Ninja Sex Party - Release The Kraken Lyrics

(King Danny, the realm is under attack!)
(My God... the day has finally come. It is time to release the Kraken!)

Look in the distance
Beyond the castle gates
The armies of the damned have come
On the horizon
They gather beneath the blood red sun
The blood red sun

A thousand warriors
Demons and orcs
Charging like a tornado
But they will never know
That their death awaits in waves below
In the waves blow

(We must now unleash the monster. May God forgive us!)

Release the Kraken!
(Hey guys)
The tolling of the iron bell
Release the Kraken!
(I'm the Kraken!)
Rising from the depths of hell
(Graaahh- [*coughing*])
(Does anyone have a lozenge?)

Out on the battlefield
The armies collide
And hundreds die where they stand
In screaming agony
The shadow of war across the land
All across the land

Now let's end the fight
It's time to decide
Whose blood will finally be spilled
Our secret weapon
A specter of hate who's born to kill
He was born to kill

(The time is now! Go forth, Kraken! Leave nothing but corpses!)

Release the Kraken!
(I'm in a song!)
A creature of Satanic rage
Release the Kraken!
(Who wants sandwiches?)
Bursting from its sunken cave

(Release the Kraken!)
(Hey, look, I found a bell!)

Release the Kraken!
(Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding)
Impervious to sword and bow
Release the Kraken!
(I've got a splinter)
Death incarnate from below
Release the Kraken!
(Oops, I falled over!)
All shall drown in his domain
Release the Kraken!
The harbinger of fear and pain

(Well, you did nothing. The war is lost. Thanks, Kraken)
(You're welcome)

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Ninja Sex Party Release The Kraken Comments
  1. ZenmanLovesMusic

    I love it, both goofy yet badass, exactly how I love NSP.

  2. Corb man

    Release the But Cracken🤪

  3. Codie Cola

    3:07 click here to be immediately reminded of your parents.

  4. Jake The Rake

    is that Brian voicing the kraken?

    Jake The Rake

    @The Space Of Ades oh ok thank you!

  5. Matthew Blackclaw

    With pirate ninja you can never lose

  6. Devon Wheelhouse

    Did.. Did they kill ross at 1:09?

  7. Magnus

    This song was a real trip watching Live in Oslo. When Brian ran out on stage with an octopus plushie hat and a t-shirt that had "Let's get Kracin" written on it the crowd went absolutely ballistic

  8. SansTheLzyBones

    i just realized that there's like three brians in here. ninja brian, that one orc that jumps on dan, and the kraken

    The Space Of Ades

    That orc is actually the Manticore.

  9. malachi montanez

    The kraken is basically Michael Scott

  10. Dromus.Dumpster

    Thats fuking Twrptube WHAT DID I GET INTO

  11. Skadoosh9001


  12. hexzyle

    I am the only one who noticed how much detail went into each of these scenes especially the one second frames like 1:13

  13. NutterButt

    I think this song is actually based off of the medieval times power hour when Dan and Arin were practicing stances and stuff

    The Space Of Ades

    That power hour was uploaded in September of last year, but this song was released in August (The music video wasn't released then, but the song was).

  14. Derik Thompson

    I recreated this version of Dan in Soul Calibur 6, and it turned out really well

  15. Matt Beach

    The first time I heard this song, I heard "Dammit Kyle we fucking knooooow" instead of "death incarnate from beloooooow" so now in my mind the Kraken's name is Kyle.

  16. Griffin Quick

    0:38 Laser Shark!

  17. Ryan Savering

    I still want a version of this with no kraken lines

    maxou3400 le gamer

    then make yourself one, nerd

  18. LeCatOwl

    Watching this again...this is literally the GoT finale lmao. They predicted the ending a lil bit

  19. Blarg Of All Blargs

    Everything that comes out of ninja Brian face is memorable

  20. Suicidal Spaghetti

    I like to think that pirate Brian and king sexbang are Ancestors of ninja Brian and Danny sexbang

  21. YaBoi Alex





  22. watchinglearner

    Not gonna lie, that's a freaking cool looking kraken.

  23. Catte Official

    the kraken would make a really good dad.

  24. aleczander sims

    What is up with all the Red Stars... not gonna lie, i am concerned 😅

    The Space Of Ades

    It's based on the star of David because Dan is jewish.

  25. Al Pudding

    the kraken is just a dad who forgot where he was going

  26. BubbleGut Studios

    Is this the Final Fantasy 1 map?

  27. Ty Birchell

    Soooooo....when is Danny gonna kill the kraken

  28. Small one

    The kraken is such a dad

  29. Fire Falcon

    Ding ding ding

  30. Adam O Donoghue

    How Game of Thrones should've ended

  31. Gacha_123 Love y’all!

    Go sings on his arms don’t even look like tentacles

  32. Ashleen Soper

    i love this song its so unique. keep doing what youre doing(:

  33. Mike Hab


  34. Aardvarkwrangla

    Yo, starlight brigade at 2:17. Nice touch! And I guess that confirms that Brian is the ninja on the team.

    GD Prptoguy64

    That's actually TWRP in the spaceship. The members of TWRP are pilots of the brigade.

  35. KoalaCrazeXD 106

    props to KLN to making a whole setting just for this music video

  36. Christian Palm Forsgren

    I whould love a version without the kraken/talking lines, it whould be one awesome power metal song.

  37. SpaceAceKaiju

    only just noticed rhinoceretops and superpuma are in this! great nod

  38. Dinsaru1


  39. wolfqueen43

    "look i found a bell"

    jacksepticeye bursts in screming "ding ding ding TOP OF MORNING"

  40. Milano Xiel

    God that Kraken is so hot

  41. DarkEclipseMLP

    Turns out, this whole story was a fib. The Kraken was actually attacking the kingdom intentionally for keeping him shackled for all this time. They told this story in such a manner to make the Kraken sound stupid for destroying the wrong people, rather than King Danny sounding stupid for releasing the Kraken in the first place.

  42. RNHaggleman

    just found this song like a week ago. its grown on me, i love it now. wtf

  43. Torched Heavily

    I'd like a version without the kraken, not because I dislike him, but because I want to try to hear the song with only music.

  44. JustPickAlready

    Pirate Ninja Brian looks fuckin awesome.

  45. Djfelixguy

    It's almost been a year and l have just now noticed rhinoceratops and superpuma at 1:04

  46. luvvlyofficial

    The Kraken - Kraken vocals

  47. Tommy DeStefano

    I wonder how much fun Brian had voicing the kraken

  48. WingBeat

    i only just noticed rhinoceratops and superpuma at 1:03

  49. nerd stuff

    I just watched pole dancing with Marikiplier somehow I respect Danny more.

  50. The Officials

    1:02 rhinoceritops and superpuma cameo😂

  51. The captain's log

    This is totally dredge's ult though
    Think about it. It describes it perfectly.

  52. TheWastelandHunter

    You know, without the silly kraken, and more speed metal. This would make a really badass power metal song.

  53. Wayne Blackwood

    Raging boner alert.

  54. Flashfire 356


  55. Thomas Solheim


  56. ADullex


    The Kraken is basically Jacksepticeye

    «Ding ding ding ding ding ding top of morning! Irish Noises!»

  57. Jack Donovan

    I love Doctor Sung’s Chris Giarusso smile.

  58. Maja Nakić

    "hey look I found a bell"

  59. Deenie Zoe

    The Kraken is adorable 💙

  60. Piranha Plant Man

    People in vid (editing while watching)
    1:08 Arin
    1:13 Suzy
    1:17 Dan and Brian

  61. Stoned Batman

    I had a conversation with your throne and as it turns out your throne is a dick

  62. VideoGamesAndGameplays

    Splishy Splashy

  63. Eternal - Fire


  64. birdeynamnam

    watching you play this live was so much fun 😊

  65. Nonea Yourbusiness

    Anyone notice that they low-key fixed the question of who would win: Ninjas vs. pirates? Because in this video, their army is NINJA PIRATES!

  66. Milk Man

    I love Brian- I mean the kraken saying "Hey look I found a bell" and "oops I felled over"

  67. KimKat00

    1:04 Rhinosceratops and Superpuma???????

  68. Macegoalie14

    2:11 "and... the manticore? He's not even in this song!"

  69. Wayne Blackwood

    This song is fuckin g sick

  70. todosauce

    Seeing this live was insane

  71. Our Generation

    I really like your 80’s sound and the funny mixture

  72. colorbluh -

    Take Bell

  73. iCRYcyanide

    Kinda love the Arin and Ross scene there 😂

  74. Levi Soto

    Why does dan not have this version of the costume yet

  75. Y'ra Exal'ga S'kgs

    A frugal war of destruction with a released Krackon that's having a blast playing with toys and gets a boo-boo on his foot. I loved it.

  76. friskgoldflower

    was that the manticore--

  77. Kaveevin

    Release the crackhead

  78. peyton spivey

    Where's my movie about this

  79. Dorian Reasons

    I was singing this song around the house and my mom said to stop screaming release the crack heads 🤣😂

  80. Hoodi

    The kraken ruins this epic darkage rock song in the best way ever

  81. Amir077 !

    Why does nobody mention rinoceritops and super puma being in this video

  82. TheJege12

    2:26 MY F A V O R I T E T H I N G

  83. The Hallsome Team

    When you leave Danny and the Kraken alone all you hear is UNNNN

  84. Ryan S

    I can't enjoy this video or song, it's so unrealistic! How could you lose a war with admiral ninja Brian on your side? Useless kraken be damned, it's like losing in a game where you have an infinite health cheat on!

  85. Catalina

    I found Jack hes at 2:23 to 2:30

  86. Ameliaa Boyce

    Can't listen to this without imagining brian running out in the kraken hat at the live show. Fucking beautiful

  87. Leonard Spong

    he sounds so nice and childish
    its so odd fitting

  88. unpopularquasar

    This video is delightful

  89. The AmericanBenis

    The part at 3:08 made me wheeze laugh and i don't know why

  90. Lochlan Smith


  91. Solid snake

    Man your lucky your dad is back from the store with the milk

  92. Dinsaru1

    my headcannon the kraken's name is jeff

  93. seekerOdeath

    1:03 is rhinoceratops and super puma are in the shot lol

  94. Corey Hart

    “Release the kraken,
    DING DING DING DING DING DING” gets me every time xD

  95. Pyxel

    Loved singing along to this at Oxford!

  96. Alorix

    Great song and a really great Kraken design!

  97. Princess kyloren

    is that a starlight brigade ref

    The Space Of Ades

    Kinda. It's TWRP, the band who wrote the song Starlight Brigade.

  98. Chris Sanchez

    He was born to kill

    And you’ve got a kraken to back him up

  99. Garrett Greer

    This feels like a King's Quest plotline