Ninja Sex Party - The Burning Down Lyrics

Where are you tonight?
I don't seem to know you
No, I'm not alright
Where are you tonight?

And my heart is nearly gone
There's not much left to offer
If I could somehow know
I could stop the burning down

Where are you tonight?
Are you even really out there?
I won't put up a fight
Where are you tonight?

And the world keeps spinning 'round
A vicious cycle turning
(Vicious cycle turning)
Some of them know love
Some of us know the burning down

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Ninja Sex Party The Burning Down Comments
  1. RI_Gaming

    This is nostalgia the album

  2. Klaus Ebner

    One of the most beautiful songs ever written... Simply floored..

  3. Zone Television

    Good arrangement, not fond of the timing signature in the ""A" section. Otherwise a good production👌

  4. William Pierce

    I would just like to point out, this cover is so good it has more views than the original song.


    ...and this is inferior to the original. It ain’t bad but it ain’t King’s X. Neither the singing or the guitar playing amounts to a pimple on art Tabor’s ass. That this cover has more views than the original is a sad testament to the state of music today.

    GetzGoth 3113

    @shinner65 art Tabor? Ty Tabor maybe. This was the final song from Gretchen. Gretchen and Silent Planet are two of the best hard rock albums of the last 30 years. It is a very listenable cover as well. Cheers! V


    GetzGoth 3113 obviously the spellcheck on my phone changed it. believe me I know who Ty Tabor is. Have met him numerous times and he’s signed my Orange amp. Gretchen was my introduction to King’s X back when it came out. Yeah I’m that old. :)

    GetzGoth 3113

    @shinner65 Most likely I'm older than you brother as Silent Planet was my intro. I was a senior in h.s. when that one hit the shelves and I've loved these cats ever since. And btw on that spellcheck, that would explain the typo. I turned my autocorrect off long ago. Keep your eyes open for new KX by the end of this year. It may even be on double vinyl. So excited! Cheers! V


    GetzGoth 3113 1988? I was 5 years outta high school :)

    Been hearing about the new album. Pretty psyched. Hope it’s a double vinyl. That would be awesome 👍🏻

  5. Artist Chevy

    The epicness of 00:57 gave me goosebumps

  6. Jooshbag

    I like NSP's a little better because it doesn't have 3 entire minutes of uninteresting instrumentals tacked onto the end.

  7. Lil Comedy from the dumbVEVO

    This is one of my favorite kx songs

  8. Skunk Tastic

    Sick shred at 00:52

  9. Tanner Price

    This is my favorite song.

  10. preserver7777

    Nice cover! Kings X would be impressed

  11. Connor Schneider

    Danny hitting that A4 at like 0:58 makes me N U T

  12. zionred

    props. Amazing song. Love King's X.

  13. Dios67

    First time hearing of NSP. My initial thought was that they were going to make fun of King's X... but nice cover in a very 80's style... well that song was from the 80's, lol... good job.

  14. Sorin Snow

    Keep listening to the album playlist and thinking every so often... why did they implement that auto pause featire to check if you're still there? Is annoying you have to hit play again every so often

    Candied Crusader

    so u'll buy red and get rid of it, they do it so you dont just put music on and put your phone in your pocket

  15. turnleftaticeland

    that drumbeat they add to the verses makes it sound a lot like Rush or The Police

  16. turnleftaticeland

    this is what turned me on to King's X! forever grateful to NSP!

  17. Jim Goebel

    King's X deserved more love and success than they got.

    Very beautiful rendition of a beautiful song.

  18. sean piehel

    I think "Under the Covers" is my favorite NSP album. I want a second one!


    well you're in luck because there's one coming out on the 27th of October

    Savannah !

    Holy heck it was the best


    Ready for the third?

  19. Audrey Stackhouse

    they should totally do another cover album 😍😍😍

    Danelle Mitzi

    Under the covers 2 has been confirmed and already finished. They tweeted out the track list a while ago!

  20. SteadyRhythms

    This is one of the few songs, let alone few things that can make me cry, exposing my true emotions. I never let me emotions exist, and this song really brings it out in me. It's truly beautiful. Wish I could buy this album but I don't have the money and my parents would question the purchase.

  21. Solutions to hard problems

    It was at this moment I realized I was becoming an NSP fan...

  22. jojoba oil

    15 people turned their phones around to hit the like button again

  23. SteadyRhythms

    Guess I gotta check out King's X now...

  24. Chap Styqe

    Fuck. This is good.

  25. Alex

    anytime I listen to any of NSP's songs it always ends up with extreme eargasms.

  26. Bazil

    When Dan hit that high note around 0:57, I will be completely honest, I got instant shivers and my eyes filled with tears.

  27. ProMysticlo

    I had to pause the song about a minute and a half into it because of that sudden but powerful EARGASM I JUST HAD!

  28. strawberry

    AMAZING cover!!! Beautiful!

  29. Darkstiella

    danny's voice is juat phenomenal

  30. Victor Hernandez

    Who originally sang this song?


    King's X

    Scott Meyers

    The best rock band ever

  31. Gaberonie Xx

    Wow that 1:00 mark. Just wow👌👏

  32. Carmen Greco

    This reminds me of an old buddy of mine... hope he is actually our there I miss him but this man who's singing made me actually cry and that's amazing now my new favorite band I miss you man see you on the other side

    Take on me

    Carmen Greco L

    Crooked Bunny

    Carmen Greco singing among the stars bud

  33. Iron Falcon

    You guys should've totally done Don't Fear The Reaper.

    Hylian Xbox

    Under the covers 3 maybe?

    Nicole W. M.

    Confirmed for the 3rd album, guys! 😁

    Ryan Donaghy



    Hey guess what


    @Hylian Xbox it's there

  34. Spideyceptduit

    0:51-0:58 whoa, beautiful really.


    +Spideyceptduit I had an eargasm.


    Spideyceptduit i just shed two tears

  35. Mason Muffoletto

    What a great cover of a great song.