Nipsey Hussle - All For The Dough Lyrics

Look, let's put some money up, you can't make mine stop
I'm hot nigga, like a pistol off the dime block
Before you change lanes, you should check your blind spot
'Cause I'll be right there waitin' like a bike cop
With my nine cocked, and I'm so hot
All a nigga really need is just one shot
To the dome, you be gone and it's no more
I could kill 'em goin' fast or with the slow flow
Man I'm so O with the six in front
Motherfucka prolly smoke six blunts
Two o's in the back, I got the six in front
Add four plus that, whatchu got, what's what?
That's a perfect ten, I'ma curse to him
Thinkin' that the Slauson boys was not those men
I'ma knock those men out the ring by the third round
I treat it like the Superbowl, this is fourth down

However you want it, I got it in for the low
Come get it, I got it, you got it good nigga go
I hustle I rob, I do it all for the dough
It's for the dough
However you want it, I got it in for the low
Come get it, I got it, you got it good nigga go
I hustle I rob, I do it all for the dough
It's for the dough

It's for the dough, the clothes
The bitches and the hoe's
The paper in the cash, nigga used to livin' fast
Navigation in my dash, big burner in my stash
Two twelves in my trunk, but nigga you don't know the half
Look, ain't nobody hold my hand through this shit
I was gave the same game, I just ran with this shit
On road to the riches, I don't stand for no bitch
Caught herself for free when ridin' with me
So It ain't just MOB it's MOE
That's money-over-everything under G-O-D
I got A-1 credit, still its C.O.D
So keep it cash on deliver when you dealin' with me
They wonder how a young nigga that's as crooked as me
CEO of the label, no GED
See,I flow for them people that be in them streets
They seen me starve
Now they finna' watch me eat


Look, off a fifth of that vodka-v, I'ma sick nigga
I'm dead up in the hood, livin' like a rich nigga
You's bitch, you switch I'ma stay shitty
Win lose or draw, can't take the pain with me
Said if I play the game, I gotta make my name history
Put it in the books, that nigga brought the flame with him
'Cause where we go, nobody knows what's coming after this
So while we're here, let's make a toast to all this lavish shit
Pop the Moe' and pop the Vueve with the baddest bitch
Fast lane, young niggas just havin' shit


When I go to sleep late I get off my grind
And when I wake up in the mornin', money on my mind
'Cause I'ma hustle

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Nipsey Hussle All For The Dough Comments
  1. Earl Pharaoh


  2. Lewis Gilfillan

    Nipsey was working with Kanye, Drake, Chamillionaire, slim thug, snoop , the game way before victory lap Damn shame he went too soon. .

  3. Carrissp TMC

    Nipsey Hu$$le Ermias Asghedom (1985- Forever)

  4. €T3

    This was a cold collaboration, Nip on a Ye beat 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  5. Danny Afie

    R.I.P Nipsey hussle the great we miss u 💙& l❤ve u forever🙏🏽🏁TMC

  6. Josh'n You

    This that ye shit

  7. Sam Davidson

    RIP 😞😞😞🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🤙🏿💵💵💵🤐👌🏿💯💯💯💯🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  8. oliverrando

    Man kanye produced this

  9. K Mac

    Dead up in the hood living like a rich nigga... I'll probably die up in the hood cuz of this nigga... I'm dead up in the hood living like a rich nigga.

  10. Thayon Carrol


  11. Translucent Beats

    2:14 Nipsey was aware of the risk he took by staying in the hood once he reached a certain level in his career. He chose to stay to look after his people and to stay on his purpose, which we are witnessing now.

    Timothy Richmond

    I'm stay shitty!!!

  12. Translucent Beats

    Did Kanye really produce this beat for Nip?

    Josh'n You

    Hell yeah

  13. Ashleigh Lawson

    Rip Nipsey!! True legend

  14. Afrikan Bredda

    Rest in Zion bredren🙏🏿

    Tony Smith

    Ameen praise God

    Siokifi Pulu

    4real rip marathon forever