Ninja Sex Party - Rocket Man Lyrics

She packed my bags last night, pre-flight
Zero hour, 9:00 AM
And I'm gonna be high as a kite by then
I miss the Earth so much, I miss my wife
It's lonely out in space
On such a timeless flight

And I think it's gonna be a long, long time
'Til touchdown brings me 'round again to find
I'm not the man they think I am at home
Oh no, no, no, I'm a rocket man
Rocket Man, burning out his fuse up here alone
And I think it's gonna be a long, long time
'Til touchdown brings me 'round again to find
I'm not the man they think I am at home
Oh no, no, no, I'm a rocket man
Rocket Man, burning out his fuse up here alone

Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids
In fact, it's cold as hell
And there's no one there to raise them if you did
And all this science I don't understand
It's just my job five days a week
Rocket Man, Rocket Man

And I think it's gonna be a long, long time
'Til touchdown brings me 'round again to find
I'm not the man they think I am at home
Oh no, no, no, I'm a rocket man
Rocket Man, burning out his fuse up here alone
And I think it's gonna be a long, long time
'Til touchdown brings me 'round again to find
I'm not the man they think I am at home
Oh no, no, no, I'm a rocket man
Rocket Man, burning out his fuse up here alone

And I think it's gonna be a long, long time
And I think it's gonna be a long, long time
And I think it's gonna be a long, long time

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Ninja Sex Party Rocket Man Comments
  1. Conechiwa7

    I saw NSP in Hawaii a month before my mom and stepdad were killed in a car wreck while driving to my grandmother's funeral. We played Elton John's Candle in the Wind at their funeral. I remember telling her just how much fun I had seeing them to the point it probably annoyed her, lol! I was afraid that sticking with their content would remind me of that awful time- but it's too awesome! It does make me go back to that era, but it also lifts me up from the pain. <3

  2. Vincent Lopez

    Sometimes I like to turn down the playback speed to prolong Dan's love making to my ears

  3. Braxton Arrington

    Dan looks like a raccoon in this

  4. Tofutaco

    Dan needs to do some covers of ELO, he's already got the hair for it!

  5. カーズ

    I've been thinking of playing this music over an aztec god getting shot out into space by some guy who just lost his damn arm.
    (No, I'm not sorry. Just let the hate replies to this comment flow in.)

  6. J .Bird

    Do Alligator Rock!!

  7. Ethan Ruzic

    I wonder if elton has seen this.

  8. SpicEEWolf UwU

    Thank you for making this Danny!!!

  9. Chris Dooley

    Fucking hell Danny can sing his ass off. I love him on Game Grumps but having his music is such a great bonus. One day I hope to see him in concert

  10. Papyrus The Skeleton

    So many god damn shiny and reflective things!

  11. rinrinrin

    ...I'm a rocket Dan

  12. MaluCLBS

    I moved away from home and my family to a new country six weeks after giving birth to my daughter, all while suffering severe postpartum depression. I felt guilty that I was taking special moments away from my parents since this was their first grandchild. Every morning I would wake up with anxiety up to 11, sleep-deprived, drowsy from the medications, very worried about our stuff arriving in good conditions, living in an AirBnb in a strange neighborhood, with the daily thought of everything being easier if I would just die.

    I would play music every morning to ease my anxiety and my scary thoughts, and one morning, while playing this song and singing it to my daughter, she smiled at me for the first time. I cried tears of joy. The next day, I woke up with no anxiety. Every day was slightly better after that.

    Now I can't imagine life without her. So I'll keep this cover in my memory always. Thanks Danny.

    Funny thing, we had named her Daniela.

  13. douglas mcfarland

    Well done, you should be very proud of this song.

  14. GrandPaladin277

    I love Dan's voice and content. Does he remind anyone else of the caveman from those commercials in this? Lol

  15. Cameron Murphy

    You know he has a lot in common with Elton John song/clothing wise

  16. Aero

    Dan and the guitar guys look so into it and passionate...Brian however takes every chance to stare very instensly

  17. Avorack

    i felt that

  18. Tu877

    his vocal range is trash

  19. Aimee Ginez

    I listen to this every time I’m about to board a plane

  20. ian baird

    Please cover red rider... Right up the alley

  21. Jony ibarra

    Rocketman awesome movie this 2019

  22. c lit

    holy shit this is actually an amazing performance. THANK YOU DAN!

  23. TheJege12

    The WAY superior version, oh my god

  24. Marshall Read

    Brian Wecht: Father, Professor, Physicist, Musician, Ninja

  25. Jay T Demi

    Has... Has it already been two years? Oof.

  26. Ally Gaffney

    Dan, I'm now a Fan girl. If your reading this, let's get married right meow. The panty dropping power in your majestic voice has officially got me f***** up boii

  27. PreferredCustomer

    I thought this would be the superior Shatner version, honestly.

  28. MG1154

    I like that Danny sings his covers how he would sing them, and doesn't try to sing it the way Elton John does.

  29. Maddy Nelson

    Man, I just love those chrome shirts on Steve and Sam

  30. Leave me Alone


  31. keyblade zero

    i don't even like this song. but i love this cover.

  32. Eliza Young

    This sparks joy.

  33. Tucker Scrimshaw

    You should sing Philadelphia freedom

  34. Angela Bonilla

    I once had an Elton John Greatest Hits tape in my car that I bought at a garage sale in Beloit, Wisconsin. It didn't have Tiny Dancer on it, as it was compiled before Almost Famous made that song popular again. My favorites on it were Rocket Man and Your Song.

    This cover is unexpectedly soft and I love it. The video is shot beautifully and melds perfectly with the way Dan sings it. I will be listening to this on repeat like I did that tape... Until it wears out. Thank you.

  35. Vexitian

    The pitch change on "high as a kite by then" really fucked me up singing along Dan I hope you're happy.

  36. popcorn82b

    I really want Dan to cover Queen tracks.

    Like, ALL of them.

    I need the Dan harmony on Queen tracks dammit!!

    I NEED THIS. Lmao

  37. TerraHv1

    And William Shatner is still the only one who can get me to like this song. It's just so boring.

  38. Graceful Huntress

    Anyone else most unnerved by dans facial hair?

  39. Michael McGillivray

    The voice of an angel with the vibes to match. Love the covers. Stay true to you Dan!

  40. Phobos

    I’d love to see Danny do some billy Joel

  41. yes yes

    Great singing Danny. Just typed sexbang instead of a phonetically similar name on a work email so I'll see yall on the other side ✌

  42. Justin Smith

    this song means something to me and i love this version.

  43. Lorelei C

    I got to see this performed at the NSP 10th anniversary concert and it was an experience. Thank you Danny and Brian and to the Super Guitar Bros as well.

  44. jaquescabs

    Look man if they do a cover of heroes by david bowie and don't stop me now by queen I think i'll just about die

  45. jaquescabs

    I don't know why this makes me cry every time I hear it but this is my favorite Elton John song, and to have it be sung by my favorite band is just making me feel all sorts of things

  46. Milk Man

    Ninja Brian looks good in a suit.

  47. [ ᴏꜰꜰʟɪɴᴇ ]

    Man i love this music, dan's voice is so great

  48. That Garbot

    Saw them live in Chicago. The entire arena was filled with flashlights for this song... it was like looking out into a sea of stars. Absolutely beautiful.

  49. Anna Csikcsek

    Mood update: crying rn ✌

  50. Matthew Pool

    NSP covering Elton John is everything I need in life.

  51. Logan Zitz

    Have you’ve ever seen dan with such a big beard

  52. wowthersnonamesleft

    One of my favorite songs covered (just personally I think Dan's voice is better).

  53. Princess Kenny

    Not a fan of the facial hair..

  54. dem0n0maniac

    Wow, Danny's voice is amazing on this. Just perfect

  55. Onutube

    what if ninjasexparty did a doors song

  56. Yuki Wolf

    i listen to this religiously every day i love the sound of his voice with this song

  57. TyDie85

    I have to say, im a bit older (34) and I can completely understand older people than me not liking this. But of course it won't sound completely the same as the original! At least they sing and play instruments, though, while giving it respective treatment. Hell, isn't it awesome that these younger people are so inspired by the song(s) that they pay tribute? Better than being forgotten or ignored, I think.

  58. Erin Weber

    2:08 I don't even know how many times I've replayed this part

  59. Anna Kyněrová

    danny's voice in this cover brings peace to my soul


    Holy shit Dan the man out here killin it song wise and beard game!

  61. DestructiveTones

    Here's an odd question for Dan, how long did it take to grow the beard and was said beard ever uncomfortable to maintain during production?

  62. Stuff with Eli

    0:19 Is this a My Chemical Romance music video?

  63. lynaya leicht

    the intense eye contact scares me

  64. sapherno11

    Fuck yeah, got the tickets for the October 12th showing, can't wait to see yah guys there!

  65. LetsGetRandom

    This actually made me cry. Like... Goddamn you Daniel Avidan

  66. Jennifer Sieker

    Rocket Daaaaan...

  67. JakeIsOutHere

    God damnit your voice is a gift!

  68. Fenrir Ragnarok

    Danny does it better than Elton

  69. Jessica Mooney

    Hnnnng I have chills. Danny you goddamn hero 😭❤️

  70. Ben Jamin

    I love beard its sexy af

  71. Comet Vaudin

    Dan is serving some Home Alone 3 postbox REALNESS

  72. cerisskies

    Hope this is in the movie that just came out (or is coming out, I have no clue, what is life)

  73. Yung RiceFields

    I am officially cool

  74. Coins N Silver

    Will you guys do sh boom by the chords?

  75. Snivysaur 203

    Ready for controversy? He did it better than Elton

    Sharon Hocutt

    both are equally amazing, but if both are mashed up, the harmony at the beginning by both of them would make the human reproductive system explode

  76. Curtis LeBlanc

    I'm literally tearing up rn.
    Dan's singing is too beautiful. . .

  77. Bryan Elwell

    I feel like Danny would kill Mr. Brightside

  78. Ivy Ascencion


  79. Shinzangetsu

    I really want NSP to do Men Without Hats - Safety Dance.

    One of my favorite old song.

    Kyle Guajardo

    I have some excellent news for you.

  80. zam lightning

    0:48 I like to think that Danny is looking at Arin eating a block of cheese

  81. arcaneTechnologist

    Does an instrumental version of this exist?

  82. Yuki Wolf

    this cover is so pretty omg wtf

  83. Marc Trifilo

    You are kinda like Elton John ,soft voice , glittery outfits and that you are both super g....

  84. John Sutton

    Something about how he doesn't hit the high note on, "high as a kite," but then does on, "timeless flight," bugs me for some reason.

  85. x827 Molinae

    im amazed by how well do these covers sound, dammit, nsp is becoming one of my all time fav band.

  86. Austin James

    this cover made me cry thanks to your (fucking gorgeous) voice dan

  87. Avery Cranston

    Brian in a tux was so good

  88. 6rim


  89. angeleyes4us200

    One of my favorite songs they have done. Danny Nailed it!

  90. The Bean

    Dan: The Rocket Man
    Arin: The ROCKET SHIP!

    Sharon Hocutt

    and i'm the rocket raccoon


    Top ten people that can defeat Thanos

  92. B. McAllister

    I want to know if Elton heard this and if he enjoyed it.

  93. wartang

    Anyone else come here from a kerbal space program vid?

  94. Delaney Ellis

    I feel Elton John would be proud especially of the boots

  95. Gabeoplaygameo

    Everything about this is great, the song, the guitar brothers, the music in the backround, Dan singing, and the video. Absolute perfection

  96. MAK3X7

    why the fuck was Dan wearing eye makup.

  97. Janne Capelle

    so fucking beautiful

  98. regguy69

    I'm 2 years late. Yet I don't understand how come your views are so low for these songs. They fucking rocks. You guys are grossly underrated. Never give this up. You need to do a collaboration with Jack black. With his new Jablinski Games... Game Grumps.... music... c'mon. Pay for his plane ticket and accommodations. (He lives in L.A.... so maybe simply an uber?) Get him to say fuck in a song. Get him out of his comfort zone and make him show his talent for gaming and music at the same time. Lure him in by telling him the proceeds of the video would go to a charity of his choice. He won't be able to refuse. It's great publicity for all of you together.

  99. malkyyy

    Holy shit holy shit holy shit i love elton john and seeing danny cover his song is something i didnt know i needed