Ninja Sex Party - Ninja Brian Goes to Soccer Practice Lyrics

[Danny Sexbang:]
Okay Ninja Brian, have fun at soccer practice, I'll pick you up at eight. Now remember, the goal is to have fun, not to stab anyone

[Person 1:]
Oh God, I've been stabbed!

[Danny Sexbang:]
Brian, no!

Okay Brian, that's a yellow card for-

[Person 2:]
Hey, you can't-!

[Person 3:]
Why does he have grenades?!

[Danny Sexbang:]
Wow, you stayed out there for twelve seconds! That's a new record for you! Looks like someone's finally learning about a little thing called sportsmanship

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Ninja Sex Party Ninja Brian Goes to Soccer Practice Comments
  1. Chris Bacon

    The way Brian runs back to the car reminds me of the way nepolian dinomite runs lol

  2. Skies Noteable

    Please say there’s a video to this

  3. LuminaryOfTheStars

    Okay, Brian. That wasn't very nice of you. Now apologize to Cynthia for stabbing a knife into her thig--
    * stab *

  4. Zachattack1021

    If you start counting as soon as Danny says “...not to stab anyone,” it takes exactly 12 seconds for him to get back into the car.

  5. Not Good

    Too good😂

  6. Dev0puzzlepro

    Sent this to my dnd group, telling them this is what it felt like to run a game for them.

  7. X Ry

    Ninja Brian didn't stab enough people in the Cool Patrol album, and this is the consequence

  8. SychoSebastin

    This song was an instant classic

  9. Jarred Wise

    This whole time I thought he was yelling “What is happening!?”

  10. Ivana Sheet

    Does Danny drive Brian to other Soccer games so he can "play" or does he just wait for this team to recover and send him back out?

  11. DragonBall Life

    I wonder if it was 7:59 when Dan dropped him off...

  12. Ponator Salad

    The "OH GOD IVE BEEN STABBED" is clearly Ashton Kutcher

  13. ReiAyanami8

    Because Ninja Brian.

  14. Remnant Fracture





    “Ok Brian, that’s a yellow card for-AUGH!”

  15. Sebastian angry birds Alvidrez


  16. banana throw man

    Dude my child is the same way

  17. LegiTalbot

    Oh my gosh, that was spectacular

  18. Nia Eva

    I...I love this so much💕

  19. Nicolas Bever

    haha, i wanna set danny screaming as my text tone

  20. Montesama314

    But what if stabbing people IS how he has fun?

  21. the man child /djplayer

    AHHHHHHH ninja Brian you stabed me why

  22. Ghøst uwu

    Did ninja Brian stab Tom Fawkes?

  23. Jordan

    awfully bold of danny to assume ninja brian can have fun without stabbing people

  24. Andrew Pappas

    0:08 Wait, was that Ian from Smosh?

  25. Choleric Charmander

    I would pay an innumerable amount of money to see Brian play soccer with a bunch of eight year old girls. Not stabbing anyone, just playing the game.

  26. Aza Smith

    Reminds me of the kind of interludes Tenacious D would put into their albums.

  27. Robert Wollenberg


  28. Twiskeiii

    I love how Danny is like Brians mom. It makes me so happy.

  29. Squish Mahatter

    There was 69 there's 70...

    I'm evil

  30. Alex Blount

    Sorry to be the 2nd person to dislike this, but come the fuck on. Ok "Brian is a murderer ninja" yeah we get it. Do something smart though. This is just the same joke for the eighteenth time.

  31. Alex Blount

    Sorry to be the 2nd person to dislike this, but come the fuck on. Ok "Brian is a murderer ninja" yeah we get it. Do something smart though. This is just the same joke for the eighteenth time.

    the man child /djplayer

    Eh it's your opinion my opinion is that this is funny

  32. Wizbang Gang

    Listened to this at Soccer Practice. Felt like i was truely with Ninja Brian

  33. John Beall

    Hope someone animates this

  34. General Kenobi Daily

    *BRIAN NO*

  35. Potato Draws

    Nsp award

    Just so u know it's a game grumps joke I love these shorts that nsp does but it's just, oof ninja brian and Dan and ninja brain at soccer practice and... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

  36. Maximinium

    6 days without any dislikes, i'm suprised. What monster would dislike this anyway.

    the man child /djplayer

    Sadly 4 people

  37. Livmativ :p

    Ninja Brian is my spirit animal.

  38. María López

    Cool haha ❣️❣️


    just the sound of ninja brian coming out of the car and then immediately walking back makes this so hilarious lol

  40. Hieros Godhead

    this makes me wonder if ninja brian doesn't just keep danny around because he's completely immortal and can be stabbed indefinitely, seeing as he's already cleaved him in half and it didn't slow danny down at all.

  41. linkstorm6


  42. Tyler Gehle

    Imagine buttsex Goldie locks. Now don't you perv. Then do it again for it is the forbidden fruit of NSP

  43. FistOnFire

    This was the one on the album i was most curious about

  44. Carl

    This is straight fire

  45. InsaneTacoz

    Where did you get a hand grenade?

    I don’t know…

  46. Anish S

    As of yet no dislikes, this is good

  47. Gaming Gamer_YT


  48. marcy

    Did I hear brians voice in between everyone screaming?

    Tanjirou Akagi

    marcy yes

  49. joe clark

    Kinda wish this album had more songs on it, their sound is so good now that twrp is on board it’s a shame they didn’t create more tasty beats

  50. The Inverted Pilgrimage

    Takes me back to the adam sandler albems. "Hey goat how are u"

    " oh im good just alittle sore from the old man, he really kicked my ass last night" lol

  51. Ashley Burdine

    Dan the soccer dad

  52. 20XX

    Pick you up at 8? How late is this soccer practice

    handanhan 2001

    Have you ever *been* in soccer?


    @handanhan 2001 All my life and played select team for a few years. Don't get me wrong, I love the short

  53. YankovicAvidan

    Aaaaaand that went exactly as well as I expected!

  54. PaulTShoink

    Ok, you can clearly hear Brian Wecht being killed by Ninja Brian. Checkmate, conspiracy theorist saying they're the same person!

    Anish S

    PaulTShoink Or he murdered the kraken for being such a failure in the previous song

    Sharon Hocutt

    that wasn't really brian wecht, that was just a clone of brian wecht.

    Paul House

    This is the FBI, don't even think about moving

    Shadow Clod

    Since when is Ninja Brian's name Brian Wecht?

  55. LycanLink

    Why does stabbing somebody only get you a yellow card? o__O

    All My Loife

    He deserves the green card though

  56. Stuck_in_Godtier

    This is even better than I imagined. 😂

  57. Shawn Swathwood

    Wow 12 seconds

  58. Padraig Henry Bond

    With the addition of this video, my in depth NSP Lore timeline has neared completion. It seems to me that Danny Sexbang, a superhero with incredibly competent abilities and hope for the future, adopted a small baby ninja who has been slowly ruining his life to the point where he can't even hit on women anymore. I now can theorize that NSP's videos have been released in a reverse order, beginning with Mr. Sexbang as a man with an enormous mansion and a happy lover (seen in heart boner). Though, due to Ninja Brian's aggressive tendencies, we see him kill or steal away everyone Danny Sexbang loves as he is being brought up. It is not difficult to make the jump that Sexbang's poor parenting could also have something to do with Ninja Brian's maladjusted antisocial tendencies and lack of speech. Ultimately, their toxic and dysfunctional father/son relationship brings them to the position of the early NSP videos, after Danny has lost everything and must resort to lying to women to find any form of love or intimacy. In the end, Ninja Brian does truly kill his "father" in the If We Were Gay video. NSP truly has a haunting backstory, one to be respected and appreciated. I only hope my theory can be confirmed or responded to by the original duo themselves. We may learn more about the truth.

    Nick Bernard

    Padraig Henry Bond Good lord, dude.

    Brandon Gray

    But Danny was a Ninja, not a superhero. It's in the name lmao


    Danny has died several times though


    Nah, Danny Sexbang is the greatest Ninja in the world but gave up the Ninja life to dance, sing and bang the hottest of hotties. Ninja Brian is his student/friend/bodyguard, and can only be freed from Danny once he’s killed him, yet no matter how hard he tries Danny’s superior ninja skills keep him alive. The reason Brian watches Danny and his many lovely lady lovers is because on occasion those women are Assassins, and Brain is making sure Danny won’t get hurt on his date. While Brain wants Danny dead so he can be free, he also admires him and that’s why they’re best friends and he defends Danny during their shenanigans.


    My boi just pulled a Matt Patt on this damn band.

  59. handanhan 2001

    Brian was right. This is a banger!

  60. Omega

    This "song" is really about Ninja Brian killing his Brian Wecht side. Why do you think Brian played one of the guys who died?

    Salty Shekels

    That wasn't Brian Wecht, it was Ninja Bryan


    @Salty Shekels actually it was ninjab ryan

    Choleric Charmander

    Omega because they didn’t want to hire another voice actor to say three words.

  61. Aura Fox

    I bought a lot of NSP songs/albums off google play music... i was on the bus to work when this came on. I was not prepared.

  62. iceflake

    well im waiting for someone to animate this masterpiece.

    smoke26100 *

    Sorry bro can't draw or I would


    @smoke26100 * one day my friend. One day.

  63. Nasty Little Piss Boy

    This is the best song off the album.

  64. I dont have a name

    My new favorite song

  65. Mr. Noodlemin

    Best Nsp song ever.

  66. I have no money

    XD Love it, can't wait to hear the rest of the album! 10 more years my doods!

  67. Elise S


  68. Lozenger

    I have the same problem with my son!

    handanhan 2001

    Hey, the Kracken's been looking for you!

    the man child /djplayer

    U might wanna hide all your knifed then and grenades

  69. Shawn Swathwood

    9th comment:)

  70. sane 641

    Why does he have grenades! Cause he's ninja Brian bitch!

  71. Loser Neptune

    I wouldn't mind being there with Ninja Brian

    Loser Neptune

    @ThatWeirdGirl dude no 😂


    itry tobefunnyoops
    Hey you’d be surprised 😂 people of the internet are weird
    *looks at user name*
    Uh...I mean...creepy, yeah let’s go with that word 😂

    Loser Neptune

    @ThatWeirdGirl I feel personally attacked 😂😂


    itry tobefunnyoops
    I’m sorry. I misunderstood you original comment 😂 everyone wants to be murdered by Ninja Brian

    Loser Neptune

    @ThatWeirdGirl oooooh 😂😂😂 no wonder

  72. The Dumb In Progress

    I wish NSP did videos for the quick shorts on the album. Just to see someone give Ninja Brian a yellow card

    Paul Gonzalez-Becerra

    Or Ninja Brian stab Brian Wecht


    I think the genius here is that they're _not_ showing anything.

    Sam & Sung

    it's better to leave it to the imagination...

  73. Gracidea Rose

    I'm proud of you Brian

  74. riflechrom

    I wish this was an actual song

  75. Devoun

    Welp, if you wanted Ninja Brian to stab some people in this, you'll be pleasantly surprised ;)

  76. Devoun

    How does this have no views right now?! GO NSP!!!


    I had to refresh friggin' Youtube like 18 times to get this, or any of them, to show up. It's like the website is fighting against me hearing this stuff. D:


    Not only do you have to refresh it 18 times, you need to literally search for like 18 hours to find this video!!!