Ninja Sex Party - Wish You Were Here Lyrics

So, so you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell, blue skies from pain.
Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?

Did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found?
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.

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Ninja Sex Party Wish You Were Here Comments
  1. MiniFlightlessBird

    This is still my favorite cover ever. This is what made me pick up a guitar. I LOVE this cover.

  2. Jaden Gray

    my dad passed away five years ago (coming this february in a couple weeks) and this was one of his favorite songs, as well as the parting song at his funeral. i avoided listening to the song for a while as it brought a lot of emotional pain with it, but i finally decided to listen to this cover and i think i needed this, a lot. it’s helped me with so much. thank you so much Danny and everyone else who made this video happen, i love you all.

  3. Sea Shell

    My dad loved this band, these songs, this was his music. Now it's my music, now it's something I listen to, and I think of him when I hear this music, now made for me. Thank you guys, for bringing this music to our generation on, because unlike our loved ones, memories and music never dies.

  4. Elsa Dolan

    He has the most angelic voice and the most gorgeous face... <3

  5. Yol Sil

    I miss you Mira. Wish you were here.

  6. Abby I

    I wish more of his vocals were like this without the doubled track. I like his voice.

  7. OddlyCas

    I've probably commented this on this video before, but this is my favorite song that NSP covered. my dad passed away in 2014 when I was sixteen and Pink Floyd was one of his favorite bands, this was his favorite song by them. once, long before I was born, he and my mom were at a bar and he sang this on the karaoke stage with his back to the crowd because he couldn't look at them and sing- I wasn't told this until long after he passed away but it made this song a lot more special.

    I found the Grumps and subsequently NSP not long after my dad passed and they really helped me get through one of the worst times of my life- and continue to help me on a daily basis. when I saw NSP had covered Wish You Were Here, it felt... appropriate, for lack of a better word- it was even posted two days before the second anniversary of my dad's passing. Danny reminds me a lot of my dad in that they had a very similar personality and enjoyed the same bands (Rush was my dad's favorite, too) and I genuinely believe my dad would have loved the Grumps, especially Danny... he would have loved this cover, too.

    every time I listen to this song I get emotional, but when I listen to this cover I full out cry. I'm just grateful that it exists. yeah.

  8. Tips Q

    I honestly prefer this cover. ngl. Feels very personal cuz theres so much love put into it.

  9. The Dustosaur

    The video director's last name is Barrett... Interesting.

  10. Hum Drum

    It's been 3 years??? I could have sworn it was more recent

  11. Amber Fey

    When Dan makes your milk flow after two days of blockage and you couldn't be more grateful XD

  12. lakoper 22

    Dammit dan

  13. Justin Billie

    I love you Momma.

  14. Donny Cheney

    I make a pilgrimage here every Christmas.

  15. ian baird

    I appreciate the respect

  16. James Coultas

    Glad they covered this. It's my favorite song.

  17. Joshua Thomas

    Go speed 0.75 for a even more tear-jerking feel

  18. BradDadPlayZ

    Wow.... honestly listening to this made me cry I mean I love Pink Floyd and this is my favorite along with shine on you crazy diamond but Danny’s voice jeez dood keep shining on brother

  19. josh burns

    Absolutely fucking gorgeous way to go Danny sexbang

  20. maxou3400 le gamer

    I wish this song never end...

  21. pols4tre

    This song was uploaded 2 days after my Dad passed away suddenly in 2016. It'll now always remind me of him :( <3

  22. Hyperblazer 420

    So... Beautiful

  23. Seth Thomas

    Great cover

  24. lucaspttrsn

    this song brings me to tears. amazing work nsp

  25. Horzinicla

    I love these songs but... Why are they moving away from funny songs? :(

    Supers Big Forehead

    They aren’t, this is just under the covers. They still have their main albums and are making more originals

  26. Betsy Huggett

    Love! 🤘😭

  27. Electric Nick

    What a song to be published on Christmas.

  28. alltheluna

    I know you’ll probably never see this but this cover got me through the worst break up of my life.

    In 2 years I went from this song feeling heart shattering to a comforting nostalgia. Every time I get sad about what happened I turn this on and remind myself to not trade my walk on part in a war for the lead role in a cage.

    Truly thank you for putting your heart into this.

  29. Charlotte Larson

    I still think they missed an opportunity to call themselves the super guitario bothers.

  30. Alexander

    Doesn't have a thing on the original but it's not easy to cover genius. Still an absolutely beautiful stunning cover.

  31. campinatorxbox 1

    Everytime I hear this song I think of my friend Hank Lee Miller. He was like an older brother to me. Always watching out for me and keeping me out of trouble. Love you rip until we meet again.

    campinatorxbox 1

    @cxx23 thank you


    @campinatorxbox 1 Of course. I just checked out your channel as I usually do, and your camper trolling videos are fantastic! Very inventive and skillful.

    campinatorxbox 1

    @cxx23 thank you and I looked up your name and it doesn't look like you have a channel. If you did I would have subscribed.


    @campinatorxbox 1 I appreciate that. I don't make any content, but maybe I will someday when I figure out what I love enough to make videos on. At the moment I do indoor rock climbing and some tinkering but I'm not really fond of the camera. Time will tell.

    campinatorxbox 1

    @cxx23 I subscribe to your channel and let me be the first to know when you start putting content. So I can ring the bell for notification.

  32. TPRJones

    These covers are all beautiful. But even more importantly the way Dan sings means I can for the first time ever understand all the lyrics to every single one of them. How the hell does he sing them with such amazing precision and clarity?

  33. Andrew Wells

    Easily the best NSP music video, just because of how different it is from the rest. They knew what they were going for with this and they pulled it off perfectly.

  34. jace j

    I've lost two very important people since this cover came out and it's so hard to listen to this song.

    Tracy Thomas

    Hope things get better.

  35. Craig Donnelly

    The beat version of this is still Aslans Cover, then Pink Floyd

  36. 3 Shot Tim Knight

    4 years ago I lost my cousin who was like the big brother I never had. Songs like this and sung by people like this are what keeps me going. Miss you AJ. Love you brother, wish you were here

  37. Seanthekid1979

    I vote they cover comfortably numb

  38. Shifty Swifty

    I used to skip over comments about people losing loved ones because i didn't relate. I don't do that anymore.

  39. Kylie McCaughey

    A brave cover, and I absolutely adore it

  40. james

    this original song has a huge place in my heart, but this cover made my one of my idols means the world to me. thank you danny and brian for making this song even more important to me <3

  41. Oppurtunafish

    I thought we were gonna fuck, not cry

  42. Cecelia Kittyface

    This is an absolutely beautiful cover of one of my top Pink Floyd favorites. 10/10

  43. Harry McMail

    I love NSP don’t get me wrong but Pink Floyd isn’t a band you listen too it’s a band you experience, and I feel like covers (all covers) just don’t do justice to the song or meaning. But I still love NSP

  44. Mykie Vazquez

    When I had my daughter, she got really sick and we were in the hospital for daaaays... she cried a lot and was very fussy. I tried finding songs to calm her and I stumbled onto this, it was the only thing to get her calm enough to sleep. It played on repeat for almost 3 days... that was 2 years ago and this is still my favorite cover of this song. I sometimes play it at night so she can sleep. I am forever grateful for this cover ❤️❤️❤️

  45. SlickStretch

    Well, thanks. I needed a good cry tonight. <3 <3

  46. Reyhn

    Damn guys yalls rendition of this song brought me to tears. Well done. Love yalls band man

  47. Clay Raitt

    Fucking masterpiece

  48. CodedHumor

    *Watches this video*
    *Immediately depressed that I'll never be as cool as NSP, or Game Grumps, nor will I ever talk to them, because of location difference and money problems*


    Same though

  49. Sarah Artz

    Soulful, raw NSP songs make my silly-self take a much needed step back.
    *edit* Ninja Brian, you are the Master of Keys.

  50. Epicurean Bard

    My dad is an amateur sing-songwriter who used to a few little gigs with just him and his acoustic guitar. This was one of his most requested covers. He's a very flawed man (a recovering alcoholic and chain-smoker), but I loved listening to him sing and play guitar. I would sing with him sometimes. He and I had a falling out several years ago due to one of his many mistakes in parenting and I'm reluctant to patch things up, but listening to this cover reminds me of some of my best memories of him.

    TL;DR: This brings a lot of bittersweet nostalgia for me.


    If he died tomorrow, how much regret would you have at things being left on that falling out?

    Everyone makes mistakes. I'm not defending his choices, nor am I saying it wasn't a screw up (or that there were not lots of them), but leaving things on that note could eat at you for the Rest of your life. Just something to think about.

    Epicurean Bard

    @sapherno11 I came to terms with him dying three years ago when I got three calls in one year about being hospitalized for heart-related incidents (two heart-attacks and a stroke) hundreds of miles away. Then he got better and moved back home. If he died tomorrow, the only regret I'd have is that his pride kept him from admitting he was wrong.

  51. NateTheNerdy

    If you told me 5 years ago that two guys named Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian would make a great cover of "Wish You Were Here" I would have thought you were crazy, yet here we are.

  52. jasminejo2424

    one of my fav Floyd songs. nice cover beautifully done

  53. Tom Dary

    One of my favorite PF songs. Well done.

  54. Matthew Galiard

    I thought i didnt like pink floyd. Turns out i just didnt like the singers. Thanks danny, ninja, and twrp. Thank you.

  55. AceTrainerDylnn

    YouTube ad in the middle of the song, thanks YouTube for taking 30 seconds of my time that I could of been listening to this master piece.

  56. Snuggle Muffins

    *Ninja Brian has showed his face*

  57. Angela Walker

    Okay this is one of my favorite songs, and I am loving this version of it. Amazing job!

  58. Chris Baker

    Gods his voice, it gives my an erection, a dan-rection? No too clichè.


    My friend lost her father too soon. This song really resonates with us both. And this cover really hits the senses. Well played, NSP. Thank you for putting out fun, but also different, material. <3 x infinity.

  60. The VGC Lounge

    im super late on commenting but my pops would have loved this! love nsp/gg/sb !

  61. Joel Krajnyak

    Danny with the upside down bass

  62. Karine 26

    im not a fan of pink floyd but i love this song, its so beautiful ^_^

  63. amih calvillo

    These guys wrote a song about a rhinoceros banging a superpuma and yet they created a cover that brought tears to my eyes

    Fucken respect

  64. Yuki Wolf

    remember kids, these are the same dudes that sing about their erections, boning objects, finishing in 3 minutes, eating food in the shower etc. WHAT

  65. xXThe FETTXx

    On of my all-time favorite Pink Floyd songs! It's about how the whole band wised their original lead singer, Syd Barrett, was still with them. A beautiful love song for a member lost. It's a shame that Syd lost his mind before he understood the fame that was about to hit him.

  66. x827 Molinae

    i really hope for the day that NSP does a world tour, and on that day, plz guys, come down to argentina, or at least chile, uruguay, brazil or something close. It would be worth the ride.

  67. blah blah

    Excuse me while I dry my eyes.

    While also trying to dry my pants from the inevitable semen-storm that occurs anytime Danny pulls out all the stops and unleashes the unbridled force of his Thu'um on us.

    You know, the typical NSP experience.

  68. Alex Lasky

    Is this the same music video that the studio wasn’t letting you release?

  69. Benizzor

    Theres nothing wrong with crying, just dont do anything that you cant take back. That's it.

  70. dragonriders729

    I'm a 54 year old man who grew up on Pink Floyd, here because my daughter is in love with someone she calls, "Danny Sex-Bang". I'm speechless. The song is about pain, loss, & grief. AND HE NAILED IT TO THE WALL WITH AN EXCLAMATION POINT!! Well done, well fu***ng done.

    Benjamin Phelps

    you're a cool day 🤘

  71. RDB Audio

    been years later and still goosebumps every time. Also what an outstanding studio chosen. Great mix, great gear, great talent all around.

  72. Savaras Markov

    God he has such a good singing voice. If you only knew him from game grumps you'd never expect this

  73. MacGyver Logan

    Can anyone find the piano from this?? I absolutely need to learn it!

  74. ItsJenAgain

    Chase the passion, not the money. Proof of that right here. Keep doing what you love! :D

  75. Ollara Borealis

    I don't think I've ever thanked a YouTube video out loud after I finished watching it before this

  76. vessel thanatos

    my impression of this cover:
    this buttsex is too hot
    this buttsex is too cold
    this buttsex is just right
    buttsex goldilocks

  77. Bad Music

    You have an amazing voice, and are a great inspiration to me. Thank you.

  78. Danika Hartwig


  79. Peaches Please


  80. Sid Rotten

    This just amplifies my respect for Danny

    Danika Hartwig

    word bro

  81. Katie Wilcox

    Right in the feels.

  82. Samm Sphinx

    I’ve listened to this well over a hundred times walking back from the pub when I was a bus-wanker.
    Tonight I listened to this again in very different life circumstances and it made me feel like I was back there again in the best possible way.

    Thankyou guys; thankyou so so much. You’re the soundtrack to my bad times and a soundtrack to the my revival.

    Lots of love. X

  83. Matthew Shaw

    Thank you guys so much for making this cover. Rest in peace syd Barrett

  84. AJ B

    Best cover ever

  85. sexy jesus

    Oh Danny Sexbang, you are the sexyest daddy in all of Neverland.

  86. Agroed

    0:10 -Hey, who are those guys? -Oh, they're Danny and Barry's stunt doubles.

  87. Firelord House

    God what I'd give to hear Danny sing so many PF songs. I think he'd really shine in "Us and Them".

    Caro S.

    I honestly just want to hear every song from him

  88. Maxwell Baney

    The way they sing this song is on par with the song different strings by rush basically saying this is one of the greats and 100 times better than the original

  89. idhott2003

    Ew why does he have a kemper in his studio? Why not use real amps for tracking?

  90. Margaret Luna

    Marry me. Cover Erasure. Also, marry me. I can do poly, for the right peeps. Let's give it a go. I don't like covers, but, damn. You nail so many classics, why not nail me, too??

    Caro S.

    Good point

  91. Fir Coat

    So VERY WELL performed and recorded, thank you for this! Beauteous capture to share

  92. Jacob Wilkerson

    Okay so I’ve been with GG for about two years now and I’m just now checking out NSP and Danny just wow these songs are weird but your voice makes it work

  93. handy864

    Everyone's Scream With Me Together Dan and Arin need to do a duet of More Than Words get their asses up and doing that we all want to hear it

  94. handy864

    Dan gently removed Mario's hat Mario's brow furrowed azden gave away looking back to peaches spread Peach Mario knew he was the cuck has been straightened Mario's tie hiding the Superman suit he was wearing Mario hid in the closet watching Leafly Dan and Peach the rest of the s*** censored b****** you'll have to pay Dan for a premium account wouldn't you guys love to figure out what happened when Yoshi gets involved

  95. handy864

    Danny I'm pathetic but you are straight gold anyone listening to this be happy it's a cover one of the best I ever heard one of the few reasons I'm okay with fact that the death never stuck for me I will always promote ninja sex party and Starbomb they make music worth listening to

  96. Rhythm Treble

    faithful. plenty of space and time for david gilmour's solos. not just the parts of the song that can be sung over.

  97. theragingbull 5508

    This is by avenged sevenfold people if you don't know that

    Danika Hartwig

    correction, pink floyd did it first. oh and avenged sevenfold sucks if you don't know

  98. OhMan ThatGuy

    I wouldn't call this a cover more of a knock off.

    Caro S.

    It's so accurate