Nipsey Hussle - Between Us Lyrics

[Hook - K. Camp:]
Nigga, I'm a live like it's my last
You worried bout them bitches we done had
Baby I'm so focused on this cash
I said baby I'm so focused on this cash
I said she wanna roll cause she see me in that ride
I ain't got no time, gotta put her on the side
You can't come between it, between it
You can't come between it
Baby I'm so focused on this cash

[Verse 1 - Nipsey Hussle:]
VS bezel my Ro', perfected my role
Focused my mind, and got to this dough
I'm one of a kind, not like what you know
True to my oath, they proud of my growth
I come from the turf, I doubled my worth
I made some mistakes, but that's just part of my search
They connect with my words, right at the part where it hurts
This life is a bitch, my hand up her skirt
Had a thirst to get rich, couple stains on my shirt
Every reason to fail, but we was makin' it work
We was walkin' on water, you could say it was church
All this money I'm makin', every day I'm a splurge


[Verse 2 - Nipsey Hussle:]
We on that Clicquot and kush, all yo buttons, I push
We pull up in that Benz, all them pictures they took
Paparazzi gone flock, that's cause both of us hot
Ain't no limit like Percy, but we like Jada and Pac
Let's invest in these stocks, let's vacate on these yachts
Let's go chill out in Bali, let's make a tape and let's watch
Let's by two of those watches, let's go do it on Collins
Let's fly out to Atlanta, you play that role, got you poppin'
I fuck with yo style, you should be somebody stylist
Every time we have sex, you makin' noises the loudest
Faces you makin', paper I'm chasin'
If I make you my girl, you ask if I could be faithful
I'm stuck to these streets, I'm sprung on this loot
Addicted to crime, but I'm attracted to you
Pull up in that Porsche, then hop in that coupe
Pull off in that Benz, it's me and that's you (uh)


[Verse 3 - Nipsey Hussle:]
Girl yo sex the best, hickies on yo neck
Love the way you dress, plus that pussy wet
Do it 'til you sweat, and yo hair a mess
Have you late for work, but you been carin' less
You been livin' more, you been lettin' go
You been having fun, just to let me know
That you down to ride, you down to roll
You know the game, and how it go


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