Ninja Sex Party - I Wish Lyrics

Looking back on when I
Was a little moppy headed boy
Then my only worry
Was for Christmas what would be my toy
Even though we sometimes
Would not get a thing
We were happy with the
Joy the day would bring

Sneaking out the back door
To hang out with those hoodlum friends of mine
Greeted at the back door
With boy thought I told you not to go outside
Tryin' your best to bring the
Water to your eyes
Thinkin' it might stop her
From woopin' your behind

I wish those days could come back once more
Why did those days ev-er have to go
I wish those days could come back once more
Why did those days ev-er have to go
Cause I love them so

Brother says he's tellin'
'Bout you playin' doctor with that girl
Just don't tell I'll give you
Anything you want in this whole wide world
Mama gives you money for Sunday school
You trade yours for candy after church is through

Smokin' cigarettes and writing something nasty on the wall (you nasty boy)
Teacher sends you to the principal's office down the hall
You grow up and learn that kinda thing ain't right
But while you were doing it-it sure felt outta sight

I wish those days could come back once more
Why did those days ev-er have to go
I wish those days could come back once more
Why did those days ev-er have to go

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Ninja Sex Party I Wish Comments
  1. Justin Murad

    Anyone else have a blank screen tryin' to listen to this?

  2. LeviathanLP

    This isn't playing for some odd reason.

  3. InbredPenguin

    Bro why can’t this video be played on my device what has happened

  4. Cecilia

    Anyone else has issues with his video? The screen goes black and nothing plays

  5. RoboDobot

    For some reason i cant watch this video anymore

    Supers Big Forehead

    Neither can I, I wonder what happened

  6. the_domestic_lord

    By any chance could you guys make a your own original Christmas I'm just wondering what you would do with the christmasy theme

  7. Nick Grandy

    Reminds me of diddy kong racing!

  8. ThatGeek 806

    Nsp should do more funk

  9. ThatGeek 806

    An absolutely amazing cover in every way

  10. Catastropheic

    *now it's time to get Funky*

  11. Erik Meijer

    We're going straight, to, the wild wild west!

  12. Daniel Gould

    I genuinely thought this was gonna transition into Wild Wild West at the chorus lol

  13. David Lee

    What the hell just happened here? Holy shit, guys.

  14. Klep Trep

    Low ki thought this was going to be a Skee Lo cover and then I was wondering how they were gonna NSP Skee Lo.

  15. MAARP Evans

    Best cover of this song

  16. Joshua Nelson

    Question how can they always top the original musician

  17. Alexander Jones

    GOD this cover RIPS

  18. Luis Ernesto Ochoa Ríos

    Make a MJ cover !!

    Mike Hawk

    They did


    Indeed they did. Rock With You. They were set to do another, but they cut it from their new album.

  19. hey it's XIV

    Original artist?

    Hypocritical Nonsense

    Stevie Wonder

  20. Jag's Planet


  21. Antwon Vazquez

    Honestly I love both versions, but i feel I person connect with stevie's version more. It's a more ironic feeling melody. Not gonna lie this version is still groovy as hell and makes want to dance lol. I love both

  22. Dan Avidan

    Most underrated song on the album

  23. Austin MacDonald

    Kinda sounds like a theme song, especially at the start😄

  24. Shibacki

    Oh lawdy why so juicy?

  25. RandomGeekNamedBrent

    "moppy headed boy"
    oh neat he made it about himself

    Sharon Hocutt

    He still celebrates Christmas

  26. Brennan Perry

    82 people have a different opinion then me, which is fine.

  27. Rain O'Brien

    Music video for this cover with Finn as young Danny again living out Dan's days as a young moppy headed boy. NSP you can just send me your credit card information for that one.

  28. jennιғer нawтнorne

    If NSP would ever do Boogie Worlderland, I'd cry tbh.

  29. Charlie :3

    Danny singing Stevie Wonder
    *I Wish* this would happen more

  30. Nathan James

    The funk is strong with this one

  31. The Trash Man

    where can I find sheet music for this

  32. Jooshbag

    Is... Is... Is this Wild Wild West?
    Oh my God.
    Oh my God the chorus is Wild Wild West.
    Oh my God.
    Oh my God.

    The One and Only Michael McCormick

    Jooshbag More like Wild Wild West is this chorus.

  33. Calamari

    This sounds like it would be in a Sonic game like Stardust Speedway

  34. blazeplaysthings

    0:00 - 3:25 is awesome

  35. Harrowed One

    Best cover so far, methinks

  36. Dravorak

    The beat reminds me of The Magic School Bus theme song.

  37. Queen Monika - Plays

    Those who don't like it are dickbags. And that's 39 dickbags.

  38. Daniel de Gustin

    this sounds amazing boiz

  39. Poofle McGreen

    This sounds like a Casino night zone.

  40. Irving IV

    Oh my god I. . .
    Yay! Thank you NSP!

  41. Danny Hargreaves

    Christmas?! I thought Danny was Jewish!

    ... It's still a great cover! :)

  42. Hunter Close

    OMG this is amazing! better than stevie's

  43. Znapaznarf

    I just listened to this song for the first time and it's easily one of the best covers they've done. Wow.

  44. Faetan

    Oh shit, I just got punched in the face by a heaping helping of FUNK.

  45. CutesyWOOT

    Why is there no music video for this?

    Tell me you wouldn't want to see Danny Sexbang, in full Sexbang costume, being a badboy in high school. Maybe we could even see a return of the Cool Patrol. There's so much potential here.

  46. Jacob Rubenstein

    I think most of us can agree, better than the original.

  47. SharksFartingOutLasers

    I really hope they do 500 Miles by the Proclaimers next album.

  48. Robert Terwilliger

    We're going straight... to...

    The wild, wild west.

  49. Luis MartinezPaz

    My girlfriend just broke up with me. It hurts more than anything I could have imagined. Trying drown my sorrows in music rn. Wish me luck...

  50. Warren caldwell

    Apparently this is my band director's fav song

  51. grasandow

    the abscence of danny singing “nasty boy!” after the lyric “smoking cigarettes and/writing something nasty on the wall” is causing me to seriously consider unstanning. my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

    Cassidy Gioia

    grasandow are you kidding me? It’s a cover. He has to sing those lyrics cause that is what Stevie Wonder WROTE.. just because he sung about cigarettes and writing nasty things on the wall doesn’t mean he does that shit.

  52. YanzTheManz

    Listen to on playback 0.75 for the smoother experience lol

  53. RoachDoggJR

    changed nappy to moppy but did not change christmas to hanukkah


    Nappy to moppy worked because they have the same sylabells but Christmas and Hanukkah don't
    I think.

  54. Haley Fucking Halcyon - Gaming Channel

    “Well, let's adapt this to more properly reflect my Jewfro”
    “Nah, that can stay”

    Gecko Takari

    To be fair "For Hanukkah what would be my toy" doesn't have the same ring to it. You pretty much know the lousy gifts you're getting for that holiday. ;P

    Spooky the Bandit

    According to some, 'nappy' has a racial connotation and therefore inappropriate for non-black people to use. This is more likely the reason for the change.

    Colby Hart

    @Gecko Takari To beeee Ffffaaaaiiiirrrrr


    apparently lady gaga performed this song for stevie wonder and she didnt change any of the lyrics


    @A2Z83 Lady Gaga also performed with Metalica. We just kinda let her do whatever lol

    but in all seriousness, i think it's all about intentions and context ya know? When you're putting a song on your own album, even a cover album, you're claiming it, at least a little, for yourself. NSP and TWRP have a very distinctive style and skillset right? It would be wrong to perform as though you are the original in this context because you're just not, and not even as a bad thing.

    In contrast performing someone's song literally for them, you're probably saying "here's this really cool thing that YOU did". It's much more appropriate to display THEIR version of it, even if it has your own flavors to it.

    Plus look at the contrast between who Lady Gaga and Danny Sexbang are. The former never had nappy hair, and there's no way to mistakenly believe that she did. People often confuse the literal physical and cultural differences between the afros of jewish or black individuals. Specifying moppy rather than nappy serves as good clarity in this regard. It's the kind of decision that skilled songwriters know they need to make.


    Can we get a jojo stand named ninja sex party

  56. Quinn-2112

    Right click: Loop: Happiness

  57. Brezy Regoreo

    Welp my dick is permanently erect

  58. Jaydoggy531

    Those high notes with that little grunge in the voice... pure soul. It's perfect.

  59. Alex Cedarman

    This cover is the perfect amount of funky <3

  60. Bill Nye

    I've done an extensive scientific analysis on this song and can confirm it is comprised of 100% elemental FUNK.

  61. Cosmic Slacker

    sounds like wild wild west kinda

  62. Song of Storms

    this song gets me so nostalgic and jazzy

  63. Mr. RJP51

    Just a quick PSA, if you and your partner are planning a romantic evening you might want to leave this song off the love making playlist. Girlfriend has a knot on her head the size of a softball from the headboard.


    The only thing you fuck is your grandma's plastic wrapped couch.

    Kiernan Howell-MacKinley

    *Marek* He didn't even say anything to you. Why do you have to be a jackass?

  64. A L


  65. LeviathanLP

    Oh Dan, you're still a moppy-headed boy

  66. Andy Smith

    Damn, I'm loving the funky drummin'!!!

  67. gwin

    this is just so good dude

  68. 02KMT

    THIS ALBUM IS LIT!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  69. CordedBark9000 Gaming

    I listened to this on Christmas wowzers

  70. Cherry

    This strangely reminds of the Magic School Bus theme

    Jake Dufour

    Uncle Joesph lol I see it too


    I just don't even know how but it strangely does lol

    The TNT Raider

    Welp. Now i can’t unhear it

  71. Sharon Hocutt

    Happy Feet

  72. declan mangan

    happy feet anyone

  73. trash mammal

    twrp were basically gods in this one

  74. YaBoiTortellini lmao


  75. meredyth with a y


  76. Jackson Bergman

    Whichever five people disliked this video are definitely going to hell.

    Lauren Carpenter

    Jackson Bergman truuuuuuuuuuuueee😎

    Kerri Price

    Make that 75

  77. Jeffrey Margavage

    Holy funkified!!! It takes balls to take on a Stevie Wonder song... But to out groove him? Shouldn't happen but NSP tears this up... Wow

  78. Impus Tredecim

    That scat solo just made me pre a little.

  79. Lindi Rufus

    Dancing in my living room

  80. Jacob Atkins

    We played this in my band

  81. The Potato of Fire


  82. ohlyvyah

    does anybody know who plays the saxophone at the end of the song?

  83. Shmerlock Gnomes

    Dan: "Brian and I want to do I Wish for the-"
    TWRP: "SAY NO MORE!!!"

    Jake Dufour

    Shmerlock Gnomes they're so fuckin good

  84. bethfaceplays

    I love how they changed "nappy headed boy" to "moppy headed boy."

  85. Tenner Scoomp

    45k views? Doesn't seem right

  86. kyle yamamoto

    I’m surprised they didn’t do a earth, wind, and fire cover

    Dyllan Sablan

    +kyle yamamoto Would Love a September Cover

  87. Galaxy Gamer

    Get ready guys, this is my next choreography project

  88. Galaxy Gamer

    Please play this at my funeral. Actually, play all the NSP songs and covers at my funeral

  89. O'Phylia S

    I was wondering how Dan was gonna translate "nappy headed boy." xD

    Nicky Gray-check

    O'Phylia S moppy headed which he still is

    Paul Dee

    whoa I didn't even notice until you pointed it out. much respecc


    Why is a five second lyric edit more important and impressive than the fact that he swung a sledgehammer and NAILED that high B?

  90. Brad Baker

    I wish the drums and bass had rocked out it like this on Africa! This is awesome!

  91. Ecchi Sketch

    I would literally nut if Danny and Brian did Under Pressure on the next cover album, or as a single.

  92. IchiraKorasaki

    Mmm I know it's Level 42 but it was Stevie wonder before them and Mmm sex to my ears

  93. Captain Metric

    i think it should be illegal to be this funky

    Claptrap the Ape with a Pen

    That means NSP and TWRP are criminally genius


    Stevie Wonder would be a fucking criminal then

    Fuck Sandwich

    No legal issues here just 👌

  94. Ramsey Hunt

    People keep saying they wish this was slower. I like it like this though, it's more of a jazz version than a straight cover of the soul original. I can dig it.

    Knight of the Lion

    Ramsey Hunt that's groovy man

  95. Aidan

    Did they post these or did youtube find "cdbaby put out a thing, put it up" and just make it? They normally only release these like a year after the album drops

  96. sirabcde

    I told my wife that this song is better than Africa. She said fcuk you. Either way, damn good tunes.

  97. Matthew

    Definitely my favorite from the album

  98. Tale Art-Works

    The first actual complex song I have listened has been boosted over 9000.