Ninja Sex Party - Outro (Patrol) Lyrics

Fancy meeting you here
Looks like you listened to all the way to the end of the album
We hope you enjoyed yourself
And that it was a musical adventure that touched your heart
Your mind, your butt, your soul, your butt again
And of course, your shpoodle
A lot of bands don't get the chance to make six albums
So we just wanted to thank you, our fans
From the bottom of our shpoodles for supporting us
We love you so much and we promise to have sex with and/or kill as many of you as possible
Sorry, Brian and I have competing agendas
Until next time, as they say in Italy
Au revoir
That means good morning

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Ninja Sex Party Outro (Patrol) Comments
  1. LadyHitchhiker Jackmanson

    Danny, sex me please!

  2. Go Fake

    *S h p o o d l e*


    Hey @ninjasexparty can you do a cover of Jenny by Tommy tutone?

  4. Donovan Smith

    Hey Danny it’s been 7 months and from the bottom of my schpoodle, could you hurry up and either make love to/kill me

  5. William Nuno

    Danny ASMR

  6. ScaryBarry

    no, i need more

  7. Daniel

    this sounds like sonic cd & mario galaxy.

  8. NwiekTV

    i loved every fuckin thing about this :)))))

  9. ΠJelly-fash

    I heard that a new Under the Covers Vol. 3 is coming soon along with another Starbomb album. I can't wait.

  10. Cold_Steel_MetalMan

    this made my shpoodle
    r o c k h a r d

  11. Justin Weber

    Is Ninja Brian the God of Destruction for OUR Universe, I wonder...?

  12. Javier Belmer

    I greatly enjoyed this album, though if I may be critical, there are 2 things that didn't/don't work for me, even if Danny tells me to GFMself in the end:

    1) The monologues - Danny's comedy shines the most while singing the actual songs, and not as much during the short skits in between some tracks, comments mid songs, or lines pre/post-tune, which I think is simply due to his (obvious) lack of acting talent. IMO I'd just leave the music and lyrics speak for themselves. With the exception of those songs that require commentary like 'Release the Kraken', in which Brian's hilarious quips contradict Danny's epic lines, or with the 'Courtship of the Mermaid', where Danny yells out his lines as part of the music (though I could've done without the aftermath commentary). Reason I say this is that often times you just want to enjoy the good music playing in the background, and sometimes Danny's commentary just ruins it for me. Let me enjoy the song, god dammit!

    2) More + Longer songs! I get it, it's hard to write comedy album, it's even harder to put that into a song. But you Are writing music, and you have released an 8 minute track, and your cover albums have at least a length of 3:24 minutes. Personally I'd sacrifice some skits for the sake of an extra song, and also lengthen a few of the shorter tracks (just saying, put a solo or a bridge in the middle somewhere). 'Eating Food in the Shower' is an outstanding track and it's a shame that it's really just two choruses long. Also can I just say, the production of that track was inferior in comparison to the single released for the music video. Just didn't have that same punch, though I did love the harmonising backing vocals.

    Overall, loved it, I just want to hear MORE of those sweet tasty jams. It's reminds me of what Danny said about ¿Creed? doing the whole "Nah Nah Nah/Yeah Yeah yeah", and you said "Write some fucking lyrics!" That's what I'm getting at. Write more music, more lyrics. But again, GFMself.

    _ Marx

    The skits are great

  13. Ethan Parker

    Please, dannys agenda then brians

  14. Potato Draws

    I wish that I can fulfil both competing agendas but the shpodle can't be done bc I'm under aged and I'm to young to die, plz spare me at practice ninja Brian ;-;

  15. Potato Draws

    Dang I actually didn't expect to see eating food in the shower in this album, ppl tricked me into thinking it was from strawberries and cream XD

  16. Hannah Dahlburger

    Danny, I love you with my whole shpoodle

  17. Nia Eva


  18. Nick Shermer

    The two competing agendas are what make this band

  19. Carrie Simpson

    I love your shpoodles. I give permission for you to do the touching of my spoodle.

  20. Chrexter

    My shpoodle is forever at peace thanks to NSP

  21. Derpsterdmad

    If Danny did asmr, I would be there every god damn video.

  22. poy1poy

    I didn't know Dan spoke Russian


    It's Korean you fool


    @BuddyCat7 darn it. sorry for being so insensitive

  23. DarkShadows713

    "Sorry, Brian and I have competing agendas." Honestly? It would be an honor to die at Brian's hand.

  24. Alex Suarez


  25. Mattias

    He said "that means good morning" and then the clock struck 12am-- well shit guess its my turn to either die or be sexed up


    It's worth the chance.

  26. III

    Hands down best album

  27. Ricardo Castano IV

    My shpoodle is to florked right now I think I'm going to groftz

  28. Chancey Kong

    Fantastic masterfullness.

  29. Crystal Batchfeild


    On a serious note, this is my favorite album so far that you guys have made and I'm so proud and happy that you guys have made it this far. 😀

  30. Shizn0id

    as good as the full album is it kind of falls flat when almost half of the songs have been released long before the full thing, it takes away from the impact when I go from "neat a new song to oh wait nope already heard it as a single, next track."

  31. Purple Dragon


  32. Aislin Kageno

    Brian, could you just make sure to let Danny finish up before you have your turn? I'll be ready to die satisfied then. Thanks guys!

  33. Cyboa

    So I was finishing this album once I woke up and when he said good morning I lost my shit.

  34. Olly Outdoors

    Name Ur favourite song, mines release the kraken


    Smooth Talkin'
    (GFY is a close runner-up.)

    Jesse Schmies

    Olly Outdoors mine would definitely have to be Danny Don’t You Know. My second favorite would have to be released the Crackin. Which, coincidentally, comes after Danny Don’t You Know. Lol.

  35. CrazyKitKat

    Thank you Dan and Brian for this master piece that will last throughout ages

  36. Shmallo

    Also can I get Danny's treatment and then Brian's? I'll die at my happiest moment

  37. Shmallo

    My shpoodle is so ready.

  38. Jonathan Cox

    Beest alberm eeveer!

  39. I have no money

    Don't leave me father...

  40. Rebecca Leonard

    Thank you NSP! My Shpoodle is very grateful. I look forward to the death/lovemaking.

  41. KagamiNate

    Oh yes daddy

  42. Lozenger

    This music sounds like I'm floating in an abyss

  43. Matthew Nicholes


    Matthew Nicholes

    It's so uncomfortable with headphones... 😖

  44. my name is chef

    Until next time :(