creativity in general was. He literally wrote his fate while these rap niggas freestyling their lives. #TMC

  8. raymond romero

    Morhfucking nip the fucking great!!! We miss you king rip nip and kobe we gonna miss yall like crazy!!! Yall spirit will stay with us

  9. jerin browder

    Nipsey loved Houston 🚀 🚀💪

  10. Donna Wells

    Legendary moves, leader of my crew......RIP KING NIP

  11. Antwon Williams

    😭😭😭😭 HOTSHIT!!!?

  12. Janet Ocho


  13. Donna Wells

    Do it like Nip Hussle

  14. Danny Damino

    and you did nip. we love you

  15. Roy Dee

    Wack100 had a seizure when he heard this song. #NipTheGreat #Legend

  16. Eaze Luey

    Nipsey laid out the whole blueprint to this get rich shit, if you don’t get it it’s your own fault. RIP King

  17. clean blacc sneakas


  18. Shawndu Ramirez

    R.i.p next see you in the next demintion Bru 😇

  19. Carlos Moody

    R.I.P. Nipsey Da Great U went down as Da Greatest of Time much Luv my guy #AllMoneyInNo$Out #TMC

  20. Al Heavyweight

    this song put a tattoo tear on my eye homie rip nip

  21. Hector Barrera

    Just the usual thing to do dropping by to say love you bro. That's all.

  22. Kyler Chocan

    rip nippsey your songs is what keeps me going thru the day fuck the government and the police middlefingers up

  23. IAmEarlBenji

    I don't give a flying fuc what wack100 say I been a nip fan since he started running his laps bruh went down a legend you can't hate on it facts is facts this man did shit for the people nobody ain't did yet PROLIFIC

  24. Son Goku

    My nigga really did go down as a great

  25. Mark Awesome

    Hitting them likes for my Slauson Boy.

  26. RY SO REAL

    Still on replay 2019🙏🏽rip nip

  27. B-Rai87

    Well, Nip you succeeded in that. Nip a legend, forget great.

  28. Zachariah Guajardo

    If I had to choose my favorite song from Nip it would be between this one and Ocean Views and Mercy. HiS music gon live forever he changed the game. 🥶🏁✊🏾

  29. Level1up Chi_town420

    He predicted his time #g.o.a.t #themarathoncontines #ripnipseyhussle🎵🎶💯


    Nip Hussle The Great

  31. DC Fade 1

    What GooD is excuses wheb the fucking rents due????

  32. Wilfred Fields


  33. Cash Money

    Don’t worry Nip you went down as a great 💯🙏🏼❤️

  34. 9to5 productions-5ive

    He did exactly what he said 💪

  35. Ronald Petters

    LYNWOOD 211ST....fucc the other side!! This a joint!

  36. Dayqua Rose

    NH.i.p bro much love and respect H48D R💯


    This photo captures it all.....wanna be...legendary yeaaaaaa

  38. Sean Hynson

    Tru great legend

  39. Trey Bells

    You did it bro!

  40. Trill YoungMali

    Rip Nip that Great 🙏🙏🏁🏁

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    Talk about slept on.

  42. Brandon Ramkishun

    You went down as a legend unlike any other seen before you were rare and special

  43. Corey Lawson

    I love him rip in pesy

  44. Corey Lawson

    I love in rip and peys

  45. Corey Lawson

    I like this song

  46. Dwin Rozay

    And you did... on everything you didddddddd....DOWN AS A MOFO G👊👊 RIP HUSSLE MAN..

  47. Dopedreamz D.D.A

    Bro this song makes shit so deep I was bumpin this song when 2k17 dropped bro and its like all those memories man and the feeling of new nipsey music

  48. Dopedreamz D.D.A

    This song bro wow man sad he was so nice on this song bro it formed my spirituality fr

  49. Shamo Bin Amoudi

    I miss you Ermias so much.

  50. Raider Nation31

    Rip 👑 Nip we all miss you

  51. Sleepy DaDonDADA

    It hit different now......

  52. Dats Cap

    R.I.P Nipsey Hussle 🕊 one of the best to ever do it

  53. YoungRangerJu

    Don't let this niggas death just be that. Listen to what he's saying take notes and apply it to your life accordingly

  54. clean blacc sneakas


  55. Hashtag Wickid

    I truly love this man. With all my heart. He changed my life. I'm gonna spark one up for the homie Nip.

  56. Keenans Kingdom

    You went down as a Great nip💯💯💯

  57. saybree fillyaw

    Support the family this shot never get old

  58. Savage Money104

    🤦🏾‍♂️🙏 He definitely went down as The Great

  59. Roy Dee

    Midnight love beat -snoop doggy dogg... Nip kilt it tho... Rest In Peace King!

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    The great

  62. Oscar Lopez

    Nipsey went hard

  63. Shawon Marshman

    Mission accomplished

  64. Oasis Of Healing

    Love you, Happy Birthday. Cuh 💙⚜️

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    Rest in Paradise to Nip Hussle the Great ! If you barley catchin on you LATE. 🏁🙏🏽💡

  66. The Truth OG

    Nipsey was not even in his prime. Brah, can you imagine? The bangers that he would have put out in the next 5 years, 10 years???

    Malcom Stanley

    "Give me 10 years they gone be like Russell who" ????

  67. Realcoleworldd

    Therapy to the ears Love Nip rest up 🙏

  68. Jeremy DjSkeezy Selph

    Tupac Thug Theory Channel by Jeremy Selph

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    60💯 tru

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    New age Tupac and more😎😎😎🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

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    Real Rap

  72. Patrick Martin

    The did that for sho yung king...👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏👀👀👀✊✊✊😁😁😁

  73. Hannah Stepney Duo

    Rosemary on my temple... hear it’s good for migraines...💯 Dr Sebi Shit💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

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    2020 in this bitch

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    Yeah cuz get it cuz got to walk to this one surry😝💯👀😎

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    Slept on

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    That why I love the mash up chosen cause it’s Nipsey lyrics with a great message

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    this was posted on my 27th Birthday 06/06/16 dope shit homie

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    Realest in the game


    You did it
    The marathon continues

  83. BrianRaider

    Peace King, REST IN HEAVEN!

  84. S Kittles0807

    Yep you did that went down great RIP King Hussel

  85. TheMobbz1

    Legend of my time !!! you did it so well
    Bigger than rap music
    #streetsoldiers #revolutionnary

  86. 420

    831 $eA$iDe Central Coast Cali 8TreUno

  87. Jnug09 Rivera

    Fucken RESPECT to a one of a kind Hussler King and definition of a MAN rip Nipsey THE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

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  89. black hippy

    You went down a legend my g.made the set proud#ripthagreat

  90. berman pineda


  91. RellyRellProductions

    Im upset that I didnt really know who he was till he passed. I feel Ive missed out. After listening to him I cant even listen to the garbage thats out now R.I.P Nipsy💙

    D’Angelo From Como

    He made me look at rap different!! He set the bar and if you couldn’t reach it with lyrics I DONT LISTEN TO THEM!!

  92. Mr Amazing25

    Great for ever✨💯

  93. DrJuicyNugs

    Ohhh nippppp

  94. kam da Pharoah

    u surpassed great g....and legendary....luv ya bro
    mourn ya till we join ya!!!

  95. Troy Reagan

    Thank you for Sharing your World Ermias J.Asghedom Aka Nipsey Hustle 💙 One of the Greatest to do it. You will live forever 🌞

  96. 1986

    He had a unique sounding voice. What a waste of potential and life. Rip

  97. wongchai807

    He definitely did #HusslethaGreat

  98. Mathieu Ebassua

    I know no Nigga wants to admit it. But soon enough all Blacks need to Exodus back to the Motherland. America is not your home. The system has never been set for us Black to be Free! Go down as a Great. Let's take all our Great Kings and Queens to rebuild the Biggest Continent in the World. Africa! Nipsey went back because he knew what the meaning of being grounded and never forget where you came from. He was a great African Leader to this World!